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  1. What if the Patriots drafted Mahomes instead of Brady

    Then you didn’t watch back then lol
  2. What if the Patriots drafted Mahomes instead of Brady

    It was a different era. If you played Mahomes back in 2000-2004. He’d get lit up while running around while his receivers were being mugged. He’d at best be a Vick like figure
  3. Mahomes. That’s pretty much it. HOF is brutal on TE’s. Kelce needs to do this for awhile
  4. Namath was a multi time AFL MVP. Eli never was in the discussion. Namath was the first QB to pass for 4000 yards. Eli never set a record ever. Namath was an NFL All Pro and an All AFL. Eli never was even close to that discussion. Namath led the NFL in yards and TD’s. Eli’s only ever led the NFL in INT’s. Only someone who knows literally zero about Namath’s career would make that comparison
  5. My criteria is that you were 1. Considered the best at your position in the league at one point. This comes in the form of multiple MVP’s or all Pros 2. Have high stat averages (not necessarily longevity) 3. Have some major achievement like a Super Bowl or an MVP. Barring that you should probably have to be top 10 of all time at your position. To me s disqualifies is something like you lowering the standards for your position in the Hall. Also historically how you measure up to your peers in the Hall. Imo Eli would be the worst QB in the Hall if he got in and many voters feel the same
  6. Want To Win A Super Bowl? Don't Pay Your QB.

    The key is to pay your QB but structure it so that you can get wiggle room in the last 2-3 years of the contract
  7. Farewell, Patriots

    BayRaider exposing everything we already knew about him in this thread
  8. Divisional: TEN@BAL

    Because he’s a young QB in his second year. For young QB’s and more particularly running QB’s it might take awhile for the league to figure them out and find tendencies they can take advantage of, but they usually do. It’s more about whether 5 years in they are able to play at a high level than going on a rip year one or year two.
  9. You play better defenses in the playoffs and they are allowed to be more physical
  10. Divisional: TEN@BAL

    Tony Dungy is in the HOF
  11. Divisional: TEN@BAL

    What kinda team loses to the Titans at home?
  12. The XFL; Will You Be Watching?

    Vince has failed in every non wrestling venture. Also if anything all the key metrics of his main business have been going down for a decade
  13. The first thing you have to understand is that football fans are very emotional and reactionary. Every year there is a new generational talent at half the positions
  14. What qualifies as garbage time?

    Second half and pulling off an upset would be near historic levels at that point in the game
  15. What's Your Favorite Play Of The Last Decade?

    There’s a lot of competition but you are literally the worst football poster I’ve ever seen last this long on this board. Congratulations