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  1. Too Early 2020 Season Prediction Thread

    AFC East: 1. Patriots* 2. Bills 3. Jets 4. Dolphins Similar to how I began writing them in as the Super Bowl participant, I can't pick another team to win this division until I see it happen. The Bills *should* win it easily, which should be terrifying for Bills fans - in this scenario this is the 2020 version of the NFC East AFC South: 1. Colts* 2. Texans* 3. Titans 4. Jaguars Prior to last season, Tannehil and Henry were just average NFL players - last year strikes me as a "lightning in a bottle" situation that won't be repeated - for me, the Colts are the most talented team in the division and the Texans have Watson AFC North: 1. Browns* 2. Steelers* 3. Ravens 4. Bengals When teams have a season like the Ravens did last year, the following season is almost always a gigantic letdown. I'm sure the 1999 Vikings, 2000 Rams, 2008 Patriots were all thinking Super Bowl - and none got close and experienced massive regression in W/L column - the Ravens seemed to have an amazing draft, and I can't point to any specific deficiency on their team, save for thinking their defense could end up being average, and every DC in the NFL that will play them is studying their offense right now - I still see them winning 8 or 9 games. The 2019 Chiefs are the one team that went from record breaking offense to Super Bowl in recent memory - however, their division was awful, while the Ravens division looks to be pretty tough AFC West: 1. Chiefs* 2. Chargers* 3. Broncos 4. Raiders The Chargers have the talent - if they can stay relatively healthy, I think they'll end up around 9 wins and grab a wildcard - but this was a hard division to rank. After the Chiefs I think any team could finish anywhere from 2-4 NFC East: 1. Eagles* 2. Cowboys 3. Redskins 4. Giants This is assuming health for Carson Wentz, which might be insane at this point, but if he can stay healthy, he's better than Dak, I think he's better than Dak, plain and simple. The Eagles defense has a chance to be scary good NFC South: 1. Saints* 2. Falcons* 3. Bucs* 4. Panthers Could see this being similar to 2017 where the Saints/Falcons/Panthers were all in lockstep all season long. I feel for Panthers fans this year... NFC North: 1. Vikings* 2. Lions 3. Packers 4. Bears This is also assuming that Stafford stays healthy, although the Lions at 2 here means little - I think regression will be coming HARD for the Packers, while the Bears QB situation is one of the worst in the NFL NFC West: 1. Rams* 2. Niners* 3. Cardinals 4. Seahawks The Rams are an easy pick here - things change rapidly in the NFL, as the Niners showed the Rams last year. Rams return the favor, and are still one of the most talented teams in the NFL. Cardinals are more competitive but I'm not sure about Murray, the OL is questionable, and the defense is probably still below average. I also don't think they'll have much of a running game. The boldest part of this is probably Seattle in last, but regression should be coming hard for them too - although I believe they'll still win 7-8 games For the NFC, I think the NFC West will decimate the NFC East (although as sure as the sun rises, the Eagles will beat the Rams) and the NFC South will obliterate the North - I think both division winners for the East and North will finish around 9-10 wins, the Cowboys win around 8 and everyone else in those divisions finishes with top 12 picks
  2. How are those Draft Picks Doing?: 2017 Edition

    Rams: 2nd round, pick 42 overall: Gerald Everett, TE: Everett has been the #2 TE for the Rams his whole career, and due to the other prolific offensive weapons, hasn't gotten enough targets - but when he has, he's made the most of them. He had the game winning TD against the Chiefs on the epic Monday Night football game, caught 40+ yard passes in both of his first two career games, and had a HUGE 3rd down catch and run against the Saints in the AFCCG. He's gotten more productive every year. There is no way the Rams will re-sign him IMO because of Higbee and the WRs, and whoever grabs him in FA next year will be getting a STUD. B (would be higher if he was used more). 3rd round, pick 69 overall: Cooper Kupp, WR: He's been Goff's favorite target since day one and had he not gotten injured his second season, he likely would have lead the Rams in receiving all three of his seasons thus far. Last year he more or less matched what Hopkins did over in Houston. A+ 3rd round, pick 91 overall: John Johnson, S: Seems to go unnoticed by most people, but he's an above average safety. Him going down last year really hurt the Rams defense and forced Taylor Rapp into a larger role (and subsequently, Rapp blew a 3rd and 16 coverage against the Niners that put us out of the playoffs). A 4th round, pick 117 overall: Josh Reynolds, WR: He's been forced into action because of injuries to Kupp and Cooks the last two years, and he's been about an average NFL WR - which means as a 4th rounder, he has probably exceeded expectations. He'll be getting an expanded role this season. B 4th round, pick 125 overall: Samson Ebukam, EDGE: Similar to Reynolds in that he's played and contributed, but more as a spot starter, Aside from his insane game against the Chiefs in 2018, he's been about average. Should be a starter this year. B 6th round, pick 189 overall: Tanziel Smart, DT: He's surprisingly still on the team, although Rams fans will expect him to get beaten out this year finally. Given he's been in the rotatione very year though, and that he was a 6th round pick, can't knock it too much. C 6th round, pick 206: Sam Rogers, FB: F 7th round, pick 234 overall: Ejuan Price, EDGE: F Overall grade: A The Rams got two great players, three average-above average players and another rotational piece all out of one draft. And didn't even have a first round pick. This draft is a large reason why we've had three consecutive winning seasons for the first time since 1999-2001.
  3. I'm not seeing it either. Keep hearing snippets from random people in random positions about fall sports not happening. Now, I think the NFL could go to the players and say that they should all play in empty stadiums because it's more about TV money anyways - and with how sport-starved the world would be by September, ratings would surely be the best ever - what the players need to decide is - are you okay with abandoning social distancing to get paid? Because the other part of this is....I really doubt they pay the players anything if the season is delayed and they aren't practicing. The only reason (IMO) the NBA has kept paying is because this all happened mid-season.
  4. Texans trade for WR Brandin Cooks

