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  1. They overperformed their talent level last year and got overrated this year and are playing basically at the level they should be at
  2. Yup. Gruden is in such a bad spot he can’t even publicly complain about this because it will be tone deaf. The Bucs get a quick little PR win with zero resistance.
  3. Blown away by that Autumn Wind
  4. Atlanta and Miami are their best shots
  5. That wasn’t Gene’s fault
  6. Yup. Improvement on Goff, but he’ll have some boneheaded moments at bad times to keep you out of the real dance
  7. I see some people have forgotten how Rex Ryan milked two AFCCG appearances for 4 years snd parlayed it into another HC job
  8. This is pretty much the answer. Bill is pushing 70. He’ll walk away before he lets things get to the point of being pushed out
  9. So now that he must regain their trust and respect the implication is that the owner is saying he lost it
  10. Couple that with the run game. Though the RB’s are good, the line is just killing them. Ever since Scar left the offensive line has been inconsistent. They could be outright dominant one week and then someone will go inactive and they literally will look like the worst in the league. Maybe you expect some decline in that situation, but not being that up and down
  11. I’m not shocked the game was close. Belichick has nullified every QB at one point or another from Manning, to Rodgers, to Mahomes, to Warner etc. He made his bones doing that going back to when he was a DC giving the Niner’s fits when Montana was there. Jones played well when the situation called for it. I wish they abandoned the run earlier. I know the pressure was in Jones face all night but it was a better option than wasting a down get stuffed at the line. The OL just hasn’t been consistent since Scar left. All in all crazy game and the atmosphere in the stadium was so
  12. No he's not lol. You are looking at it WAY too out of context. When Marino retired he was the all time leader in the major statistics and he was so far ahead of everyone he held those records for over a decade until Farve took them and Marino is still like the only QB left besides Elway to still be near the top 5 in most stats that didn't play in the 2000's or later. Voters aren't stupid. When they voted Marino in he was a statistical anomaly. Ryan is not. Marino was considered the only guy during that era you could compare to Montana and many people debated who was better at the time. N
  13. It really doesn't. Fans by and large have very low standards for the HOF and think any QB that was merely a franchise level guy who started for a good decade plus will get in. In the last 20 years 11 QB's got in. Joe Montana, Steve Young, John Elway, Dan Marino, Brett Farve, and Peyton Manning are 6 of those 11. So more than half the guys that got in are players that typically make the top 10 All time at the position lists. Then of the remaining 5 you have Aikman who when he retired was one of 3 QB's to have 3 or more SB's which was rarified air at the time, Kelly who was the only QB to go to
  14. Fouts was a multi time all pro and really should have been MVP during the strike year. He basically had a 5-6 year period where he was conistently a top 2-3 QB at worst. Ryan was a top 5 QB once. Moon was a bit of trailblazer so you have to consider different contexts. That doesn't mean anything lol. Drew Bledsoe retired in the top 10 of both stats and didn't get in. Both lists are heavily slanted towards modern players. In an era where bulk stats mattered a lot more it wasn't a guarantee. This is just about the most worthless they have ever been. He got drafted in 2008. He's g
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