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  1. A lot depends on who City are able to shift out. I can't see them signing both Jack & Kane without major outgoings. Though I think Kane's much more likely because he would be a guaranteed starter pretty much. I'm skpetical of the JWP links because Jack had said pretty much that we were trash at set pieces a few days before. And our owners are minted, so they might just want to keep hold of him but who knows at this point in the window
  2. Looks like we might be in the drivers seat for Emi Buendia
  3. oh the joys of seeing the super league with stan Kroenke leading the charge at least my club has the integrity to not be involved
  4. was one of my top choices for the Jets. Surprised he got it over Daboll
  5. Keep coming back to the Dolphins & Jets are only teams who have anywhere near the ammo to go get him especially if it comes to an "auction" type of trade market
  6. Just as @xenajetsmentioned, @KingOfNewYorkhas got me researching Brandon Staley and I'm sold. Being able to use his QB experience on the other side of the ball is great.
  7. JD needs to stay far far far away from hiring him
  8. Yep Right now I'd be very surprised if he got it -- when the story came out yesterday almost all the social media that I "follow" had an very very negative reaction to that.
  9. Think Joe D would immediately be in a hot seat if he did that. Can’t imagine it would go down well with our fan base after this year.
  10. Looks like the pick will now be between 22-24. Good for us. Also side note: I wouldn't be surprised to see Seattle not be as good next year either.
  11. If Campbell does interview with us I have a feeling it will be similar to what the Panthers did with Rhule. And I'd be all for it
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