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  1. Week 3 pick: Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  2. Very good first game. It was a convincing victory. The offense clicks and the defense delivered as well. Especially the new additions/rookies played a good game. Osemele dominated in the O-Line, with a few very good run blocks. Sneed was good in pass defense. He needs to be a better job as a tackler, but overall a promising performance. CEH obviously had the best game of them all. If the run game can be as good in the season as it was in this game, teams will have huge problems to stop our offense. The only bad thing are the injuries. It seems that Saunders will be good. Okafor looks good as well. We'll see what the fracture means for Ward. It would be good to have him back soon, otherwise our CB depth will be tested very early in the season.
  3. Favorite Team: Kansas City ChiefsWeek 1 pick: Kansas City ChiefsI have read all of the rules and agree to them. The most important rule is "Watch your edits"
  4. Great Dynamite episode. The best in a longtime and probably the best during the entire pandemic. I loved it. Glad that the ratings were good as well. Also did anybody hear the Wrestling Observer Radio? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SsAOJlM09VM Interesting part from 9:02 to the end. Sky Italy dropped WWE due to the high price and took AEW into program. WWE is now on Discovery there. I think a streaming network, but not sure about that and they didn't talk about it. Also the UK numbers (in the week of #speakingout) were very bad as well for WWE. Even worse than Impact. They air during the night, but the numbers include DVR numbers for a whole week. It's a dangerous developement for WWE internationally. But ofc they have markets like India, where there is a huge boom in Wrestling and for WWE. Impact/TNA might have not been able to survive without their India deals in the past. For AEW it will be important to get a deal done there. It's such a huge market.
  5. Right. Next year his hit is 24,8 million. 2022 31,8 million so even by then he's not the highest paid QB. Check this projection: https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/cap/2021/ There would be a lot more franchises in a tougher situation than we are. The Eagles, Saints and Falcons would be in cap hell. All, but 11 teams would have a negative Cap Space.
  6. Good stuff. Let's hope the salary cap won't reduce to much next year and we should be able to get them all in. I love it.
  7. Same. Months ago i would have bet on a trade or simply that he plays out the Franchise Tag. I didn't expected us to be able to give Mahomes his longtime contract extension and Chris Jones a longtime contract. Due to Mahomes rather cheap next 3 years, i was a little bit mor optimistic in signing Chris Jones, through i'm still surprised we were able to do it and not only for 3 years, but actually 4 years. For now a great job from Veach to get it done. We'll see how the contracts and our Salary Cap will age in the next couple of years. As long as it doesn't get reduced a lot, i think we're able to get away with these contracts.
  8. Not bad. I'm very interested in the numbers, but it's a great deal to structure the numbers over a long period of time and create room. I think that's a good deal for both sides. We get to keep our QB and Mahomes gets paid big time, while it may allow the team to structure things around the contract to keep the team competitive, which should also be in the best interest of both sides.
  9. Not bad. I'm very interested in the numbers, but it's a great deal to structure the numbers over a long period of time and create room. I think that's a good deal for both sides. We get to keep our QB and Mahomes gets paid big time, while it may allow the team to structure things around the contract to keep the team competitive, which should also be in the best interest of both sides.
  10. Yeah i did. Judging only pure wrestling matches, i'd put it right behind MJF vs. Jungle Boy and give it 4 stars.
  11. Moxley winning over Brodie Lee made all the sense in the world. He shouldn't lose his first title defense on a ppv and i think the finish was good. Definitely better to not pin Brode Lee or let him give up on his own, but rather letting him get unconscious. The win of the Elite also makes sense, since the Inner Circle dominated that feud most of the time. A big win for the Elite was necessary and will be useful to set up another match, probably the Blood & Guts match, whenever fans are allowed to attend an event again. The only match you can reasonable argue is Cody vs Lance Archer. For me it would have been fine either way for them to win. I don't like that Archer lost that clean, but Cody is a star and his promo on Dynamite showed that it probably was the right decision to let him establish the title. Also he would have gotten another loss, which would hurt him very much after losing against Jericho, MJF and then Archer. Unless you want to turn one of your hottest babyfaces heel, you can't let him lose all the big matches. So i'm fine with that decision, although they could have given Archer the win as well. Again, i didn't mind any outcome in that match.
