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  1. Why did I think Benkert was way shorter than that? I thought he was Doug Flutie size for some reason.
  2. I'm guessing you meant 17 catches? That threw me for a loop for a minute lol.
  3. We get it, you believe everyone is beneath since you are/were in the military and that everyone should kiss your *** because of it.
  4. Cobb should be required to pay back at least half of his last contract he signed with the Packers in order to come back to GB, and then they should cut him his first day back.
  5. Longer hours does not equal increased production. Sorry to keep the thread derailed, but that myth needs to die.
  6. What about the dweeby Suns fan doing that goofy chicken on cocaine dance?
  7. Giannis balled the **** out last night. That was so much fun to watch. Now someone needs to point me to the **** stain who decided to start all these games at 9pm eastern time so I can tie him/her down and beat them with a bamboo cane. There's no reason those of us on the east coast should have to stay up until midnight to watch NBA games.
  8. I didn't imagine you had long hair, but that's good ****. Am a former longhair myself, donated it a few months ago. I never got ****ed with because of it though so I never had to threaten to stab anyone.
  9. Ah yes, good old Joe Arrigo. Along with a poster on another forum named Patty who claimed to be a "retired" NFL scout. They were both completely full of **** 100% of the time.
  10. And then turn around and ask her what mansplaining is and watch her mansplain it to you.
  11. LMAO @ the avatar. So appropriate after that embarrassment in game 2.
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