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  1. This. Also we should probably acknowledge that Peyton was 1. The complete exception to the rule. 2. Peyton did in fact have a bit of an interception problem compared to his elite peers in Brady, Brees and Rodgers. Zach Wilson has looked like hot garbage out the gate and worse than Darnold ever looked at any point. Like I'm all for giving a guy this new into it the benefit of the doubt, but there needs to be some serious improvement because netter QB's have been given up on for less. These are Peterman like games.
  2. Consistentcy is the first big factor for any great QB. Too many QB's coast off one or two amazing seasons and then plummet or are streaky. Then I look for situational awareness and how well they understand the game and when to make certain plays and when not to. Then how much they achieve at the highest level.
  3. Because it’s been trendy for 20 years for every borderline RB to be compared to Sayers who everyone understands had a short career due to injury but was the best in the league for nearly his entire tenure. The only people that should ever argue about Sayers are guys like Terrell Davis who could say they were the best nearly every season they played and their numbers are only bad because of injury.
  4. The unfortunate thing is even if he was, nearly everybody realized the Giants had no business being the team drafting him. It was a misguided notion based on total delusion they Eli wasn’t completely washed and you could build around him. Let alone all the other issues the team had. The fact that he’s dealt with injuries and hasn’t really been that generational level player he was predicted as is just salt in the wound. He’s still very good, but that will never not be a dumb pick and the debates on it were infuriating
  5. How soon until Urban announces he has health problems and needs to leave his post?
  6. These threads are the kiss of death.
  7. Idk. If the refs called any of the egregious holds on the helmet catch play, how many undefeated seasons does he have now?
  8. Crazy stat. However, yeah it's going to be really hard for any team to out pace this offense. It's stupid deep. When Brady first came to the Bucs everyone was raving about him getting Evans, Godwin and Howard. They might not even be the 3 best weapons he has with Brown, Gronk and Fournette there. That's how stacked that offense is.
  9. And the defender was also clearly grabbing the receiver before the push. There's no a reason a receiver should have to push a guy to turn around to catch a ball. Unless of course he was being grabbed and then you would need to. So if it was called extremely rigidly it should be two off setting penalties and a replay of the down. That said it's just as a valid to say they were both being handsy and let them play. 15 years ago people wouldn't even be talking about this play
  10. The only thing that's going to stop the Bucs from getting to the SB imo is the ability of Arians to coach a disciplined team that doesn't make mistakes. They have way too much talent for that offense to be that sloppy. As fun as the game being close was, that game only was even competetive because of miscues by the Bucs. Particularly Godwin trying to play Superman when he had the first and the Jones fumble.
  11. Players get away with that all the time. People really have to realize PI is a judgement call. The ref can just as easily say that the CB was grabbing him and the push was to negate that. It's entirely subjective on how much they think it was an unfair advantage for the player.
  12. They need to prove they can’t beat teams on the level of the Chiefs in meaningful games. They were a glorified roadblock to them in the the conference title game and that wasn’t even the Chiefs at their best by that point.
  13. It gives me some faith just because last year no matter how bad Cam was, you could tell Bill couldn’t stomach the idea of Stidham starting even when fans clamored for it and there was nothing to lose. Bill isn’t going to send a young QB out into a bad situation and let them drown. He had Cam to do the same thing as last year if he really wanted that. He really didn’t need to make that move and I think most Pats fans were surprised Cam wasn’t the initial starter (even though most of us thought Mac was better)
  14. How is that slight? They went fron two of the worst TE’s to one of most promising young TE’s and one of the most solid in the league, the RB who was out most of the year lost his job to someone much better in Harris and they drafted Rhamondre. Agholor is infinitely better than Dorsett at this point. Meyers broke out last year and really didn’t play much in 2019, he’s just flat better player. Newhouse was one of the worst lineman in the league if not the absolute worst when he was in there and Andrew’s is crucial to our line and he’s back as opposed to being out, we also added Trent Brown back.
  15. Brady at the start of that season looked like he was going to light the world on fire and then they lost virtually everyone. This offense is not the same remotely. Just at TE, Smith and Henry are light years ahead of the no names we had the last few seasons. Those guys legitimately sucked and were worst in the league level. Meters has developed and would have been a huge asset in 2019. Agholor was added to the team, he is better than pretty much everyone we had in the latter part of that year. Then in the running game Harris completely usurped Michel’s job and is flat out better
  16. Being top 5 over 3-4 years is not a HOF pace. They do not let the top 5 RB's in every 10 year period in. Much less every 4 year period. There's a massive difference between saying someone is elite and saying someone is on a HOF pace. Way too many people think the HOF is alot easier to get in than it actually is. You need like multiple All Pros, pretty much need to crack the top 20 in rushing yards and TD's respectively, and probably need multiple 1k seasons to even really be considered alongside everyone else.
  17. That’s not what he’s talking about lol.
  18. Imagine trying to tell me that Zach Wilson is 22 and not 14
  19. He lost the SB that year. Nobody really considers NFL/AFL titles between when the SB started and the merger as world titles. Nobody says Namath is a 2x champ
  20. He actually won 2 and it was with another HOF QB. He failed to win a single title with Unitas and Marino who are two of the greatest QB's ever in history. When he did win titles in was in the pre free agency/salary cap era and he had a super team and he won back to back and then never won again. That was in an era where other super teams were becoming dynasties and winning 4 and 5 titles like the Packers and Steelers. Bill has 6 titles and one was when Brady was a first year starter and his defense gave the legendary GSOT their worst game in history, another was when his defense held a team to
  21. Yup. Those guys are at best stop gaps. AT BEST. They are there out of neccessity. Also take the past away and look at what Cam has done lately. Cam Newton last year had 2657, 8TD's, 10INT's, and a passer rating of 82.9. Even if you combine his rushing totals he still gets to a total of barely over 300 yards and 20 TD's with 11 turnovers. That's not the contributions a starter should be making. Cam is also 32 and constantly banged up. He isn't going to go back to being Super Cam from the middle of last decade.
  22. No he’s just clearly better. You must be trolling
  23. Cam had more passing yards in every year mentioned, more rushing TD’s in every year mentioned, and scored 12 more TD’s in 11, 6 more TD’s in 13, and 4 more in 2018. Cam was better every year lol. I like how you are arguing that people’s praise of Cam was based purely on his passing and not how complete he was as a total player. You completely missed the point
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