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  1. Greater player of all time? Jerry Rice or Tom Brady

    Elite? He put up respectable numbers. His career numbers as a whole dropped significant after 1996 Prior to that he broke 1200 yards in 10 of his 12 seasons (many of those bring higher than 1400). He only did it twice in the next 8 years. He had double digit TD’s 8 out of his 12 seasons before 1996. He never did again afterwards. He averaged over 15 yards a reception for 9 of his first 12 seasons. From 1996 onwards he never did and had only two seasons where he got close by getting to 14. His last few years with Young and his time in Oakland were a massive downgrade. So yeah he did benefit from being the sole star WR of Steve Young and Joe Montana.
  2. Is the NFL rigged?

    1. Nobody made you mis state the rule. You did. 2. The NFL already said only one of those calls was wrong (not that one). So the authority disagrees as well with you. You are dug in and have no credibility. I don’t care that you can post links of the Detroit media crying
  3. Greater player of all time? Jerry Rice or Tom Brady

    If you hold Brady playing under Belichick against him you have to also acknowledge that WR is EASILY the most dependent QB and Rice played the majority of his career (and all his best years, and clearly had a statistical downturn after he left them) with Montana and Young on a revolutionary WCO that was winning titles without him. There are no peers (TO, Moss, Fitz, CJ, Largeny) that were even close to as fortunate as Rice for the team they were on and who they played with
  4. Is the NFL rigged?

    All last summer the biggest controversy was that a ref didn’t throw a flag. Did fans think that would lead to less penalties. At the end of the day the rulebook is designed to be too subjective and interpretive for a game at this high of a speed. Instant replay with multiple angles and slow motion gives everyone the ability to scrutinize every micro second of a play and demand perfection that will never happen unless you review every aspect of every play up stairs, That’s never going to happen
  5. Is the NFL rigged?

    If the only thing the ref saw was a split second of the play that ONLY contained that image he would have seen 1. The hands in the neck area (no matter how foolish you want to look denying it) 2. The OL’s head being pinned back. Which is exactly how the “forcible” part of the rule is explicitly described. At that moment he would have had enough evidence. So the NFL said that call was correct, the refs obviously think that specific one was right, and the visual evidence lines up with the exact requirements of the rule. I have no stakes in the outcome of this game. If anything, I wanted the Packers to lose because I like Patricia. That call was correct, that’s the bottonline
  6. Is the NFL rigged?

    1. It does and the video evidence also shows his hand in the neck area. 2. You don’t need prolonged contact. You need either forceful (description being having the head pinned back, look at the picture and look at his head) OR prolonged contact which is a judgment call the ref has complete discretion to make. And that clause is also specified in the rule (if you read it) to only be so they don’t call incidental contact. 3. Learn the rule again because you are clearly mistaken This is why I didn’t want to engage. You were incapable of describing the rule correctly and hinged your explanation on an incorrect understanding of said rule.
  7. Is the NFL rigged?

    Not really. We might ***** when Brady gets suspended for things that are easily explained by science, and we might ***** about a bad call. Haven’t seen a Pats fan say a game was rigged. If anything there is a false perception that has been demonstrably proven that the Patriots benefit more from bad calls then they actually do compared to other teams. Here’s the thing. The whole rigged argument is self serving. If you think it is when you lose, then it is when you win and you shouldn’t be infested either way
  8. Is the NFL rigged?

    If you can’t be straight forward and acknowledge that his hand is in the neck area you are no longer discussing this in good faith. Even the NFL isn’t disputing this call while they already said the other was bad. Congrats on being dug in. You were never going to accept that you were wrong here and are denying a clear image. No reason to engage anymore
  9. Is the NFL rigged?

    Instant replay is a problem. It makes fans want a system where the output is perfection in a game where a good chunk of the rule book is based on subjective judgments. Also fans are hypcoritical on this. The old catch rule that was in place was designed to take as much subjectivity away from the refs. But fans didn't like that so they demanded a new rule and now there is an extra element of subjectivity in it. The reality is that everyone who has ever played this game at any level dealt with some poor calls, questionable calls, soft calls, flatout wrong calls, or calls against them for things that didn't impact the game. People generally moved on.
  10. Is the NFL rigged?

    Isn't that ultimately the issue though? Belichick is better at knowing the game and studying how things are likely to go than everyone else, so he prepares his team a certain way and takes actions a certain way. It's like when everyone complained about the catch rule, and Belichick and Patriots WR's said that they were coached to never reach out or dive to extend the play and to just secure the ball. Good coaching should be rewarded and incentived. The goal shouldn't be to coddle bad coaching.
  11. Is the NFL rigged?

    Every time the Patriots win it's rigged. When they lose though, all of a sudden it's not rigged (like when the refs refused to call any of the numerous holding calls they could have during the helmet catch). It's funny how when people don't get what they want, they have a golden carrot to point to.
  12. Is the NFL rigged?

    That's not really rigged though. That happens in virtually all sports. In basketball Lebron gets every call. In baseball the star players will get the benefit of every close pitch (IE a star pitcher facing a nobody will get a strike if it's borderline, but Jeter will get a ball). In boxing, in a close fight, judges are very averse to giving the challenger a decision over the champion. I don't think that's rigged. I think that's bias, which is a different thing. It's no different than refs being influenced by the crowd during a home game and being averse to throwing softer flags
  13. Is the NFL rigged?

    Where would you say his hands are based on that picture. It is indisuptable that they are in the head and neck area. His hand is quite literally rested on the neck and grabbing the helmet. At that moment on the ref needed was to make a judgment that he thought it was either 1. forcible enough to pin back the head (the Packers player has his head pinned back, you could argue he is selling it, but that's part of the game) or prolonged (you can debate what prolonged is, but anything more than an instantanous incidental touch can be viewed as prolonged in a football context). So on that particular play, the ref if he had that vantage point had enough to determine that the hands were in the face and neck area (because they were and you cannot dispute that) and that you could make a reasonable judgment it was forcible. The worst thing you can say is that it was a soft flag. That does not make it an illegitimate flag. Learn the rules
  14. Is the NFL rigged?

    Absolutely not what I'm asking and it takes an absurd leap in logic to come to that conclusion
  15. Is the NFL rigged?

    They can't. Baseball is very black and white and has far less judgment and subjectivity to it.