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  1. Like i said before my opinion on the Eskel situation isn't based on the books, as he's not playing any important role in the books, that needed to be shown in the series. I just think it's bad writting to kill him off in the same episode as he was introduced, without giving the viewer a reason to care for this character or care for Vesemirs feelings towards losing him or Geralts feeling towards killing him and so far i got no argument adressing that situation or explaining, why it would make sense to write him off like that, instead of at least trying to give him a background, before killing h
  2. Mhm. probably more short flashbacks then or when he was playing the dead one? But whatever, in the end he was introduced and killed of in the same episode (2). You can tell the greatest backstory afterwards, it won't have an impact on the initial death scene. That might change in a rerun, but watching it the 1st time if the backstory gets told afterwards it won't matter. Through ofc. his backstory here wasn't really told afterwards either, besides the one flashback scene in the next episode (3) with Geralt and him. He doesn't have a huge role in the books, so you can replace him e
  3. I think u mixed him up with either Coen or Lambert. Eskel was the Leshy and appeared only in episode 2 (were he was killed off) and as a flashback in episode 3
  4. I hope you're right and they start the next season like they started this season, by building up the realtionships. Especially now that they have the most important characters at one place. I don't mind to get some Ciri + Jaskier scenes as well. Like i said it was an overall solid season. Not GOT season 1-4 like great, but a solid fantasy series. Although the most of my problems with the season go back to the missed potential, not all of my points are solely based on the fact, that i know the books. The whole situation with Eskel was bad writting. Introduced in one episode,
  5. I can't really agree with the takes in this thread, but that might also be the case, because i'm a book fan first. I have a lot of problems with this season, but first i want to list the things i liked. I loved the main characters and actors. Geralt, Yennefer and Ciri were all great. For some the story wasn't the best, but the actors did a tremendous job. I loved the side characters as well. Jaskier was great and showed a more serious side of his. Rience, Dijkstra and Philippa Eilhart were introduced in a very good way. I loved Rience especially and despite the fact that they changed the
  6. Why? It's nice to have as an extra. Not needed to get the main story, but still something to give back to the fans, who are interested in BTE.
  7. Exactly. BTE gives you a few extras, that add some intrigue to a story.. It's nice to know them, but i don't think you necessairly need to know it to get the point AEW is trying to say with it's story. In this case, i think BTE gives a little more background for the Bucks accepting the result. But i don't think that a casual viewer will have a lot of problems to get what AEW is trying to tell us. The segment on Rampage was enough to open this possibility. I think it was quite obvious that the Bucks thought about the words the Hangman said, so i think the viewer got 2 options out of it:
  8. In this case i do think, that the Bucks involvement made sense. First of all it all goes back to All Out 2019. Hangman asked the Bucks to be there ringside in his title match vs. Jericho, which they kind of refused. Hangman went in there alone and lost. Afterwards he was angry, that the Bucks weren't there to support him. Their involvement at Full Gear is a reminiscent of what happened back then. You said their involvement took away something from the match. I would disagree and think the opposite was the case. First of all different hints were dropped on BTE. If you're watching BTE you s
  9. If we're talking about living or sightseeing, than Munich is one of the top cities in Germany, edging out the other two. So if they view the sightseeing aspect as a big one, than Munich is the favourite. Like i said i think Munich has (slightly) the best chances. There are many things going for them. 20k more seats than the other 2 cities, the modern stadium (although Frankfurt will get theirs renewed and once done they probably even edge out Munich in that regard) and ofc sightseeing (potentially adding the Oktoberfest within 1 or 2 weeks of the game). Another bonus of Munich is the TV s
  10. Earlier this year the head of the NFL in Europe and UK, Brett Gosper announced on german television, that the NFL is looking into playing a regular season game in Germany as soon as 2022. At the latest they want to play a game in 2023. Now the first step has been taken. Edit: In case anyone is wondering, Germany has a rich history with the NFL Europe and an increasing NFL fanbase. This year the Super Bowl was watched by 2,11 million people in the middle of the night. I personally think, that Munich will have the best chances to get the game. Frankfurt probably has the ric
  11. AEW just released beautiful news. I'm not old enough to witness Owen Hart as a wrestler, but i'm happy for all his fans in this world to have a chance to honor him in an annual way. I'm happy for Martha and the Hart family and ofc i'm super interested to see the details to this tournament.
  12. 1+ PPV. Absolutely amazing. Good to great matches, 4 debüts, one better than the other and my personal favourite, because it was a bit more unexpected, was the one of Minoru Suzuki. I'm really looking forword to Dynamite and the clash between Moxley and him.
  13. Yeah i know. I use it the entire time, although here in Germany we even have an app from a Pay TV channel, which offers the PPVs even a little bit more cheaper, with just 16 €. I'm just interested, if there are any problems for US habitants, that could affect PPV buys for such a historic event (for AEW).
  14. I've got a question to all the americans. Are you able to buy the All Out ppv? I'm not an american and i heard that B/R Live isn't available anymore and that the Bleacher Report app, which i think is the replacement to buy the PPV isn't working properly and/or hasn't had the PPV available to buy for now. Is that true and if it is, is it different to prior PPVs?
  15. No i didn't and i agree. That moment in the arena must have felt unbelievable. But still on the TV it was absolutely great stuff.
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