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  1. Westworld (HBO)

    Isn't it the same system Charlotte and Bernard used to find Peter Abernathy earlier this season? So i agree. From everything we know so far it's plausible for Maeve to manipulate the other hosts via that system, probably until they have their full awakening.
  2. Oh, that's interesting and shows, that we did made a good job by spreading the field. Through, with the addition of Watkins, i still think that we can't expect that trend to go in the opposite direction. It's more likely that we will be at least equally good in that part of the game, since Watkins will draw more attention, than any other receiver we played on the opposite site to Hill.
  3. If that's the thought, than those people might consider closely to watch the Chiefs. The boxes were kinda stacked with Smith as QB. After the addition of Watkins and with Mahomes i totally expect defenses to open up. Watkins, Hill, Kelce and Conley/Robinson need to be covered, probably in double coverage. I doubt teams will risk to stack up the boxes, otherwise they might get punished hard. I think Hunt will get more room, through i dunno if he will have such a good season again, since we get Ware back. Depending on his health i expect us to spread the workload a bit more. That being said. I think everything is possible. With his ability to make people miss in the open space i could see Hunt having a huge season.
  4. 2018 Kansas City Chiefs Calendar

    According to overthecap Damien Williams counts against the formula as well, so we should receive 2 picks in the range of the 6th or 7th round.
  5. I agree with the record. Without Watson the Texans probably would have been worse, but that would make things to complicated, since it affects other teams as well. What's really hard is to assume which QB the different teams would like. I didn't wanted to go out on a limb and stayed with what u can reasonably assume. Since i think Mahomes would have been viewed over Allen, i think u can cut Allen from those 7, but all the other 6 might have made sense and i don't know how the Texans viewed Trubisky last year. I heard, that they were high on Mahomes, too but dunno what they thought of Trubisky and besides that i think u can make an argument for any of the other 5. Darnold and Rosen made sense as u said. Mahomes would have made sense. Watson obviously, too since they ended up picking him last year and i think Mayfield fits right into that category of players as well. In the end i think Darnold, Mayfield and Mahomes would end up being at least under the top 4 QBs taken. I think Allen would fall, since i assume that Mahomes would be gone, he probably falls to the Bills and might still get drafted by them, cause they probably would have prefered him as a big arm QB over the others. Rosen, Trubisky and Watson all might have been drafted from a team that liked them as one of the top 4 QBs, but i think 2 of them slides with Allen to the Bills, Redskins and Cardinals.
  6. That's actually quite an interesting topic. Last year, i ranked Mahomes slighty above Watson. Trubisky was 3rd for me. This year i had Darnold in front. Then Rosen and Mayfield on the same level and then Allen. Just putting it all together i think i would come up with the following list: Darnold Mahomes Rosen Mayfield Watson Trubisky Allen Darnold and Mahomes would be my 1/2, because i think both are special players. I was absolutely hyped about Mahomes, so emotionally i might have gone with him as #1, but i think if u try to keep a neutral look at it, i would have chosen Darnold as #1. So for me it would be Darnold slightly above Mahomes, who is slightly above the group Rosen/Mayfield/Watson, probably in that order, due to nuances. I wasn't that high on Trubisky as others and i wasn't that high on Allen. So both ranked at 6 and 7. Allen on 7 because i still have my worries that he ends up as a bust. The most interesting part is for sure, to think about them being drafted in the 2018 draft. That's gonna be complex but a lot of fun, because u need to negate the trades last year as well. F.ex. Houston would be on #4 and with a huge QB need. The Bills probably would have still had #12 (The Bengals didn't indicate to go after either of those QBs in the last 2 drafts, so i assume that trade still happens), but the Bills wouldn't have another 1st round pick, since the Chiefs would sit on #22 without last years trade. We would have 1 year left with Alex Smith, who we obviously wouldn't have traded away, without a backup in place to learn from Smith. That being said, the Redskins would have a QB need as well, or would they have tagged Cousins again, which might have let the Vikings to keep Keenum and the Broncos to take a QB for sure? Endless options, but at this point i'm staying with the scenario that Cousins to the Vikings happens to simplify it and that the Redskins end up with a QB need (I come back to