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  1. Dynasty and Keepers Offseason Talk

    @EaglesPeteC @RTTRUTH I got an offer in my Rookie draft. (Check my roster on the previous page) I would trade 1.1 and get 1.4 and Calvin Ridley. I wanted to get 3.4 and offered 4.1, but he refused. Is that worth it? I might have a shot at getting Tyreek in a trade with a different player. But talks aren't far. I could offer 3.1., depending on the availability of certain players at that spot. Getting 3.4 in that other trade would have certainly helped, through i dunno if either of those would be enough to convince that player from a trade. As a Chiefs fan i'm feeling good with Hill. I don't think he will be suspended the entire year. Half the year at most, so i would take some kind of risk, but 2.1 is to high to offer for me.
  2. Chiefs extend OT Mitchell Schwartz (One year)

    Right decision to extend him, even if it's just a year. He's a core OL for us and a key in matchups vs the very best pass rushers in this league.
  3. Chiefs extend OT Mitchell Schwartz (One year)

    This move makes totally sense. He's one of the best RTs in the league. In this division it just helps to have a guy like him going against elite pass rushers like Von Miller and Joey Bosa.
  4. Hill under investigation for Battery

    Wow. Those are interesting informations. I wonder if the Chiefs will remove the suspension for training camp.
  5. Dynasty and Keepers Offseason Talk

    Thx for that info. I'm going to keep an eye on him as well.
  6. Dynasty and Keepers Offseason Talk

    @RTTRUTH There is no time set for the draft, yet. For AB he's not looking for a 3rd rounder or less. So then i guess it's not worth investing any more thoughts into it. The scoring settings for the defense are: 1 point for every 3 Assisted Tackles (0.33 per) ALL 1 point for every Solo Tackle ALL 4 points for every Interception ALL 3 points for every Sack ALL 3 points for every Fumble Forced ALL 2 points for every Fumble Recovered CB, S, DE, DT, LB 5 points for every Safety ALL 6 points for every Defensive TD ALL 1 point for every Blocked Kick ALL 1 point for every Pass Defended ALL 2 points for every Conversion Return ALL
  7. Dynasty and Keepers Offseason Talk

    Ok. It's probably to risky to bet on him getting healthy again, especially since he's 32 years old.
  8. Dynasty and Keepers Offseason Talk

    Thank you guys! I'm definitely trying to follow your ideas. Also thanks for that defensive evaluation. Since i think my LB spots are set, i keep an eye on Bosa, if he drops to my picks 25 or 37. I put Brees on the trading block. We'll see if someone is interested in him. I'll ask again if i get an offer. There is also someone interested in trading AB and he's looking for a RB, WR, TE, 1st/2nd round pick. I'm not giving away a 1st round pick and i don't think he's going to like a player from me. Just for the interest is it worth to approach him? 2nd rounder? How about getting 8/12/15 from the other player for #1 and trading 8 or 12 for AB, if he accepts such an offer? Just some more scenarios i'm thinking about. Emmanuel Sanders is on the trading block as well (for almost a year now and that player isn't having much talent at WR, so i doubt he's really interested in trading him away). He's looking for QB; WR, RB, TE, 1st/2nd/3rd round pick. Is it worth to offer a 3rd (#25) round pick? Shall i offer the 4th (#37) and maybe the 5th (#48)? He traded away the 2nd round pick. so just has a 1st (#3), 3rd (#27), 4th (#39), 5th (#50), 6th (#59). I'm not thinking the 3rd rounder would be a smart idea, but maybe i could try the 4th rounder (although he probably rejects that)?
  9. Dynasty and Keepers Offseason Talk

