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  1. Week 14: Chiefs at Patriots

    It's going to be an interesting game. The Patriots weren't looking as strong lately as they are used to be. We seem to have good and bad games as well, but at least in some areas we seem to do fine. The CB group will be interesting to watch for sure, as they are doing their job pretty good this season. We'll see if Brady can pick them apart. I think we got a decent chance to win this game, but I don't think a win will make a difference for our final playoff standing, as i don't think we can get a 1st round bye. Even with a win, but it could make things more interesting for sure and would put some pressure on the Patriots to win against the Bills.
  2. That's the worst everyday-argument or non-argument that unfortunately is said thousands of times in forums around the world. Why not just tell me where and why you disagree with me, instead of shutting a discussion down. If you're not liking Marko Stunt i won't change your opinion about him. But i still think that they were telling a simple story within that match. The Lucha Brothers clearly underestimated Stunt and played with him, which backfired. That's a rather normal narrative within a match. Otherwise i can just tell you to watch that room service interview with him, or go watch his interview with Chris Van Vliet to get to know him a little bit better. Will it Change your opinion on him? Probably not, but u're able to understand where he's coming from. Also that Muggsy example should just show you, that even small people can be successful against all odds in a real sport where they are saying that he was to small to be successful. Take Nicky Ryan, a BJJ fighter as an other example. He's bigger than Marko Stunt, but still smaller than his competition and it still works out well for him. Also if only the height is a problem, then smaller guys should never be in a ring with bigger guys. WCW had the cruiserweight division and probably changed the industry in that regard two decades ago. Hell following that argument no smaller wrestler should ever hang on with a largely bigger guy. Or even defeat him. In the end we're still talking about wrestling were the narrative must be fitting.
  3. Before i answer it, just let me add a few more things, i didn't meantion while talking about honoring Dusty Rhodes. That obviously includes trademarking and using events connected to his name. I think it was Dusty who came up with the name Bash at the Beach. They trademarked Bunkhouse Stampede, an old tournament in the Jim Crockett Promotion, that is deeply connected to Dusty Rhodes as he won all of them back then. Don't be surprised that they are using it as well in the future. They trademarked Battlebowl, just another event connecty with the Rhodes family, so all of it is just fitting perfectly into that family history. So back to the questions. That's WWE booking and just stupid, because they want to create new stars and not destroy them before they are even getting a chance to proove themselves. Omega is a star to you and me, maybe not to the main stream viewer, but for the target audience he is a star. What do stars need to do? They need to help building up new stars, something WWE is missing for years. He is unselfish and he's helping to bring other guys over. He still won against Janela and looked strong and meanwhile Janela looked strong as well. Then Omega goes toe to toe with Jon Moxley. So that Joey Janela performance looks even more impressive as he was so close to beat Omega, who again was close to beat Moxley. It's just smart booking. And even people, who didn't knew much about him before, will connect more likely to him after a long match, than after a simple squash. It's just a win-win situation to book it like that and to top that they seem to do it for a reason. Omega struggles to find ways to win the big matches. I think they are having something in mind for him. Well why not? We're in 2019. Do u know Muggsy Bogues? A basketball player of 1,60m or 5 ft 3 in. He played over a decade in the NBA. Why shouldn't Marko Stunt be able to do the same, just in a wrestling ring? Rey Mysterio did it before him. Also keep in mind, that the Luchasaurus injury wasn't planned. They had to come up with something and put in Marko Stunt instead. In the match against the Lucha Brothers they just underestimated him totally. A simple and classic match story to explain why Marko Stunt was able to hang on with them for a longer time. I think they are doing the best of it. Also i really recommend you to watch that room service interview with the Jurassic Express. That's really interesting and i really liked the stories of all 3 of them, which just helps to connect with them, including Marko Stunt. Well i don't think the roster is to small. They have just enough talent to showcase all of them. Maybe add in a few more in some areas where they needed to get in more talent. The womens division f.ex., but in general they are