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  1. Half-Way Point - Head Coach of the Year

    Why isn't Belichick in the discussion?
  2. All you need to know is that Vince McMahon is going to push Roman Reigns as the GOAT QB
  3. Rex Burkhead Avoids Major Injury

    Thank you. We could be a much stronger team come playoff time.
  4. It's irrelevant until you finally learn "hey maybe that thing that happens every year is going to happen this year and I won't be surprised if it does". I'm putting my money on the son rising in the East in the morning. Jacksonville's most likely scenario is going against the two best QB's and coaches in the playoffs against the best WR/RB/TE, on the road in two places where both teams have enjoyed dominant homefield advantages.
  5. I don't know why you would. New England and Pittsburgh come playoff time will be relatively healthy offensively (PIT is getting Brown back, NE should be getting Hogan and Mitchell back). And until PIT lost Shazier they had one of the most dominant defenses in the NFL and 9 of the last 13 games NE held their opponents to less than 20 and catapulted into the top 10 in ppg (after being dead last after the first 4 weeks) and the only two that broke 20 were a Miami team in Miami who NE historically has had issues with even in Super Bowl years and Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh who sports one of the best offenses in the entire league. Then I'd argue the two best QB's in the playoffs are Ben and Brady and the most dynamic offensive playmakers in the playoffs are Brown, Bell and Gronk. And the most seasoned coaches with the most experience in the playoffs are Belichick and Tomlin. Also you really trust a Florida or LA team to go to outside stadiums in Pittsburgh or Foxborough in January and be more competitive? To me that's a lot to overcome vs an Eagles team that lost their starting QB with a 2nd year HC and Minnesota team, who albeit with a very good defense, that probably wouldn't have won their division if Rodgers was healthy.
  6. Because in 15 years that team was the only example of a team getting into the Super Bowl over Brady/Ben/Manning. So I have years of history and precedent where I only even have to go back to last year to say it's an incredibly hard task for someone to do that. And Jacksonville would likely have to do it against two of them to have a hope of making the Super Bowl. Meanwhile nobody in the NFC playoffs really has a history of being a gatekeeper that is insurmountable for a team like the Rams to beat. Half the teams in the NFC playoffs weren't even in the playoffs last year, one of them lost their QB, one of them wouldn't likely have won their division if Green Bay had their QB, one of them has the team that has one their division the last 4 seasons falling apart due to injuries, and the other has two teams that are not nearly as strong as they were in recent memory (Falcons and Panthers). So yeah I'll take the Rams chances of that over the Jags chances of the two teams that have accounted for 10 of the last 15 AFC Championships.
  7. Week 15 Game Day Thread

    See that's the problem in the field of play it wouldn't be called a fumble. If he did that in the field of play it would be ruled an incomplete pass because as he was in the process of catching it the ball touched the ground and thus the catch wasn't completed. Therefore, it would be an incompletion. Which is what happened here. Here's the issue once you start falling, you can't perform a football move. A guy who is not in control of his body (IE falling) cannot make a football move. A football move is when catch the ball and start making like a step forward or juke or do something that is effectively the act of a running ball carrier. Once he was falling he couldn't do that. He only had one obligation, not let the ball hit the ground. When he didn't do that, it became an incompletion, regardless of whether he crossed the goal line. Because anywhere else in the field it would not be ruled a catch. And if it can't be ruled a catch anywhere else in the field, you can't rule it a TD reception.
  8. Week 15 Game Day Thread

