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  1. Which Ex-Player Talking Head is the Biggest Phony

    Yeah the 4x Super Bowl winner and league MVP is a phony
  2. I'm saying you can't determine any level of success in a totally different system based off success in another one.
  3. It’s not a silly thing to say. You’re using the outcome of one scenario to justify a similar outcome in a different scenario. Peyton player in a very specific and very different offense his whole career. By playing in an offense that suited his strengths that he developed in and mastered over the course of his entire career he became one of the greatest QB’s in NFL history. That doesn’t mean you can simply change the formula and say “well Peyton’s still part of it” so he’ll yield the same return no matter what. No a lot of great QB’s were far better in one system compared to another when we’ve had examples of them being in more than one. I also think this outcome based analysis only gets used one way. Nobody ever says, “oh Brady’s the most successful QB ever, toss him him Manning’s system and he’ll still win 6 Super Bowls”
  4. I think it’s logical leap because they’ve both never been in it and have been in offenses that schematically were not as dynamic or adaptable in general. Peyton particularly. His offense was very simple and the skill was the deception they pulled at the line. Brady also does a lot more post snap compared to Peyton doing the bulk pre snap. It’s so different that it’s silly to say they’d succeed in other systems. Even from a fundamental level they’d be running it different. It’s like saying “well he’s s great skier so he probably is a great snowboarder because they are so similar,”. Like kinda but the fundamental approaches are different.
  5. People are going to crap on that statement but they’re is truth to it. Pats run a modified EP system which is one of the more difficult systems to run if not the most difficult and places a high level on the QB and WR’s intelligence to be in sync because of the different concept options on each play. So basically Brady has to read the defense and also know how each of his receivers will read the defense based on their assignments. Beyond that it’s also one of the most versatile and able to adapt and change schemes and offensive emphasis on. Which they’ve relied on Brady to adapt into many times. Peyton Manning basically played in the same style offense his whole career. It wasn’t even really that elaborate. Most defensive players will tell you it’s the same 5 or so plays disguised at the line and misdirection. Otherwise it’s a pretty standard offense. It also mandates great WR’s because it’s basically all timing based. Peyton runs it like a well oiled machine, BUT it’s nowhere near as complicated. Rodgers is a worse example to compare it to because Rodgers relies more on his physicality and actively bails out of a lot of plays and cuts himself off from anywhere from 25 to 33 percent of the field when he does it. You could never run Brady’s offense if that is your go to inclination. It relies on complete and total mastery of post snap reads and in pocket progressions and description. So yeah he does have point. To bad most people’s aptitude of QB play boils down to “wow nice throw”
  6. Can we ban a certain someone from making Patriots threads?
  7. The Official Boxing Thread IV - Golovkin vs Alvarez

    Honestly I'd worry more about Wilder getting past Ortiz. Ortiz did give him trouble last time and could be a serious problem. If Ortiz wins that pretty much blows up the heavyweight situation. Probably makes it easier for fights to happen though. But yeah I think the big fight has to be Wilder vs Ortiz right now and then winner can go after whoever wins in Johsua vs Ruiz 2. I just really don't want the sanctioning bodies to start stripping people.
  8. He’s just pissy over the Patriots.
  9. It’s barely a promotion. He already basically has a GM gig with some BB oversight Yeah don’t go to the place where every bit of personnel that has ever been through their gets a chance at a huge position and becomes highly sought after. You are talking out of your butt sir
  10. The Official Boxing Thread IV - Golovkin vs Alvarez

    All that needs to be said about the Wilder vs Fury fight is that 1. Fury definitley out boxed Wilder overall. 2. The knockdowns could conceivably have made it a tie (either Fury wins a split or all the cards are a draw, not the stupid card that gave Wilder a win) 3. Another ref could have either waved the fight off or called Fury KO'd after that final knockdown and nobody could have said he was wrong for it. So with all that said, a tie was probably the best outcome because it doesn't blemish any records and it leads to more fights. If Wilder won it would have been a robbery on points. If Fury won, there would be a big narrative that the ref gave Fury too much time. Fury has a claim to a decision win (which the judges took), Wilder has a claim to a KO (which the ref took).
  11. Most Overrated QB's of all Time