    I'll say this for the Texans: I think it's a solid bet that there's little to no drop off in the passing game. Watson is good enough to make up the difference between Hopkins and the new WR group. Where the Texans could actually win these trades is if David Johnson returns to form. I'd love to hear a Cardinals fan's perspective on what happened with this guy.
  5. Texans trade for WR Brandin Cooks

    I wasn't happy extending Gurley. It was obvious in 2017 that we wouldn't be able to keep everyone, the RB should have been the easy choice. At the time I was more okay with Cooks because McVay said he really wanted him, and while the contract was large, once Michael Thomas and those guys reset the market, three years in his would have looked okay. As far as the top heavy comment - not so much anymore. Just Goff and Donald. Almost everyone else is either cheap or could be cut after next season. Ramsey, Kupp and JJ will be expensive but we have the cap for them.
  6. Make an argument for...

    Good point. I guess I could have made my post much more concise: 13 offensive PPG, 3 D/ST TDs in the playoffs (which are generally seen as fluke plays) - I'd still argue several QBs could have done what Brady did, and once that Super Bowl was won, who knows what would have happened.
  7. Have you ever flirted with being a fan of another team?

    Man for whatever reason, I've never liked the Vikings. My Dad has been a Rams fan about as long as you've been a Vikings fan, so he has told me about some of the playoff losses we've had to them. I went to a Vikings/Rams game in STL - the game that AP went OFF and Blair Walsh made what seemed like 9 FGs. Then when I had some hope in week 1 a few years later, despite Bradford going down, the Vikings came out and curb stomped us. I think it had been 12 years since we had beaten them when that Thursday Night game happened last year. I've always been a Favre fan and I really dislike the Saints, so I was definitely rooting for them that year. Anyways - reading your post made me like the Vikings a little more.
  8. Have you ever flirted with being a fan of another team?

    I feel like the ultimate "get back at the Texans" message would be for all of you to (temporarily) root for the Titans. "THIS is what Bill O'Brien has driven us to do"
  9. Have you ever flirted with being a fan of another team?

    Wow man. I'd hold on if I were you - Chiefs hadn't won in 50 years after all.. I can't say that I know how you feel exactly - I'm been pretty lucky. But I have experienced an inordinate number of championship game losses. I'm a Cavs/Indians/Buckeyes and Rams fan - before my daughter was born (2 years ago) I followed other sports along with the NFL. Now thankfully I don't have time (if sports were even happening right now). So I've got: 1995 Indians lose - I actually liked baseball more when I was a kid 1997 Indians lose - this one stung even more 1999 Rams win - this is where I'll probably lose you - I was a teenager though so not yet fully invested 2001 Rams loss - a little bit older, following a great team in a game we should have won going away - very painful 2002 Buckeyes win - incredibly fun 2007 Cavs lose - didn't think they'd be there so didn't hurt too bad 2007 Buckeyes lose - #1 team most of the season - this was a shocking beatdown 2008 Buckeyes lose - these two games were more painful because of the SEC/Big 10 talk 2014 Buckeyes win - including defeating Alabama - awesome 2015 Cavs lose - injured players, didn't think we could win 2016 Cavs win - AWESOME 2016 Indians lose - blowing the 3-1 series lead sucked, but the pitching staff was decimated by injury 2017 Cavs loss - expected 2018 Cavs loss - expected 2018 Rams loss - depressed is the word that comes to mind That's 4 total wins and 11 total losses - although the Rams trump the others by a large margin. I'm fortunate because I'm young and have already seen multiple championship games, a Super Bowl win. All this is to say: I think I get the fatigue feeling that you're describing. When you put so much into it...it's just...a lot. To answer the actual topic: I really like the Jaguars. I enjoy rooting for teams that haven't had a lot of success, save for the Cardinals since they're in the NFC West. I have a good friend who is a diehard Colts fan, and I've found they've always been easy to root for too. When the Rams had the worst five year stretch in NFL history, I watched every game dutifully, but I usually found another team to root for during that season, or just rooted against the Patriots.
  10. Make an argument for...

