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  1. I hate Suggs and Harbaugh. Tbh we don’t really play the Giants enough for it to be something we constantly think about. Baltimore and whatever team Manning was on are the only teams I really consider worthy rivals over the past 15 years
  2. When the QB spikes the ball it IS NOT illegal
  3. In playoffs Brady has beat -Peyton Manning twice In two MVP years (most would say that was his career peak) -Ben Roethlisberger twice -Phillip Rivers three times -Luck twice -Flacco twice -Mahomes in his breakout year -Warner/Ryan/Wilson/McNab in Super Bowls Warner is a HOF’er, Manning will be in a year, Wilson is pretty much guaranteed a spot as long as his career doesn’t end in the next two years, Mahomes is pretty much on path unless his career takes a huge dip (A SB and an MVP pretty much locks you in even if your career is mediocre otherwise). Then Ryan is probably just on the outside looking in. Pretty much everyone I mentioned were top 10 QB’s of their era
  4. Pretty much every Giant on the 07 defense has went on record for how much they respected Brady after that Super Bowl.
  5. This. Plus people like to hype up that era as being more physically taxing (it was), but Montana was just not a very durable QB in his era. Brady on the other hand was exceptionally durable (even in his era) and only had one major injury that caused him to miss games.
  6. Only way it happens is if Lawrence is on the board at 2 and that only happens if Lawrence makes it clear he will go back to college if the Jets draft him and the Jets feel the need to keep the pick and draft a QB rather than trade out. Then yes you absolutely get Lawerence unless Tua is improving clearly this season
  7. The league is on record in court saying they never had any direct proof that Tom Brady was involved. They spent millions to punish him. Make your pick
  8. Buck didn’t get in, he got an award the HOF gives out
  9. Haha. I don’t believe any. There’s sex and the main actress is hot as hell once she glamours up.
  10. Awesome. Tell me how you are enjoying it once you get around to the middle of the series
  11. It’s on Netflix. Seven episode mini. It’s about a female chess prodigy on her path to becoming the best. Period piece set in the 50’s/60’s. Probably the best character driven drama that I’ve watched in long time. Has great reviews and is gripping. It’s not long either and each episode has so much variety it never gets boring. Lead actress should win awards. Has just a stellar cast.
  12. Exception. It was lightning in a bottle with several circumstances happening at the right time
  13. Watch Queen’s gambit. Currently the best thing running
  14. Not really, his announcing career won’t make difference. He’s staring way too far below the barometer to matter. Maybe if he was super borderline like Madden was who was just on the edge it would matter. But Tony Romo wouldn’t even make it far enough to pass the first round of consideration. Like I said, it’s a very easy tell. Romo isn’t in the ballpark for the HOF. There’s players much better than him who have zero chance of making it. An announcing career won’t matter
  15. We are all adults here. We know I wasn’t talking about soda
  16. They also beat -the GSOT -Legion of Boom -2004 record breaking Cokes - the 15-1 2004 Steelers -the Chiefs in Mahomes break out year -the Falcons in Ryan’s record breaking year -the peak Andy Reid Eagles -the 2006 Chargers at LT’s peak Like lol what is your point?
  17. I agree with this, but this year isn’t a good indication. Brady hasn’t been on a Patriots team as bad as this one ever and it’s likely a big reason he left. But yes it was always more Brady. Belichick have them a high floor. Brady gave them the high ceiling that got them over the top. We probably have two titles instead of 6 without Brady if you put in another serviceable franchise QB.
  18. They aren’t that good and are over performing to be in the game that late to begin with
  19. Pats were never going to keep up that end of the bargain. We were bad last year with Brady covering up a lot and we weren’t all that great in our 2018 SB run. It just so happened the only contenders in our way were super young and exploitable and our team clicked at the right time. Basically they had no cap going into this year and it was always going to be a rebuild. If we were going to be contenders this year.... Brady would be here. A 43 old doesn’t want to sit through another rebuild in the hopes that in his last or second to last year he finally has a shot again
  20. It’s very easy to tell when people don’t follow the HOF at all. No Romo has zero shot. He wasn’t even borderline in his day. He has one year as a top 5 QB. Only 4 Pro Bowls. He has a good passer rating but that’s it
  21. Ha! The Red Sox sent Ruth to their rivals so the owner could fund a play.
  22. The flip side to this is a basketball world championship is much easier a feat than a Super Bowl. Jordan has 4 titles if the first game of the NBA Finals decided everything. He loses his first and last. Then if you go deeper into it he lost game one of the EC semi finals for his 2nd title and game one of the ECF for his third. So if it was the same structure as the NFL Jordan only gets 2 titles with the variation of the possibility that at some point in the 80’s he could have upset better teams. But this is a huge reason why Russell has 11, Kareem has 6, Kobe and Magic have 5, and Lebron and Shaq have 4. Its a sport built to make sure the best will come out on top. I also would argue that Brady unlike Jordan won with completely different supporting casts. Brady also has the edge on longevity and is going to finish leading in TD’s and probably yards once Brees is done. Either way it’s kinda dumb to compare sports. They are totally different set ups. And even if we did.... we are limiting by team sports which us already an acknowledgment that being the best in a team sport is not as valuable as being the best in a single athlete sport.
  23. The players don’t want it. Everytime this OT discussion is brought up this piece gets ignored. Anyways the league used to just call it a tie at the end of regulation
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