    I agree, to me the answer is Elway too. He's a bit better than his stats show but he's also not as great as his accolades and his myth.
  12. Most Overrated QB's of all Time

    In yet.... In 2014 the Packers got 6 turnovers on the Seahawks in the NFCCG and they were unable to punch it in early which led to the door being open for the comeback. But everyone gives Rodgers a pass for that game when in a year we had 5 regular season INT all year he had 2INTin that game, a 55% completion percentage and a 55.8 passer rating. But people act like he got screwed out of that game. Meawhile two weeks later Brady played that exact same team had 4TD to make up for the same 2INT (Rodgers only had one), a 74% completion percentage, and a 101 passer rating. But while Rodgers gets defended in a game where his defense got 6 turnovers for him, people love to pretend that Brady after having matched the record for biggest Super Bowl comeback of all time shouldn't get credit because his defense got it's lone turnover at the end of the game after they almost blew it . In 2016 when Brady's team was down 28-3 going into the 4th he was able to make a comeback and win it for his team with 3 back to back to back TD drives in the 4th and overtime. Meanwhile when Rodgers team started getting blown out two weeks earlier he kept getting blown out. A big part of that was that Brady was just more efficient and stayed on the field longer. Had 200 more yards than Rodgers, had a 69.4% completion percentage compared to Rodgers 60% (and Brady attempted 62 passes to Rodgers 45) had a 95 passer rating to Rodgers 91, had a 7.5 average compared to Rodgers 6.4. Now I'll grant you a lot of luck went into that win, but the fact of the matter is Brady played better, controlled time of possession more, attempted more passes and shouldered a larger burden, in yet far more people give Rodgers a pass for his defense on that effort. The reality is, if Rodgers played like Brady played against those teams, good chance he's in two more Super Bowls. Not to say that Rodgers had better defenses than Brady more frequently, but Rodgers is currently in his 11th year as a starter and he could have as many Super Bowls as Brady did in his 11th year as a starter if he played better more like Brady against those two teams.
  13. Most Overrated QB's of all Time

    This board is exposing itself alot here. Joe Namath is constantly referred to as a nobody as a one hit wonder. So I don't know how he's overrated. But lets actually look at some information. Joe Namath: -First QB in history to break 4000 yards. -2x AFL MVP (this was when the AFL was a legitimate alternative to the NFL) -1x First Team All AFL -3x Second Team All AFL -2nd Team All Pro -2x passing yards leader in the AFL -1x passing yards leader in the NFL -1x passing TD leader in the NFL. -Was definitley one of the two best AFL QB's of all time with Len Dawson being his only rival for best. -Was definitley viewed as top 5 of his era mid 60's to mid 70's along with Starr, Unitas, and Dawson. -Super Bowl champion Here's the reality, most people who never watched the man play or didn't bother to put in the proper research judge him strictly off his NFL accolades the majority of which he played later in his career after a serious injury he never should have came back from. His AFL accolades get completely neglected. He mostly gets his post injury years held against him without people understanding how good he actually was because most fans don't know how to do much besides fetishize stats when it comes to judging players they didn't see to make their opinion. So not only is he constantly trashed by people who don't know enough, he gets called overrated to add insult to injury. Terry Bradshaw is similar. People ignore how well he played in the playoffs for his era. Only Starr was an outright better playoff performer at the time and he retired one year after Terry debuted. Bradshaw had the highest passer rating of his era for the playoffs, is still top 10 in playoff TD's (he's also the oldest on that list with Joe Montana and Marino being the next oldest and everyone else having played at a minimum in the late 2000's). He was money when it mattered and the Steelers needed him for that to actually be a dynasty.
  14. The Official Boxing Thread IV - Golovkin vs Alvarez

    This was the best thing to happen to the HW division. AJ was put on such a pedestal that he could lowball Wilder and Fury on the split and you'd have his fans saying "they are lucky to get that much, they should accept it if they want to prove they are the best". Now he doesn't have leverage anymore and he HAS to fight high quality for the forseeable future to have any real chance at repairing his image. Either way I think the smart move now is if Wilder and Fury both win (no guarantees) they have their rematch and you come out with a WBC and lineal champion to go up against whoever wins AJ vs Ruiz Jr II.
  15. PFF - where do you fall?

    It adds more context to stats which is always a good thing