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  1. What does the second paragraph have to do with anything?
  2. Brady haters in the off-season: He will get exposed as a system QB without Bill and the Bucs will go 8-8 Brady haters today: But stacked team!
  3. The Bucs proved tonight that it doesn’t matter how mobile a QB is, the ability to drop 7 men in coverage and get pressure with only 4 will disrupt any QB.
  4. Jordan Brady Gretzky LeBron Montana Ruth Manning
  5. So sad the disrespect Gretzky gets.
  6. Completely changed the entire franchise in just one year. GOAT before and still is. Just icing on the cake and to shut up the haters about any system QB or can’t win without Bill talk.
  7. Any chance he hangs them up?
  8. Why does Matthieu put his hands up after every play?
  9. Not sure what your agenda is but it’s worn out already.
  10. Chiefs are holding on every defensive play. For those complaining about uncatchable balls..a defensive player holding impacts the QBs decision making on how they throw the balls. If it doesn’t matter, than who cares, let’s just allow defenses to hold on every play.
  11. I didn’t know Trevor Lawrence was the Chiefs punter.
  12. Literally every scouts doubts about Maholmes is being displayed right now.
  13. Should have audibled to a play action out route there. Chiefs were all in on the run.
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