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  1. New Forum - New Random

    Vic Tafur wrote it. Here is the link: https://theathletic.com/1074565/2019/07/16/an-agents-life-doug-hendrickson-and-cj-laboy-on-bs-contracts-dealing-with-players-families-and-trying-to-set-their-clients-up-for-the-long-haul/
  2. New Forum - New Random

    There is an interesting article about agents and contracts in The Athletic. They bring up our 49ers in the article, and the agents discussing our team were...unkind to the franchise, to put it politely (they used a forum-banned word or two). I forget who it was earlier this offseason, but somebody had posted a good point about our extremely team-friendly contracts potentially becoming a deterrent to signing here. If these agents quoted in the Athletic article are indicative of agents as a whole, then this might legitimately be a thing. Now, to be fair, the agents also noted that we have had nobody here other than Kaepernick who would have had the ability to really get a great contract for players here, so that plays a role. It's true when you consider that guys we have been signing have come with a lot of baggage (Garoppolo = injury in 2016/small sample, McKinnon = small/never in lead back role, Kwon = coming off of injury/loads of missed tackles, etc.). However, that perception clearly does exist in some circles. I don't think it's a major issue, even moving forward. I think a great way to quickly change that perception would be to give more player-friendly contracts to Kittle/Buckner if they have repeats of their great 2018 seasons. Something that says we take good care of our cornerstones.
  3. Just saw Maiocco post it: "The option in the contract, which the 49ers must pick up by Week 17 of the 2020 season, helped both sides feel more at ease, according to Schefter."
  4. Other than rookie contracts, I don't know that I have seen option years in the NFL, so I don't know how that works. Will need to see one of the Matts discuss it. Wild guess- Gould has control over the option. Seems that the guy who went from asking for a trade because he missed Chicago would probably not agree to a contract where the team had two controllable extra years built-in. But that's assuming everything has been reported correctly to date.
  5. In before anyone who doesn't understand contracts relative of salary cap and position value complain about our kicker's contract.
  6. OTA's/Minicamp/Training Camp Discussion Thread

    This is also a fair point.
  7. OTA's/Minicamp/Training Camp Discussion Thread

    It's even scarier when you realize the defense might see Kittle, Juice, McKinnon, Pettis, and Samuel all in the huddle and have absolutely zero clue if they are going to face an I formation run or if we're going to go 5 wide and find the mismatch of a linebacker covering someone he shouldn't.
  8. New Forum - New Random

    Yeah, he never really showed any love or desire for football. He did appear more interested in fishing.
  9. New Forum - New Random

    He sucked.
  10. OTA's/Minicamp/Training Camp Discussion Thread

    16 games of Garoppolo = 11-5. >12 games of Beathard/Mullens = 6-10
  11. Minor Niner News Thread

    I am having a hard time answering this.
  12. OTA's/Minicamp/Training Camp Discussion Thread

    The only serious injury among any non-UDFA players is Celek's, so I think things are still in pretty great shape. All the other injuries are minor or from last season. Celek is the only one who is not expected to be cleared in time for training camp (he has the Trent Taylor back injury). Sucks that the guys aren't getting offseason reps, but it's not otherwise concerning.
  13. Minor Niner News Thread

    Absolutely. It's a real shame he never truly got help so he could put this behind him.
  14. Minor Niner News Thread

    One measurement of time I use is the "Aldon Smith" - which is the exact length of time that passes between Aldon Smith DUI arrests. It's not particularly long. https://www.nbcsports.com/bayarea/49ers/ex-49ers-raiders-star-aldon-smith-arrested-suspicion-dui-kansas
  15. OTA's/Minicamp/Training Camp Discussion Thread

    My favorite offseason disclaimer is "padless football is meaningless football." That said, pads don't affect a player's ability to hold onto the ball. Hopefully that position group got an earful, because it sounds like they earned it.