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  1. 2019 Draft Mocks

    From all those mock drafts i made so far i would be very comfortable to trade down. I feel like they are a lot of impact players left at our spot, so if we can get an additional pick in the 3rd round or more likely an early 4th round pick, similar to our 2016 draft. I think it would be a smart move to do so.
  2. 2019 Draft Mocks

    If Jeffery Simmons suffered a torn ACL injury, would you take him with the 1st round pick? I doubt he woud be available at the end of the 2nd round. We could pick someone else and wait and see if he drops into the mid 2nd round, to potentially trade up and take him then, but depending on who will be available it might not be a bad idea to risk taking him in the 1st round. Due to his injury he would probably not be available at the beginning of the season and might be even out until late into the season, but pairing him with Chris Jones in the interior DL could be really nasty for years to come.
  3. Steve Spagnuolo hired as DC

    It seems there is another turnaround in this story. I can't link it now, but Matt Jones reported that there was a meeting last night and that House will be allowed to leave Kentucky to take our job offer. Hopefully this time it happens for real.
  4. Steve Spagnuolo hired as DC

    What a shame 
  5. Steve Spagnuolo hired as DC

    For sure. I do love the House hire. Bringing Daly in, could form a nasty duo.
  6. Steve Spagnuolo hired as DC

    I love this hire, too. Dunno how much Belichick had to do with the performance of the Patritos DL, but from what i saw their DL was the key to win it all in this years playoffs. To get Daly seems to be a great hire. It's going to be interesting to see, what happens with Britt Reid. Is he gone? I don't think he did a bad job, i actually liked what he was doing with the DL. The pass rush was great, just the defense against the run was bad. Maybe that's the reason, or he wanted to leave the team to proof himself outside the wings of daddy.
  7. Steve Spagnuolo hired as DC

    I like this hire. Although i'm pessimistic about Spagnuolo, i do like what he has done so far and House could be a guy to watch as a future DC for us.
  8. 2019 Draft Mocks

    Finally i made my first draft as well. Here is what i ended up: 29: R1P29 S DEIONTE THOMPSON 61: R2P29 LB MACK WILSON 63: R2P31 OT GREG LITTLE 92: R3P28 CB DAVID LONG 168: R5P29 DL DEMARCUS CHRISTMAS 203: R6P28 TE DONALD PARHAM 215: R6P40 CB MARK FIELDS 218: R7P2 RB TRAVIS HOMER I would have liked to build up front first, but i couldn't pass on Thompson. I think he can solidify the Safety position for years to come. Some good DE candidates were taken right before the first pick in the 2nd round, so i picked Mack Wilson, who should immediately contribute as a LB for us, a big need to us in this offseason in my mind. Little was a BPA pick, who might take over the job from Fisher or Schwartz after a year. In round 3 i could have gone for Henderson, who i really like as RB, but i tend to give Damien his shot next season. I think a CB is absolutely necessary and with Long i hope to get a physical corner who hopefully turns out to be a starter for us. In the late rounds i have to admit, that i didn't have the time yet to look closer to these players. Christmas seems to be a run stopping DT with the ability to contribute a bit to the pass rush. I like to have a guy like that to backup Nnadi. Parham is a TE, through i read he might convert to a WR. He doesn't seems to be a good blocker, which makes him somehow unlikely to play as a TE, but he could be a mismatch and i like to take a shot on such a player. Fields is CB depth who flashed his abilities in the National Championship Game and Homer is primarily a depth draft pick as well. He flashed his burst, vision and a physical attitude, although he's not having the frame to play that physical, but i take a shot with him as well.
  9. 2019 KC Chiefs Offseason Events

    For now i think it's a depth signing, but obviously you need to look at the cap and Sherman will demand some millions, so if u can get almost the same production out of another player and save those millions, it only makes sense to move on. Since Sherman is a free agent and he had a good year, i think he will demand something about 2 million again and in that case u should let him go, even though he's a good blocker and a special team ace. Ripkowski plays special teams as well, so there is that at least.
  10. Steve Spagnuolo hired as DC

