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  1. DC Movie Universe

    It's not that they are designed too, it' that respectively Marvel's world was built a lot more cohesively than DC's. Marvel's world was built with the idea that all the heroes occupied the same space. The Batman writers weren't thinking about Superman flying around when they were creating that title. And you can say that for most major characters. Then DC being the older company also acquired alot of other characters like the Charlton Comics characters (The Question, Captain Atom etc) or Shazam/Captain Marvel. Then you have rebooted characters like Jay Garrick and Alan Scott. I also honestly would disagree with the idea that the Justice League cartoon is a good indication of it being done well. It really didn't dive deeply into any other characters continuity besides what was established in the Batman and Superman animated shows. They used the Green Lantern with the least fleshed out backstory, used Hawkwoman and barely dived into that mythology at all, the Flash was basically an amalgation of Barry and Wally for the purposes of the show, Martian Manhunter was never a big successful solo Super Hero so you didn't need to do much there. It's not like the Marvel movies where they were able to keep all the solos connected within the same universe. I also disagree with the stand alones being bad. Wonder Woman and Aquaman were fine. Man of Steel wasn't the best movie but it was far superior to BvS or Justice League. Could it work? Yeah. You just shouldn't build it the same way as Marvel
  2. DC Movie Universe

    Honestly it's because DC and Marvel while both being connected universes weren't formed the same way. Marvel characters were crossing over with each other all the time going back to the 60's. One of the very first Spider-Man comics had him paling around with the Human Torch. Enemies cross over to the point where Daredevil's top enemy was a Spider-Man villain. Wolverine debuted in the Hulk. In DC, Superman debuted and had years of independent stories, then Batman, then Wonder Woman. Even the Hal and Barry Green Lantern/Flash stayed largely independent minus the Justice League comic. Each hero has a well defined personal mythos that it works way better in. This is the opposite of Marvel where they are all mostly reliant on each other. That's the primary reason why. In the comics it works more because you have more fully formed ideas that are just bumping into each other instead. In the movies you have Darkseid who means nothing because nothing about the New Gods has been set up yet, but we are going with it anyways. They just aren't the same thing. Notice how Aquaman and Wonder Woman stayed relatively within their own mythos as characters and didn't have problems? Notice how after the first Iron Man you were able to drop Black Widow, or Hockeye or Tony Stark's dad into a film and it all still worked? That's because that's how Marvel's built. DC crossovers work when they are just so ******* big and spectacle like (imagine them all being Infinity War type films) that you don't need to go too deep in each character. It's why the most popular DC crossovers are Crisis stories that involve characters on parrallel Earths that you rarely see anyways.
  3. Super Bowl LIII: Rams vs. Patriots - Poll Added!

    No fanbase deserves anything. Get out of here with that. Yeah a bunch of fans who put in all the effort of..... idk watching games a few hours each sunday for 4 months don't deserve anything. Yeah the players who spend all year getting their bodies in prime physical condition, sacraficing time with their family, working out when they don't want to, studying when they don't want to, practicing when they don't want, taking the punishment and enduring pain. Yeah they deserve it. See at least I realize that despite how much I want the Patriots to win and I get enjoyment out of it, I personally have no stakes in it. The same thing that happened in my life the day after a win is still happening after a loss and I let it effect me as much as I want. No fanbase did enough to merit any level of deserving. You watched a team take your mind off your problems for a few hours. You did nothing. This is why you are a joke on here. You worry more about what you think fanbases deserve than just taking the game for what it is. It's why you come off like the biggest pandering clown on this site complaining about one specific team all the time even though it has next to no effect on your life because you think a football game at the end of the day has any real life merit beyond the people that are actually involved in the organizations and maybe their famililies and friends. You cry about the Patriots more than you talk about your own team. And guess what, if someday the Bills win a title, none of your incessant whining about the Patriots would have contributed one iota to it. You wouldn't deserve it. You would be no different than any other fan of any other team that just gets to enjoy the byproduct of others who actually put the effort in. You'd deserve it no more or less than any other fan.
  4. Are most teams ok with their current starting QB?

    Idk I wish Brady had a bit more mobility
  5. Antonio Brown officially asks for trade

    I resign as HC of PIT DEAL
  6. Antonio Brown officially asks for trade

    It is time for the Steelers and the Patriots to let bygones be bygones. Allow the 6th round prodigy to fulfill his destiny
  7. Greatest non SB winning Team of all time.

    There's three teams that stand out above everyone else. The 2007 Patriots, the 2001 Rams, and the 1968 Colts
  8. Why will we never see another Patriots dynasty again? Salary cap?

