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  1. @Norm WHAT CAN’t He Doo? https://www.packers.com/video/nfl-n-motion-wr-jake-kumerow-vs-carolina-panthers
  2. NFL News & Notes

  3. Week 10 Games

    What the f with the fair catch?
  4. Week 10 Games

    Dallas is dumber than we are even.
  5. Week 10 Games

    They are going to score too fast.
  6. Week 10 Games

    C'mon Cousins, throw a pick six. I know you want to.
  7. Whew, going two weeks with a two game losing streak would have been rough.
  8. Even when it is obvious call for the Packers, Aikman still has to say “there isn’t enough to overturn it”. As if he actually got it but they can’t see.
  9. That ball was out fast enough it didn’t matter.
  10. 3rd down play should have been grounding too. That didn’t get to the LoS.