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  1. I do. But - we came out REALLY flat against the Raiders last year in week 1. In hindsight, with the Raiders being one of the worst teams in the NFL, had we played a league average team, we probably lose. Along that same line, I won't be surprised if we lose to Carolina in a few weeks, assuming Cam is able to play. The question is: are you okay losing week 1 in exchange for perfect health to start the season?
  2. You Are Wrong About Lamar Jackson - Warren Sharp

    At the end of the day, running QBs just don't last - and I really doubt he's a better passer than RG3, who took the NFL world by storm for one year. Where the Ravens differ is that they were a (much) more talented team right out of the gate. I suppose every fanbase has to be optimistic at this point, but the one Ravens fan I know is realistic about the situation: probably not going to last.
  3. You Are Wrong About Lamar Jackson - Warren Sharp

    The Ravens are the easiest team to pick to regress. We've seen this with the wildcat and RG3 - it's just not sustainable. I'll say this though - if the Ravens keep that as their offense, it's their best chance and I'll respect them - but at the same time, they will be easy to stop if he doesn't drastically improve as a passer.
  4. I think it started to catch up with both last year. It's just that they were so good (1st and 3rd best all time IMO), that even after regressing a bit, they're both still great and capable of putting up elite numbers. Brees was a little more noticeable than Brady, but I think age started to creep in for both. It's a fairly easy call to make for Brees because his numbers hit a sharp decline last year, and their division this year: Falcons are really good, Panthers can be really good, Bucs are probably the most talented "worst team" in any division. Even if I thought Brady was shot, I think the Patriots would still easily win the division.
  5. It's the Saints for me. Then the Chiefs, then the Rams, and no way the Patriots miss. I trust Belichick and McVay a little more than Payton and Reid, even though both have good track records.
  6. As far as regression goes, the teams at the top of the list are Rams/Saints/Chiefs/Chargers/Bears. The real question is: what are the expectations for those teams to begin with? Over the past five years, removing the Patriots since they are an outlier, only the Broncos, one time, have been able to repeat 12 win seasons. Every other non Patriots team has had a lower win total after winning at least 12 games. I'm sure it goes back further than five years, that's all I felt like going back.
  7. Yep my bad Didn't do enough research
  8. New Orleans Saints Brandin Cooks Saints have the miracle and the no call Cooks has two Super Bowl losses - in the first he sustained a concussion, in the second he had a potential game tying TD go through his hands Who had it worse?
  9. Damn I completely forgot about that.
  10. https://thebiglead.com/2019/08/18/case-keenum-colt-mccoy-washington-redskins/ For FOUR different teams. 2016 - opening day starter for the Rams 2017 - Vikings 2018 - Broncos 2019 - Redskins Three points that I find fascinating about this: First - has any other QB ever been the opening day starter for that many teams? Emphasis on opening day, whether by injury or not, because at least in Keenum's case (no pun intended), thus far he ended up starting at least half the season for the first three. It's not like he was just spot starting to open the season for a game or two. Second - has it ever happened for four consecutive years? Doubt it. Third: LA - Pacific time zone Minnesota - Central Denver - Mountain DC - Eastern Not only is Keenum starting for a 4th consecutive year for 4 different teams, he's done it for teams that play in 4 different time zones. LEGEND
  11. Number of TDs for Mahomes this year

    Ah I had forgotten that. Thanks!
  12. How are you watching the NFL this year?

    My Dad gets the Sunday Ticket and we split the cost - I need to be able to watch all the games. But there's a nice little trick with YouTube TV, which I have, that would eliminate the need for streams and the Sunday Ticket. Only cost would be the $50/month for YTTV.
  13. Are the Pittsburgh Steelers contenders in the AFC?

    Any conversation about contenders in the AFC starts and ends with the Patriots as far as I'm concerned. So let's take them out of it for a second. Sure, I think the Steelers can be right there with the Chiefs and Chargers. PIT has a chance to have a top defense, Conner already showed their running game will be fine, and that team has developed WRs better than any team in recent memory, so I'm not doubting them there either.
  14. Number of TDs for Mahomes this year

    38 feels about right. If he were to do what not even Manning/Brady/Brees could do and throw 40+ in back to back years...that would be interesting
  15. We'll have to agree to disagree. The OL was a big factor in the offense declining, and was downright bad against the Bears, Eagles and Patriots. It's cool that PFF ranked them 6th, but that's a bit deceiving. I also don't think it's possible for the 30th ranked offensive line to also be a top 10 offense.