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  1. Dolphins grant Minkah Fitzpatrick permission to seek trade

    I could see Seahawks, Raiders, Packers, Eagles, Saints, Cowboys, Chiefs and Steelers throwing a 1st.
  2. Players want out?

    Minkah didnt make things any better today. Consistently said the players weren't put into the best positions but they players have to make a play no matter what. When asked if he wants to play for the Miami Dolphins, he said "I just want to play football. All I can control is my love for the game, my attitude, and the passion for game. That's it."
  3. Players want out?

    Wouldn't shock me if Drake and Minkah were involved in wanting out. Maybe even Albert Wilson
  4. Players want out?

    Per a league source with knowledge of the situation, multiple Dolphins players contacted their agents after Sunday’s season-opening blowout loss and directed them to attempt to engineer trades elsewhere.
  5. Dolphins making everyone available for trade

    Kiko traded to Saints
  6. Dolphins trade Tunsil, Stills,+ 4th Rounder

    I'd move Drake now with Ballage, Laird, Gaskins, Walton and Cox on the team
  7. Dolphins making everyone available for trade

    Flores not exactly shooting down the Tunsil trade talk: “There’s no trade in place for him.” Laremy Tunsil politely said he can’t comment when asked if anyone has told him he won’t be traded
  8. Dolphins making everyone available for trade

    Sources from Laremy Tunsil's team have confirmed with our own@TonyPauline that he has been dangled around the league as trade bait. This is in line with what we reported last night - the Miami #Dolphins are shopping a number of veterans on their roster, which includes Tunsil. 8:29 AM · Aug 24, 2019
  9. Additionally, numerous sources to Pro Football Network are telling us that the Miami Dolphins are shopping their entire team, including all tradeable veterans. This means that while some contracts can’t be traded (Xavien Howard, for example), there are many who the Dolphins will listen to offers for. This includes offensive tackle Laremy Tunsil.
  10. Rebuilding Whirlwind

    Yeah I was thinking about if we needed those picks to somehow move up to #1 if needed for a QB. But if Rosen is the real deal! Damn we would have a war chest of picks to build the team around him
  11. My Annual Forum by Forum Mock

    Rashan Gary
  12. Draft Discussion 2019

    Found in another part of the forum quoted from Dave Te Thomas... Alright, this took calls to several teams to find out this was not some poo being passed around. While Cincinnati has been talking to teams to get Dwayne Haskins, the Raiders, Dolphins and Redskins are doing tons of homework on Lock. Chucky (Gruden) loves the kid and while he loves most things throwing a football not named Derek Carr, he's starting to get antsy, thus the recent talks with SF to see what 'ya want for #2. Miami meanwhile, has little interest in Haskins (soft body) and feel Daniel Jones is more hype than substance (kid's ears must be burning from all the Dolphs not-my-guy talks) but really think that Lock is worth jumping into the top five to ******. Now, it comes down to making an offer. It will certainly cost them the #13 & #48 picks, but Miami also has indicated they will sweeten the deal with some 2020 stocking stuffers, as they have just seven picks in this draft. Where might this affect the Giants? DG likes to stockpile picks. Now with #6, he might have interest in the first & second Dolphin choices to move down seven slots, possibly toss in a 5 to get a 4. Still, suddenly, they are looking at Lock as a valid #6 guy themselves, hmm.
  13. Draft Discussion 2019

    Anyone hear anything about the Raiders and Dolphins talking about a trade involving 13 and 4?
  14. Coach Flores introduced as new head coach

    Of the eight NFL head coaches hired this winter, Dolphins’ HC Brian Flores was the only one to receive five fully-guaranteed years, per source. Other HC deals were mainly four years, plus a team option for a fifth. -Adam Schefter
  15. I believe it's his other knee giving him issues