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  1. If we're talking about living or sightseeing, than Munich is one of the top cities in Germany, edging out the other two. So if they view the sightseeing aspect as a big one, than Munich is the favourite. Like i said i think Munich has (slightly) the best chances. There are many things going for them. 20k more seats than the other 2 cities, the modern stadium (although Frankfurt will get theirs renewed and once done they probably even edge out Munich in that regard) and ofc sightseeing (potentially adding the Oktoberfest within 1 or 2 weeks of the game). Another bonus of Munich is the TV s
  2. Earlier this year the head of the NFL in Europe and UK, Brett Gosper announced on german television, that the NFL is looking into playing a regular season game in Germany as soon as 2022. At the latest they want to play a game in 2023. Now the first step has been taken. Edit: In case anyone is wondering, Germany has a rich history with the NFL Europe and an increasing NFL fanbase. This year the Super Bowl was watched by 2,11 million people in the middle of the night. I personally think, that Munich will have the best chances to get the game. Frankfurt probably has the ric
  3. AEW just released beautiful news. I'm not old enough to witness Owen Hart as a wrestler, but i'm happy for all his fans in this world to have a chance to honor him in an annual way. I'm happy for Martha and the Hart family and ofc i'm super interested to see the details to this tournament.
  4. 1+ PPV. Absolutely amazing. Good to great matches, 4 debüts, one better than the other and my personal favourite, because it was a bit more unexpected, was the one of Minoru Suzuki. I'm really looking forword to Dynamite and the clash between Moxley and him.
  5. Yeah i know. I use it the entire time, although here in Germany we even have an app from a Pay TV channel, which offers the PPVs even a little bit more cheaper, with just 16 €. I'm just interested, if there are any problems for US habitants, that could affect PPV buys for such a historic event (for AEW).
  6. I've got a question to all the americans. Are you able to buy the All Out ppv? I'm not an american and i heard that B/R Live isn't available anymore and that the Bleacher Report app, which i think is the replacement to buy the PPV isn't working properly and/or hasn't had the PPV available to buy for now. Is that true and if it is, is it different to prior PPVs?
  7. No i didn't and i agree. That moment in the arena must have felt unbelievable. But still on the TV it was absolutely great stuff.
  8. Holy ****. This was one of the greatest, if not the greatest Wrestling moment in my life. CM Punk is All Elite! 😍😍😍
  9. The debut of Rampage was fun. Short, spicy and it had some surprises. The opener was great. I kind of expected the win from Christian to build up a potential title vs. title match at All Out. The TNT Championship match was very shot, but still with a good build. Fuego had a phenomenal start, but couldn't capitalize from it and quickly lost. He still got his contract, handed out by Sammy, which was a great moment for him. Then it was time for the main event, which was also a good match. I really loved the way they build up the Lockjaw finish. The entire finishing sequence was gre
  10. "According to @davemeltzerWON, Wyatt was told his release was due to budget cuts. He had been preparing to return in August." Wow, just wow. 😲
  11. Lol. What the heck is going on? Unless there is something serious with Bray happening or it was his own wish to be release, this would be an absolutely insanly stupid move by WWE to release one of the most creative and important wrestlers on their roster. What a shocker.
  12. CM Punk's AEW debut is basically confirmed for August 20th in the United Center for Rampage. 😍
  13. Cassidy Haynes from Bodyslam.net said the following: "I believe the [Ringside News] report 100% and I’ve had a lot of other stuff told me that solidifies why I believe that. I was told that he’s 100% for Chicago. They want CM Punk in Chicago. They want him to be there. It’s not a matter if, but when. You know they have Dynamite, they have Rampage, and they have All Out." I have to add, that he also said he can't confirm, that CM Punk already signed a deal, but nevertheless this is clear enough to back up the news. Guys, i think it's really happening. 😲 These next weeks/months wi
  14. WWE needed to hire ROH guys to finally had wrestlers to get over ... not by WWE, but by themselfes ... and yet they ignored them until they couldn't ignore them anymore. Seriously, why do some fans need to talk **** on other leagues? It's the most childish, selfish and dumbest way to act, because the more competitors there are, the better for everbody. It's better for the wrestlers, the fans and for Wrestling itself. Nobody needs to like every league, but have some respect for each and every one of them and the opportunities they present. Edit: In other news, Living Colour now
  15. That was reported by ringsidenews, but they also are hit and miss on things, most likely misses when only reported by them. I remember a news a couple months ago, where they said that Tessa Blanchard and Daga signed a deal, which was wrong. But this time more trustful sides said similar things. I think Meltzer also said, that he expected it to get done. So it seems like a likely scenario that Punk also ends up in AEW.
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