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  1. PITTSBURGH PENGUINS THREAD - Quest 2 threepeat!!!

    Going to Pens vs. Caps Nov 10.
  2. 5up 5down vs Jaguars

  3. T.A.S.T.... This Aint STEELERS Talk

    Here we go again... Gettin' married today!!
  4. What are you reading? V1

    Book 5 of the Demon Cycle series- The Core. Fave series.
  5. Week #5 Gameday Thread Steelers vs. Jaguars

    Over/under on Brown's chances for flipping out if he isn't targeted 15+ times in the game?
  6. Best Defense ever?

    I think the biggest "if" is if that defense won a championship or not. And btw...nobody has mentioned the 77 Falcons...
  7. Week 4 Gameday Thread Steelers @ Ravens

    I finally got to see a game. Run blocking was good. Pass protection was pretty good too, I thought. D-line looked excellent. The guys up front generated a ton of push. Hearing the Ravens fans boo their team is always a good thing.
  8. Lack of participation/interest on this forum?

    Since everybody is constantly asking "What happened to 'nat????", I'll answer. Life. I've been busy getting married (again) and buying a house. Hopefully in a month or so when things calm down I can start posting more, but I'm barely catching any games like others have mentioned. I lurk a lot, but I don't get to see the games. Highlights are about all I get right now.
  9. Vikes looked sharp last game. Bradford was on the mark. Could be a good test for our secondary.
  10. Ups/Downs Week 1

    I didn't see the game...so which was the issue? Bell or the run blocking?
  11. Steelers sign Haydn

    It's in the news section already. 3 years/ 27 mill. Improvement? Thoughts? Baking recipes?
  12. We need another CB!

    And that ladies and gentlemen, is the bottom line...
  13. Advice from the old guys

    The toughest thing is the revolving door that ends up getting created. At QB, at coaching, etc. We fans need to trust the Rooney's when they extend Tomlin while we are having losing seasons. We need to not get sucked into a QB that has a hot year thinking he is the next coming when he could easily flame out (see the Browns last winning season). Constancy is the basis to build on..and that takes time and patience.

    Tim 45 Maryland OK State Raising kids...the whole family thing. Movie- The Thing Show-American Horror Story Steelers- Blount, The Bubster, Ben, Troy, an endless list of LBs... Get out of debt (student, mortgage).