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  1. My Fantasy team might score 200.
  2. You think the 1-2 passes to each receiver was all he needed to be sharp this first game?
  3. OK, I know I created this thread called burn it down, so I'm maybe not the best person to be pointing out ridiculous over-reactions, but I'm going to rate the over-reactions I've seen here (and been hearing elsewhere). I think most of this have a little validity, but we live in this false dichotomy world where either everything is unicorns and rainbows OR rivers of **** and there is no in between, but reality is always a lot more naunced. The fact is, nearly all of these factors had a little to do with the loss, to varying degrees. People have been a little too focused as well on the huge m
  4. Well, I give you that they gave up after the 2nd interception, but it was kind of reasonable to at that point. We had a chance after the defense forced that punt, but the offense pissed it away again.
  5. Well, then, your lack of over confidence is why we scored 3 instead of 0.
  6. Didn't the defense force their first punt after this interception? So, maybe not the WHOLE team?
  7. That second one he was waiting to clear the LB. that isn’t on Rodgers execution, he probably should have just got them out of the play presnap.
  8. Strong disagree, he has a cute butt wiggle before he punts that is very attractive. His punts, OTOH, didn't look very good.
  9. To be fair, MY thread had an awesome title AND an awesome poll, but the mods f'ed it up. ROTTEN FROM THE TOP
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