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  1. This board sucks for us. We should definitely try to trade back at this point or should have traded up to get Tillery/Lawrence or Deandre Baker. Since that's not possible i voted for: 1. Thornhill 2. Adderley 3. Bradbury
  2. What Song Are You Listening To?

    Yesterday, Rammstein published their first new song since 10 years. It's called "Deutschland" and revisits positive and negative events in the german history. It's a real banger. Just classic Rammstein and the music video is also very well produced, like a big time blockbuster. I already love it.
  3. Free Agency

    I think he is. I don't think he ever was taken off the field to rest. He's definitely good against the run. I think when healthy he's still one of the best pass rushers and his numbers just don't look that impressive, because he dropped into coverage for us more often than i would have liked. From time to time motivation might have been a problem, but he was always on fire in the big moments of the game. I wouldn't be surprised to see him in that 12-15 sack area next season again and he's certainly still getting a lot of pressures. I'm interested to see him playing as a 4-3 DE, but i think he can fit into that role.
  4. On the Clock

    What do u expect with an hour time limit? To get a variety of opinions it should be at least half a day. That board went bad for us. Adderly might be a guy to pick there. Another guy would be Bradbury and if i go BPA i would pick Bradbury.
  5. Free Agency

    I like this signing. I start to like our secondary. We need more depth players, but with Fuller, Breeland and Ward the corners are set. Mathieu as a swiss-knife for every position in the secondary and Sorensen/Lucas/Watts seems to be decent enough for the 2nd safety spot. Add Smith as CB depth and probably a minimum of 2 draft picks and the secondary should be fine.
  6. Chiefs sign CB Bashaud Breeland (1 year, $5M)

    It seems to me like it's a good signing for rather cheap money. 5 million for a potential starter isn't that bad and i always felt like he's a good #2 CB. I dunno why his PFF grade last season was that bad, but since grades don't tell the whole story i stay with my feeling and therefore think that this is a good signing for us.
  7. Jaguars sign WR Chris Conley

    Happy for him. I think he's a decent #3 receiver and i hope he signed a good deal with the Jaguars. He played 1 year together with Foles, when he was the backup in KC. That might help both of the guys.
  8. Free Agency

    Apparently Conley signed with the Jaguars. I liked him as much as i liked Wilson and i hope he signed a good deal, too.
  9. Hill under investigation for Battery

    I totally agree with you. This information indicates, that Hill might not be the suspect.
  10. Tyreek Hill under investigation for battery

    We really need to wait for more information. According to this information, it looks like Hill might not be the suspect.
  11. I'm split on this singning. The Honey Badger is versatile and a leader in the secondary. In theory a duo of Berry and Mathieu gives me chills, but realistically Berry will probably never reach historische prime again. The money is concerning, since we need a lot to sign Chris Jones, Tyreek and also to give Mahomes his huge contract in a few years. We'll see how the contract is structured, probably like the Watkins one with an out after year 2. But i hope Veach knows what he is doing with the money.
  12. Former Chief Mitch Morse C signs with bills

    I'm happy for the guy. The price is to high for a guy that i feel is one concussion away of retirement. But besides these concerns he's a good player. Very good in pass protection. His run blocking isn't the best but with his pass blocking abilities he should help Allen for sure.
  13. Chiefs sign Carlos Hyde

    He's a good pass protector. He was decent for the 49ers and our coaching staff has the ability to maximize the success of RBs in our offense, so i think Hyde will turn out to be decent for us, therefore i like this signing. Especially since it's a low cost signing anyways.
  14. Free Agency

    I’m ok with this signing as well. As our coaching staff has shown for multiple years, they can get the best out of each RB. Hyde had promising games for the 49ers. I bet he can rebound from his 2018 performance this year and than we might let him go into free agency to gain a compensatory pick for him. For now he adds depth to the RB position, which allows us to use more/higher picks to rebuild our defense during the draft. One trait of Hyde that shouldn’t be underestimated is his ability of pass protection, a trait neither Damien nor Darrell Williams seem to be really good at last season. It gives us the possibility of moving on from the Sausage, although that would be a shame, since i do like that guy. We’ll see. With this move we’re creating more and more competition.
  15. So apparently there seem to be 2 teams interested in Ford, which is a good sign to maybe get something like a bidding war. The Packers own the #12, 30 and 44 pick. The 49ers own #2 and 36. So if the Packers offer the 44, the 49ers might be offering the 36 which might push the Packers to offer us #30. We'll see how it works out.