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  1. Man, I already thought it was brutal in 49ers land before this game. It's gonna be a cesspool for the entire year again. Instant gratification has ruined everything.
  2. Perfect opening drives on offense and defense. Is it too much to ask for this for the rest of forever?
  3. I don't really see the difference between letting 11 more seconds run off the clock and Juice falling at the two. Both have a "but what if we don't score" possibility. And with three timeouts, the only clock issue is too much time. Personally, I think we could have done anything at this point. I'm not ready to replace any of the main culprits but Jimmy at this point. I was perfectly happy giving him every chance to succeed because dumb injuries hampered his development, but he is who he is now. And who he is can be quite pathetic. Mack and Ryans need to figure it out quick, but I think i
  4. Reverse the coaches and defense and I think it's the correct order of blame. It's dumb luck we even had a chance. The terrible 4th and short punts made it a certainty we'd lose this game. Within 3 plays, Rodgers had already moved past the spot where he would have taken over had we got stuffed on a QB sneak. Except by punting, there was never a chance of getting the first. We punted on points we badly needed. And how we didn't have the awareness to realize that the same exact thing was going to happen with that much time left at the end is beyond me. Kicking into the endzone, playing that
  5. Shanny put in the punt team twice on 4th and short, so he damn well owed us that TD. The football gods punish pansy football.
  6. I guess trends are in the eye of the beholder. 0 catches Week 1, 1 catch Week 2, 2 catches week 3....he'll be over 10 per game by Week 12!
  7. Sam Darnold and the Panthers beat down the Saints. Zach Wilson with 4 INTs and 0 TDs. Maybe the Jets are just/have just been a Div II football team?
  8. I wonder how much of this had to do with the fact that Philly's defense gets to go up against Hurts so often that having to defend against both Jimmy and Lance (meaning, defending a mobile QB) would not have created an advantage, and instead would have taken reps away from Jimmy.
  9. Philly's defense > Green Bay's defense. That's the good news.
  10. This he was. I'd have AJ Brown and Tee Higgins instead of Deebo and Aiyuk.
  11. Totally agree with this. Unfortunately, with the NFL rules are as written, I do think it should have been a penalty. I don't think it was dirty in any way, though.
  12. Sanu did a great job of helping that become a penalty.
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