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  1. Week 6: Texans at Arrowhead GDT

    I think u have to start questioning Veach. I'd give him one more draft, but so far it just doesn't look good. The only position group that's better is the WR corp, but besides that it's either equal or worse. The draft last year didn't pan out so far and the writing is still on the wall for this years draft, but besides Thornhill i'm not to optimistic about it. More often than not we're not drafting BPA but players of need or reaching for potential. We're handing out big contracts that aren't good and are hindering the teams future. Frank Clark and Hitchens are the two that bother me the most, while we probably need to let Chris Jones go, because we can't pay him. Once we pay Mahomes big time, we need to hit the drafts and we need to be smart in free agency. Veach hasn't proven to be that guy, yet. For this season i'm not sure what we can reach. 4-2 isn't looking to bad, but we're not beating the Patriots with this team. We can be happy, that the Chargers aren't playing that good as well so far, so we might be able to win the divison again. But that can't be the goal if u have Mahomes on a cheap contract on your roster. You need to get to the big game and u need to win it. It won't become easier than that in the future. Obviously as long as Mahomes is playing for us, we're going to have a shot, but we just can't waste any of his years.
  2. Week 6: Texans at Arrowhead GDT

    This team beats themselves and the defense is still bad, while Reiter and Erving kill the O-Line. Hopefully Wisniewski plays the next game and Fisher comes back soon.
  3. Week 6: Texans at Arrowhead GDT

    Gaines with a pass interference. I never saw that coming.
  4. Week 6: Texans at Arrowhead GDT

    Damien Williams shows up as well.
  5. Week 6: Texans at Arrowhead GDT

    Fumble recovery by Frank Clark.
  6. Week 6: Texans at Arrowhead GDT

    Holy smokes. What a catch by Tyreek. Great to have him back on the field.
  7. Trade Help

