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  1. Ugh...this has been miserable.
  2. Trent Brown down, too.
  3. Given that injury was the concern with Foster, it's not a good look that after suffering an injury in the first quarter of his first game and missing a few weeks he is down again in his first game back.
  4. That was an awesome extra point.
  5. He should be suspended
  6. Oh no...3rd and 1...no way we get 3 in a row.
  7. I don't think we're tanking on this one. I think we're just not being very good.
  8. It's fun to see a drive.
  9. Breida, please hold onto that next time.
  10. Who would kick now?
  11. Guys - we get a TD here, and then get the ball in the second half and score a TD, and we're right at a 3-point game again.
  12. Kittle held onto the ball!
  13. That explains the 2-point conversion.
  14. So that 3 points or less streak ends this week. Was a nice run.