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  1. CM Punk's AEW debut is basically confirmed for August 20th in the United Center for Rampage. 😍
  2. Cassidy Haynes from Bodyslam.net said the following: "I believe the [Ringside News] report 100% and I’ve had a lot of other stuff told me that solidifies why I believe that. I was told that he’s 100% for Chicago. They want CM Punk in Chicago. They want him to be there. It’s not a matter if, but when. You know they have Dynamite, they have Rampage, and they have All Out." I have to add, that he also said he can't confirm, that CM Punk already signed a deal, but nevertheless this is clear enough to back up the news. Guys, i think it's really happening. 😲 These next weeks/months wi
  3. WWE needed to hire ROH guys to finally had wrestlers to get over ... not by WWE, but by themselfes ... and yet they ignored them until they couldn't ignore them anymore. Seriously, why do some fans need to talk **** on other leagues? It's the most childish, selfish and dumbest way to act, because the more competitors there are, the better for everbody. It's better for the wrestlers, the fans and for Wrestling itself. Nobody needs to like every league, but have some respect for each and every one of them and the opportunities they present. Edit: In other news, Living Colour now
  4. That was reported by ringsidenews, but they also are hit and miss on things, most likely misses when only reported by them. I remember a news a couple months ago, where they said that Tessa Blanchard and Daga signed a deal, which was wrong. But this time more trustful sides said similar things. I think Meltzer also said, that he expected it to get done. So it seems like a likely scenario that Punk also ends up in AEW.
  5. Sean Ross Sapp said in the comments, that Cassidy Haynes has legit contacts to AEW. Fightful.com reported about this news as well, as others did, too. But he can't confirm it, yet. Nevertheless it seems like this could be right.
  6. CM Punk returning to Wrestling with his debut at All Out would be absolutely insane. It would be out of the world, if AEW could also get Bryan Danielson. Just imagine, Punk debuts at All Out and 3 weeks later he gets his 1st match at Grand Slam, where Bryan Danielson also debuts. If played right, that could move the needle a lot and create a mainstream buzz, because both of them would be major gets. From a fans perspective, that would be like a dream come true. I doubt that any of this is happening as long as it didn't happen, but i do think that the news on CM Punk is true as SRS is a reliabl
  7. I dunno if that end was planned just like that or not. If it wasn't than it was bad. If it was, than i'm not a fan either, as the surprise appearance of Jay White was already enough to add a drive to check out the next episode of Impact Wrestling. Whatever, overall it was a good PPV. The Main Event was a great match. The opener was a good match. Everything else was decent to solid, just suffered here and there from time management. F.ex. the knockouts Championship Match should have been at minimum 5 minutes longer. They hit the surprises, especially Jay White, Thunder Rosa and FinJuice an
  8. Indeed they just opened the middle ring behind the stage, so i wouldn't be surprised if they open the upper tier as well. A potential 360 ° view with fans everywhere. That could be a sick visual for a wrestling show.
  9. Very deserving for the show. I really liked it. The public sale for the show in the Arthur Ashe Stadium started about an hour ago. Tickets are selling to a rapid pace, so that every few minutes new sections get opened. Currently 16.500 - 16.800 places are open to sell, with 14.000 already gone. They are really on fire. Originally it was reported, that the show could have about 17.500 tickets available. I dunno how the stage will be designed, but since there are already section sold on the side behind the stage, i would speculate, that they might be able to open even more seats, at leats i
  10. Edge

    EURO 2020

    The UEFA forbid Munich to enlighten their stadium in the rainbow colours for the match between Germany and Hungary. They allowed Neuer to wear the rainbow colours as their captain's armband, because it's for "good cause", but forbid the city of Munich to light up the stadium in these colours. Makes sense, right? They advertise the EURO with the hashtag "#EqualGame". Unfortunately it's not surprising. The UEFA are just hypocrites. I hope the DFB shows some balls and takes a stand for equality. Also to make this an even bigger PR mess for the UEFA. How can they make a stand against racism,
  11. That's some great news for AEW. A venue with 23k attendance directly in NYC. Seats are super close, so it should be a hot crowd. It will be interesting to see which stage design they'll use and how many tickets will be available. Nevertheless, this might be the opener for other venues in NYC (yes, i'm looking at you MSG). The pops for Eddie Kingston, the Best Friends and Santana & Ortiz could be huge. Hell if they run such a show as a Dynamite special, they need to deliver something big. I make a prediction. Santana & Ortiz are winning the Tag belts on this show.
  12. WWE released wrestlers again and this time some big names were cut.
  13. You guys did understand, that Mark Henry won't step into the ring, right? They explicity said, that he's going to be an analyst and expert for AEW Rampage, so i guess he might be a commentator, but we'll see what this role means for him. They also said he's going to come in as a coach, which isn't a bad thing either, as he seem to do well in that role. If he would step into the ring, it would be horrible, but that doesn't seem to be the case, so i don't get how anyone would have a problem with it. The PPV itself was good. One of the best Buy-In matches u could see. The crowd was ab
  14. The Hana Kimura Memorial Show "MATANE" was pretty good. I liked the matches. The opener was quite decent. The Battle Royal was funny and didn't feel at all as a 30-minutes match. The Co. Main Event was very good. Hazuki and Kagetsu still got it. ASUKA challenged Kagetsu to a singles match, which was pretty good as well. The ending was beautiful. Alltogether a great Memorial Show.
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