on a size where they should be feeling quite comfortable. They have enough time to show everybody and build up everybody. They got their stars and they got established wrestlers, but they also got the likes of Darby Allin, MJF and Luchasaurus who are new faces and at least for me are clicking right away. Sammy Guevara is getting his time to establish him to the audience on the side of Jericho. Wardlow just made his debut and probably is going to get his time with MJF. Even Orange Cassidy is doing his comedy stuff, which really works out well. For now they did a really good job to integrate new talents and bring them over. Actually i'm really surprised how easy it was to connect with them. There are more across the board and then u have that strong tag team division with new teams who are just getting started. Private Party getting that huge win over the Young Bucks. A huge step for them to getting over as well. You got a lot of proven tag teams in that divison and SCU as champs who are doing a good job so far. I'm really surprised by Scorpio Sky as he's doing really good and i think he even has the potential to get a run in the singles divison. The womens divison is the division that is a problem for now on. Recently they started to build that up with more air time for the talents, which does helps a bit. We'll see how it continues but they are trying to get it over. The addition of Shanna helped. Jamie Hayter is doing a fine job as well and i thin she got some potential in her. I hope they┬┤'ll sign Kris Statlander, who could be another girl to help that divison. They are adding talent and i think it starts to work out. We'll see what happens here in the next few weeks/months. Maybe u need that big star, but it's really hard to get that. They really need to make a strong push for Tessa Blanchard. I also don't think like i watched the same stuff every week. The storys are always continuing. Ok there might be 2 incidents of matches that were shown again. The PAC vs Page match and the Omega vs Janela match, they showed on Dynamite after they showed it on the previous Dark episode. The first one was a rubber match, although it would have been enough to end it on the PPV, which i think would have been better. That's indeed a problem, but that's like the only thing that really has repeated so far. The Omega vs Janela match was rather a way to honor their match on Dark by giving them the spot to show it in TV again. I'm ok with that. The shows itself are different. Even the mix in itself is different. They started out with wrestling heavy episodes and now they started to mix in more and more elements of entertaining. I actually think each episode feels different to each other. An evolution happend for sure between the first and the seventh episode. So i don't really know what you mean by that, as i'm not feeling the same.
  4. What did you expect? They can't reinvent the wheel. It's still wrestling and nowadays it's easier than ever before for us fans to find a league that gives us the exact style we want to see. You have that pure entertaining factor with WWE. You have the strong style and overall phenomenal wrestling with NJPW. You can check in AAA, CMLL and others to see Lucha Libre. You can just watch female only wrestling promotions if u like. The Indys offer all kind of styles. European promotions grow and more and more talent from here finds its way into the US and the worldwide market. Even fans of the 80s can check in NWA again. I don't know what you expected, but obviously they aren't able to reinvente the wheel. I think they are doing just fine. They started very wrestling heavy and with the latest shows they have shown us that they are able to deliver some great entertainment as well. Everybody should find something to cheer for as every kind of style seems to be represented. That's the mix that they need to keep as it makes the shows more interesting. They do have some nostalgic moments and i don't see a problem by using them. But obviously they need to be careful in certain areas. In some it's a fine line. You pointed out the promo of Jericho and MJF, which replicates the promo of him with KO. True, but on the other hand it's fitting into the story. Don't forget that they have a certain freedom with their promos and especially Jericho can probably just do whatever he wants to do. He has done some shoots and he has done that promo, most likely because he wanted to do it. He's reinventing himself again and i think he enjoys it and that's the result of it. It shouldn't be too much, but for now i think they are doing it the right way. Don't forget they already created their own moments. If they do these kind of references from time to time it's fine for me, as long as it fits into the story. Obviously there are some nostalgic moments as well, but some of it can't be avoided and shouldn't be avoided. They have a deal with TNT. The first wrestling show since WCW is gone. That feels like a historic moment, because it is a historic