    The last few Super Bowl winners. 2010 Rodgers before he got a giant contract. 2011 Eli 2012 Flacco before his giant contract 2013 Wilson before his contract 2014 Brady taking pay cuts 2015 Manning after he took a contract cut because his play dropped off 2016 Brady 2017 the Eagles were Foles had a backup salary and Wentz was still on his rookie deal 2018 Brady taking pay cuts. It's been quite awhile since we saw a QB on a massive contract win the Super Bowl. And the last to do it was technically Eli in 2011 where he just went berserk in the playoffs and if that didn't happen he actually didn't have a good team that year before he went off. Then before that you had Brees in 2009 who is elite. Then Ben in 08 who still might have been on his rookie deal or his team might have just paid him. I thin only Brady/Manning/Rodgers/Brees are good enough to win despite their contracts and they did it far more infrequently when they were maxing out their deals. Teams need to rethink the whole "we need to pay the franchise QB".
  9. Why will we never see another Patriots dynasty again? Salary cap?

    Too be honest you can totally let them walk. Guys like Dak are only useful because they are good enough on a cheap contract to win with a loaded team. Once you pay him, the whole reason he's considered "good enough" loses it's utility. Flacco's Ravens were doing great late 2000's to early 2010's. Until they paid him. Hell I'd be scared looking at how the minute Rodgers got paid they had their worst season with him as a starter almost immediately. And he's an elite who you would absolutely consider worth it
  10. Why will we never see another Patriots dynasty again? Salary cap?

    The only time the Steelers were in a position to win the Super Bowl this decade were 2010 and 2016. In 2010, the Patriots were eliminated first round and the Steelers made the Super Bowl anyways. They still lost. So that changes nothing. You can't even say if they were a higher seed it changes anything because they still made the Super Bowl. In 2016 they got murdered by the Patriots and there is no reason to think they were going to have any better of a time against the Falcons. In 2017 you could say the Patriots were going to keep them from the number 1 seed, but realistically either way they were going to play the same Jaguars who played that beat them at home. And the only argument is that maybe the Patriots still beat the Jaguars and they have to face the Patriots who likewise already beat them at home that year. 2015 they weren't beating Denver regardless. 2014 they didn't play the Patriots that year so it had no impact on their seeding and they lost first round to the Ravens anyways. They didn't make the playoffs in 2013. Everyone lost on the road to the Ravens in 2012 so it didn't make a difference. 2011 they were a wildcard despite beating New England on the road in the regular season and still got eliminated by Denver, they were too injured that year. Then we know they lost the Super Bowl in 2010. Hell go back a decade. 2009- didn't qualify for the playoffs. 2008- won the Super Bowl so it didn't matter. 2007, they were arguably the worst division winner in the NFL that year and lost to Jacksonville in the wildcard. 2006 The Ravens were clearly the best team in the division that year so it had zero impact and they didn't qualify anyways. 2005- they won the Super Bowl, so it didn't matter. 2003- they didn't make the playoffs 2002- they lost in the wildcard and the Patriots didn't make the playoffs. 2000- the Patriots dynasty didn't start yet. So you're really in that whole decade you have 2001 and 2004 as question marks. In 2001 they got the benefit of Brady getting knocked out of the game and still lost to Bledsoe. And even then, it's very hard to think they have remotely the same defensive performance against the Greatest Show on Turf. I just don't buy that. So that leaves 2004 as the sole year where the Patriots not existing would possibly yield a Steelers championship. They might have netted one. So they'd be champions in 2004, 2005, 2008.
  11. DC Movie Universe

    Good. Harley overwhelmed Suicide Squad way too much and she's not integral to the team. The Harley and Joker stuff bogged the movie down imo. Also no clue wy they are making a Gotham City Sirens. The comic was okay at best and the most memorable thing about it was that they had great cover art. It didn't even last long. Could be a fun one off maybe, but I'd rather they established those characters in some Batman films first
  12. Is Philip Rivers a HoF QB?

    Tbf your predictions as of late have sucked.
  13. Do the Chiefs win the SB with Hunt?

    This. Put this way, we had the 4 top ranked offenses in points in the conference title games. The 4th best one ended up winning the Super Bowl. They largely did because they had far and away the best defense of 4 despite the least dynamic offense of the 4. It took the two top ranked offenses in the league completely out of their element. Also this thread is largely underselling the Rams based off their Super Bowl performance against a team that played phenomenal defense in the playoffs. The Patriots basically shut down the Cheifs for entire halfs the two times they played. They held up the whole game against the Rams. The Chiefs showed no ability to contain the Rams at any point in their first match up. If anything, the Rams defense was playing a lot better come playoff time and held the Saints and the Patriots (both the 3 and 4 ranked offenses) to very respectable scores. The Chiefs were a great offensive team but by the final 4 they were basically playing with fire as they were going up against too many offenses they couldn't hope to slow down. That's just the unforunate reality. I think everyone knew that the Chiefs defense was so bad that it was going to resurface as an issue in the playoffs. It's very easy to ignore a fundamental flaw like that when you face more average to bad teams in the regular season. The Chiefs played 5 teams that made the playoffs during the regular season. The Patriots, the Rams, the Seahwaks, and the Chargers twice. They went 1-4 with the win being split vs the Chargers. So they had a loss against every playoff team they went up against. That's not a mistake. That's an unbalanced team that was overlooked because the teams complete enough to capitalize on their weakness were fewer and further between in the regular season but were abundant in the playoffs
  14. Is Philip Rivers a HoF QB?

    That and he had a huge historical case to his resume that was completely unique.