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  1. Around the NFL

    Hope this looks good when pasted, ESPN "juiced" all the top contracts to be as bizarrely inflated as Juszczyk's contract is. It's funny to see: Let's Juszczyk-Size The NFL Here's what the three-year payouts for the highest-paid players at each position would look like if they got deals like Kyle Juszczyk: POSITION LEADER 3-YEAR PAYOUT COMPARABLE JUSZCZYK DEAL QB Matt Ryan $94,500,000 $189,169,519 RB LeSean McCoy $27,300,000 $69,962,605 WR Mike Evans $55,000,000 $121,812,445 TE Jimmy Graham $30,000,000 $64,275,139 T Nate Solder $48,000,000 $93,500,907 G Zack Martin $43,000,000 $79,905,101 C Ryan Jensen $32,300,000 $68,768,715 EDGE Von Miller $61,100,000 $123,503,466 DT Marcell Dareus $53,150,000 $99,298,948 LB Jamie Collins $37,250,000 $79,351,658 CB Josh Norman $51,000,000 $111,945,288 S Eric Berry $42,500,000 $71,303,408 K Justin Tucker $13,750,000 $28,920,494 P Bryan Anger $10,000,000 $23,735,193
  2. Minor Niner News Thread

    You didn't even include Trent Taylor in that mix. Really was a terrific class.
  3. Reuben Foster suspended 2 games

    He was great last year, so it will definitely hurt. Our third round linebacker, Fred Warner, looks like he picked stuff up pretty quickly in the offseason thus far and we also get Malcolm Smith back. So this doesn't look to hurt us nearly as bad as it happening last year would have.
  4. Reuben Foster suspended 2 games

    I'm shocked. Was expecting 4 at minimum. This? He'll be recovering from 4 preseason injuries anyway. We're good.
  5. Yep. He has a long way to go still, but I have faith in what Shanahan sees in him. He was a good prospect. And I think he might just be a late bloomer who is in a favorable scheme with Jimmy G.
  6. Minor Niner News Thread

    Until training camp, yes.
  7. Minor Niner News Thread

  8. 49ers Agree to contract with Jimmy G

    I do really wish we could go back and time and swap Alex and Rodgers and see what would have happened. I truly wish there was a way to know.
  9. 49ers Agree to contract with Jimmy G

    Obviously, this is the single most important stat cuz Jimmy.
  10. Victor Bolden WR suspended 4 games for PEDs

    Would not be shocked if he doesn't make it to training camp now.
  11. biggest concern heading into the season

    The answer is certainly pass rush. Any other problem on the team that won't be injury-related, we can mask.
  12. OTAs

    If he gets 7 or more sacks, I will be a very happy man. He looked good last year. Would love to see it happen. I mean, I'd love anyone on the team to get 7 or more sacks, really. Let them all do it. Buckner, Armstead, Thomas, Marsh, Attaochu, Harold, Day, Pita. I'm okay with all of this.
  13. OTAs

    Running backs are really the position that is the hardest to gauge in the offseason unless they're showing up as pass catchers or in pass protection. We'll see where he is at in the preseason.
  14. Minor Niner News Thread