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  1. A lot of reasons 1. The Patriots were clearly the best team and it wasn’t close. They started the season murdering teams like the Chargers who were a juggernaught the previous year and the Cowboys who were the top NFC team. They had a QB and a WR both on pace to break historic records who eventually did. And honestly after the Colts game every game the Pats had was an event because the perfect season was in play. That was clearly the storyline of the NFL. Everyone knew the Colts were at best a second banana 2. Marvin Harrison went down that year and people kinda knew that was going to make them very vulnerable come playoff time. The Colts were known as a high powered offense and they just lost their marquee WR. They really just didn’t have much momentum going into the playoffs.
  2. Tom Brady gets his 200th regular season win

    That has more to do with basketball being a more global sport. Brady and Lebron have similar appeal in America though. Brady is the biggest player in what is far and away the most popular league, the league blew up around the time he came to prominence, Brady was in 8 of the most watched events in this countries history as well as 4 other semi finalist games over a decade and a half (and no NBA Finals aren’t even close to a Super Bowl). In this country if Brady and Lebron butch announced their retirement they’d get similar coverage the next season. Maybe even moreso for Brady because his games when get flexed, there’s less of them, and they’d get more viewers by a massive amount. You’re underselling how much people in this country know Brady. I have friends who despise sports and they know who Brady is. The biggest difference is the global appeal of each sport. IE Lebron is bigger in Spain for instance because basketball is bigger there. But even there put Messi or Ronaldo next to Lebron and Lebron’s a non factor. The big thing is that football players get knocked out of the game more than they have a retirement season. It’s a much more brutal sport and people tend to hang on until they can’t. Even like Ray Lewis who kinda had one, announced it towards the end of the season so it was more of a playoff storyline. It’s far more likely that a season ends and you get an announcement. Idk even know if Lebron will get what Kobe got because the Lakers were willing to put up with Kobe sucking to what a lot of people still believe was their detriment because he was the face of the franchise for years and was the most notable Laker since Magic retired. I don’t think anywhere but Cleveland would put a season on hold for a washed up Lebron. But yeah considering that football is a bigger sport nationally, yeah the networks are going to hype up a Brady last season as much or more than Lebron. Like Brady’s last regular season game would likely get flexed to prime time and outdo every game Lebron plays that year.
  3. Monday Night Football - 49ers v Packers GDT

    I think most people just eye test clutchness tbh
  4. Monday Night Football - 49ers v Packers GDT

    Disagree. It’s like any other stat. Context matters. Throwing for 300 yards on screen passes dump offs is very different from doing it at mid and long range. And even then the quality of the coverage should be taken into account. An INT off a poor read is different than your WR bobbling a ball up in the air for a defender to make a play on it. GWD are no different. There’s a difference between getting pinned at the 90 and completeing a methodical drive where you are maximizing the clock and hitting your receivers in tight windows so they can get out of bounds and showing situational awareness AND getting a good run back to the 40, throwing a dump off where the receiver shakes a tackle and goes another 25 to get you in field goal range. Aka all stats without context are useless.
  5. Tom Brady gets his 200th regular season win

    I’ve always found the Tom Brady us “smug and arrogant” to be a massive projection. It’s like oh they win all the time so they must be smug. Him and Belichick are the first guys to praise their opponents and rarely if ever trash talk. Like I remember once in 2007 Belichick threw some shade on a Steelers defensivebsck who ran his mouth all week by saying “yeah we’ve played much better than him”. And Brady once chucked at Harbaugh in the AFC divisional round in 2014 saying he should look at the rules.... because he didn’t know the rules. Even things like the uproar over not shaking Foles hand was overplayed because Brady spent time on the field congratulating Eagles players and was telling them they deserved it and stopping to congratulate them in the tunnel. And then made a point to look for him in the preseason because of all the needless drama around it.
  6. The fact that Gordon is actually showing his potential is huge. He’s a legit top 10 WR when healthy. He’s actually a step up over Cooks. We legit thought we were going to be weak at WR after the suspension, not retaining Dola and Cooks and the Matthews and Britt injuries. This might be one of the strongest WR corps the Patriots have just off Gordon being added
  7. I’m fine meeting them again. Second half was misleading. They scored 31 points. 7 was off Brady’s fumble. 7 was off the run back. Without those two we have then held to 26. Then there were the two bomb with the busted coverage. That accounted for another 14 points. I can’t see the Patriots making those mistakes again or attests that many. The Patriots showed if they play disciplined football they can limit the Chiefs. They Chiefs had no answers for us
  8. Aladdin (live action) - May 24, 2019

    The problem is there already is a live action version of Aladdin. It’s called the Theif of Baghdad. Disney’s version is just rip off of that mixed with the original Aladdin story. I highly doubt this will be better even with special effects 75 years more developed
  9. 19-0 in 2007 or the 2 Super Bowl wins

    No. 1. Takes away the greatest comeback in NFL history. 2. Takes away the most important interception in NFL history 3. Removes Brady and Belichick’s 5th ring which keeps them tied with several people in the Super Bowl era 4. Takes away Brady beating the LOB after Manning got obliterated by then 5. As opposed to a team that dominated and won over two decades we turn into another dynasty that won in a short period of time (4 out of 7 is similar to the Niner’s and Steelers). It takes away the uniqueness of the dynasty, 6. In addition to beating one of the greatest offenses in NFL history, we beat one of the greatest defenses in NFL history. We lose that Overall it hurts the legacies of all involved koreZ sometimes you need adversity. Sometimes Ali needs to lose the Fight of the Century to set up a better story
  10. Tom Brady gets his 200th regular season win

    Jeter’s overrated
  11. Monday Night Football - 49ers v Packers GDT

    No Brady deflates, Rodger overinflates. Another reason why Brady is the superior QB. Maybe if the clown wasn’t throwing carnival basketballs around he’d have made another Super Bowl
  12. Monday Night Football - 49ers v Packers GDT

    Blatantly ripping off Brady
  13. Tom Brady gets his 200th regular season win

    Then there’s those of us that know it will never end. I’m the end times we will be rewarded for our loyalty
  14. Tom Brady gets his 200th regular season win

    We cashed in all our karma from an 84 year drought, being mediocre and only notable for the worst Super Bowl beatdoen and sacraficing Len Bias and the Celtics future to prosper. Also fairly certain Belichick is blackmailing some divine sports deity.