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  1. Is everybody available for this season? Any plans about the time of the draft?
  2. 2018 Draft Class

    I'm not sure he will help a lot, but it's a good signing for the depth at the position.
  3. Cycling Thread: Bernal wins the TDF

    The stage will be just 59 km long. That's going to be a different stage than it was supposed to be. Now the teams, especially Jumbo and Bora and maybe even Ineos should push with everything they have into the mountain and keep the speed as high as possible. This should be an advantage for Alaphilippe through, as he basically "just" has to survive the last climb, but i think he still will lose the time to drop out of the podium spot. Bernal should be able to keep the yellow jersey, even if he has a bad day. Thomas probably won't lose the time to drop out of the podium. This is bad news for Kruijswijk and especially Buchmann, since he needs to gain the most time to get to the podium.
  4. Cycling Thread: Bernal wins the TDF

    It's an interesting tour. I'm really sorry for Pinot. If he hurt himself 2 days ago, which it sounded like, it's impressive that he was able to stay with the majority of favourits yesterday. What a shame, that he wasn't able to finish this tour, as i think he would have been able to follow Bernal and give him a good fight for the yellow jersey. As of now, Bernal seems to be the strongest climber. Besides Pinot obviously, Buchmann was the only one able to stay with him in the pyrenees. In the alps, it looks like Bernal is better than everyone, so if nothing unexpected happens tomorrow, he should be able to keep the yellow jersey. After him it's going to be interesting. Thomas looks stronger than a week ago. I still don't know about Kruijswijk and i'm not sure what to think of Buchmann today. I think he either had some troubles to stay with Thomas and Kruijswijk, or he was the smartest of that group and saved the most energy in that climb, which would have been a shame, since the stage couldn't continue to the final climb. I think Alaphilippe won't be able to keep the podium position. I think he'S going to finish 5th at best, but he's not going to be able to finish better than that, unless they just don't attack at all tomorrow, which i doubt. Buchmann said he wants to attack tomorrow. Kruijswijk certainly needs to attack as well, while Ineos could just try to react. Maybe Movistar will try to do something with Landa, but i don't see him as strong enough to finish ahead of my presumed top 4. He should be able to gain time over Alaphilippe, but we'll see if it's going to be enough.
  5. AEW makes its debut on TNT on October 2nd. The first show (which will most likely be named: "Wednesday Night Dynamite") will be held at the Captial One Arena in Washington, D.C.
  6. Hill under investigation for Battery

    Prior to that news it was reported that Hill could become the highest WR in the league with about 20 million per year. After all of this, i think his value dropped a bit and i do think he might be even giving the Chiefs a small discount for believing in him in this situation, so i wouldn't be surprised if he's agreeing on a deal similar to Watkins, which is still top WR money but not as much as he would have got earlier. Edit: But yes, i do think we will try to keep him. Time will tell, if we can, because there are some unknown things. How much will Mahomes camp demand. How much money does Chris Jones want and how much money will Hill want. We have an out in Watkins contract and if Hardman performs well, i think it's more likely to part ways with Watkins than with Hill, because Hill is a game changer, not only as a WR but all over the field. No matter where u line him up, i really think he's the best weapon a NFL team can have besides the QB position.
  7. NFL will not suspend Chiefs receiver Tyreek Hill

    Due to the newest informations over the last weeks and couple of months i was pretty sure that the NFL would hand him out a small suspension and only because i thought they needed to save their face because of the media and fan outrage at the beginning of this case and the sentence on the first and cutted audio. The media started to be quieter after more and more details came to public. I'm still surprised that the NFL decided to hand out no suspension at all, because of that original media and fan outrage, but everybody who kept himself informing in this case, should have known that it was a true possibility for a few weeks and months now. There were more and more reports of NFL insiders stating that Hill might not get a suspension at all, which now has been proven true. Edit: For me it means, that as long as no new information comes to public the case is closed and i can look forward to the upcoming season.
  8. Hill under investigation for Battery

