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  1. WTF. 😯 I'm not sure if that's positive or negative, but it's a shocker for sure. https://www.allelitewrestling.com/post/wrestling-legend-paul-wight-signs-long-term-deal-with-aew Edit: Also another note within the news is interesting. "Wight will have an extensive role within AEW, and on top of his return to the ring, he will serve as a commentator on AEW’s newest show, AEW Dark: Elevation. Complementing AEW Dark on Tuesdays, AEW Dark: Elevation will air on Mondays at 7 p.m. ET on AEW’s YouTube channel, and will showcase AEW’s established and rising stars, as
  2. It was a weird week going into the game, but no i'm super nervous. I hope our O-Line will perform decent, but i really fear that Mahomes needs to run for his life the entire time. Btw. in the german TV they just said, that the halftime show will be 30 minutes. Did they just messed it up with the entire halftime break, or are they actually doubling the time for the halftime show? If true, that would be absolutely ridiculous.
  3. Actually nobody of the girls is signed with Stardom. Stardom uses their talents exclusively, so it was unrealistic to see any of them join the tournament. Jamie Hayter is also not wrestling for Stardom at the moment, as she's not in Japan, but in Britain.
  4. Kenta debuts in AEW. 😮 That's awesome and it confirms at least some sort of agreement between both companies, which is a cool thing. Meltzer confirms to a degree that there is a bigger working relationship between both companies, even after the pandemic. Some plans indicate to a Ibushi vs. Omega Wrestle Kingdom Match. So we'll see what the future holds, but it sure sounds very interesting. The participants of the AEW Women's World Championship Eliminator Tournament were announced as well. The rumours were confirmed. One part will takeplace in the US and one part will take place in Japan.
  5. Huge game. Our Offense klicked and our defense played very good as well. The injury of Fisher sucks, through. Without him and potentially Schwartz it could be a long day for Mahomes. That's concerning, but we're still having a pretty damn good football team capable of winning it again.
  6. Prior to the friday practice, Mahomes says he's cleared and out of the concussion protocol.
  7. We can take a deep breath, Henne kept the nerves at the end. The next week will be a long one.
  8. It was the WR coach. And damn let's prey that Mahomes has no serious injury.
  9. This could be ugly if our offense struggles like they did the last couple of games. It just seemed like something was off, so it certainly won't help to have Sammy and CEH as inactives. On the other hand we had some time to prepare for it and to fix some problems and we should have the coaching staff to do so. Also we're still can trust on Andy Reid's ability to win after a bye week, but i'm still concerned about this game.
  10. Ok. So we either get the Browns or the winner of Ravens/Titans as our first opponent.
  11. Yeah i'm not so sure either. About Wrestle Kingdom Day 1: It was a good event, but it didn't had the quality of previous years. The prematch was useless, just a match to give some people a paycheck and unfortunately the most interesting wrestlers for me didn't even wind up in the top 4. Ishii, Suzuki and Goto as example. But that's nothing i would count to the event it self. The opener and the 2nd match were solid. In the opener both didn't go all out, which hurt the match. The 3rd match was ok. The 4th match was just average. The worst Tokyo Dome match in the career of Tanaha
  12. What a beautiful show. There were so many beautiful moments from the start right to the finish. It was great to see his son enjoying the show. It was great to give him his moment with MJF. It was great for Erick Redbeard/Rowan to be there on this special show. The tribute videos were all pretty cool. Many people showed emotions. Bryce Remsburg had one of the most touching moments and then the tribute at the end, which was just a beautiful and sad moment alltogether. I loved it.
  13. I'm not even sure i would play Kelce. It depends on injuries. If some of our starters have small injuries, i'd rather want them to rest. I'd start Henne as well or give him at least 3/4 quarters, to give him game time experience, just in case something happens with Mahomes and we need to rely on Henne in the playoffs.
  14. Yeah i agree. The schedule looks ok, but who knows what happens until next season. Just one wish. That Alex Smith plays with Washington against us. That would be a great story, especially if we would play him at home.
  15. Dynamites New Years Smash shows are postponed for a week. This week AEW Dynamite will be a special tribute show for Brodie Lee. https://twitter.com/TonyKhan/status/1343694003720638476
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