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  1. Do you think that Brady has fallen off?

    That’s not typical for Brady so you can’t just compare him to the average QB
  2. Do you think that Brady has fallen off?

    Yeah that’s more on drips and tipped INT’s
  3. Do you think that Brady has fallen off?

    Not really. He’s dealing with the same issues in 2013.
  4. Week 15 GDT

    How could you watch that which doesn’t exist
  5. Week 15 GDT

    Sack City baby!
  6. Week 15 GDT

    Sawbthat blitz a million miles away
  7. Week 15 GDT

    Brother I would take a bullet for you, but today I need you to take an L for me
  8. The Browns went to and won a playoff game literally two years before Belichick got there. They went to the playoffs again the year before that. And the year before that. And the year before that. And the year before that. So basically 5 consecutive seasons they went to the playoffs. They won 3 playoff games during that 5 year stretch. They had one bad season. Belichick came in and over the next 5 seasons he could only make the playoffs once and only had one winning season.... And I'm supposed to call that team trash and say they were incapable of that and Belichick pulled off some sort of miracle.
  9. PPG is a team stat, not a defensive stat. Does not account for time of possession, does not account for offensive turnovers, does not account for special teams positioning, does not account for defensive scores. It's not a good or strong measurement of the health of a defense. DVOA is a better stat on the actual strength of the defense. PPG is a better stat for how many points the overall team will let up.
  10. Reminder: Belichick is 55-61 without Brady. Reminder: That's a .474 win percentage. Reminder: That's a losing win percentage. Reminder: Belichick made the playoffs once without Brady. Reminder: Belichick made the playoffs 15 times with Brady. Reminder: Belichick has 1 playoff win without Brady Reminder: Belichick has 27 playoff wins with Brady. Reminder: I used Belichick's whole career for data, I didn't cherry pick 1.25 seasons of his career to make a terrible point.
  11. Belichick coached the best team of a generation to 11-5 with a journeyman level QB. That offense was record shattering and historic with Brady. And he did it with a cupcake schedule. It’s not something that really makes s great case for him. One year they needed a miracle to not have a perfect season. The next they couldn’t make the playoffs
  12. Let’s put it this way, Belichick had one of the greatest teams ever still in tact. He had a schedule where he played two divisions where the best team of the eight of them was 9-7. His QB was actually a passable journeyman type who actually had good seasons after he left and is still in the league (aka Cassel wasn’t s bottom feeder). They finished with a record of 11-5 which is below Brady’s career average (and this was a team whose absolute floor with Brady was 14-2) and missed the playoffs for the only time in the past 15 years. We could also talk about how Belichick coached 7 seasons without Brady and he only had two teams with a winning record and only one made the playoffs. We can talk about how Belichick’s best record without Brady is still below Brady’s career average. We can talk about how, without Brady, Belichick has one playoff win, while he holds the record for playoff wins, Super Bowl appearances, and Super Bowl wins with him. We can talk about how 2/3 of the time he missed the playoffs in NE were in seasons that didn’t feature Brady. We can talk about how even his best defensive teams still wouldn’t win Super Bowls without Brady (defense crapped the bed in the 2003 Super Bowl and they still needed Brady to drive them into field goal range in 01). This is a QB driven league. We have a large sample size of BB without Brady. It’s mediocre at best
  13. And this entire forum every week in 2016 said “the Patriots never player any good QB’s and their DVOA was mediocre” nonstop all season. Then 3 quarters into the Super Bowl they were patting themselves on the back
  14. XFL names eight cities for new franchises

    I think AAF has a much better chance of succeeding. Vince McMahon has never proven he could suceed outside of professional wrestling. Ebersol is an incredibly powerful producer with a lot of influence in media (Vince isn’t and he exists in his little corner of entertainment) and Polian is a generally credible name amongst modern football fans. It will also get a head start on signing talent and will have built up a reputation prior to the XFL’s first season. The XFL only has curiosity because of its old lineage and its ties to McMahon. I think both will fail because you are going from an incredibly well produced Super Bowl broadcast to a 2nd tier product which on average will be tougher than most regular season games. Put it this way, most fans throw tantrums over MNF’s production seeming shoddy. Just wait
  15. XFL names eight cities for new franchises

    xfl will fail
  16. To be fair we’ve seen women lie to protect their spouse. Foster is a millionaire who could potentially use the best lawyers money could buy, she’d deal with tons of scrutiny and harassment for fans
  17. Is Leonard Fournette a bust?

    Why thank you
  18. XFL names eight cities for new franchises

    The big one is that the NFL will exist the year after
  19. XFL names eight cities for new franchises

    Also no offense but all those big East Coast tv markets won’t follow this. New York based team isn’t getting followers from Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, or Pittsburgh.
  20. XFL names eight cities for new franchises

    So they went to LA? The city where the basketball team dwarfs both football teams and has the most popular athlete on the planet? And no offense to St Louis, they couldn’t sustain their NFL team.
  21. Just how good IS this New England team?

    2001- nowhere near Super Bowl favorites 2003- Manning had an MVP year 2004- they had Manning having the best QB year since 1984 and a 15-1 Steelers team who they lost to 2007- they were clearly the favorites 2011- had a horrendous defense and weren’t viewed as anything special 2014- the Pats hadn’t made it over the hump in awhile, the Ravens were viewed as Kryptonite. They were down by 14 points twice in he divisional round 2016- Steelers were viewed as a threat. They just crapped the bed 2017- Jaguars were viewed as a huge threat who almost beat them. Steelers also played them very competitively in the regular season 2007 was a special case and 2016 had a weak AFC field. Those were the only years. Nobody would have been surprised to see any of those other years go a different way
  22. Just how good IS this New England team?

    2007 and 2016 are probably the only years it was a “foregone conclusion”
  23. Just how good IS this New England team?

    Also can we acknowledge that this guy only makes threads and posts about the Patriots
  24. Just how good IS this New England team?

    They can beat anyone and they can lose to anyone. The offense has been their weakest link but they have playmakers and of things click they will go far. Pats have yet to play anything close to a perfect game yet