    I'm really surprised. I would have thought that they would be forced to give him a small suspension, because of the public pressure for his sentence in the original audio. But whatever, the case is closed and now we can look forward to the upcoming season.
  9. I agree with Marvez. He's bad, but i do like Excalibur and JR is definitely past his crime, but for the first few months it should be ok, to keep him at the commentary table for a nostalgic feeling and as a familiar voice for the mainstream fans. Afterwards keep him and probably let him handle some interviews for the show and youtube.
  10. So apparantly CM Punk is going to be at Starrcast 3 for a meet and greet and an interview. That's going to fire up the speculation of his debut for AEW, but i don't buy into it. It's a 1% chance for me, just because you never know. https://sports.yahoo.com/cm-punk-appear-starrcast-interview-182907499.html?guccounter=1&guce_referrer=aHR0cHM6Ly9kdWNrZHVja2dvLmNvbS8&guce_referrer_sig=AQAAAHYfZWWlrviqmZttpuZ7rKSoRdmPNZfVcD2ruf7UqB1RYCtmmp6dleuFuZrXIQHhfmbomd3QAMOymHmuQqQXyYiPudiW2Y30x0mQZ996ug5vxOVIZEfI4WTVbpGiFiQHYJHztIhLG9VvZDjZ8KN0ge7aOaulPoq-HuFxgAvhcd8D
  11. I have to agree. The pre show wasn't very good. I did liked the tag team match. All 3 teams delivered and i want to see more of all of them. The Hardcore match was ok. Nothing special and basically for comedy reasons, which makes sense in that location. So i'm ok to have one comedy match like that. I didn't liked the match between Bates and Allie. That was lame and i couldn't connect to either of the 2 ladies. I disagree. I think Double or Nothing was better. It felt bigger and hit didn't had the pauses that i felt Fyter Fest had from time to time. It might be the pre-show that was far worst than the one on DoN, but i was also a bit disappointed in the opening match. Daniels and CIMA didn't delivered as i expected. Don't get me wrong, it was still a decent match but i think both can be better, even at their ages. I did liked every match that followed, so Fyter Fest definitely was a good event and that includes the pre-show. The women delivered. The 4-way could have gotten more time to develope. It was about 10 minutes. Give them 5 more and it could have been even more entertaining. The MJF promo prior to that match was pretty good again. He should be one of the top stars in a few years for AEW. I liked the Cody vs Darby Allin match as well. It's interesting that it ended in a draw. That was a great build up throughout the show. I wondered why they announced the time limits in every match. I was a bit confused about that, but it made total sense to build up this finish. Well done! It seems that they want to keep that procedure so i'll probably need a bit more time to get used to it on a regular basis. The co-main event was the MotN for me. I love that style of wrestling and it was super fun to watch that match. It was the Kenny Omega show, but i was also very impressed by Laredo Kid. I didn't know him, but he was able to go the pace of the other 5 wrestlers. I don't mind to see more of him in the future. The main event was a good no sanction match. The intensity slowly increased. Tables, chairs, ladders, but also barbed wire and thumbtacks helped to create an extreme match, that is probably not going to be shown more extreme on the main stream scene. Omega also got his revenge with Moxley after the match and continued to build up their match for All Out. I can't wait for that.
  12. The Franchise - Episode 6 is up! - August 7

    The Khalil scenes were pretty interesting. I hope that guy can get himself into conversation for the starting LG spot. Besides those scenes it was pretty basic stuff. It would be cool to have more newer stuff, than some of the stuff that was already published, but i'm going to watch it nevertheless.
  13. Let's talk about the important things. Today is Fyter Fest! I'm totally hyped to see more of AEW and more of guys like MJF and Hangman. I'm also interested to see the debut of Darby Allin. They needed just 4 minutes to build him up into an interesting character. I can't wait to see him wrestle Cody and although i'd like him to win the match, i think they probably need to give Cody the win to build him up for the match against the Young Bucks. I also can't wait to see Christopher Daniels in a singles match. In Germany it wasn't easy to get into wrestling. For me it all started by a coincidence, when i switched through the TV channels as a 12 year old boy in 2005 and saw TNA. AJ Styles vs Christopher Daniels was the feud that got me interested back then and although i hated Daniels, because i just didn't know it better, i have the upmost respect for him now. In general i think the quality of the matches will be pretty good. Every match on the main card could be the match of the night, so i have high expectations for the card.
  14. Hill Interviewed by NFL for 8 Hours

    People should really read some new information on this case. There is basically no evidence, that Tyreek did anything. The only thing that can cause him a suspension in my mind is the threat on the audio, although you have to set that into context. The threat wasn't a physical threat to Espinal, but rather a threat to leave her, which in context to past actions would leave her without her beeing part of his payday and without him paying her more than he needs to care for his child (Espinal has an expensive lifestyle). That threat seems to be all about money Hill doesn't want to spend for Espinals lifestyle after the break up and remember that text messages Hills attorney has send to the NFL, which were verified to be true by experts clearly stated that he didn't do anything to his son and that Espinal was the one to admit, that she knows he didn't do anything, because she did it. But whatever that audio, didn't looked good for the NFL and since the media has been pretty silent after it turns out to be that Hill didn't abused his son, after they originally been very vocal about it, a lot of people as shown in this thread aren't really aware of the latest informatins to the case. So a suspension due to that seems likely, but i'm pretty sure it's not going to be much. An 8 game suspension should be the most the NFL puts out, but i actually think it's going to be 4 or 6 which gets reduced after an appeal from Hill. So Hill is going to be around for the Chiefs the most time in this season. It's also worth noting, that the child never was removed from the family due to abuse, but rather due to the fact that Hill had a no-contact clause, likely because he was accused of abusing his child (the step mother of Espinal played a big role in that), which needed to be investigated first and because Espinal was hospitalized and wasn't able to attend a court meeting. It seems to me to be a standard procedure to remove the child from the family in such a coincidence, which led to the timeline to start integrating the child into the family again, which includes Hill, as there are recent videos of him playing with his child on a playground. So i don't think the NFL can reasonably suspend him for more than 8 weeks and it's very likely that he will be suspended for less. Edit: I do have a question for the moderators. We should keep it football related. Does that count for the NFL News section or the entire forum and why? Because i always wondered that those things are essentially NFL News as it's getting talked about NFL players. As i don't know the laws, is there a legal issue for the forum otherwise or is it a policy you have for running the forum?
  15. Dynasty and Keepers Offseason Talk

    @EaglesPeteC @RTTRUTH I got an offer in my Rookie draft. (Check my roster on the previous page) I would trade 1.1 and get 1.4 and Calvin Ridley. I wanted to get 3.4 and offered 4.1, but he refused. Is that worth it? I might have a shot at getting Tyreek in a trade with a different player. But talks aren't far. I could offer 3.1., depending on the availability of certain players at that spot. Getting 3.4 in that other trade would have certainly helped, through i dunno if either of those would be enough to convince that player from a trade. As a Chiefs fan i'm feeling good with Hill. I don't think he will be suspended the entire year. Half the year at most, so i would take some kind of risk, but 2.1 is to high to offer for me.