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  1. What Grade Do You Give the Dolphins Draft???

    B+ I have a good feeling about iggy at 30.
  2. 2020 Pick Tracker

    Apparently Saints want to move back into 2nd round but would need to give up future picks. We have a history lately with them as well?
  3. 2020 Pick Tracker

    Some buzz on Round 2: — Among the players the #Bengals like at No. 33 are Ross Blocklock & Denzel Mims. — #Colts (34) & #Dolphins (39) open to moving out. — #Saints (CB? LB?), #Jets (CB?), #Jaguars (OT?), #Falcons among the teams who have made calls to move up. 848 1:20 PM - Apr 24, 2020 Per Ian Rapoport
  4. Everything Free Agency (Rumors, notes and news)

    Jaguars, Raiders are talking about a Yannick Ngakoue trade; source says the Jaguars currently "want too much" for Ngakoue From pro football talk
  5. Free agency is here, thoughts, news, rumors.

    I want tier 2 players. Young solid players not super expensive.
  6. 2020 NFL Combine Thread

    I'm interested in the medical for Tua. Any idea when we should find out how he did?

    If we do somehow trade both 2's and one of next years 2and. Then we could trade out of rd 1 with pick 26 and accumulate some of those picks back

    I would give up #5 and #39. If its #5 and #26 then I would ask for a 4th rd pick in return
  9. 2020 FF Consensus Mock Draft [Pick 26 - Miami Dolphins]

    1. YGM 2. Cushenberry 3. Dobbins
  10. 2020 Prospect Follow Thread

    I'd take that trade
  11. Welcome Chan Gailey

    Our new OC. I'm kinda ehh about. One word I heard from players to describe Dolphins offense this season was “complex.” With a lot of young players and a young QB likely coming in, Dolphins seem to be switching away from that Patriot-style offense and toward the spread scheme that Chan Gailey prefers to run.
  12. OC Chad O’Shea fired after one season

    Sources tell @TonyPauline that while Chad O’Shea was seen as a great WR coach, people inside the building didn’t view him as a good coordinator. Thus, another reason for the change.
  13. OC Chad O’Shea fired after one season

    As others have alluded to, PFN Insider @AllbrightNFL and PFN Co-Owner @MattyInfante can confirm that the Dolphins had to fire Chad O’Shea so they could keep QB coach Jerry Schuplinski. Schuplinski would’ve likely left with Josh McDaniels, assuming he gets a HC job.
  14. OC Chad O’Shea fired after one season

    Maybe Caldwell coming back. Or Jay Gruden, Pat Shurmer? I was really impressed with O'Shea.
  15. 2020 Prospect Follow Thread

    I heard while watching the Ohio State game yesterday that there was talk of not drafting him so high due to him not showing up in big games?