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  1. OTAs

    Hard to get injured on the bench! This is one heck of a strategy to keep him healthy. If he's not winning a starting role by the end of camp, I can see the team trading him for a pick or maybe an EDGE option to a team that had a big DB injury. It'd be obvious at that point that he won't be a 49er in 2019. Plus, he's got the Baalke mark of death.
  2. The Reuben Foster Legal File Thread

    Foster will serve a suspension for the same reasons Brady and Zeke served suspensions. Emperor Goodell does whatever he wants, and Jed York likely just angered him by his blabbing to the press about abstaining from the anthem vote. When Goodell has a bone to pick with an owner, players get suspended.
  3. OTAs

    He definitely had those ones mentioned above in one on one drills. But there were also the ones in team drills when the offense as a whole looked off (new plays were being installed). I mean, there are certainly reasons he didn't look great (in written reports), but I still don't see it as out of character, nor do I see him as becoming anything more than a suitable backup at this point.
  4. OTAs

    I don't think pads or no pads favors either side since it's no-contact. It's about staying in front of your guy (individual players may be much quicker without pads on, but that could be on either side of the ball). You might be thinking of 1 on 1 drills. Those heavily favor the defensive player.
  5. OTAs

    This just seems par for the course to me. My only hope for Garnett at this point is that he's a better than terrible backup.
  6. New Forum - New Random

    I'm glad you feel this way. I smoked some gouda a little too long this weekend and wondered how it might work in poutine. Glad to know I won't be disrespectful to poutine.
  7. New Forum - New Random

    I think I like that one even more than the original
  8. New Forum - New Random

    Boy, do I miss the head banging against a brick wall smiley.
  9. Minor Niner News Thread

    This sounds like sarcasm, but obviously the 49ers could not pick someone not even in the draft over Manny Lawson, so yes - they are mutually exclusive.
  10. Minor Niner News Thread

    So you admit that this is just solely your opinion and not based on any pre-established criteria any other rational being would use? I'm okay with that.
  11. Minor Niner News Thread

    Seems odd to change your point from "I'd rather pick any of these guys" to "here's a list of better guys who happened to enter the league at the same time" totally unprompted, but this whole discussion is bizarre to me, so what do I know?
  12. Minor Niner News Thread

    Okay - find me one other source that uses this definition, and maybe I'll consider it valid. You find me another source that considers Manny Lawson a draft bust, and maybe I will see this as something that doesn't mirror a lunatic shouting in the middle of Times Square that the earth being round is really just a government conspiracy. Otherwise, I will continue to classify it as ludicrous.
  13. Minor Niner News Thread

    Ahmad Brooks wasn't in the 2006 draft. He was a supplemental pick and could not have been taken at #22 (a real problem that comes from a quick scan of Wikipedia for your draft knowledge, as no other source would stupidly include picks counted in 2007 in a 2006 listing). And I counted those other guys. But the problem with hindsight is you don't get to choose top 20 players at pick #22 because the other teams in front of you would have chosen them already.
  14. Minor Niner News Thread

    Yeah, I gave you a list of such guys - Vince Young, Jay Cutler, Joseph Addai, Michael Robinson, Leon Washington, Marcedes Lewis, Stephen Gostkowski, and Sam Koch Which one do you want? Because for Pro Bowlers, that doesn't seem like a list of players remarkably better than Lawson. You didn't necessarily jump for any of them. You alluded to wanting other players the other teams picking in hindsight also would have taken. But the whole activity is stupid and meaningless, because obviously teams weren't going to draft players in order of greatness or draft mid, late, or even undrafted prospects early. The idea that Marques Colston should have been the pick at #6 overall instead of Vernon Davis (approximately the 6th best player at the same position of need) makes for an interesting redraft article but has no basis in reality. Not to mention that late round guys drafted without the pressure of being first rounders suddenly have it, and those who came in with a chip on their shoulder suddenly lose it. And I think it's likely without question that guys like Colston might have radically different careers if they're suddenly transplanted from Super Bowl-level teams with HOF QBs to teams run by offensive geniuses like Hoestler and Raye. In the 2006 class, Pro-Football-Reference ranks Manny Lawson 41st in the class in career approximate value. It's not a perfect system, but one of the better ways to rank careers of players across positions. An overdraft? Sure, but not like it was anywhere near actual draft busts from that class like Matt Leinart, Bobby Carpenter, or Tye Hill. And of the 40 guys ahead of him, 15 of those players were drafted more than 2 full rounds later than Lawson. Meaning- of all the guys drafted within the first three rounds, the team drafted the 26th best player at pick #22. That's hardly worth batting an eye over. They drafted a perfectly average guy.
  15. State of the Franchise

    I read the most horrible news that the team has reserved the right to wear them again in the future.