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  1. I would take Tufele or Togiagi. I don't know anything about Newsome but if he's the real deal I'd consider him, too.
  2. Just my opinion after messing with that site extensively last year, but I wouldn't put too much stock in TDN. Anything having to do with them, ESPECIALLY their prospect evals, needs to be taken with a Mount Everest sized grain of salt.
  3. If Rodgers would have had another year like the previous 2 or 3, he probably would have been traded to another team already and Love would be our starting QB next year. Nobody here, especially those of you whining about the Love pick, thought Rodgers would have an MVP year this year, and if you say you did, you're straight up lying.
  4. I don't see why he couldn't. He's pretty agile for a big dude.
  5. I don't think McNeill will last until day 3. Would be a huge steal if he did though.
  6. It's quickly becoming unaffordable to live anywhere so it's not all that surprising. Aside from that, though, it sounds like the type of place I'm looking for. I moved to the Blue Ridge Mountains in SW Virginia at the end of 2019 and while it's better than Wisconsin, I'd still prefer somewhere in the Rockies. I've been considering Sedona or Flagstaff or somewhere in Colorado, but I'll have to put Santa Fe on the list to consider as well.
  7. Northern Arizona, maybe Flagstaff-ish? I've been eyeing the SW Rockies up for a future move due to the weather you speak of.
  8. My point was why go from targeting the best to scraping the bottom of the barrel when the first choice doesn't work out?
  9. I don't understand MLF. When he went to hire his first ST coordinator he found the very best there was and it fell through, so he instead found the very worst he could find and hired him. Now the exact same scenario happened except with the DC. Why does he do this ****?
  10. I have a feeling there will be a run on IDL in the 2nd round, so guys like Barmore, McNeil, Nixon, Tufele and maybe even Shelvin will all be gone by the time our pick rolls around, and a couple might already be gone before pick 29, so I think if we're going to get one of the good IDL, we'll probably have to do it at 29. That's just my guess though, who knows how the draft will play out. Would love to land Nixon though.
  11. If MLF really does want to hire Barry then Murphy needs to step in and tell him it's not happening.
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