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  1. Nagy Gone to Chicago

    We should try to keep Wilson. I agree that he's not a #1/2 type of player, but he's a good gadget player to have around and a capable #3 receiver. I also liked the chemistry he seems to have with Mahomes. Both worked very good together vs the Broncos. Mahomes put the trust in Wilson on certain throws and wasn't let down by him. I do think that Wilson has an important role in our dynamic Offense.
  2. 2018 KC Chiefs Roster

    I do see a realistic possibility for that. I'm not sure if the staff wants to let Hali and Ford go in the same year and i expect Hali to retire. If he's not retiring we have to cut him. If the staff feels comfortable to let Ford go as well, they will let him go. I would rather like to see them letting both guys go, get a veteran pass rusher in Free Agency, draft another one and see what Tanoh Kpassagnon and Dadi Nicolas are able to do, than hang on with a guy who is done and a guy who has had back issues for a while now. My gut feeling tells me that Hali is gone and Ford will stay, through.
  3. For the Chiefs u can easily go to the defense. Tamba Hali is the first person that comes to my mind. I didn't expect much production from him, but this season was almost nothing. Hali is done and i hope he realizes it and retires. I don't know if he has any plans to become a coach, but i wouldn't mind to add him to the coaching staff. Another guy that comes to my mind is Dee Ford. That might be a bit unfair to him since he had to fight with a back injury, but for me personally i'm pretty disappointed about his performance as well and i have huge doubts that he will ever get it together.
  4. Most Surprising Player on Your Team This Year?

    Kareem Hunt was definitely the most suprising player for the Chiefs in my opinion. I was also suprised about the good performances by Harrison Butker and Tyreek Hill. I trust Butker more than i ever trusted Santos, especially for long FG attemtps. After the cut of Maclin, Hill stepped up and looked like a legitimate #1 receiver, making our receiving core better than in the previous seasons.
  5. Nagy Gone to Chicago

    I just finished reading an article on Arrowhead Pride about the placalling in the 2nd half. Result of the article: Playcalling wasn't the problem, Execution was the problem.
  6. Nagy Gone to Chicago

    I'm glad that they decided to promote Bieniemy. He's doing great work with the RBs over the last years. I think he's probably the best in house guy we could find for a coordinator spot.
  7. Roster Moves

    I didn't knew we had Will Redmond on the Practice Squad. His ACL injury hurt him coming out of the College and it seems he missed his entire Rookie Season because of that, but if he can come back to his performance in College than we might have at least a depth Corner already with the team.
  8. Nagy Gone to Chicago

    That's my biggest concern as well.
  9. Nagy Gone to Chicago

    I'm really disappointed. I was hoping that we could be able to keep him for 1 more year to prepare Mahomes as the starter.
  10. Fire Reid Hire Belecheck>?

    If Belichick would be free and if he's willing to come to KC than yeah. If we're realistic, that's not going to happen. There will be no coach without a job, who u can comfortably take over Reid. So i'd definitely keep him.
  11. Wild Card Playoff vs Titans

    Absolutely. Reid has his flaws as a coach, but i bet there are plenty of super bowl winning coaches who all had some flaws as well. I'm convinced that all it needs for Reid is that one run, and i'm still convinced that he will have that run that gives him the super bowl some day. I bet Reid has the passion and the desire to win one. He has the abilities to do so, all it really needs is that one run where it's not any (minor) mistakes that decide games. It's the same with QBs. They just need 3/4 really good games as well to make a successful super bowl run. Reid needs that, too and he definitely has that streak of coaching 3/4 great games in him.
  12. I want to congratulate guys. Your team showed some character yesterday, coming back from such a 1st half and turning it around in the 2nd half. As a Chiefs fan it's obviously pretty disappointing but i felt your team was the team that wanted the win more and therefore definitely deserved to win the game. I wish u good luck in the next round.
  13. Week 18: Titans vs. Chiefs

    I think the injury of Chris Jones was more important, since that destroyed our pass rush. But anyways there can't be any excuse to this game. We should have never blown that away. Besides that i definitely want to congratulate the Titans. The 1st half looked terrible, in the 2nd half the team showed character. I hope u can give whoever u're playing against in the Divisional Round a fight for the money.
  14. We need to keep Reid. No doubt to that. We have a young QB, who probably gets his shot next season. Let Reid and hopefully Nagy as well work with Mahomes and i'm confident that Mahomes will continue to improve. I'm happy with what i saw so far from Mahomes. Give him the time with the coaches and i'm confident that Mahomes will be our future. Consistency on the coaching staff is very important for a young QB. Look at Alex Smiths earlier years, which probably burned him a lot. Keeping Reid is the only logical decision we can make.
  15. Wild Card Playoff vs Titans

    No way we should fire Reid. He has only had winning seasons since he's our coach. Got 4 times in the playoffs. That's better than everything we had in the near past. There aren't many coaches in the NFL who are doing better than that and i wouldn't take many coaches in the league above him in general. Firing Reid would be a hasty reaction. It's the right move to give Reid some time and let him work on Mahomes. Hopefully Nagy stays with us as well. After everything we saw, i'm more than confident that both coaches together will get something really good out of Mahomes.