    I need some advice from you guys. I took over a team in a 12 Team Dynasty league and it's my first year ever in a Dynasty league. I started Fantasy Football last year, so alltogether i'm a beginner. 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 2 Flex (RB/WR/TE), 1 K, 2 DB, 2 DL, 2 LB, 1 Flex (DB, DL, LB) Here are my keepers: QB: Rodgers, Brees, Darnold RB: D. Johnson, Guice, Peterson, Booker WR: Diggs, Shepard, John Brown, Kirk TE: Njoku, Rudolph K: Maher DB: Adams, Reid, L. Collins, Gilmore, K. Neal DL: C. Jordan, Cox LB: J. Collins, V. Miller, C. Jones, L. David I consider the skill positions to be a huge problem. I probably shouldn't have kept 5 DB and instead one more DL. Dunno about Darnold either. For the Draft (rookie only) i got picks # 1,13,25,37,49 One player is asking in the public chat for a trade up. He offers for one of the first picks # 8,12 and maybe a 2nd Rounder (15 or 24) I don't think i should Trade #1 away. Josh Jacobs seems to me the only "safe" pick. The WR are an entire gamble so i don't think it's worth to get 8,12 and maybe 15 for #1. I just want to ask about your opinions. Do u think i'm right with that judgement? Maybe u got some general advice for me how to appoach the draft. If i keep #1 i want to take Jacobs and then maybe go for Hockenson in the 2nd round if he's there to have a 2nd decent TE. Afterwards i might take a gamble on one of the remaining WR or draft a DL.
  10. Transfers & Rumors: Deadline Drama!

    For Dortmund a lot has happened during the last few days. We bought german national team defender Nico Schulz for reported 27 million €. Today we got Julian Brandt due to a release clause for 25 million €. He's a steal for that price and he's also a player in the german national team for a few years now. 23 years old, but already has a lot of experience in the Bundesliga. Earlier today we also bought Thorgan Hazard for reported 25,5 million €, which could add up with some boni to 30 million. That's a lot of money for us. We did had the 64 million € for Pulisic but we spent about 2/3 of it to buy Alcacer for this summer and Balerdi. Once it was said, that we can spend about 2/3 of our income by transfers into buying new players. So the 64 million for Pulisic are already gone. It's a really strong move to get those 3 players and 3 potential starting candidates for our squad. Obviously we have to sell some players. Unless someone is really offering something insane for Sancho (as i said earlier i think that would be about 150 million €) we probably try to get back some money by selling Guerreiro, Weigl and some bench players/loan players. It should be probably possible to get about 20 to 25 million for each of Guerreiro and Weigl. Most likely one of them is headed to PSG, since they seem to be interested in them and it makes sense for PSG since both played their best under Tuchel. We'll have to see what happens, but for now i feel like we got stronger and more creative. In a perfect world we could buy a new striker or we give Isak the trust and throw him in at the deep end. He did quite good starting that half of a season in the netherlands. Unfortunately Bayern won't be done either. Since they weren't interested in Brandt, i think they have their eyes on someone else. Sané might be their target, if it's true that he's not feeling too appreciated in City. We'll see if that rumor is true. Edit: Bayern might also want to buy Werner (who doesn't really fit into their current system, in my mind) and/or Havertz (who i think will make the change next year, but i can see a lot of top clubs beeing interested in him then).
  11. So, the 2019 Chiefs...

    It depends on the Hill situation. I don't think we will lose him. He might get a suspension, but we would get him back for the end of the year. I don't think we're cutting him, since the situation looks confusing. It's likely that it won't be possible to determine the guilty person. Unfortunately. If Mahomes stays healthy i think we're able to finish 11-5 including a 8-game suspension for Hill, just because Reid is a really good coach, especially in the regular season as he has proven countless of times. If Hill will just face a small or no suspension i think everything is possible. We have to see how the transition of the defense is getting along, but i'm feeling ok with our offseason in that regard. We're not going to be a top defense, but it could be enough to progress just a little bit.
  12. Transfers & Rumors: Deadline Drama!

