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  1. I won't go too much further into it, but I think this represents the difference between fans and coaches/league personnel very well. To us, the above makes sense because we care about wins only. Coaches of course need better backups for wins as wins help keep their jobs, but their jobs rely on developing players and implementing systems. That's impossible to do when you don't have the ball. So it doesn't simply matter that neither Beathard (2-10 as a starter) or Peterman (1-3) are going to win many games. Beathard's 18 TD to 13 INT ratio allows for way more offensive development than Peterman'
  2. One would think Beathard is an obvious choice, but I don't think many hate on the Beathard pick as much as 49ers fans do. In Shanahan's first draft, with Hoyer penciled in as the transitional starter and a plan for Kirk Cousins the following year, all the team needed/wanted was a low cost backup that could stick around in the system for 4 years and maybe develop - there were no expectations for pick #104. Shanahan gave up pick #219 in the 7th to go up and select the guy of his choosing for that specific role. And with the benefit of hindsight, you wouldn't go back and choose any QB taken
  3. Here are all my offseason thoughts wrapped up into one post for posterity. I have always and will always continue to hate trade ups in the first that involve giving up the package of picks we did (including future firsts). History shows these tend to cripple teams in a few years when they no longer have cheap replacement options for guys and need to spend more to keep them. I also greatly preferred Fields. The package to get from 12 to 10 for Fields would have been far preferable with (what I believe to be) a better outcome, and we know this as two division teams made that exact trade. W
  4. Well, I can promise you this thread with this community is head and heels better than any other similar discussion happening elsewhere. This forum is second to none. But, I also had been avoiding here because I have to catch up on 40 pages of speculation and it's too much for me and my waning enthusiasm for life and all its tedium.
  5. You and me both. I've tried to stay away from all football-related news/social media because it's really annoying keeping up with the hundreds of hot takes pouring in every hour. Two of my favorite music artists played streaming shows over the weekend which happily kept me distracted until today. Might just go Internet free until Thursday. It's brutal out there.
  6. Yes, but brace yourself, because then he's a Seahawk.
  7. So we could lose a Super Bowl to him and then both be irrelevant for two decades?
  8. The Venn diagram of Twitsperts who 100% disbelieve the part about Mac Jones being the pick and Twitsperts who 100% believe the part about Garoppolo being traded is just one large circle.
  9. So, 31.36 teams think the 49ers will draft Mac Jones. Wonder which one is partially confused.
  10. This is my exact QB board. And I only have the first three with first round grades.
  11. @Forge This is three posts in a row. You can't @ me until at least May now.
  12. Well then, that's the first time I have seen anyone properly rank Jones, so props to TDN.
  13. I don't know, honestly. I've been torn on this concept for a while. I'm open to the idea, but I can also think of a lot of drawbacks. Namely, it requires you to be able to draft/develop a winning NFL QB twice, and most teams have a heck of a time doing it once. Then you probably only have a three-year window thanks to our complicated scheme. You also probably have to be certain that the guy you trade is worth the team with the #1 overall pick giving that up, or possibly a little lower if there are multiple good QBs like this year (though, 2018 was also a "great" class of QBs, so that's a varia
  14. Oh man, just wait until you see the college stats and highlights of Bryce Petty, Kellen Moore, Graham Harrell, Colt Brennan, and Matt Leinart. They will make you go "McCorkle who?" I don't advise you check on their NFL careers, though. Give me the guy who can win both now AND after the mega contract he'll inevitably sign in 2024 that makes it impossible to sign other players that give him perfect surroundings.
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