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  1. Sometimes I think it is just a bad dream. But then I see this god damn thread and have to be reminded of the frightening reality.
  2. I used to be this way. Not able to read the chatter, not able to watch the SB, etc. But not this time. I’m fine, we lost. Lot of factors in it I guess: -I’m old now. The Packers provided me entertainment all the way through the end of Jan. I happy about that. It’s pretty great. -there have been so many NFCCG losses, I’m pretty numb to it all. Also, I’ve learned not to “expect” to be in SB, so I went into the game thinking we should win, but expecting us not to. -We didn’t lose as embarrassingly as last year, so feel a little better about it. -i recognize we a
  3. This wide net they are casting for DC kinda demonstrates how little they value the ST coordinator. Didn’t even appear to interview any one outside the org. Seems strange.
  4. Why are you arguing with me, I conceded. I remember GB taking a defensive TO that drive, but it was right before the 4th down play, not right before the TD.
  5. Oh they took the TO before the 4th down play, I see.
  6. We should start a thread for each candidate. You can never be too careful.
  7. Didn’t we call a timeout just before the play so there was no way to call a timeout without incurring a penalty?
  8. Please rename this thread "Pettine sucks. Don't re-sign Pettine". We don't want to screw this up...
  9. I’m less magnanimous. We did it!!!! It was our thread that did it!!! Way to go, boys!!’
  10. It is a path, but not a sure thing. im not saying it was necessarily the right decision. I wasn’t thrilled with it. But, I’m just irritated by every one saying it was a HORRIBLE decision. It was defensible. I get why he did it. It nearly worked out.
  11. You keep equating Win with Tie. It’s not the same. All the Tie options only get us to OT, now we’ve done whatever miracle it took to get there and we still have to win in OT. With the FG, now you are just gonna win or lose in regulation. One bad Back Judge call away from it being the right decision.
  12. Maybe, but it takes into account a lot of things the fans don’t. Such as even if we tie it, TB gets a full two minutes where they just have to get a field goal to win. With the way our run defense was playing, I like our odds much better of stopping the run on three plays than trying to stopping a few short passes down the field. ETA: I absolutely hate the amount of hate this decision is getting. It really wasn’t like going for it and getting it was an automatic win not even taking into account the super low odds of scoring a TD and 2 point conversion.
  13. The odds of winning if we go for it: 10%. The odds of winning if we kick the FG: 9.5%. Not really a fireable offense.
  14. I came here to see it if we fired Pettine yet. Damnit.
  15. Long term we definitely need some young OT talent but for next year, moving on from Wagner/Turner is cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.
  16. We were ultimately right to be confident in this game. We should have won. We had the players to win. The coaching staff failed us.
  17. Ultimately, I lay 65% blame on Pettine and 35% on King. But, Pettine should also know King sucks, so I’m gonna up his to 80%, and leave Kings at 35%. but that’s 115%, You say? Well that play turned up the suckage to 115%, so the math works out.
  18. He needed to be defending the end zone and the sideline and he defended neither. The play call didn’t help.
  19. Well the picks were all deep in Packers territory, so it’s not like they gave them short fields.
  20. Also, Rodgers should have just run it in on 3rd down. Even if he doesn’t quite make it, having 4th and goal from the 1 we probably go for it.
  21. I wouldn’t say I’m over it already. But, I’m pretty OK with it. We at least didn’t completely embarrass ourselves like last year. It’s an improvement.
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