    I need an advice guys. In a dynasty league someone asked me for a trade of Stefon Diggs. Besides Diggs i have: Christian Kirk, Sterling Shepard, John Brown, Paul Richardson, Chris Conley, Parris Campbell At RB i have: David Johnson, Josh Jacobs, Adrian Peterson, Darwin Thompson, Rasheem Mostert He has at WR: DJ Chark, Courtland Sutton, Emmanuel Sanders, Diontae Johnson, Darius Slayton, Josh Reynolds, N'Keal Harry, Jalen Hurd, Equanimeous St. Brown and at RB: Aaron Jones, Chris Carson, Leonard Fournette, Phillip Lindsay, Ronald Jones, Kenyan Drake, Jaylen Samuels, Jordon Wilkins, Bryce Love I took over the team before the season. Obviousy i need to rebuild it especially on these two positions. At QB i have Rodgers, Darnold and still Brees and at TE i got Njoku, Dissly and Irv Smith Jr and he hasn't anything to offer there. This season isn't a good one for Diggs, but just last year he had a career year and if i trade him i want to have a good return for it. I still consider him the best WR on my team. Looking to the next years draft i like the players on the skill positions more than i did this year. The season is done for me btw, so i'm going to pick pretty early again (this year i picked #1). He's currently the 2nd best team in the league, so he's going to pick late. It's a rookie only draft with 4 picks per team. I got a pick in each round atm and he does as well. It's just my 2nd year playing fantasy football, so i definitely need your advice. I dunno, but i guess a 1st round pick might still be something i could ask for and another player. Maybe some young player like Diontae Johnson(although i dunno what to expect from him going forward) or mabe N'Keal Harry, although i doubt he would give up on him just yet. Basically i'm open for any suggestions.
  8. These first 30 minutes probably were the best half an hour i saw in a long, long time. The Young Bucks vs Private Party was really good and the Inner Circle segment was pretty awesome as well. Jericho is so good on the mic and it's just amazing to see his connection and his feeling with the fans. The mid part wasn't bad, but they did lost that feeling, they build up at the start of the show. At the end they were able to get it back up with the main event and the brawl afterwards. It was another good show. Not perfect, since they missed 1-2 segments in the mid part to have some kind of change and break between the matches, but i hope they are seeing it as well and react to it. As i said before the start was absolutely great and the finish of the show was pretty good as well. They got a combined viewership of 1.140.000 (1.018.000 on TNT and the rest at the same time on TruTV). They lost a step ofc, but i think they can be satisfied with these numbers. MLB and NBA preseason probably took away some viewers as well. NXT didn't drop that much, through. Just about 100.000.
  9. I like it as long as they don't feature any relevant actions for the storys. But it seems that it's just the dark matches, so if they just put on the matches and maybe some feel good promos and nothing more that's good. Than u can easily decide on a week to week basis, if u want to watch / have the time to watch it it and if not you can either watch it whenever u want it later or skip it, as long as you don't miss out on story relevant infomations. So basically as long as you're not forced to watch it to keep on track with the storys that's a very nice bonus for the fans.
  10. I don't watch NXT anymore, but i heard it now multiple times and it matches my experiences form the past. The in-ring product ist really good. But i think there are multiple problems NXT has in comparison to AEW. They stay in the same venue, like TNA did with the impact zone. From yesterday, AEW looked really big with that crowd and the packed arena. Also NXT is still WWE and the thing that ultimately let me to leave it, they lose their talent to the main shows, in which most of the talents get 1 push and then they' will be dropped. I'm sure the Finn Balor return was great, but what impression does it leave to the viewer if he returns to NXT and not to the main show? They ask themselves, why is he in NXT? And then they might answer it, that it might be, because he wasn't able to hang around the top guys in the main shows? Those are the questions that might come with such a return. Don't get me wrong. I was a huge Finn Balor fan and still am. I think he got what it takes to be successful. But the impression of the viewers could be a bad one. Not sure it will be, but it could be. Another thing that is really important for AEW is their success in the key demographics. They need to try to keep that success in the group of the 18-49 demo and 18-34 demo. Those are the demos that are very important for the sponsors. To me it seems that there are quite a few young people that are disconnected with WWE. If AEW can claim these demos as their core groups, they are set for success. These demos will get them bigger sponsor deals, bigger tv deals etc. Add in the PPV numbers, merchanise numbers and potential future house show numbers and than you'll get a result of the main income of AEW to see the direction they're heading in the future. Their success on social media last night, isn't to bad and that certainly helps them to reach other people, but for their income, i don't think social media means that much as everybody might think it will. Social media is more often unrelated to the economic success of a company. As i said above the economic success for wrestling promotions is more related to sponsor deals, TV deals, PPV numbers, merchandise and house show numbers. For the ratings. Yeah, i do expect them to drop. We'll see about how much, but i'm sure they will. Everything else would be a shock to me. But overall i think these Wednesday Night Wars, if u want to call them like that, can be really good for both promotions. And if they keep that success, they could be a problem for the main WWE shows, just because they might show the fans that there are more exiting promotions (AEW)/brands(NXT) out there. In that regard it will be interesting to see their combined numbers on the next Wednesdays.
  11. AEW drew an overall audience of 1,409 million viewers. NXT drew 891.000 viewers. source: https://www.pwtorch.com/site/2019/10/03/aew-beats-nxt-by-wide-margin-nxt-drops-aew-falls-short-of-approaching-smackdown-and-raw-numbers/ Not bad for a t-shirt company.
  12. I know i'm biased but i really digged into Dynamite. What a phenomenal show with a phenomenal audience. I have rarely seen such a crowd. The production quality was really good and i mean really good. The beginning of the show felt special. That Cody vs Guevara match was decent and the story afterwards which was picked up at the end of the show again was good. The segments were ok. I think the overall ratio between promos and segment on the one side and wrestling on the other side was quite good. Besides MJF vs Brandon Cutler, the matches itself were pretty good as well for a Weekly. Nothing to complain about there. The Woman's Championship Match started very slowly and didn't felt good after the first minutes, but the both got into it and together with the great audience they were able to save the match. Riho won the match and is now the first AEW Woman's Champion. I'm very surprised by that decision, because the waste majority of the viewers won't know her and might have problems to connect to her, since she can't speak english. That's a brave decision by the company to not go the easy way, but i think it's worth a try. Nyla doesn't have a great profile either, yet. They need to build her up again and i think that works best with her beeing on her way of destruction to get back to the title match. The main event was overbooked, but it offered some very interesting cliffhangers. Moxley attacks Omega during the match. The two of them brawl their way through the audience into the backstage area and Moxley puts Omega (and himself) through a glass table via a Double Underhook DDT. I like that intensity and they continue to build up their match at Full Gear. I just don't understand, why the match itself didn't end in a DQ finish. That's basically the only point of criticismn i have. The Bucks were forced to continue to fight in a 2 on 3 handicap match. They obviously lose and after the match all hell broke loose. The winners continue to attack the Bucks. Cody makes the save. Sammy runs into the ring, hits Cody with a low blow and picks up the story after their opening match, which suddenly makes sense, since it was all planned by Guevara and Jericho. Dustin Rhoes with the save and then the surprising debut of Jake Hager, formerly known as Jack Swagger in the WWE. He's now a MMA fighter and he looked damn well. The 5 of them: Chris Jericho, Jake Hager, Sammy Guevara and Santana & Ortiz celebrated their beatdown and left a cliffhanger for next week. Is this a new heel stable?
  13. Game 4: Chiefs at Lions GDT

    Thx. Same to you and i agree, hopefully nobody gets injured.

    Mhm, picking against the Dolphins would be the easy but probably safe way. On the other hand it just needs 1 upset and all of you are done and the Chargers already messed up winning 2 games. Gimme the other LA team. Week 4: LA Rams
  15. Home Opener Chiefs vs Ravens GDT

    Mhm. I wonder why Thompson doesn't get the opportunity to show himself.