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  1. Playoff Week 3: Tennessee at Arrowhead

    We did it guys! We did it! No words for it. Now party tonight, but get to work tomorrow. We're not done, yet.
  2. What Super Bowl matchup do you want to see?

    Chiefs vs Packers SB 1 Rematch would be an intersting notch from the history of the game. Mahomes vs Rodgers would be a fun matchup and who knows if we would ever see it, if we're not getting it yet. The next time those two teams are scheduled to meet would be in 4 years and Rodgers would become 40. I guess he's still playing by then, but who knows. I'd like to see itat least once.
  3. That's a great deal for Scurll. I would have loved it to see him come to AEW, but it just makes sense for him to stay in ROH and take this chance. If he has the freedom he's supposed to have and is integrated as a booker, who knows what comes around for him. I heard he would like to start a relationship or strengthen the relationship of ROH with NJPW, NWA and AEW. We'll see what happens. Also another big story just popped up. TNT and AEW extended their TV deal until 2023 and the most interesting fact of the statement is the 2nd TV show that was mentioned. TNT seems to be very satisfied. Rightfully so, as the ratings are better than expected. I just hope it's going to be Dark, that gets put on TV. I wouldn't like to keep Dark and get an additional 3rd show, as then i fear it might be to much wrestling on a weekly basis. Here the news: I'd like to see the conditions through. As i said i think TNT can be very satisfied with the ratings, so i think they got a good deal. Hopefully good enough to stay on healthy feets. A 2nd weekly will also help AEW putting out new talent. Some of them already could be used a little bit more, so it would be nice for them to get more exposure on a 2nd show, which is especially very good for the younger guys to gain more experience. Then they can also extend their roster, without a fear, that someone is buried under the masses. Some speculationes were circulating around, like Brian Cage, who was mentioned above or guys like Ryback or younger wrestlers like Chris Bey. It going to be an exciting future. Edit: https://www.f4wonline.com/aew-news/aew-dynamite-extended-through-2023-warnermedia-adding-second-show-301771
  4. Playoff Week 3: Tennessee at Arrowhead

    I'm really nervous about this one. I think the Titans are a matchup nightmare for us. They are strong on both lines and their run game is phenomenal. We lost the last 4 games against the Titans and 3 of them were played at home. It's a really tough game for us. It's easy to say, that we need to stop the run, but we need to stop the run somehow, but that's my main concern. I have no faith in the team stopping Henry from having a great day. If we can't stop the run, we need to score as much points as possible, as they will eat up a lot of time and control the game. That might also be a problem for our offense, as it might be less realistic that it gets in a roll like it did yesterday, if it has to stay off the field for 7 or 8 minutes. I think it's also obvious, that we can't have another bad start like we had yesterday. If we have, than we're done, as the Titans will just run it down our throats. It's going to be tough and i don't see us as clear favourites. Still it's the AFC Championship game and it's again in Arrowhead. We just need to win it this time. No excuse, we need to get it done.
  5. Playoff Week 2: Houston at Arrowhead

    I have no idea what i saw yesterday. It was just crazy. It looked like everything went wrong and then we make a hell of a comeback in the 2nd quarter and go with a lead into halftime. Afterwards we keep scoring and run away with the victory. Mahomes really can pull of magic things, but we still need to win 2 more games.
  6. Netflix released an interactive map to follow the story. I think it's really great and it should help everybody who got problems following the timeline. https://www.witchernetflix.com/
  7. Playoff Week 2: Houston at Arrowhead

    It's probably the best to take Mahomes out of this game, before he gets a serious injury. On a day like this everyone plays like trash. Especially his receivers.
  8. Playoff Week 2: Houston at Arrowhead

    One mistake after another. That's not our day today. It sucks to end a season like that.
  9. Playoff Week 2: Houston at Arrowhead

    Oh man. That's exactly what shouldn't have happened. It couldn't have started worse. Let's hope it gets better from now on.
  10. Divisional Round - HOU @ KC

    I wouldn't take a safe bet on our victory. Missing Jones hurts. Missing Thornhill hurts as well. I do think we should still be able to beat the Texans, but it's just one game and everything can happen. We should be warned, as they beat us the first time. We can't make any mistakes. You can really tell that it's a playoff game. I'm feeling pretty nervous about this one. But in the end. Whatever happens, we can't make any excuses. This is a game, we just need to win at home.
  11. Playoff Week 2: Houston at Arrowhead

    I heard that was just a rumour that newsreporter said is not true.
  12. Playoff Week 2: Houston at Arrowhead

    Apparently Chris Jones is inactive. I'm still confident in our team, but this is a huge blow for our pass rush.
  13. Divisional Round - HOU @ KC

    There is a thin line between confidence and arrogance and for that user it sounds like it's the second. I hope karma doesn't exists, because if i know one thing, than that karma is a b itch.
  14. It makes sense against Takahashi. In that case i probably would have given Liger the win on day 1, but i can understand why they didn't and why he probably wouldn't want to get it.
  15. I understand it and it does makes sense. And it's no shame to take the pin from Takahashi. But still, i wish there would have been one feel good moment for Liger. I'm a little bit sad, that it didn't happen. The retirement ceremony at New Year Dash was great, through.