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  1. I like Twitter for limiting me to 280 characters, but 49ers Twitter is a joyless hellscape of giant egos and wrong opinions.
  2. To be clear, I think Trask will be taken much earlier than the 6th. When Nathan Peterman came out I made a similar comment. And much like Peterman, I think someone will take him too early and he'll stay in the NFL way longer than he should.
  3. I would be on board with Trask if he's available in the 6th and we're good with him likely being out of the NFL in 2023.
  4. I mean at this point, he really only needs to play a full game and he's just as useful in 2020, no? Hope everyone is well! Don't know why this is the 2020 season thread I decided was worthy of a y2 cameo, but here it is 😃
  5. I think it's a shame for two reasons, because I think I corrected the things you accuse me of in that post through the entirety of the argument, and I did my best to add some language that would hint that there was no negative tone intended in my post - meaning you jumped to some pretty wild conclusions without moving through it. You're reading far too much into it. Somewhere in "no disrespect intended" in my original post in this conversation and "with all due respect" in one of my replies, I suppose you found disrespect and no respect due. I cannot begin to imagine why when we've been largel
  6. You agree he wouldn't play in 2020, right? So how are you going to trade him in 2021 (the final year of his contract and last year you have control over his contract) for a better pick than what you used to trade for him in 2020? And if he doesn't beat out Garoppolo for the starting job, what does it matter if the coaches train him up and make him better?
  7. I'm not sure you're convincing me that I am. I want to use 6th/7th picks in the way our GM/HC are good at using 6th/7th round picks and have had proven success in doing so - on players who make roster contributions. You wish to use a 6th/7th on a guy we hope never plays a snap. In this way, and in this way only, you have told me I'm overvaluing picks because I prefer A over B and not B over A. No? We picked Will Sutton up off the street in 2018 and Jullian Taylor made the roster over him. We picked up Niles Scott off the street in 2018 and Jullian Taylor made the roster over him. Last
  8. Sure, player for player would affect my thoughts no differently than free agency would. I didn't mention it as I assumed that would be assumed. Though that requires a team to trade a young quarterback for a player we don't need and not receive a pick in return, which is uncommon though not unusual. I'm not overvaluing 6th/7th round picks. I perfectly understand the value of bringing up players in a system like DJ Jones (starting NT) and Richie James (steady KR/PR), same as I understand the importance of Justin Skule (our swing tackle), Jullian Taylor (DL rotation/depth), and Marcell Harri
  9. I mean, AJ McCarron signed a $4M contract, I have to imagine Josh Rosen would have at least that value, no? Otherwise, again, why even re-sign him? And if he shows he's a quarterback closer to Alex Smith than a bust, he'll definitely cost more than that. And with all due respect, Kaden Smith is the lone draft pick in the Kyle Shanahan era to not make it to a second offseason with the team (Joe Williams and Tim Harris being the only other two yet to make the roster), and even their later picks have been consistently able to contribute. I would much prefer they make their own choice on a pl
  10. I'd much prefer to have a UDFA backing up Garoppolo in 2021 than give up any draft picks on what essentially would be a one-year rental (again, assuming a 2020 as 3rd QB) on a backup QB that would cost more in 2022 than Mullens would in 2021, and feasibly might never take a snap. Either Rosen or a UDFA would be a sign of losing anyway. I just see no reason in dropping a draft pick on renting a backup who is not remotely needed. A QB drafted with said 6th has the bonus of potentially being around 4x as long. And nobody says we need to use the 6th anyway. A late 3rd was where we found Beat
  11. No disrespect intended, but trading for Josh Rosen makes no logical sense. Not even considering what the compensation would be (even a 7th round pick 12 years from now would be illogical), trading for Josh Rosen's contract is foolish. Not because of finances, but the years left. We acknowledge Rosen would be very unlikely to pick up the system starting in September, which means all of this year - the third year of his contract - is a wash. Even if Jimmy were to go down, we would prefer Mullens to enter as the backup due to his 3 years in the system. So we would be giving up assets under the ho
  12. I'll have to think on this. All I know is I'm definitely trying to save coronavirus for one of the later weeks.
  13. Mike Person and Ben Garland got us to the Super Bowl, and at one point a line of Justin Skule, Laken Tomlinson, Weston Richburg, Mike Person, and Daniel Brunskill ran the table. Kyle's got this. It won't be pretty, but he's got this. There are totally justifiable concerns, but I see a lot of reasons to keep faith.
  14. Here's a fact that is unlikely to be exactly true beyond this season, but is one I happened upon while investigating another crazy stat: If you rank the 25 wide receivers the 49ers have drafted since 1997 (year after T.O.) by career production, Jason Hill is the 7th best pick. I have removed Aiyuk and James from this stat. The original stat, which is also crazy and true - the drafted receiver with second most yards for the 49ers behind Michael Crabtree is Arnaz Battle (since 1997). This is extraordinarily bad.
  15. Exhibit A for the argument "Why you should never count players who have never played a snap as reason not to address that player's position group."
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