    Honestly it's the best option of the three lol. I'll take a stab at it and infuriate Patriots fans in the process.. In 2001, Tom Brady was not the reason that the Patriots won anything. Yes, people will point to Bledsoe being 0-2 and Brady going 11-3 and going on to win the Super Bowl - but the Patriots offense did next to nothing against the Raiders, the Steelers and the Rams in the playoffs. The Patriots scored 16, 10 and 13 points in the three games - with 10 of their offensive points in the Super Bowl coming off of Rams turnovers and short fields. They had 3 60 yard drives against the Raiders They had a 70 yard drive against the Steelers They had 1 60 yard drive against the Rams I would wager that averaging 13 offensive points is probably the lowest output of any Super Bowl champ. Their 3 D/ST TDs point to a fairly simple fact: Drew Bledsoe would have won the Super Bowl too. Now that 2001 happened, and Bledsoe is a Super Bowl MVP, his confidence sky rockets - he easily duplicates Brady's next five seasons of barely cracking a passer rating above 90, while winning another two Super Bowls. In 2007, the Pats still trade for Moss - but Bledsoe is NOT GOAT material, so the Patriots have more of a normal Patriots season, going 13-3. Without the media hoopla, they dispatch the Giants in the Super Bowl. In 2008, Bledsoe, being a different person than Tom Brady, was not standing in the exact same spot in the pocket, and as such was not injured for the season. The Patriots make the playoffs, and in a true Steelers fan nightmare, defeat them in the AFCCG (because, what else would have happened?) and go on to defeat the Cardinals in the Super Bowl.
  11. Rate Your Division's Free Agency

    Assuming we're including trades too? Rams fan Arizona Cardinals - A+ They made some of the normal luke-warm FA signings that all teams make - but they get an A+ for the trade alone LA Rams - C+ This grade comes mostly from finding a way to spend over $40 million on re-signing and adding some guys - Floyd/Robinson/Brockers/Blythe/Whitworth will probably all start and while most are in that luke-warm category, my expectations were much lower going into the off-season Seattle Seahawks - C Re-signing Reed was a good move and trading for Dunbar was nice - but everything else? I'd be pretty disappointed if I were a Seahawks fan. They had a decent amount of cap space. Feels like they could have bought some new clothes but instead spent their money at the thrift store to buy more lower quality items Niners - D This would be the Rams grade if they did what I thought they would do. I'm sure most Niner fans saw something like this coming - but they are definitively worse today than they were two months ago. The loss of Buckner is going to be huge, Sherman is getting older, the OL could have issues, and they need another WR. With two first rounders, they can and probably will spend those on the offensive side of the ball, maybe the secondary - but this team went 13-3 on the strength of their insane pass rush. When they were missing one of those pieces - Dee Ford, who was probably the worst of the four - the defense was just average to below average. They may be without the best of the four going forward, and it'll be up to the offense to pick up the slack. Possible and maybe was always going to happen, but I would have found a way to keep that DL together.
  12. great plays and perfomances in games your team lost

    Defense against Brady in both Super Bowls. In both Super Bowls, the Patriots scored just 13 points on offense.
  13. Your franchise All-Time Team?

    We've actually only had two bad periods - the 90s and then 2005-2016 - but that 2nd one is the problem. It was a LONG period of time, and is most of what people know. Specifically with the Niners, from 1950 to 1980, we completely owned them. Then since they've been good, it's gone the other way, but the all time series is 71-67 in favor of SF - one of the closest for as old as the rivalry is. Looking at the Rams and Raiders is even closer (Rams/Raiders): Playoff seasons: 29/22 Playoff wins: 21/25 Win %: .503/.523 Super Bowl wins: 1/3 Super Bowl appearances: 4/5 Combined championships: 3/3 HoF players: 18/16 Raiders have a better overall win %, but Rams have had more playoff seasons, but Raiders have cashed it in more. Although if you count the championships prior to the Super Bowl era, both teams have 3. Tom Brady and Joe Montana have a lot to do with the Rams lack of sustained success.
  14. Seven Seeds

    I feel pretty confident that we would have beaten the Packers, even in Lambeau. This is a good compromise with the "top 6" argument. Almost every year, at least one of the 4 seeds is barely playoff caliber. This allows for the top 6 teams to almost always make the playoffs.
  15. Your franchise All-Time Team?

    Depends what you mean by success: 7th most playoff seasons 12th most playoff wins 17th best winning percentage - but should pass a few teams in the coming years Only 1 Super Bowl win, but 4 appearances 6th most hall of famers Now I see what you mean. We have more HoF players but less Super Bowl wins than the Cowboys, Raiders and Niners.