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  1. Coaching Change Rumor Thread

    Bielema said he would draft Wilson in the 2nd round & guaranteed Miami a Super Bowl within 5 years. Jeff Ireland and the front office chastised him for thinking like that, saying that’s the difference between college and pros. Bielema quickly pulled himself out of the race. - Matthew Cannata
  2. Coaching Change Rumor Thread

    Received a message from someone who is plugged in with the Patriots regarding Bret Bielema. “That would be huge addition for Miami. The guy knows everything.” Bielema almost became the Dolphins head coach instead of Philbin but Bielema insisted he would draft Russell Wilson. - Matthew Cannata
  3. Coaching Change Rumor Thread

    According to a source, several teams have expressed interest in hiring Dolphins special teams coordinator Darren Rizzi, who is highly regarded internally. A decision by Rizzi isn’t considered imminent.
  4. Coaching Change Rumor Thread

    Alex Marvez Two sources have told me the hot name circulating around league circles as a likely member of Brian Flores' future @MiamiDolphins staff is @packers assistant Patrick Graham as a potential defensive coordinator. The Miami Herald is also reporting that Brett Bielema, former Wisconsin and Arkansas HC, is being considered for the DC spot. Hes currently a consulstant for the Patriots.
  5. Coaching Change Rumor Thread

    Brett Bielema and Patrick Graham are being discussed as possible DC's.
  6. Pick the HC (Poll)

    Although I picked Jim Harbaugh, I just dont see him leaving. And with Grier getting full control I just dont see John Harbaugh wanting to come here either as it's been reported he wants out for more control. But I do get a get feeling about Kris Richard. Something tells me he should be the choice.
  7. Gase fired

    Also... Miami’s interest in Allen didn’t emerge until Friday. If the silence was deliberate, it was brilliant. Although any of the other teams looking for coaches could have interviewed Allen during the bye week, the fact that no one immediately pursued him may have kept others from adding Allen to the list. Now, it’s too late; by rule, Allen won’t be available for interviews by other teams until the Saints’ postseason run ends. Only the Dolphins would be able to re-interview Allen in the dead period before Super Bowl week.
  8. Gase fired

    According to Adam Beasley, the belief around the league is that Dennis Allen was referred to Ross by Jeff Ireland
  9. Coaching Change Rumor Thread

    I wonder if Ross reached out to Urban Meyer?
  10. Be careful what you wish for.

    I’ve had multiple players and people within the organization DM me petitioning for Rizzi to become the next head coach of the Dolphins. No one in our building is more well-respected than Darren Rizzi. Team could be more serious about him than they’re giving off. — Finszone (@finszone) January 1, 2019
  11. Coaching Change Rumor Thread

    Apparently we are interviewing Rizzi as well so that's good
  12. Be careful what you wish for.

    Being that is reported that we are rebuilding, wouldn't it make it seem to trade back is much more likely than ever? Trade off vets for picks, clear cap space and trade back to gain more picks ala browns.
  13. Coaching Change Rumor Thread

    If it were up to me.. 1. Either Harbaugh 2. Toub 3. Rizzi 4. Campbell 5. Ariens
  14. Coaching Change Rumor Thread

    If those are the choices then Richard or Bieniemy. Not crazy about the choices but this was expected when nothing is out there
  15. Coaching Change Rumor Thread

    Dolphins requested permission for an HC interview with Cowboys' passing game coordinator/DBs coach Kris Richard, per source