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  1. Who are the most overpaid players in the league?

    I can tell you who is about to be
  2. Does Rivers make the HoF?

    Joe Namath was regarded as a top 5 in his era, was regarded as the best QB in the game in 1972, and was a two time AFL MVP and multi time AFL All Star
  3. Does Rivers make the HoF?

    Most people do they just realize that for the second longest reigning Iron Man in the most pass friendly era ever, having 5 guys who played during his era being ahead of him on that means it’s more about stat inflation. The knock on Eli is that he was maybe top 5 at his position once in his career..
  4. What are things in the NFL you have seen retconned?

    Yeah but it’s sort of like this year where Brady was kind of leading the discussion the whole way and people were just throwing names at the wall to have an argument. First it was Smith, then he got cold. Then it was Wentz who when he went down was behind Brady in most stats, then it was Brown who got injured and his team lost to Brady’s. Then it was Gurley. Like yeah you can say there were people that were argued for, but it was constant most of the way. Most people arguing for Brees generally knew that Brees was the underdog and Rodgers most likely gets it.
  5. Does Rivers make the HoF?

    This is such a dumb argument. Specifically the last name thing. There are exactly two Manning’s besides Eli to play in the NFL. One is gauranteed to get in because he was the best volume stat QB of his era, broke the TD record twice and holds the most MVP’s. If he had my last name he’s still getting in. The other is universally regarded as a great player who was saddled with a poor team. He’s extrememly respected in all football circles. He didn’t get in. If Eli’s getting in off Super Bowl moments then Tyree should get in
  6. Does Rivers make the HoF?

    Pretty much where I’m at.
  7. What are things in the NFL you have seen retconned?

    That Spygate and the falsely reported story of the Rams walkthrough being taped were the same thing
  8. Why/How Do NFL Athletes "Lose a Step"?

    It won’t be legal in sports. I don’t see anyway you can justify banning steroids and certain supplements as performance enhancers and then accept stem cell therapy which would be more controversial for obvious reasons
  9. Jalen Ramsey's QB Tiers

    This is hilarious. Knew people were going to get in a frenzy over it. Entertaining as hell. Either Ramsay’s going to light it up and antagonize people more or some QB’s will get one over on him and he’ll have to eat some pie. He worked the hell out of everyone though
  10. Jalen Ramsey's QB Tiers

    Well that’s on the Colts for trading for a player that blasted their QB
  11. I was younger than 10 the last time the Patriots had a sub .500 record. I doubt I cared too much. Like it was fun to watch then I was kind of in “if they do well I can enjoy it, but if they don’t, oh well”.
  12. The Bo Jackson overhype is ridiculous

    The truth is that the myth of Jackson is bigger than what he actually was. People extrapolate on what they saw when even at the time he couldn’t sustain it. Great athlete but the legend is greater than the truth
  13. Does Rivers make the HoF?

    Not great. Kelly was a constant top 5 in the 90’s and the first to go to 4 consecutive Super Bowls from a historical perspective. Rivers was occasionally top 5 in an era where there were 4 top dogs who were universally considered the class of the league and he never appeared in a Super Bowl. Also Moon played 17 seasons which was incredibly long for the time. Also there’s a historical aspect to him. Then Fouts was probably the closest to Rivers was a stats machine especially on yards. Here’s the deal, the biggest problem with anybody from this era is that Brady/Rodgers/Manning/Brees are well ahead of the pack, all have rings, and all are going to finish in the top tier of statistical categories all time. Brady/Manning/Brees will be one two and three in bulk stats in some order where any of them can take it. Rodgers and Brady likely retire in the top three in efficiency stats. And Brady has all the playoff stats. Ben’s the next best and he pretty much needs his rings to get in. Eli might barely squeak in because of rings. Everyone else is really just too far down in everything. It’s not like there are top tier stats guys who don’t have championships. Since 2001, there were only 4 seasons where Brady, Manning, Rodgers or Brees weren’t in the Super Bowl (2002, 2005, 2008, 2012). You get compared to your peers, not guys from decades ago. In the 90’s you had Marino who never won a Super Bowl, Aikman who 3 but wasn’t a stat guy. Then Favre who won one and was a pretty good stat guy. Now you have 4 guys who were all top tier stat guys and have rings if not multiple rings
  14. Why/How Do NFL Athletes "Lose a Step"?

    Body doesn’t recover as fast. You constantly need to break down muscles working out to maintain a high enough athleticism to play and then when you play you beat the **** out of yourself and need to recover from that as well. You have a week to do that 16 times in the season. Thats why when a Rice or TO says they could come back and play at a high level, they probably believe it. Maybe they do it for a week or two. Can’t sustain it. You end up playing with younger guys who recovered and healed their muscles and joints more than you who can push themselves hard enough to be just out of reach
  15. Does Rivers make the HoF?

    I mean it depends. When Rodgers retires he might be the 3rd best QB of that quartet. If the era is stacked I don’t mind some super high high caliber guys waiting a year or so to make room for other positions that are actually backlogged (cough WR)