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  1. I’m feeling MIN is going to take Fields.
  2. I think Lance will be the best player from this draft and can’t go to a better situation then that of SF.
  3. Right..I guess having the best LT, top OL, top WR, and Aaron Jones is really tough..
  4. What does the second paragraph have to do with anything?
  5. Brady haters in the off-season: He will get exposed as a system QB without Bill and the Bucs will go 8-8 Brady haters today: But stacked team!
  6. The Bucs proved tonight that it doesn’t matter how mobile a QB is, the ability to drop 7 men in coverage and get pressure with only 4 will disrupt any QB.
  7. Jordan Brady Gretzky LeBron Montana Ruth Manning
  8. So sad the disrespect Gretzky gets.
  9. Completely changed the entire franchise in just one year. GOAT before and still is. Just icing on the cake and to shut up the haters about any system QB or can’t win without Bill talk.
  10. Any chance he hangs them up?
  11. Why does Matthieu put his hands up after every play?
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