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  1. Norm was pukin' though, so it was a Norm-puker.
  2. Positives: -NFCCG at Lambeau, baby -Gary, Z come up big, 2 Preston batted passes -Rodgers smart even if not completely accurate -MLF called a great game Negatives: -Those 2 passes at end of half. Seemed ill-advised. -The Lazard drop almost completely turned this game Uglyness: -STs again. Hoo boy.
  3. Just run the ball. We are getting like 6 yards a carry.
  4. Doesn’t the other team have to jump for it to be a neutral zone infraction.
  5. I approve the decision. No need to risk it at this point.
  6. Gonna have a key pick in the Super Bowl? Yay!
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