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  1. Good: -the first quarter -I have Ronald Jones II on my fantasy team Mediocre: -special teams Bad: -the D line -the pass rush -Old Rodgers returning The truly gadawful: -last 3 quarters -Bakhtiaris injury and Wagner attempting to play LT -also, rest of o line -Josh Jackson at outside corner Let’s just put this one behind us. Hopefully, King and Lazard returning will improve this team to be more contender-like.
  2. I don’t know any of them personally so I’m not sure if any of them are a holes.
  3. I didn’t notice the helmet to helmet, but that should not be a catch, IMO. I don’t know how to post video or I would. He was instantly hit and instantly lost the ball. I would have been pissed if I were on the other side of that call (and it turned out to be important, this one turned out not to be important, anyway).
  4. I just remembered to check out the all-22 on the MVS 1st down catch that ESPN forgot to show. He dropped it! https://imgur.com/gallery/GIFTQhz
  5. How about just being back Kuhn?
  6. I say this every year for the bye, but in plague-times, it’s even more important: let’s not do anything stupid over the bye week, OK, fellas?
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