    @kempusYeah i was talking in euros. I don't have watched enough games of any of those players to compare their abilities with Sancho. Maybe Sane, but he's a different kind of player, that uses his speed to his advantage. In comparision Sancho is more technical than him. Overall I just know what he did for us in this season and what other players before him did for us in past seasons and i can fairly say that he is among and probably the most impressive young player we had on the team over the last decade. It's not only his scorer points that are impressive, it's his entire game. A lot of teams in the Bundesliga are playing defensively against us, which was often pretty tough for us. To a majority of time Reus and Sancho were the ones who were able to break those defenses and initializing an attack. Withouth their creativity it wouldn't have been possible for us to play that season. Dembele was also quite good, but he didn't had those attributes that make Sancho the difference maker he is. Dembele cost Barca 125 million euro overall. It's a crazy price obviously, but unfortunately that's how the market has developed. That's why i think 150 million euro might be the acceptance limit for Dortmund. Maybe i'm a bit too much of a homer here, but i can't see us getting anything lower than that. Again i don't know how Sterling, Silva, Sane, Mahrez or any other of the starting players of the top 6 PL clubs compares to Sancho. I also i can just guess, but i can't say for sure if the PL plays more of an offensive playing style than the Bundesliga helping the performances of the named players and it would be a stretch to think of how the overall quality of City/Liverpool f.ex. affects and helps these players in comparision to Sanchos gameplay in Dortmund, were he and Reus are the most important players for the offense. Take one out and it's going to be tough. Take both out and we're going to have a problem to remain the level of gameplay. I think it's tough to compare these players. Put one of them into the others situation and you can see a comparison. For now i can just compare Sanchos performance to other players we had in recent years and sold later (like Dembele) to get a feeling for a potential price tag. Since my conclusion would be that Sancho is a bit better than Dembele was, i would think that it needs more than 125 million euro to get him.
  13. Transfers & Rumors: Deadline Drama!

    As a Dortmund fan i can't just let this stand here as it is. There is no way, absolutely no way, we would sell him for 100 million. With the current prices on the market, that would be a laughable offer. Easy to turn down. Sancho and Reus were the difference makers of the team. He just turned 19 and yet scored 12 goals and 17 assists for us in the league. He's an english national player and quickly developed into one of the best Bundesliga players. I don't know which games you have watched from him, but from my perspective i think he's the 2nd best young player (at the age of 20 or lower) in this world, just behind Mbappé. If someone would offer us 150 million we might consider giving him away, but we're not giving him away for 100. If we would talk about a deal this offseason. I think 180 would be needed to get him. Also keep in mind, that Man City have a matching right, which will increase the price anyways, because teams not only have to match our expectations, but also outbid Man City. Maybe people are also underestimating the Bundesliga in that regard. Look at Aubameyang. I dunno how often i heard, that he will have problems to adjust his playing style into the Premier League (even in our fanbase) and yet he kept scoring and scoring. Once the time is up, I'm pretty sure that Sancho will have a smooth transition into the PL. He's making smart buisness decisions, so i think he wants to stay here for another year anyways to secure his spot for the European Championship. Pulisic on the other hand could have some real problems. His latest games were good again, but he's very inconsistent. Not even a regular starter for us. For 64 million it was an easy choice to let him walk. I don't think he would have stayed anyways, although he should have, because this step could be to big for him. I can see him having problems at the beginning of the season and if it's not working out as expected i could see the fans turning against him. With Hudson-Odoi Chelsea also have another very talented player already on their roster to compete for a starting spot. Unless they want to sell him, i can see Hudson-Odoi beating out Pulisic for that spot. Chelsea really bought into his potential and marketing value than into him as the player he currently is. Edit: I missed one thing to say. Sancho is the best youngest english player. I think every big team in the PL would be interested in getting him, which should raise the price as well. I don't think Tottenham or Arsenal would be willing to offer the amount of money needed to get him. I'm not so sure about Chelsea either, but i could see United to make a big push as there seem to be some interest from them already. I could see Liverpool trying to get him or raise the price and City obviously should be interested in him as well.
  14. Hill under investigation for Battery

    I have no idea who hurt that kid. From all that we know until now, we can just say that it's the right thing from the Chiefs to wait and see how it turns out. Hopefully they find the responsible person. Hill or Espinal or both as long as they find the right one. And hopefully that kid will be fine for the future.

    I think he has a good chance on making the roster. He looked fantastic in the pre season. From the 3 draft picks yesterday i'm ok with Thompson and Allegretti. Fenton doesn't look that impressive. I do like some of the UFA signings. Mark Fields could be competing for a roster spot. We seem to be interested in a bunch of WR, which i like as well. Let them battle out the open spots. Felton Davis could be someone to look at here. An achilles injury in october hurt his draft stock a lot.