that at the end of the post) leading to the following draft order, teams with potential QB needs and likely QB candidates for those teams: Browns (obvious QB need) - Mayfield or Mahomes Giants Colts (would the Jets still trade up with that many QBs available?) Texans (obvious QB need, without Watson) - Mayfield, Darnold, Rosen, Mahomes, Watson, Trubisky Broncos (QB need even with Keenum) - Mayfield, Darnold, (Mahomes, Watson, Trubisky)? Jets (obvious QB need) - Mayfield, Darnold, Trubisky? Buccaneers Bears (obvious QB need, without Trubisky) - every QB in play? 49ers Raiders Dolphins (QB need, it seems teams wanted to jump them this year to get a QB, which indicates the Dolphins might were in the race for one of them) - every QB in play? Bills (obvious QB need) - Allen, Darnold, Mayfield, Mahomes? Redskins (obvious QB need, if Cousins doesn't get tagged again and they don't trade for Smith) - every QB in play? Packers Cardinals (obvious QB need) - every QB in play? Ravens (obvious QB need, since they picked one this year) - every QB in play? Chargers Seahawks Cowboys Lions Bengals Chiefs (QB need, without Mahomes we're in the same situation as last year and could trade up to grab a QB we like to sit and learn behind Smith for 1 year) - trade up candidate for Mahomes, would we trade up for someone else? Patriots Panthers Titans Falcons Saints (QB need, same reason as Dolphins, last year it seems the Chiefs jumped in front of the Saints, because they thought the Saints were in the race for Mahomes, i even heard a statement of the Saints, that they would have decided between Mahomes and Lattimore, ultimately would have picked Lattimore, because they ranked him higher, but they showed interest in Mahomes, through they are most likely not a trade up candidate - no QB falls that far) Steelers (took Rudoplh in the 3rd round this year, so they seem to had interest in a QB to sit and learn behind Roethlisberger, through very likely not a trade up candidate as well - no QB falls that far) Jaguars Vikings Patriots Eagles So that would have been the initial situation. U might disagree, but i think the majority of teams would have put Mahomes over Allen, due to Allen's accuracy issues. The Browns would have decided between Mayfield and Mahomes. Dorsey traded up for Mahomes last year, through we don't know who was the initial force behind that move. Veach was high on him, Reid as well, but Dorsey wouldn't have made the move if he wasn't high on Mahomes as well, so it's between Mayfield or Mahomes at this point. It seems likely that the Colts would traded as well, but would they trade with the Jets, or would someone else be interested in a trade? I'm thinking of Texans and Bears. Correct me if i'm wrong, but i think the Bears traded up last year to make sure, the Jets don't jump to #2 to take Trubisky, so did the Jets had interest in Trubisky last year? It seems Trubisky, Darnold and Mayfield might have been the options for the Jets in this scenario. Would the Bears view Trubisky better than the rest and jump to #3? Who would the Texans target with at least 5 options on the board, instead of just one last year in Watson? Whatever, all 3 teams end up taking a QB. That being said we dunno if Darnold/Mayfield sliding or having 3 more options in Mahomes, Watson and Trubisky would have changed anything for the Broncos, so we dunno if they would have taken one or not. In case they have Keenum, they might have passed as well, but that's pure speculation. Leaving 3 QBs, maybe just 2 if the Broncos would have decided to take one. I doubt the Dolphins would have traded up to take one, but i think the Bills, Redskins and Cardinals could have been into play for a trade up to 7/9/10 to jump the Dolphins. I don't consider a jump to #3, since the Colts wanted to remain in a good position, so i think it's more likely then, the Colts would have only traded with the likes of Texans, Broncos, Jets, Bears. If the Broncos don't take a QB, all 3 of Bills, Redskins and Cardinals get a QB. The Dolphins wouldn't ended up with one of the 7 QBs. Same for the Ravens, Saints and Steelers. I also don't think the Chiefs would have been able to make such a big jump to 9 or 10 since it would have cost a lot, especially with high interest from very QB needy teams in the Bills, Redskins and Cardinals. So alltogether i think the Browns, Texans, Jets, Bears, Bills, Redskins and Cardinals would have ended up with a QB. Just in case the Redskins would have tagged Cousins again and the Vikings kept Keenum, the Broncos would have taken a QB and replaced the Redksins in that list. I hope that wasn't confusing, but that being said i would love to see that kind of draft in a parallel universe, because that draft has all he potential in the world to turn out into one heck of a draft. (Just before someone asks, i'm more than happy how everything turned out in reality. We got Mahomes a year early and to a good price.)
  7. KC FA tracker

