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  1. lancerman

    EURO 2020

    Italy was the better team. Honestly Italy vs Spain was the real finals. That was the biggest hurdle. Italy survived to penalties with them. Against England, Italy was just much more dominant and were purely better most of the game. After the bad start, Italy was purely better. Clawed back to tie it. Overcame injuries and their weaker bench and still managed to fend off a late rally by England to come back and put them on their back foot. Still a heartbreaker for England. To go to penalties, to be up in penalties, and then to not only lose your lead but to make the big save against Jorgin
  2. 04 Pats 03 Pats 08 Steelers 09 Saints 02 Bucs 00 Ravens (way too imbalanced on offense) 05 Steelers 06 Colts 07 Giants 01 Pats
  3. The fact that there isn't a report likely protects Snyder more than anything else. There's no paper trail to point to for the public to punish him via sponsorships etc.The fact that he seems to be in total ageement with the outcome is more telling.
  4. Don't envy you guys. The Titans added a massive passing threat and their offense should really be dominant and they were already pretty good.
  5. Falcons got about as much for Jones as they got for Sanu. Weird world
  6. So Adam started in 1996. There's nobody ahead of Adam that debuted his year or before him in FG%. He's 25th of all time in that stat and 14 guys ahead of him are current active kickers. So it's just a position where it gets more and more optimized. Kickers are generally on much better fields than when Adam started and training probably got more efficient. Another thing worth noting is that all kicker efficiency stats have extremely small margins. Like one or two bad seasons at the end of your career can totally throw a kickers all time placement there. Which is why volume matters alot be
  7. Kicking is getting so optimized that there will be a lot of statistically better kickers going forward in pure efficiency. 9 of the 10 top kickers in FG% percentage are all current guys. One bad decline season is going to move even Tucker to out of top 3. Vinatieri isn’t even top 20 anymore and all the kickers ahead of gun debuted after. But Vinatieri will remain the GOAT because he has moments that nobody else will ever have. Two teams can directly thank Vinatieri for winning them games in SB runs. Vinatieri probably has 3 of the top 5 most memorable kicks of all time. He
  8. 2 game winning field goals and he single handily got the 06 Colts past the Ravens so they could have their title run. Not to mention the first SB was the first game winning score that occurred on a final play in the SB
  9. And that’s why they aren’t going to get a blow away offer. Jones is talent is countered by the age and contract risk
  10. Zero chance of that. Sony's a good back but he's expendable. Harris is a young back on a rookie deal who is likely going to be the feature RB entering the season for them. The market isn't really that great for a trade right now. You have an older WR going into year 1 who has started getting injuries along with 3 years on that contract. They might be better off waiting until the season when a team might be more desperate for a WR.
  11. David Johnson. Dude looked like he was going to be the premier dual threat RB in the league.
  12. Yup. Vinatieri was ABSOLUTELY vital to the 2001 SB. The Tuck Rule game and the game winner. However, while he got the game winner in 38 vs the Panthers, he actually missed 2 of his 3 kicks and Brady basically had to carry the team that day. Then in 2004 he was not nearly as important. Edelman got the game winner in 49 and that season broke out as Brady's top WR. He got the most important catch in 51 that got them a big chunk play that they needed late when they were trying to tie the game up. Then in 53 he basically was the only offensive player worth anything that day and got the Pats j
  13. Players love Cam. He's probably been one of the most popular QB's amongst players since he's been in the league. Through all his ups and downs. Also say what you want about Belichick but he's the most renowned coach in the league, consistently puts together a top tier defense, and his team is always well prepared and competes, something that you can't say about the Falcons recently... and if you are Julio, their biggest need was WR and he's Julio Jones.
  14. It's extremely rare for a QB to completely turn their level of play around after the first 5 years of development. That foundation is critical. After that as an athlete you are in your mid to late 20's and you just kinda are what you are. Kurt Warner is the most notable exception in that he did it 6 years in. But he had a **** ton of support on offense and it lasted a whopping 3 years and then he had one more good year in Arizona after that.
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