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  1. What an exhausting game. I never felt that our defense could get them to a stop, but thankfully they delivered at the end. The offense looked good, besides the last drive in the first half, which ended in an interception due to a miscommunication between Mahomes and Robinson i think. The run game worked fine this game, which was a plus. But i'm do worried about our defense. The Raiders seem to have figured them out. In the end a win is a win, so we should win the division again and we kept the pressure on the Steelers to win out their remaining schedule to stay on the #1 seed. We need to keep winning, because i don't think the Steelers will be going 16-0. Next up are the Bucs, which could be a tough game again.
  2. Dunno if anyone is watching Stardom (also under the ownership of Bushiroad, just like NJPW), but they announced at yesterdays show, that they are going to host their 10th anniversary show on March 3, 2021 in the Nippon Budokan. Ofc it depends on the restrictions, but if they are allowed and able to fill the entire Nippon Budokan you can expect about 12-14k fans, making it one of the biggest womens wrestling only events in the last 20 years. I think it might be even bigger than Evolution and probably on par with the biggest AJW events back in the 80s and 90s. It's called Allstar Dream Cinderella, so it will feature the Cinderella tournament. Rossy already announced the participation of names representing the past, present and future of the company. One girl should be Kairi Hojo (Kairi Sane) who i think wanted to wrestle for 1 more year, before settling for a family. So it makes sense for her to come back to her roots. Yesterday Act Yasukawa also wrestled for the first time in 5 years. Some might know her because of that brutal shoot of Yoshiko 5 years ago, where she lost a portion of sight on one of her eyes and was forced to retire due to the injuries.
  3. I hope i can keep it short. I loved Full Gear. An allround entertaining and good event. It's rare for me to stay awake during the entire night and watch a show from 1am to 6am without feeling tired at one moment during the show. But this time i really was on fire for the entire 5 hours. The Buy-In was ok. A lot of promo videos, which wouldn't have been needed that much at the beginning, but it was ok. The match for the NWA World Women's Championship was very solid. Good showing for both girls. The Main Show started with a banger. Strong match between Hangman and Kenny, with the right winner in my mind. Then John Silver vs. Orange Cassidy was a bit more comedic but also a good showing for John Silver, who showed strength and performed great kicks. Well done on his part. The TNT Championship Match was good as well with a very good story. Cody showing arrogance and that was his downfall. Darby wins the title. A great showing of respect after the match and the involvement of Team Taz and Will Hobbs made sense. Interesting scene between Cage and Ricky Starks as well, when both took the title at the same time. The Women's Championship Match was ok. Solid overall. Shida hard hitting at the end. Very intense to put down Nyla. The most interesting part happened after the match. Nyla and Vickie had a discussion. Vickie slapped her in the face and i really thought Nyla would put her out, but she didn't. We'll see if they split up or come back to together. Afterwards it was time for my MOTN. What a great match between the Bucks and FTR. Very slow start. After about 10 minutes there was the hot tag from Matt to Nick and then the match got better and better. Great hommages to legendary teams, as the Steiner Brothers, the Dudley Boyz or the Hardy Boyz. The story was good, especially the selling of the injury of Matt and Dax. Great nearfalls. Very entertaining and exciting with unexpected winners (at least for me). Great ending with Kenny partying with the Bucks, while Hangman watched the celebration from the entrance tunnel. Not a 5 star match, but i think it's a **** 1/2 - **** 3/4 match. So just slightly below the great match of Revolution between the Bucks and Kenny and the Hangman. The Elite Deletion match was placed perfectly. Not as high quality wrestling as we have seen in the other matches, but very entertaining nevertheless. The intro and the firework scene was entertaining. Gangrel and Hurricane Helms were a nice surprise as well. I'm not a fan of the ending, as i would have loved to see the win for Sammy. But ok it was still an overall solid match, just entertaining wise. The Co Main Event between Jericho and MJF was solid too. MJF with good heel work. There was no big turn, which i expected. It was an interesting ending, through. Of course MJF won the match. Jericho showed respect and shook hands with MJF to welcome him and Wardlow into the Inner Circle. It's good to see, that they don't rush a potential turn of the Inner Circle against Jericho and play it slowly. I expect MJF to slowly taking over leadership. The next couple of weeks/months could be interesting. The Main Event was another good match. Very intense. Not as much as the Lights Out Match a year ago, but still a bit mor extreme, which i loved. Good ending with Moxley retaining the belt. Eddie still couldn't forgive Moxley and left. Then Kenny came in, we got a little staredown. I think Kenny will win the title and then sometime in 2021 he's going to have a rematch with Hangman and then they will give it all they have and won't hold back (which i think they jsut did just a little bit, to be able to top this match the next time). In the end this was longer than i thought. It was a fun show. No big surprises, but sometimes it's not needed, when it's an overall good show. I loved it.