    According to Terez Paylor, DJ will earn 3 million for that year, which should net us a compensatory pick in. Probably just a 7th but at least something.
  8. It's time to get excited about the Chiefs D again!

    I agree. Veach definitely had a plan going into this years Draft and he got players who fit into that plan. Will that be enough to get the defense back on track? Only time will tell. We should have got high character guys, who should be an improvement in specific areas of the game. Maybe we didn't got high quality 3-down starters, but we improved the defense. Next year we have 3 picks in the first 2 rounds to go after those kind of players, if we need them. And we might got enough depth to cut some players with higher salaries. Bailey and Sorensen come into my mind as examples of players who are overpaid.
  9. It's time to get excited about the Chiefs D again!

    If he can see that already. After 1-2 weeks u get completely unlocked. Maybe u can already see the football, if not u should get unlocked soon.
  10. Post-Draft Roster Moves

    I think Dadi didn't pass the physical.
  11. KC FA tracker

    Good, that we will not only change our offense, but due to new personal also the defense. Maybe u should ask your GM to spy the household of his son to get the playbook, but tell him as well, that he needs to call his son. The NFL might strip u of some picks for tampering.
  12. KC FA tracker

    He lost a step last year. As long as he doesn't lose another one, i think he will be valuable in coverage. But we'll see how this one turns out, since i do think there is a risk that he just falls apart like Tamba did last season.
  13. KC FA tracker

    I dunno what the others think about this, but i don't have the feeling i had when JC signed with the Broncos. DJ wanted to stay and offered to take a paycut here, but we simply wanted to go younger, so although it will be pretty hard to see him in the wrong colours, i can't blame him for just getting a new job, as long as he doesn't had similar offers on the table from other teams. I hope he nets a compensatory pick in, but we'll see. On the field he's still decent. Not someone i would like to rely on as a full time starter throughout a season, since i don't think he has the juice left to perform at a starter level an entire season, but occasionally i think u can send him on the field and get decent performances out of him. Whenever he retires i still hope he rejoins us to become a coach under Reid.
  14. Rank Your Top 5 AFC Teams

