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  1. Yea. And it was stupid then to. There are a lot of people who were dumb and just couldn’t get over Brady having more success than other QB’s so they just tore him down to diminish. Like people literally said Brady was less responsible for the 03 win vs the Panthers than Vinatieri. Or that Brady wasn’t a great QB in 04.
  2. Manning is a really good example because he lost a lot of big playoff games he was favored in and stunk it up in crucial moments. Sometimes he would walk away with good stats. But I really have a hard time believing there is anybody who watched all of Peyton’s career and didn’t see his patented “deer in the headlights” look in big games where the situation just got ahead of him and he started throwing duds. Whether it was crucial late 3 and outs or a boneheaded interception. Peyton needed the rest of his team to carry him to win titles. If he had to be a catalyst or even a major piece in a pla
  3. I mean Marino/Elway/Kelly is objectively better. Marino and Elway are clearly higher on all time lists than everyone in the other section and Kelly is ballpark at worst with the 04 class. In fact he has an All Pro which nobody in the 04 class has and he is 3rd all time in SB appearances.
  4. You can break it down a bit more evenly. 2001-2007: 3rings, a first team and second team All Pro, MVP with the 16-0 season, breaking single season touchdown record and the first to get to 50 2008-2014: First ever unanimous MVP, two appearances, a SB win, comeback player of the year, and broke the record for consecutive passes without an INT. 2015-present: 3 SB wins, 4 appearances, an MVP, 3 other MVP caliber seasons, broke the single season TD:INT ratio The weakest is that middle portion and it’s still a better HOF case than Wilson who has a real shot.
  5. Full stop if he's not there they don't win that game vs the Panthers. He also was immensly important in 04 and clutch when he needed to be in 01. Honestly 18 is the one SB he probably should get the least credit for. Anyways Brady was considered the GOAT after beating Seattle in 2014. There were some people who still debated Montana, but he was largely the GOAT by that point. You could remove SB 51, the 2017 MVP, the steller 2015 and 2016 season, SB 53, SB55, and this MVP caliber league leading in yards and TD's year and he's still the GOAT which is pretty impressive. Also retroactively y
  6. Maybe. But they made the decision to hold out PED users long before Bonds and Clemens were up for vote. So it’s not exclusive to them. A-Rod is rubbing elbows with voters now and can’t get in. All I’ll say is, I think they SHOULD be in. But the HOF needs a total retool. You can’t just make exceptions now when you held others out for years. You have to retroactively go back and fix it for everyone or no one. You don’t make an exception for Bonds and then not pave the way for Rose and Jackson. That’s just bs.
  7. This isn’t accurate and it’s why a lot of misinformation is confusing people. Ortiz was reported on an anonymous list that we for 100% fact know 1. Some of the names reported were flat out false. 2. There are confirmed double digit false positives in that testing sample 3. They tested for substances that are currently legal 4. The league came out and both supported Ortiz and said that report and list was far too flawed and suspect with confirmed mistakes to indict anybody reported So it’s just categorically false to say he’s he’s a confirmed user.
  8. Rose and Jackson already weren’t in, idk why people thought those two would be an exception. If anything they will be remembered more for being on the greatest who never got in list then they would have minus the controversy. I’d be in favor of retooling the Hall to get them in, but realistically no way in hell those guys deserve an exemption if you Jackson and Rose have been iced out the better part of a century, those guys are higher priority
  9. This. Call me in 10 years if you want to say this is the new Brady vs Manning rivalry. Brady's first game was against Manning and Manning's second to last game was against Brady. 15 years either Manning or Brady were in the Super Bowl or you had to beat them to get in. 2001: Brady wins SB 2002 2003 Brady wins SB going through Manning 2004 Brady wins SB going through Manning 2005 Steelers go to and win SB going through Manning 2006 Manning wins SB going through Brady 2007 Brady goes to SB 2008 2009 Manning goes to SB 2010 2011 Brady goes
  10. I think we got the answer to this question. The dude who likely won an MVP this year and will be second of all time in that stat is probably going to have this season end as net negative for his all time legacy
  11. True. But you could argue that the Suh penalty (3 points), and Davis botching that long bomb coverage (7), along with the complete collapse on the final pass (3) basically were totally needless and spotted the Rams 13 points. So the defense both hurt and helped them. Without their screw ups, it’s a manageable game and you don’t need their heroics. Seriously they ended with 30 points for the rams. 17 without the screw ups helps (also keep in mind Brady probably isn’t throwing recklessly in the 4th and they aren’t going for it on 4th, etc with only 17 Rams points) not to mention that o
  12. If you have less than a minute, it’s on your defense.
  13. From my AFC East perspective the Bills are evil
  14. Where is the dude who made the thread saying the Super Bowl will be Bucs vs Bills? He did this
  15. Why do you always make prediction threads?
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