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  1. NM, that was actually a legit call lol.
  2. Holy **** this crew is ******* terrible.
  3. How the hell did Davante pass the concussion test? Dude looked like he was asleep after the hit.
  4. Well, ****. There goes Davante with a concussion.
  5. Looked to me like just said **** it and threw it into the ground.
  6. How was that not intentional grounding?
  7. They just had 1-on-1 coverage on Davante on the outside and they handed the ball off on 2nd and 29? Ok then.
  8. Playing like he wants to get someone fired again?
  9. I forgot Patrick was playing LG today. I'm not a fan of his either.
  10. Yeah the o-line is probably the biggest issue with the offense today. Losing Linsley and not having Bakh back yet really shows. I'm surprised we're not better off with Kelly at RT and Turner at RG rather than Newman at RG.
  11. It sure sucks when our own defense forces Aaron to throw two picks.
  12. Someone forgot to tell Amos that he's allowed to jump to contest a catch.
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