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  1. Expectations for the 2018 Team

    My expectations are heavily depending on the Draft. I'm confident in our offense. I know it's the first season to start for Mahomes, but those skill players around him, the coaching staff and what i saw from him in den Broncos game showed me enough to comfortably expect one of the better offenses around the league. The defense is the big question mark. We could need a NT, CB, S and Edge Rusher. If we can get 2-3 even just average NFL starters out of the draft in those positions, then i would expect us to have at least a decent defense. Maybe average or even slightly above average in the league, but definitely strong enough to stand their ground against any opponent.
  2. KC FA tracker

    Not really. According to overthecap we would currently get a 6th Rounder for Mitchell. Wilson, Fulton, Logan and KPL cancel out Watkins, Hitchens, Henne and Damien Williams. I hope that we can get another one with DJ, even if it would just be a 7th Rounder.
  3. If someone like Vita Vea would slip into the late 1st round, than i would do it. Otherwise i wouldn't, especially not for a CB or Safety, since i think that u can get some good ones in the 2nd and 3rd round as well. I do think that Veach will make at least one smaller trade up in round 2 or 3.
  4. DE Karl Klug

    I don't think we should try to get him. Since it's obvious, that they don't want to part ways with Bailey, we're pretty much set at the DE position with Jenkins and Nacho as backups. Klug will also turn 30 this year, so he will be to old for Veach's liking. We might sign a DT, so it was interesting to hear, that we had Xavier Williams in town for a visit. I would be ok if we get him, but i'm also ok to draft someone to play NT, if our front office feels comfortable with Hamilton as a decent backup option. if we go with the draft option, i do want to have someone drafted on day 2.
  5. KC FA tracker

    I agree on that one as well. We got one 6th and two 7th rounder. I bet we pick a QB with one of those picks.
  6. KC FA tracker

    We got our QB backup. We just signed Chad Henne to a 2-year deal.
  7. Chiefs planning to sign Watkins

    The contract details are out, which makes me like this deal a lot more. Basically we're paying Watkins 8 million the 1st year, 19 million the 2nd year and 21 million the 3rd year with the option to save 14 million with a cut. We have the cap space in year 2 to pay him that much money and then we can make a decision based on his production heading into year 3. That definitely makes me feel more comfortable with the deal.
  8. Sammy Watkins is a Chief

    Yeah it were 4 guys we need to extend in 2020 and should start with that in 2019, but still we have some money to spend somewhere else to make a strong push as long as Mahomes is on his rookie deal. Watkins deal is over once we need to pay Mahomes, so i'm feeling far more comfortable with the deal now.
  9. Sammy Watkins is a Chief

    I really like the contract details in this case, which makes the signing better for me. http://www.spotrac.com/nfl/kansas-city-chiefs/sammy-watkins-14413/ He's gonna be cheap for the 1st season. Will be expensice in the 2nd season, which isn't a problem since we have the cap space to spend that much money on him and he will be cutable after the 2nd season to save us 14 million in year 3. I think that's a better deal, than i originally thought. Good job, Mr. Veach!
  10. http://www.spotrac.com/nfl/kansas-city-chiefs/anthony-hitchens-14530/ Anthony Hitchens contract details are in. It's a good thing that we have more money to spend around this season. If it doesn't work out it's probably only worth it to go out of the deal before the 5th year of the contract. Other than that i probably would have loved to see the 2020 11 million hit in 2019, since we have to pay guys like Hill, Jones, Fuller and Ragland in 2020. Through if we're smart we're extending some of those next offseason anyways. Edit: Some more details
  11. KC FA tracker

    I would have loved to bring Mitchell back as a depth corner, but not for that price. Probably half of that would have been ok for me.
  12. Chiefs resignings?

    We have just resigned Jarvis Jenkins. No word on the money, yet.
  13. Chiefs to sign former Cowboys LB Hitchens

    Is he that good to sign him for that much money? At least Veach is aggressive, but i get mixed feelings about todays signings.
  14. KC FA tracker

    Is he worth that much money? I mean that's Top 5 money for ILB. I guess we won't get any big DT Free Agent. Man, i hope we will find a good solution to get pressure on the opposing QB, otherwise that would worry me a lot.
  15. Sammy Watkins is a Chief

    I hope the details will look better. I'm not a fan of paying WR that much money. So 16 million per year would be to much. Anyways, this will give Mahomes a very dangerous offense to put him in a place where he van succeed. Kelce, Hill, Hunt and now Watkins. Good day for Mahomes.