  4. Week 8 Pick: Tennessee Titans
  5. You can't compare Wrestling to any sport. There was a time Wrestling was in and had huge audiences. But nowadays we have totally different times. Kayfabe is dead, well at least to a certain degree as the internet made it a lot easier for people to develope from a mark into a smart mark, which probably wasn't the case that much back in those days. The wrestling styles have changed. There you probably can even draw comparison to real sports. I dunno about Baseball, but i think in all the other sports and add in soccer as well, the players have become way more athletic. The same applies to Wrestling. Wrestlers nowadays are more athletic and so the style developed into a more modern and athletic style of professional wrestling. Not everybody likes that, but i wouldn't say that's the reason why Wrestling isn't drawing the numbers it did back then. Especially if u consider, that this style of wrestling became popular on the mainstream far later, than the acutal decline started in the 2000s. I think there is no way that the oldschool style can draw the numbers needed in todays mainstream. Guys like Jim Cornette might think that way, but they're just living in the past. Wrestling has changed, just as society has changed.
  6. It definitely had something. It was absolutely unexpected. I did expect something to happen, but i never expected this, so i absolutely laughed when MJF started singing and then the dancers came in. AEW promised sports based Wrestling. True. But Tony Khan also said that they'll add in a little bit of comedy from time to time and that's exactly what happened here and it worked perfectly for me. I can understand why people hate it, because it's just something different and i get that people might think it's not in character for these 2 guys, but together they always acted funny, so i think it fit right into their characters. I don't watch WWE, but from that i remember on segments during the past WWE always felt underwhelming and disappointing, so really bad when they did unusual stuff. Mainly because it felt out of character from time to time or they even buried characters with stuff like that. Here i felt like AEW hit the nail with it.
  7. I just saw it on youtube. I will watch the show later, but that segment was so weird, funny and simply phenomenal. Probably one of the best segments AEW has ever put out and something we'll remember for years to come.
  8. Great to get the W. I wasn't able to watch it, but it seems like they did a very good job in the run game. It sounds like the O-Line played better. Interesting that we put in Kilgore over Reiter. Was he injured? Otherwise Kilgore seemed to used his shot, so maybe he solidified himself as the starting Center.
  9. I like the signing. We need another RB to spread the load with CEH. Bell is versatiln, can do it all and especially his pass protection will be an asset we need. I'm interested to see how much he has left in the tank. But this does feel like a 2000s Patriots move. Definitiely a better signing than Shady last year.
  10. Week 6 Pick: Baltimore Ravens
  11. Week 5 Pick: Arizona Cardinals
  12. I still don't think this game will be played on Tuesday or any other day of the week. I just believe it if the referee is blowing the starting whistle. And if it does get played i hope the NFL reschedules our Week 6 game. 3 games in 9/10 days is to much for bodys, especially that our by week is supposed to be on week 10 and not week 7, so their would be no chance for players to really heal up.
  13. Damn. Hopefully Jordan, Cam and everyone on the 2 teams is/will be fine. I don't think this game will be played this week. Currently it is speculated, that it could be played on Tuesday, but i don't buy it. Be safe and cancel it for now. The NFL won't make it through their schedule anyways. They need to put in more bye weeks to adjust things, if they won't want to cancel the season. Move the Playoffs and the SB back as well.
  14. Great win. Unfortunately i was just able to see the highlights for now, but the team looked really good. Very dominating performance on offense and defense. Just the special teams had an unusually bad performance. The injury of Sneed is very sad for him as well., especially since it seemed like he could keep his starting job once Breeland would have come back. We'll miss him for a few weeks probably. At least it seemed like Ward was fine, so we need to survive with him and Fenton + help of the safeties against the Patriots until we get Breeland back.
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