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  1. I have watched a very limited amount of Lawrence, so I will not jump to any irrational conclusions of “bust” or whatever it may be. But, from the time I have watched him, he holds onto the ball WAY too long and stares down receivers going through every read. Times I have watched he’s had solid protection as well.
  2. Weren’t people last year praising Rhule even during the season? And even for sometime this season? How the tables have turned.
  3. Judge isn’t getting fired. Mara isn’t firing three HCs in 5 years. Unfortunately, I see them letting him play a role in the GM hiring after Gettleman is fired which is a disaster waiting to happen.
  4. So you think Ownership is telling Nagy this directly? Obviously this leaked report is one of a reporter reaching for news or an actual inside source within the Bears FO.
  5. Poor pocket presence, poor mechanics, and poor decision making. I don’t think I have seen a QB be as inaccurate on short passes as he is.
  6. Who is announcing the Bucs/Saints? Guy has a voice made for radio. Assuming Buck is out due to the WS.
  7. Stupid decision because he didn’t get the 1st down. I liked it. Gutsy and I bet 8/10 times they get it.
  8. Not many. Reid Belichick Harbaugh McDermott McVay Might be the only clear cut, “safe”.
  9. Which is why he will only be average (like a Chad Pennington type). Don’t understand the hype with him this far. He’s a rookie QB I get it, but he doesn’t seem to have any “wow” attributes that make me think this guy is going to be a stud.
  10. I can’t remember the last time I have seen a time kneel the ball from two min warning straight through?
  11. Watkins played that just as bad as you can as a receiver. What the hell was he doing?
  12. The fact that Zach Wilson somehow made it out of the bottom 6 is impressive.
  13. Not make this political or what but I am far from a liberal and seeing all this “cancelled culture” etc. statements from people questioning why someone would be canned over this confuses me.. Whether this was 10 years ago or 10 mins..it was said at some point. Think of it at your job and emails were leaked about you saying stuff about your boss or coworkers what do you think would happen? Unless I am missing something here…
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