  12. Overall i liked the show. It was another good episodes with some phenomenal segments and promo videos. Great to see the debut of FTR. We waited long enough for it and finally we're getting the feud vs the Young Bucks. Like so many debuts in the last couple of weeks/months i would have loved to see them debuting in front of a crowd, but it is what it is. Safety first. Hopefully they can wait for that match until All Out and maybe fans will be allowed to attend that one again. I loved the Britt Baker segment as well. She is by far the best women in cutting promos in that division. I love that character she's portraying and that conspiracy theory was great as well. I get a feeling it's kind of a parody for all the conspiracy theories in the real world. It's great news that she wants to be back for All Out. I'd expected a longer recovery time. The Taz promo was ok. Nothing special, but a solid promo to introduce the character of Brian Cage and build up his match vs Moxley. I like Cage, so i'll probably be more interested in that match, than in the one vs Brodie Lee. I loved the Cody promo. He has such a good mic work. He's a guy who can always put emotions into his words and that's what connects with the audience. I guess they made the right choice to give Cody the TNT Championship. I do kind of agree, but also disagree with what Rainmaker said. I agree, because i think this is a risky way to introduce a championship, because it can happen that the matches for the championship won't feel important or special at all, if the matches don't deliver. ANd that's where i disagree. If they are able to put on good and sometimes great matches for that belt, than it should be able to really establish this championship. It's a fine line, but if they do it right, this could be an awesome to introduce the belt. If they do it wrong, the belt could end up as a midcard title. Exactly the one thing AEW and Cody don't want the belt to be. It should be a good start for Cody to fight Jungle Boy. He delivered on saturday and i trust him to deliver again. The developement of MJF was quite interesting as well. They put in small differences and kind of played with a split between him and Wardlow. Once in the promo and once in the match, so it will be interesting to see if they fully commit to that split now or if it's just a small teaser for things that could happen in months or even a year from now. I liked that MJF played with his undefeated streak. He demands a title match and i think he's set to get one in the near future and i wouldn't be surprised if they hand over the title to him. I could see a match vs Moxley at All Out. The Inner Circle Pep Rally is left. It was solid, with a phenomenal poem and acting by Jake Hager. Especially that last verse was so good. Then there was the confrontation with Mike Tyson. I'm really split on that. On the one hand it makes totally sense to bring that angle and that feud with Jericho, because it's the perfect timing for AEW to get into national media frontpages. And as far as i can judge from europe, it seemed to make relatively huge waves. I just look at the youtube video. That one already got over 1 million views, so yes it did gain the attention of a lot of fans and most likely not only AEW fans. I loved that they included the likes of Henry Cejudo, Vitor Belfort and Rashad Evans for the segment as well. If you commit to such a feud and such an angle, then do it right and fully commit into starpower. That seemed to work. But there are also things i don't like about it. I think the majority of fans won't like the developement, as this feud it's probably not end in a good match. But at least Jericho is the only guy i trust to get something good out of Mik Tyson, so maybe i'm wrong on that. Through i did wished, that they would include Lance Archer, since they already played for that one for weeks and stated that Lance Archer was looking to knock out Mike Tyson, so it would have been great to get that confrontation or even let MJF show up in front of Mike Tyson. It could have been such a great way for MJF to cut a promo and let him finish with his catchphrase and just let him knock Tyson out. That would have been a huge push for MJF, but in the end i guess that only Jericho vs Tyson could create such a big buzz. So overall i'm ok with it, since i know AEW can gain a lot from it, but i also know that the match will most likely be a bad one and therefore i don't think they will be able to catch me with this feud. As long as it stays a one time only feud for the next 2 or 3 years i guess i'm ok with it.
  13. She said in Talk Is Jericho, that she had a conversation with the producer and that he (without knowing it) checked all the boxes she was looking for. So i guess she felt that it's the right thing to do this documentary with this producer.
  14. I just finished watching the Benoit episodes. I heard David Benoit in an interview before with Chris Van Vliet. Hearing him in die documentary, especially at the end was really heartbreaking as you really feel how much he must have suffered from this and how much he was going through. The most shocking thing is, that Chris Jericho and Chavo Guerrero were the only guys who ever reached out to him. No Dean Malenko, no one from WWE, which is a real shame.This biy went through so much and nobody of them felt the urge to support him somehow, at least to offer their support? I have a lot of episodes in front of me, but i definitely can recommend the series. It's done pretty well and the Benoit episodes were very well done. I'm really excited for the Owen Hart episode. Somehow they got Martha Hart to talk about it for the first time. That's going to be interesting as well. She also was recently on Talk is Jericho. At this moment i'm hearing through that episode. https://omny.fm/shows/talk-is-jericho/owen-martha-hart-to-hart
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