    It's actually more because if that happened in the middle of the field it prevents it from being a fumble and makes it an incompletion. If the rule was different and that happened at the 50 yard line, someone could literally smash into the receiver while the ball was dislodged and then his team could recover it. Realistically that's an easy incompletion anywhere but in the endzone. Like if in the middle of the field somebody made a catch while falling and lunged forward and the ball hit the ground, nobody is debating that it's an incompletion. People would be screaming "it hit the ground". The problem is because he lunged while crossing the plane, people want to say "well he crossed the plane with the ball in his hand so it's a touchdown at that point". But the contention becomes if it was in the middle of the field it would not be called a catch it would be called an incompletion, so we are awarding a TD for something we would not call a catch in the middle of the field? And if it's not a catch, how can it be a touchdown? And in a nutshell that's the problem. It's hard to justify it being an incompletion in one spot on the field but not another because one leads to points.
  9. If they have to go on the road? No way would I. Since 2003 which was really the year Brady and Peyton's teams became dominant (and then Ben came into the fold a year later) only one team prevented Brady/Ben/Manning from getting to the Super Bowl and it was the Ravens off a miracle run where Flacco played out of his mind and was arguably having the best QB post season ever (and certainly the best statistical one) and even that came with a ton of fortune. So once in 15 years someone broke through the wall.
  10. Yeah..... I'm talking about someone being Mr. Doom Gloom over the past 3 or so years where we won two Super Bowls and made the AFCCG every year and Brady was at a minimum the best or 2nd best QB in the league and we were Super Bowl favorites. Not someone getting frustrated with them pre 2001. I however will deny any Browns fans who do not become a Jets fan for exactly one day before handing them their handkerchief of resignation.
  11. Rams. I'm going to get flack for this, but I don't think the NFC is as strong as it is competetive. And what I mean by that is in the AFC the Steelers and Patriots have just proven over and over again (along with Manning's team when he was there) that they are brick walls that the up and coming teams smash into and flatten out on. And Jacksonville's most likely road is going through both of them in their house. And the 2012 Raven's has broken through the Brady/Ben/Manning wall in the AFC and it took the greatest statistical QB playoff performance ever, which I don't see Bortles doing. I think the NFC is alot more malleable. I think a lot of the strong teams in the NFC are looking strong because the teams that usually have their number are having down years. Seattle, Dallas, New York, Green Bay, are having down years and the Vikings, Rams, and Eagles are capitalizing and then the Falcons are having a down year and the Saints and Panthers have gotten back in the mix. I can see the Rams pushing through that a lot easier than if they had to go through major stalwarts. Like if Seattle was still the Seattle of the last few years or Green Bay was in there I'd give it some pause, but I don't see as much resistance. So my money would be on the Rams.
  12. MVP leaders at this point.

    I mean put it this way the top 5 should have been Brady, Wentz, Wilson, Brown, and Smith. Smith fell off early. Wentz/Wilson/Brown all pretty much saw their chances move away. Brady leads the league in completions, the only guys close to him aren't in the MVP race and haven't been all season. Brady's top 3 in percentage, nobody else in the top 10 is even close to being the MVP, Brady's 2nd in yards and you have to go down to Wilson at number 7 to find someone who is close to him in the MVP race. He's top 4 in Y/A, nobody in the top 10 is in the MVP race. He's 3 in TD's, only Wentz and Wilson are ahead of him. Both got knocked out of the MVP race and the reality is by the end of the season it's probably going a 1 or 2 TD difference between them while Brady still has less interceptions. Brady is top 2 in Passer Rating where only Alex Smith leads him by point 2. Basically in every major stat Brady is in the top 4. He's the QB with best combination of bulk stats and efficiency at a very high level is the only QB where all his stats are at an elite level while simultaneously being tied for the best record in his conference and being in the driver seat for the number 1 seed. If there was a RB or WR out there who was carrying his team and doing something historic maybe their would be a case. But there really isn't. So it's going to a QB and Brady is clearly the head and shoulders favorite right now.
  13. MVP leaders at this point.

    Except Tom Brady who stood out from everyone pretty much all year. I find it funny that this MVP basically came down to Brady having a couple of mediocre weeks while everything else imploded to secure it because of some supposed voter fatigue.
  14. Bengals HC Marvin Lewis to leave Bengals

    Belichick is using the dark side of force to harness his hatred of the media to flow into into his players and willing them to win in the face of adversity. Marvin Lewis and Jon Fox are out in their back yard pretending tree branches are lightsabers by comparison.
  15. That said injury cat fighting aside, glad Brown will be back