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  1. Week 14 GDT: Bal@KC

    What a game! This game felt like a dozen of heart attacks in a row, but in the end we won it. Huge respect to Hill. He plays an entire half under obvious pain and makes play after play to keep our chances alive. That man is so important for our team. The Patriots and the Texans lost their games. And all of a sudden almost everything went perfect this week. The only thing that would make it even better, would be a Chargers loss. Now i just hope that our injuries aren’t that bad and that at least Hill and Ware are back soon to 100% again. We’ll going to need them vs the Chargers on TNF and especially for the playoffs.
  2. Week 14 GDT: Bal@KC

    JUSTIN ******* HOUSTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Week 14 GDT: Bal@KC

    It looked like Hill and Ware were out there playing again at the end of the last drive. That's at least one good news.
  4. Week 14 GDT: Bal@KC

    http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000997370/article/tyreek-hill-heel-questionable-to-return-for-chiefs The first news on the injuries is a heel injury for Hill and a should injury for Ware.
  5. Week 14 GDT: Bal@KC

    Those potential injuries are really worrying me. Hopefully not as bad as it could be.
  6. Week 14 GDT: Bal@KC

    So Sutton thinks he can stop the Run without DOD. OK.... Works great so far...
  7. Week 14 GDT: Bal@KC

    TD CHIEFS! Damien Williams runs it in. I hope Hill isn't hurt to badly, but it doesn't looked good.
  8. Week 14 GDT: Bal@KC

    So we're withouth Watkins, Benjamin and Berry. I'm interested to see what we can do on the ground. Hopefully Ware and the Williams get rolling and obviously we need to limit the Ravens run game. If we can do that, i expect us to get the win.
  9. Roster moves

    For now i guess we view him as a WR as long as Watkins is out. So i don't think we will convert him into a TE this year. If we sign him for the future in the offseason, maybe we could convert him into a TE. Originally that was one of my thoughts, that he might be a possible replacement of Harris, through even if he is a good blocker as a WR (something that could help us keeping up our run game on the outside this season) i doubt he can replace Harris blocking abilities completely. But he could be a replacement candidate for Kelce, if he ever gets injured, so overall a WR with the possibility to play TE if needed, if we decide to keep him after the season. If i have to bet, i think he will leave us after the season to sign somewhere else. Definitely not in the range of 8 million, what he got in this year from the Bills, but maybe someone is willing to give him a low million contract, that could net us in a 7th or 6th round compensatory pick. It all depends obviously on his performance for us. The better he plays the more likely it is that he leaves us to net us in a higher compensatory pick.
  10. Who is the best tight end in the NFL?

    I think the only answer can only be the easy answer. It's Travis Kelce for me. He's having his 3rd 1.000 yards seasons in a row and is currently on pace to play by far his best season. He might not be the absolute best blocker on the planet, but he's still a pretty good one. You could argue that since his 1st 1000 yards season he was one of the best, if not the best TE in the league, if you factor in the health issues of Gronkowski, which i think you should do. He was really great in those past 2 seasons, but definitely seperates himself from the other TEs in the current season.
  11. Roster moves

    Damn! That makes things harder for sure. Ravens, Chargers and Seahawks. That's a tough stretch of games,maybe all of them without Watkins. Let's hope we can survive it with at least 2 wins.
  12. Roster moves

    I think we'll have a plan with him as a potential big body redzone target. For now i trust our coaching staff to get him focused.
  13. Roster moves

    I like that we're taking a look at him. He has all the physical tools needed for the position. A big WR who can be pretty productive in the redzone could be an interesting addition for Mahomes. Maybe we would view him even as a TE to take Harris spot as #2. I would be ok with that as well as long as he really wants to play here, because that's my concern, that he lacks the motivation to get better. Edit: If we sign him, that could also be a sign to let Conley go in the offseason. He might get better options anyways, so i guess it would be hard for us to keep him. Like Albert Wilson last offseason. It would be cool to keep him, but not for every price.
  14. Roster moves

    I think it was 2015 were he played pretty good. In 2016 Ware set himself apart. Last year he wasn't used that much, so i guess he can be ok as a backup but i don't think he will be able to play like 2015 again. I like what Damien Williams has to offer in the passing game so i would probably go with him in those situations to try to replace Hunts production. On run downs i hope that Ware can play like 2 years ago and maybe Darrel Williams is good enough to take some snaps as well. I think we're fine with what we have at the position. Charc might help in disguising our play since he can do both but i think if we're forced to run or pass i would put in other guys. Next year it depends on what Darrel Williams can do. I'd like to give him a shot to see if he could be a part of the solution otherwise we might can bring in CJ Anderson, resign Ware maybe Damien Williams and draft a guy (in the 3rd round). The Ravens will present us a huge challenge to see how good our run game can be without Hunt.
  15. Chiefs release Kareem Hunt

    As the Peters trade has shown it's a logical consequence to release Hunt, if he broke the teams trust. We made it clear back than, that we need to trust you to 100%. If we can't trust you, than it doesn't matter if you're an average joe or one of the star players, you'll lose your spot on this team.