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  1. In the mid 2000’s it was generally Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Ben Roethlisberger, and Drew Brees as the top QB’s with Farve sneaking in once he had his resurgence
  2. https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/sports/chargers-rams/story/2021-01-20/philip-rivers-retiring-chargers-colts-saint-michael-high-school-alabama
  3. Because there 3 good storylines for these SB’s 1. Chiefs vs Bucs. Tom Brady the current GOAT vs the best player in the league in a big rematch of the their AFCCG battle two years ago. Old lion vs young lion to see if the torch will be passed. Legacy wise it will be big for either one. Mahomes wins and he beat Brady on the biggest stage and it’s a huge feather in his cap as he builds his legacy. Brady wins and he pretty much puts a Spectre of “Mahomes couldn’t outdo him in the big games” as he’s chasing that number one spot. 2. Packers vs Chiefs. You have a rematch of SB 1 with
  4. The only match up I find uninteresting is Packers Bills. Any of the others is a good story
  5. This league views QB's as so incredibly valuable that very shortsighted decisions are treated as musts if you even think you have a franchise QB. Take Josh Allen, he's in his third year and he's having an amazing break out season. Going into the year people thought he would be a weak link. He would hardly be the first QB to have a breakout season in his rookie contract and then regress back after. In fact it happens alot. Doesn't mean he will. But it happens and if it does, they are screwed for a long time if they pay him now.
  6. Brady is so good that a guy's entire playoff case is "he beat Tom Brady twice in the playoffs so let's immortalize him"
  7. Here's another one. Brady just got his 32nd playoff win. The second most is 16. He literally has twice as many playoff wins as QB ever.
  8. I've had so many arguments on here over the years with people saying "Brady's a system QB and he would be nothing without Bill". Bill coached 8 seasons without Brady and has 1 playoff win. Brady has 2 already on the road in his first season without Bill and now matches Montana in going to conference title games in seperate conferences. It really shouldn't have needed this type of proof, but here we are.
  9. No. Brady deserves this and our team wasn’t going anywhere with or without him
  10. I kinda disagree with this notion. Every year there's one or two teams that have zero shot of winning the SB that still make the playoffs. Furthermore: This year we have a 1 seed and a 2 seed in the AFCCG and we are waiting to see if the other 1 and 2 seed will make it to join them. 2019: The 1 seed in the NFC and 2 seed in the AFC met in the Super Bowl 2018: Both 2 seeds made it to the SB 2017: Both 1 seeds made it to the SB. 2016: The 1 seed in the AFC and 2 seed in the NFC met in the SB 2015: Both 1 seeds met in the SB 2014: Both 1 seeds met in the
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