    I consider Hitchens and O'Daniel to be locks at the moment. But we need a 3rd one playing between them and i don't trust Ragland to be that guy. I haven't seen him read the offense and after this season i'm sure he's not processing runs fast enough to effectively shoot gaps and stop the run, so he's not a guy you want to be playing in our defense if you want to improve the defense. Since he's rather cheap i'm fine to keep him for depth reasons, but i'm absolutely concinved that we need a quality guy there who can do all those things, which ultimately improves our run defense noticeably. I don't think Niemann can be that guy either. He's a good depth guy, through. Basically that's the reason why i have the MLB position as the top need. I'm not sure what to make of Ford in a 4-3 defense. I think we should only invest in him if we want to play him as DE, through it remains to be seen if he can play that position. I wouldn't give him a longterm contract for any other position. I guess we need to franchise tag him to see where he can fit in during the year to make a decision next year.
  11. Steve Spagnuolo hired as DC

    I think we need to build this defense upfront. So DL or ILB would be my first need and if i think about the importance of the position and our personnel right now i would say an MLB is the top need for us in this offseason. Either we draft one or we get one in free agency. I'm not a fan of spending big money in free agency to any guys other than ours, but i would be fine to get an experienced MLB. Than we need DL depth for sure, especially if we let Bailey go, which could happen. Then i think our need for a corner is more important than a need for safety. Who knows what happens with Berry, but i liked what i saw from Sorensen, Lucas and on limited basis Watts. Nelson could be gone so we're short on corners and should grap one with our first 3 picks. O-Line is always important, but this season has shown that we have some depth on the team and we still have a guy like McKenzie who makes the transition to a guard. He can't be horrendously bad if he eated up a roster spot. He could fill a depth role and Reiter + Devey probably fill the hole Morse will leave, assuming we let him go in free ageny, which i think is likely to happen due to his concussion history. I might even say that RB is a bigger need than O-Line right now, since Ware is a free agent as well. So for me it's: MLB > DL > CB > S > RB > OL
  12. Steve Spagnuolo hired as DC

    Mike Smith left our staff and joins the Packers staff as OLB coach. That's some sad news, because the players credited him a lot this season. If you think about it, it does makes sense for him, since he couldn't knew which job he will have under Spagnuolo and without a real OLB position in a 4-3 scheme. But yeah it's definitely sad to see a coaching talent like him leaving the staff. It won't help us for sure.
  13. Steve Spagnuolo hired as DC

    https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/kansas-city-chiefs/anthony-hitchens-14530/ Just check the contract. We can't do that due to the dead cap. I'm also convinced to give him another shot. Hitchens should be a more natural fit in a 4-3 defense than in a 3-4 defense, so with our switch it just makes sense to give him the chance to proof himself next year. If you want to move on from one LB, it should be Ragland. I just don't see a position for him in a 4-3 defense, but obviously we wouldn't save much money by cutting him.
  14. Chiefs hire Steve Spagnuolo as DC

    The bold sentence really concerns me. That's exactly what we already missed with Sutton. If he's the same kind of DC, than i doubt we did us much favour to bring him in here, other than i do think a 4-3 defense could work better for us.
  15. Chiefs hire Steve Spagnuolo as DC

    I don't think we can spend any money on free agents this offseason. At least not big money, if we want to have enough money to extend Hill and Jones before they become free agents after the next season and we also need some money to franchise tag Ford. Then you have guys like Fuller to extend after the next season as well and if the reports of an early Mahomes extension are true, you definitely need money for him as well. That's a lot of money, so we really need to save a lot of money for the future years. Obviously cutting people helps, but with a QB like Mahomes on a big contract we're almost never be able to make big splashes like those 2 guys on the free agent market. We really need to build through the draft and i would like to see that philosophy keep running this offseason, unless we really want to go all in next year which will probably give us some trouble down the road to keep all the talent.