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  1. There won't be any disaster, because there won't be any season.
  2. A minor correction, but they would both be RFAs this year. Based on 2019 performance, I'd say each would probably fetch a 2nd round tender at the moment. In 2020, those were $3,278,000. That represents a significant 2.6M increase for each. Not huge - but $5.2M in extra cap space to those two players. Say Brunskill wins the RG job and repeats his 2019 performance? That's a certain jump up to a 1st round tender of $4,667,000 (in 2020 cost). The NFL highly covets offensive linemen, and he was unbeatable in 2019. To repeat that performance would suggest he's a high-level OL. I'd guess Moseley would still only be a 2nd round tender unless he takes a very unexpected major development leap and becomes a top 10 CB. Even if he develops into a top 30 CB, you don't necessarily need to go to a 1st round tender for him. I don't agree regarding Richburg because they just restructured his contract. I think he's likely going to see the full deal unless he chooses to retire due to injury. I agree about Ford and especially Alexander. This would be obvious if Dre Greenlaw has another good year, but either way, he represents what will likely be the easiest salary dump.
  3. 49era extend Kyle Shanahan 6 year deal

    I love it. My only complaint is that it replaced the final three years of his old contract. I'd have been fine with adding it all on at the end and kept him through 2028 (though I'm sure Kyle will have a nice raise in those replaced years, so thrilled for him either way).
  4. Is he the new "Pay the man!" guy? I forget who that rallying cry was for last time. Maybe Dashon Goldson. But I don't think we paid the man. Edit: This is just a random musing.
  5. Most of it would be put into 2021 and beyond where there will be plenty of space. But there's likely a push to have something up front as well which might just require a little cap maneuvering.
  6. So, perhaps frustrating your best player by keeping him four years criminally underpaid as originally a 5th round rookie and then two years as still vastly underpaid on the Franchise tag might not be the best way of retaining that player beyond those six years. And as for the bolded, this is not true at all. We've already entered a territory where everyone knows the tight end market is not dictating what he will be paid, and so they're trying to figure out his value. Say he goes out this year and puts up another 1,000 yard season but suddenly becomes a red zone threat and chips in 12 touchdowns. Do you want to pay him #1 WR money? George Kittle has already proven to be the best all-around TE in the league, and might arguably be the best blocking tight end and the best receiving tight end simultaneously. He's produced back-to-back monster seasons. He's not getting cheaper. Which means there are a lot of reasons to pay him now, because the only other option is much much more expensive.
  7. This is the change to which I'm most amenable as an alternate (gold jerseys), so long as the color or design doesn't make me want to vomit (like those two).
  8. You would have some other team I couldn't support.
  9. This 100%. A merely good offense on that 2011 team would have made Ahmad Bradshaw and Kyle Williams really irrelevant. Let's not forget that the second receiver went from Josh Morgan to Tedd Ginn to Kyle Williams and we were bringing practice squad players up to play receiver #3. That offense was enough for Trent Baalke to go all-in on AJ Jenkins, and the rest, as they say, is history.
  10. New Forum - New Random

    Not horrible? They are a real eyesore. I love the colors, but they look like a Div II school. Like, they basically took every element of their uniform and made it worse (minus the colors - they should have just done this color scheme in their throwbacks (this might be their throwback colors, hard to tell on my phone if it's slightly tweaked or not). I hate how so many teams try these really weird designs with their uniforms because they near universally flop and look god awful for five to twenty years.
  11. New Forum - New Random

    Just so it's clear, it was definitely a joke. But one that I held over her head all weekend, haha. But truth told, she is my absolute world, and @rudyZ couldn't be more correct.
  12. I think it's an interesting debate between the more frustrating of the two losses, but to me - it has to do a lot about what I thought of the teams: -I never thought the Harbaugh led 49ers were the best NFL team in 2011, 2012, or 2013. -I thought the 2019 49ers were the best NFL team. That 2012 team got beat down by the Vikings (Wildcard team) and got blown out by a Giants team that missed the playoffs under Alex Smith, and they couldn't beat the below .500 Rams in two attempts and got flat-out murdered by the Seahawks in Seattle under Kaepernick. That was a great team, but at no point could I look at a good team and confidently say we were going to hang with them. There was a lot of held breath. And to top it all off - the defense was not itself once Justin Smith had that triceps injury, so you couldn't even count on them to do anything but slow someone down. In the five games (including playoffs) before the Super Bowl, the team allowed an average of over 28 points per game. So entering the game I wasn't confident. And going down 28-6...I just had resigned myself to a loss by the time it happened. I was happier that they came back and weren't the first blowout in like 10 Super Bowls. Absolutely crushing defeat, but it didn't hit like this one did. Especially with the key caveat that no important cog on the team played their final NFL game and never had another shot to win it all. This year, the team lost one game in OT on the final play to a division rival who made the playoffs, one game to an unquestionable top 4 team (to me, #3) in the league by a field goal, and the only game where they played down to the opponent, the loss came in the last 5 seconds of the game. They still beat said divisional rival and a top 5 team (both on the final play), and in a lot of games, including against both NFC playoff teams, the team was dominant. Then to control Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs the entire game, get seemingly game-sealing picks, and then with 7 minutes left, to just utterly collapse...no question about it. Coming with the added sting of Joe Staley never getting another opportunity at a ring? Absolutely no question about it.
  13. New Forum - New Random

    Yeah, it wasn't great. But I feel like any of the facts like that it was a horror movie, a sequel, a horror movie about a possessed doll, a horror movie sequel about a possessed doll, a horror movie sequel about a possessed doll starring current c-level actor, Katie Holmes, or just any browsing of reviews should have been enough to know to not rent a movie that will be available 3 months from now in the under $5 bin at Walmart. I feel like this wonton recklessness when it comes to finances warrants some form of retribution.
  14. New Forum - New Random

    Question for married couples: Is renting Brahms: The Boy II for $5.99 legal grounds for divorce? Or am I being too bitter about being forced to watch a terrible movie that I might be overreacting to the email receipt for $5.99 I got this morning? This is a timely issue, please give advice fast.
  15. You are currently overestimating his value.