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  1. 49ers Re-Signed Ronald Blair to 1 year deal

    I wouldn't be surprised to see him return on a veteran minimum deal, but my best guess is it would happen after the draft if the team is unsatisfied with the team depth afterward. I'd like to see Moore return as well, but it's really hard to judge his true worth and value as he was a final roster cut that was never picked up by anyone else, and while he looked great when he did get to play in the regular season, it was across two games. Add in that he's a vet who will be 28 when the season starts and has already accrued over 4 full seasons of playing time, and we have someone who will be a little bit more expensive than rookies that may come in and replace him just fine. But it's clear that his market is small given that he was available for many weeks after the season began and nobody grabbed him, and even after looking well in his limited time, he's still just there and available. So post-draft, if that depth is still needed, I think you might see him.
  2. Sheldon Day signs for the Colts

    It's okay. I would rather more threads more often actually.
  3. Took you long enough to catch on. We miss everything that has ever happened and only talk about it all after the fact. 20/20 hindsight baby.
  4. Another week and another episode - check out our free agency review on this week's episode!
  5. 49ers sign Travis Benjamin WR

    Not regularly since 2014 (under Kyle) for kicks and 2017 for punts. He's also going to be 31, and probably doesn't need to return kicks for us either.
  6. 49ers sign Travis Benjamin WR

    I believe you are thinking of Kelvin Benjamin, who might be the better Benjamin to bring in. 5'10" 175 lb. Travis Benjamin is not going to play a tight end, and really doesn't appear to add much to this team (though he did play under Kyle with the Browns half a lifetime ago).
  7. I mean...he has more career yards and receptions than Dante Pettis despite injury concerns. Who else can we be excited for?
  8. 49ers sign LB Joe Walker

    I know I looked at the roster and thought, "hey, you know what we're missing? Another linebacker."
  9. It's a hard to defend lineup on paper for sure, but a lot of uncertainty in the group.
  10. This helps us out doubly as we might end up with Sanders AND a top rookie if nobody offers Sanders a big contract.
  11. 2020 Draft Thread

    I thought the same thing about DJ Jones. I think we should lock him up to a 3-4 year deal this offseason because he has a chance to become a LOT more expensive next.
  12. 49ers sign Tom Compton Guard

    I think Brunskill and the hope that we add someone in the draft are the reasons I will shrug off this Person for Compton trade-off. And I don't think that guard needs to be one of the two first round picks, unless it's a tackle playing guard.
  13. Ben Garland Re-signed to One Year Deal

    Or Brunskill wins the job and we keep a valuable depth piece.
  14. Around the NFL III - The NFLiest Yet

    There's a rumor that we have our eye on trading one of the two picks (more likely #31) for someone, which would likely require the cap space we do have. Whether or not that trade represents an improvement is impossible to tell, but it's probably part of the reason we didn't.
  15. Around the NFL III - The NFLiest Yet

    I definitely would be interested in a bargain bin deal.