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  1. I'm down with a linebacker whose teammates gave the nickname "The Hammer".
  2. The only play MVS should ever be involved in is a deep shot. Nothing else.
  3. Damn if he could have led him they might have been 6. I'll take it though.
  4. Yes, I know. I was being a wise *** about the fact that Dillon is a soft runner.
  5. Indy will go for it on 4th down and Pettine will give the receivers a 10 yard cushion. Game over.
  6. Well the guy they drafted is at least big.
  7. LMAO and there it is. Shepherd is not an NFL caliber player.
  8. How the hell did they get out of there with only a FG?
  9. The defensive players need to just refuse to play any more games until Pettine is gone.
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