moment. Under these circumstances some WCW references are just fitting and with Jericho as champ you even have someone who has a connection to WCW. That beeing said other wrestlers and especially Cody and Dustin have a history as well. That entire Rhodes family tradition has deep roots in the history of wrestling. Dusty has done so much, that fans are still loving him. With Cody beeing an EVP i think it's just fitting that they aren't ignoring that fact and instead are using it to honor the legacy of Dusty Rhodes. And it also helps putting Cody on a new level. I never followed him that much after he left WWE. Basically not until the beginning of the year and the creation of AEW, but he really isn't the same guy anymore. He's a star and everything about him feels like a star. He has a unique oldschool in-ring style, but more importantly he's doing great promos and has charisma. That beeing said it's not only Cody, but others as well, where AEW is doing something right. Look at WWE and look who they build up or actually missed to build up over the last few years, hell even the last decade. AEW needs more time, but already feel a connection to so many of those wrestlers. It's crazy how easy it is to creat a bond to the wrestlers. It took just 4 minutes in a video to understand who Darby Allin is and to cheer for him. One simple video before his match against Cody and i already connected with him. MJF is the next big thing. Luchasaurus is over like almost nobody else and i'm so stunned to check out the views on youtube. Normally Moxley gets the most views and yet during the last episode it was the return of Luchasaurus that got by far the most views on youtube. Was he even a part of dynamite before? If so, than just for a very, very small moment and yet he's over as hell. They are just doing it the right way, something i really missed for such a long time in WWE. They are just easy to cheer for in general, as they are just so open and honest with us fans. The social media stuff they are putting out is fantastic. BTE and especially the room service interviews are simply amazing. The last episode with the Jurassic Express was so interesting and funny. The same for the Joey Janella interview and everything else. Fromt their storys it seems like Tony Khan really is a wrestling nerd, but in a positive way and he seems like a really cool boss. After big events he's taking all the time to address the media and that's something that at least i'm not used to in a mainstream wrestling promotion but that feels really good. I think they are doing it the right way and they are doing it differently. Especially different to WWE. If i think about it, maybe they are reinventing the wheel actually. Their usage of new media to build up characters and keep involved with fans is something i have never seen before and it's actually not even surprising as the Young Bucks are the first wrestlers who really capitalized from it. I dunno if other promotions did it like that, but i never got the feeling that WWE is doing it the way AEW is doing it now to connect with fans. It might be on an entire new level for a mainstream promotion and most certainly that's the future approach to connect with the fanbase. AEW is doing really good in the demographic. So it's working. The average AEW viewer is about 40 years old. I think the average WWE viewer is 52 years old or something like that and i think that's even just the number of NXT, with the main shows averaging an even older viewership. Maybe it's to far stretched to say they are reinventing the wheel, but that wasn't your question anyways. It's something i came up with, but since you pointed out that they wanted to do it differently. Yeah the absolutely do. In comparison to WWE for sure, but even in general they do have taken some approachs that work out for them.
  5. Week 11: vs Chargers in Mexico City

    Thx. That sounds good then.
  6. Week 11: vs Chargers in Mexico City

    I wasn't able to watch the entire game, just the last minutes. What happened to Hill? It's a leg injury. Is it a serious one?
  7. That's simply amazing! A week later they will held Dynamite live on the Jericho Cruise, which should be some fun as well.
  8. Week 9: Vikings at Arrowhead GDT

    Buttkicker finishes it! What a great effort by the team and this defense.
  9. Week 9: Vikings at Arrowhead GDT

    Buttkicker puts it in. Now it's time for the defense to make the most important stop of the game.
  10. Week 9: Vikings at Arrowhead GDT

    OMG! What a catch!
  11. Week 9: Vikings at Arrowhead GDT

    Yeah and if Mahomes can come back and bring this offense back to greatness, i'm all of a sudden feeling pretty comfortable with this team again.
  12. Week 9: Vikings at Arrowhead GDT

    Yeah he made some really good plays today. Another important stop by the defense. Now we need to capitalize from it and score some more points.
  13. Week 9: Vikings at Arrowhead GDT

    What a run by Williams and wonderful blocking by the o-line.