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  1. Agreed. The NFL needs to step in and at least give the Cardinals a punchers chance at beating Sean McVay 😉
  2. Do we care about pro bowls? Those seasons were thoroughly average. Bradford won rookie of the year. But compared to other rookie QB seasons it wasn't special at all. And he's halfway there, which is why I said on his trail
  3. Dawned on me today that if you look at injuries and money earned versus production, that Clowney is hot on Sam Bradfords trail
  4. Untrained? Have you seen how Donald has trained? Guessing not. Plus, Donald is stronger than every boxer on the planet.
  5. Well, once people grow up, they generally don't stay out that late. The people that do are often immature - hence this situation and that saying.
  6. I saw a few posts talking about both players on the first page but now that I go back and read them, seems like they were not comparing them. Thought they were this morning.
  7. One guy getting beaten up does not equal 22 accusations of inappropriate behavior. If Donald did this for no reason - then that'll be a different story. But I doubt that was the case. Still a bad look for the league - but not nearly as bad as Kareem Hunt who only served an 8 game suspension. I'd imagine AD gets 2 at the most.
  8. Just realized that the final standings are going to look like a bunch of random NCAA tournament match ups
  9. Vick is not Jackson running the ball. Jackson is Vick on steroids.
  10. Odds were against Stafford in Detroit too. But he ended up having arguably a top 5 (in terms of talent) WR in NFL history. That helped him to look like a good QB but still the Lions have zero playoff wins. I think Stafford is a fringe top 10 QB right now, probably will be thought of as a top 5-7 after this year - so to me, it was the Lions org that was ultimately holding them back. Lawrence may be a better prospect (that's entirely subjective), but there's probably a 1% chance he plays with an offensive player as good as Calvin Johnson was. And it's getting...funny to hear so much a
  11. Yep I was going to say this. The Cardinals can draft a QB high in back to back years with no salary cap ramification. The same was not true before the tiered contracts.
  12. Most of this stuff is situational, so odds are Lawrence and Wilson are either disappointments or outright bust. Whenever the Niners draft will look better. After that, it'll depend. But those two going to two of the worst run organizations in the NFL is not good for their careers.
  13. They play two different positions, so I don't think you can conclude one way or another because of the double teams. I'd have to dig into both and look at the circumstances to really formulate a solid opinion. For example: Donald is doubled more and it's almost always a C/G or G/T - when Watt was double teamed, was it ever by a TE? That would be another difference that would have to be accounted for. I haven't watched Watt as much as you have obviously, but I've never seen a defensive player as dominant as AD, and many people refer to him as the best overall player in the NFL, which has b
  14. Well, Talib was injured most of the year. And while he was injured, Peters was one of the worst CBs in the league. Not even an exaggeration there. Brockers offers next to nothing rushing the passer - he's not on Clowneys level in that regard, nor Fowler/Floyd's. Floyd also did next to nothing when he was with Mack - but that makes sense because Mack is not close to Donald. AD definitely had a better defense around him last year than Watt has ever had though, I'll give you that. Ramsey and John Johnson are both at the top of the league at their respective positions. I
  15. This is your problem: "It got to the point where i sarcastically said she disappoints me because she didn’t picked bread off of her burger. In a completely harmless way, so i thought. Idk." Two main issues in relationships that don't get talked about: 1. Knowing yourself and knowing your significant other 2. Empathy - understanding how your SO might feel about the comment I quoted above Whether you guys are dieting together or there are weight problems, there's no positive outcome from that comment. This says one of two things to me: either you meant for that co
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