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  1. Who's the MJ of Football?

    PER is the only star that matters
  2. Who's the MJ of Football?

    I still think Jordan is the GOAT. I just think his legend has become bigger than the reality of his career. He’s not Gretzky where it was him and then 50 miles and everybody else. It’s him and the Kareem, Lebron, Wilt, Russell, Magic are right there in that discussion and a lot of its circumstantial and quite frankly that Jordan had an easier path that most of then and also got the best coach and best teams. Which is kind of funny when people like to hold Brady’s coach and team against him. Brady’s coach has one playoff appearance without him. Jordan’s has 5 titles without him. Jordan teams were littered with talent. Brady’s had solid defenses but he never had a 2000 Ravens, 2002 Bucs, 2013 Seahawks, 2015 Broncos defense. I don’t even know if a Pats defense would make the top 5 of his era. And people attack Lebron for going to Miami and Durant for going to the Warriors. But the Bulls added Rodman in the middle of their run after he already was basically the best defensive player in the league. Jordan still has other players you can debate him against much like Brady.
  3. Who's the MJ of Football?

    The problem is that once the second knockdown happened, anything prior to that point was in doubt. Another ref easily stops the fight there. If that happened somewhere else and Fury hits the ropes, Wilder is going to kill him right away and end the fight. So many parts of that went in Fury’s favor and you could still easily argue he should of lost right there, that to me a draw was appropriate. If you assume the two knockdowns were 10-8 rounds, you really just need like a couple more rounds to give to Wilder to get a draw which isn’t that hard as some of the earlier rounds were close. One card was completely ridiculous tbf, but I think a draw was ultimately very appropriate and a good outcome considering the context of the fight. If Wilder loses, the story is going to all be about whether that fight should have been stopped there.
  4. Who's the MJ of Football?

    Mike Tyson 5’10 Ali 6’3 Lennox Lewis 6’5 Larry Holmes 6’3 Joe Louis 6’2 Evander Holyfield 6’2 George Foreman 6’4 So Fury must somehow be the GOAT boxer because he has size on all those legends. Again Fury’s only big wins were against Klitschko who was old and way out of his prime by that point and Wilder who has horrible technique who has been derided his entire career for it despite having arguably the best hook in boxing history. And I like Wilder too but he always was one of the most vulnerable and incomplete champions the division ever had. He’s tall. He’s not a power puncher and never has been, yes he’s got knockouts but it’s mostly been by just continually out boxing guys and getting them on technique (only 3 regular KO’s on his record). How best trait is his footwork. But Ali was amazing at foot work and had better punching technique and could generate more power. Both had good jabs but Ali had one of the most dangerous in the history of boxing. Ali looked great and fought world class fights no matter who he was in the ring with. Fury fights down to his opponent and has gotten in battles with some pretty average opponents. Since he’s been back he needed to go to the judges on a guy who basically wrapped his career after the fight and was already on the downside, nearly got KO’d by Wilder once, beat a complete nobody who it was embarrassing he was even in the same ring in Schwarz and in the only fight against someone decent besides Wilder he needed to go to the judges on Wallin who busted his eye open and gave him a ton of trouble. I don’t think people understand, Ali was completely untouchable before he was denied his fighting license over Vietnam. Nobody even champions like Liston and Patterson didn’t look like they belonged in the same ring. Like most people remember him after he lost his prime and after he lost a lot of speed which was his biggest differentiator. And he still beat Frazier twice, Norton twice, Foreman, at 36 he won his title back from a 25 year old Spinks and it wasn’t until he was 38 and fought one of the 3 best heavyweight fighters since him that he finally lost the belt for good. I don’t see anyway that anybody just assumes Fury beats him. Taller fighters lose all the time. Ali has more speed, more power, can take more than Fury ever took, has a better jab (and that’s Fury’s strength too), and they are pretty close on footwork but Ali was a Floyd Mayweather type magician. And even if you close the gap I give Ali an even bigger advantage in a brawl.
  5. Who's the MJ of Football?

    Again who has Fury best that was relevant that wasn’t old and past his prime OR a fighter who had serious flaws in his game his whole career? He’s bigger than Ali. Ali’s beat bigger fighters
  6. Who's the MJ of Football?

    Okay and Jordan didn’t have a great 3 point shot and this is an era where you need a 3 point shot. And Fury still isn’t beating Ali. He has better a resume than Fury, he’s much harder hitter, his stamina is unreal in a more brutal era.
  7. Who's the MJ of Football?

    Who the **** has Fury beat? Older washed up Klitchko? Wilder who can’t throw a proper jab? Ali has Liston, Patterson, Frazier, Norton, Foreman on his resume.
  8. Who's the MJ of Football?

    Okay.... so if Ali fights Robinson who wins? It’s Ali. Unless you want to compare Jordan to the best WNBA player. And if you don’t, take it up with the sport
  9. Who's the MJ of Football?

    Ali is a sport with a much longer history. Louis and Robinson are the only real contenders. Only one is in his weight class (aka you can go pound for pound if you want but in real life Ali would beat the hell out of Robinson and I’m pretty sure you aren’t taking basketball players and adjusting by size to judge them) and the other was in his prime in the 30’s before the NBA was a thing. MJ has comparisons in Kareem and Lebron who both player in the decades before and after him
  10. Who's the MJ of Football?

    Soccer is such a big sport that it’s very possible that both Pele and Maradonna are much bigger. Also Nicklaus is so far removed from Tiger. It’s like comparing MJ to Wilt or Russell. Likewise boxing is global. In his day Ali was bigger, but so was Louis.
  11. Onside kick versus 4th and 15

    Thank god
  12. Who's the MJ of Football?

    Ali was the biggest athlete of all time in his day. He was singularly dominant. He came up in an insane era. Many people would put Foreman, Frazier, and Liston as top 10 heavyweights all time. He had the narrative. The whole world stopped for his fights (Jordan was popular but his finals games weren’t SB level much less Fight of the Century level). Was a social phenomena with his activism that will go down in history. Was legitimately a world champion. He went around the planet fighting globally. Had much greater reach. He was on par with whoever the President was at any given point.
  13. Who's the MJ of Football?

    From 97 to 2008 he won 14 Majors. He was the only real relevant athlete in the sport at that time and he basically rallied the sport to amazing ratings
  14. Who Is Worth 40M a Year Today?

    Eli 2011(better percentage, more yards per game, better TD:INT ratio) , Flacco 2012 (better passer rating, much better TD:INT ratio with 11 TD’s and 0INT’s, better average only lagged in percentage), Foles 2017 (better yards per game, much better yards per average, much better percentage, better passer rating) Eli player a 15-1 Packers squad, one of the peak 49’ers teams of Harbaughs era and the Patriots. Flacco players the 2012 Broncos, the Patriots, and probably the best 49’ers team this decade.. Those two unlike Mahomes did it on the road. Foles did it at home but he played arguably the best defense in the league in the Vikings and stomped the **** out of them and then played a very dominant Patriots teams matching scores with the league MVP. Meanwhile Mahomes played a habitual choking Texans team, a Titans team was capable of solid flashes but really wasn’t ever a serious contender, and a 49’ers team that was probably worse then the Niner’s team Eli and Flacco played.
  15. Who Is Worth 40M a Year Today?

    You are upping 40 million in one year. So yeah you are effectively stripping 40 million from your current cap situation to add his salary if you do it.