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  1. Worst Franchise of All Time?

    Cardinals feel like a team that never got their break. Browns feel cursed
  2. Every season it feels like you can pick two or three teams in either conference and say "some combination of these teams will make up the Super Bowl matchup". This year I think most people expected it to be in the AFC the Patriots or Raiders and in the NFC the Packer, Cowboys or Falcons. That doesn't seem to be panning out. The only really good team that kind of stands out from the pack is the Chiefs and even then it's not by a whole lot. Just feels like there's a big field this year and nobody stands out. The teams that were supposed to be really good all took a step back while a lot of teams that nobody believed in took a step up.
  3. Week 6 GDT

    Oh now you like the commentators and their infinite wisdom. There's a rule and they went by it. The second he lost control of the hall the onus was on him to prove he regained it before going out of bounds
  4. Week 6 GDT

    If you knew the rules you'd know it
  5. Week 6 GDT

    By the actual rule he lost control of the ball before he crossed the goal line. And he went out of bounds before proving he securedit. You may not like it. But that's the rule
  6. Week 6 GDT

    It was the right call. It was just the worst case scenario
  7. Federal appeals court dismisses Ezekiel Elliott case.

    That's Elliot's problem. Brady had a stronger case because the rule on the books for equipment tampering was vague when it came to punishments and they tried to bundle it with contact detrimental to the game because he didn't turn over evidence that they didn't mandate he turn over. There's a pretty clear cut rule on the books in Elliot's case. So if Brady lost his, Elliot has no shot.
  8. Debateable. People forget because 2014-2016 were huge years where the team looked like the best team in the AFC by a healthy margin, but 2011-2013 the Patriots looked a lot closer to how they look now. Early on they would have a couple close games with opponents they had no business losing to and wouldn't be able to stop a crucial drive towards the end of the game. Then they heat up in October/November and by the end of December they are among the top 2 in the AFC.
  9. Sam Darnold to The Giants

    If Darnold can give any indication that he can play to his old standard, he should come out. Worse things could happen than being drafted by the Giants franchise and walking into OBJ, a good defense, and strong front office. Though after that the Giants should invest in the OL. If it was the Browns or Jets I'd stay in school. There's no reason to trust those franchises and there's still uncertainty to how long the top teams in the division will be around. The Giants have had a Super Bowl win in every decade since the 80's and have won some type of title every decade aside from the 40's, 60's and 70's, going back to the 20's. They've also had 9 playoff appearances since 2000. Darnold should consider it.
  10. Pittsburgh fans: How concerned are you for Big Ben?

    That's an interesting thought. Realistically they probably should. The Giants are being held back by Eli at this point, Rivers is stuck declining on a team that is going nowhere in a city that doesn't want them, and Ben has just his physical and mental limit. Could see them all either going this year or sticking it out for one more. But not much after.
  11. Going into the season the Giants were predicted by many to be a potential division winner and Super Bowl contender. They look like they are the worst team in the NFC. Going into the season the Jets were predicted to be all time bad and possibly an 0-16 team. They won 3 games against mediocre opponents. So to make a long story short. Depending on how much you subscribed to either notion, you could pick either. To me the Giants lost some games to pretty bad opponents and might actually be worse than the Jets. Thats more alarming than the Jets not being as bad as predicted and taking some wins off a few scrubs and being in a 3 way tie for first in the division early in the season. The Jets are likely moderately better than expected. The Giants went from NFC contender to worst team in the conference. That's a bigger difference even if the Jets were predicted to be historically bad they are only moderately bad. O don't know how anybody could be impressed by a Browns win.
  12. The O-Line, Are they the real issue?

    This whole thing has shades of early 2014 where we were crap in the trenches on both sides.
  13. Who From 2016 Is Missed The Most?

    Nink and Sheard are tied. Easily.
  14. Week 4 GDT: No Anthem Version

    Raiders receivers failing EJ who is actually playing pretty well.
  15. GDT Week 4 - Panthers @ Patriots

    Just for posterity sake -Patriots lose to arguably the most top to bottom talented team in the NFL with one of the better D's in the league, solid QB who doesn't make mistakes, break out running back and the best TE aside from Gronk -Patriots soundly beat a historically good offense with the best QB they've seen thus far this season (whose currently on pace to have one of his most efficient seasons) -Pats narrowly defeat a Texans team that gave them trouble in the last playoffs, has one of the most stacked defensive fronts in modern league history, has strong pieces on both offense and defense ahd finally got a QB who can actually do something and has been playing really well -Patriots narrowly lose to the best mobile QB in the game, which is a style they struggled against. Omg