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  1. A friend of mine decided to take a road trip to Yellowstone several years ago. One night he was camping in the park and had a fire going and a bison rolled up and laid down next to the fire about 5 feet away from him like it was no big deal. He got a picture of it and everything.
  2. I have no doubt that 14 team would have absolutely **** stomped NE in the Super Bowl.
  3. As long as it's not Daughtry I'll forgive him.
  4. His testing scores were nearly identical to Ezra Cleveland's.
  5. I don't think he's bad, nor was I trying to imply that he's bad, it's just that I think he could be a hell of a lot better if he actually wanted to be.
  6. Oh it could definitely be worse, like Byron Bell the year before. He's just frustrating as hell to watch IMO.
  7. Out of all the IOL we have, SOMEONE has to end up better than Billy "Pattycake" Turner by 2021.
  8. I heard his name called a lot when I would watch USC game film to try to get a read on Pittman.
  9. LOL you saw that, too, huh? That was one of the worst attempts at a block by a football player at any level that I've ever seen. Looks like Tarzan, plays like Jane.
  10. The "white" uniforms look like they were accidentally thrown in the washing machine with the darks. And WTF is going on with that font? All it's missing is some glitter.
  11. Feed him some roids and put him at TE.
  12. It's ok, we all know who you're talking about.
  13. It's a miracle no NFL team has hired him yet.
  14. I never use the word epic to describe anything because it's so horrifically overused, but that was legitimately ******* epic.
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