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  1. Yup - refs have money on the game. Very clearly.
  2. BS Penalty and then BS call - A FIELD GOAL DOWN 14?!?
  3. Well..that was the worst way for this game to end.
  4. It's the field goal zone. Unbelievable.
  5. Clock only stops out of bounds on last 5 minutes of a half.
  6. There's Breida. Not understanding the snap count difference now, but hey - it's working.
  7. 3rd and 6 conversion coming up.
  8. But we've been bad at the same things when they've been playing. 3rd and long defense is awful.
  9. What? Foster hurt? NO WAY!
  10. I'd love for us to just hold to a field goal. We need 2 scores anyway...that would seem like a minor victory.
  11. I think now the Chiefs will put the foot back on the gas to take us out of it.
  12. I think they split drives - Breida was in all last drive. Morris was in all this drive until he needed a breather. Last drive just went quicker as Breida keeps breaking off chunk yardage. Next drive - look to see if Breida is the main back.
  13. Wow...this team this year, lol.