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  1. We need another CB!

    And that ladies and gentlemen, is the bottom line...
  2. Advice from the old guys

    The toughest thing is the revolving door that ends up getting created. At QB, at coaching, etc. We fans need to trust the Rooney's when they extend Tomlin while we are having losing seasons. We need to not get sucked into a QB that has a hot year thinking he is the next coming when he could easily flame out (see the Browns last winning season). Constancy is the basis to build on..and that takes time and patience.

    Tim 45 Maryland OK State Raising kids...the whole family thing. Movie- The Thing Show-American Horror Story Steelers- Blount, The Bubster, Ben, Troy, an endless list of LBs... Get out of debt (student, mortgage).
  4. OUR Rushmore.

    Clemente, Lemieux, Greene, Art Sr.
  5. 2017 Breakout Player

    It would take a lot to be better than Ike, IMO.
  6. What movie are you watching v1

    Has anybody seen the sci-fi Origin Wars? Any good?
  7. 2017 Breakout Player

    Shazier. I think he is on the brink to a monster season. We know he can do it. It's just a matter of consistency and health.
  8. PITTSBURGH PENGUINS THREAD - off-season discussion

    Offseason has depleted the 3rd line and role players. Kunitz will hurt. But we got some young guys that can really play.
  9. Steelers obligatory thread