    I don't agree with you. In my mind our key loss is only Marcus Peters productivity, but i understand if someone thinks it's Alex Smith, because a lot of people aren't as high on Mahomes as the Chiefs (fans), until he proves himself in the NFL, which is fine as well. Tamba Hali is definitely no loss. Maybe a loss in leadership, but not in his production on the field. He was almost non excisting last season. Derrick Johnson is at the end of his career as well. He still offered a lot more than Tamba did, but unfortunately he wasn't the old Derrick Johnson. Albert Wilson is a loss in the value of a #3 receiver. He had only 550 receiving yards last season and almost 150 of them came from the last game with Mahomes, so alltogether he never produced on a #2 WR level. We added Sammy Watkins, who is at least a very good #2 receiver, in my mind even a #1 receiver, since he never had the QB to produce big numbers and last season he came late to a new team, without having the chance to build much chemistry. Still, if u look at his tape, u can see that he got consistently open and he draw attention from multiple defenders, which was one key for the success of the Rams offense. So it's not only his fault, that he didn't produce as much as u could have expected and nobody should forget, that the Rams were one of the teams that were in the bidding war for him, so although his numbers weren't as good as expected, the Rams were interested to offer him big money to keep him on the team, which supports my thinking, that he was very important for their offense. Adding Sammy Watkins and losing Albert Wilson is a net gain for the Chiefs for sure. Add Chris Conley to the mix, who only played 5 games due to injury last season and then add Spencer Ware to the RB room, who missed the entire last season and we have easily one of the best offenses in the NFL on paper. As a replacement for Derrick Johnson we got Anthony Hitchens and since DJ wasn't his old self, i think we have a net gain in that area as well. The loss of Tamba Hali isn't a real loss. It's very sad to say, but he's done. We get Ford back, drafted Speaks and Kpassagnon should continue to develope, so opposite to Justin Houston we're at least as good as last season. We lost Ron Parker, but get Eric Berry back, who is the heart and soul of our defense. We need to rely on one of the other safeties stepping up, but we have done a lot to bring in competition. Sorensen, Watts, Golden, Murray and McQuay will have a shot to fill the hole Ron Parker left and since we get Berry back our safety quality improved in comparision to last season. We lost Marcus Peters and some other corner. Last season Peters, Nelson and Mitchell were most of the time the 3 starting corner for us. This year it should be Fuller, Nelson and Amerson. Actually that's quite equal to each other. Nelson last season played through an injury for most of the time. Him beeing healthy, should result in a better play. Fuller and Peters are a whitewash if u add in the fit to our system. Fuller is a better fit to our system than Peters, through it will be very very hard for us to replace Peters turnover numbers. That is actually the biggest lost for us and not the general performance on the field. Raiders fans might correct me, but i think Amerson didn't play a lot of press for them last season. He should be a better fit for our system. Him replacing Mitchell should also be a slight improvment at least. So overall i think we're at the same level as last season in that area of the team, just that we will loose Peters productivity, which overall might be a slight loss quality wise for our corners. Through i'll give u this. We would have still needed an improvement in our corners, which we didn't have, so unless someone steps up, the corners are still a problem for our defense. By adding almost an entire draft class into our defense, i don't think anybody can say that our defense will be worse overall than last season. Naturally after adding depth and getting players who are better fits for our system, which basically is the entire draft class about, u should expect the defense to make a step forward, through nobody knows how big that step will be. Personally i think we'll have an average defense, but even if somebody thinks we didn't improved in that area i don't think we're worse than last season. Then add an improved offense and i don't think we're worse than last season. Yes we have a new QB in Mahomes, who will also make his "rookie" mistakes, but we still have Andy Reid, who got the best out of his QBs in the past, so an 8-8 would be a bit disappointing to me. I expect at worse a 9-7 record and think 10-6 sounds realistic for us. The Chargers are the favourites to win the AFC West atm. But i expect us to have better chances than the Broncos or Raiders at winning the AFC West. Are we a top 5 team in the AFC atm? I don't know. The Patriots, Steelers, Jaguars and Chargers are the top 4 in my mind. On the 5th place it's either us or the Texans. But i don't think there is such a big gap between all 6 of those teams. Even other teams aren't that far away from the top. I don't think there is that one team that is expected to dominate the others. Even the Patriots will have their problems with the other teams, so the AFC is pretty much open for this year and for the next years.
  15. It's time to get excited about the Chiefs D again!

    Welcome Vex! Great write-up. The first moments after the selections of the day 2 picks, i was a bit disappointed, since i felt like we need another corner early in this draft to strenghten our secondary. I also thought we reached for some players, but once i settled down, i saw in what direction we wanted to go. I'm still a bit worried about the secondary, but as u pointed out i see the adjustments we try to make on the front 7. It should strenghten our run defense, our pass rush and ultimately gives us more depth and variety upfront. The secondary should have an easier job than last season. We'll see if they can improve the outcome. Overall our defense got better.