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  1. Giants release LB Ogletree and Martin

    Alec should come on back to LA - as long as he's cheap. Not a great player but not terrible and could be a decent solution for the Rams at ILB.
  2. Which division would have the best super team?

    That's weird though because Littleton is better than Alexander and John Johnson is definitely better than Baker.
  3. NFL potentially moving to 17 game season in new CBA

    A regular season Browns game at the Shoe would possibly get 100k in attendance. There are a ton of Browns fans here in Columbus and some would make the trip down from Cleveland too.
  4. What does the term 'a number 1 wr' mean?

    Rams have had 3 #2 WRs for a few years now. Although I think Kupp is emerging as a #1 Would you rather have the Falcons WR group or the Rams? That's essentially the question that is being asked as far as top end talent versus depth is concerned.
  5. Which division would have the best super team?

    Not as important as the fact that Kupp and Woods are just.....so much better than Lockett and Metcalf.
  6. Which division would have the best super team?

    I honestly didn't feel like looking up all the names of the Niners players. Getting older and can't remember everyone, but almost did it and just put "Niners OL"...haha. Littleton is better than KJ Wright John Johnson is probably the best safety in the division, but he was injured last year Whitworth probably cracks the OL, but again, the Niners killed it so that's fine Can't give you too much crap though because I didn't do it and you did. Thanks! I also can't imagine better coaching than this: HC - McVay OC - Shanahan DC - Carroll Only put McVay as HC because Carroll is the defensive guy and Shanahan is a better play caller
  7. Which division would have the best super team?

    Uh, what? Rams WRs are much better than the Seahawks and Niners. DBs are better than Seattle's and probably the Niners too. Anyways, the NFC West takes this because the defense would be unreal. Add Donald and Jones to the Niners DL....yikes. Then you have Ramsey, Peterson and Sherman on the backend with Wagner in the middle....lol. Nobody is moving on that defense.
  8. NFL potentially moving to 17 game season in new CBA

    Don't players get bonuses for making the playoffs? Adding two playoff teams just for that reason would be intriguing to the players.
  9. NFL To Revamp Playoffs; Add 7th Team with Only 1 1st Round Bye

    Wouldn't the "win percentage" still be 8/17 in that case, so below .500?
  10. NFL To Revamp Playoffs; Add 7th Team with Only 1 1st Round Bye

    They have the leverage because, as much as it may blow our minds, most NFL players can't afford to stop working. It's only the top 25% or so that have enough money to just stop. And while that may mean that the best players aren't playing, imagine all the average-above average players on rookie deals without endorsements who are living paycheck to paycheck because they bought cars and houses and took care of their parents. A league full of the Daniel Jones' of the world would still be interesting enough to draw ratings, which would almost be a win/win for the owners.
  11. NFL To Revamp Playoffs; Add 7th Team with Only 1 1st Round Bye

    Who are we kidding though, the Chiefs slaughtered the Texans anyways - why not add one more? I feel like we would have beaten the Packers, but definitely would have been a good game.
  12. The current standard for top quarterbacks:

    Jared Goff had what most considered to be a poor season. But the Rams had 20 rushing TDs, which was tied for 4th in the NFL. In rushing yardage, we were 26th. The Rams had 22 pass TDs, which was tied for 19th in the NFL. In passing yardage, we were 4th. Just looking at the stats, it's obvious that the points the Rams scored were driven by their passing game, despite the even number of TDs. Having watched all the games, there were a ton of rushing TDs inside the 5 yard line. Most of them came on 1st or 2nd down. If we take some of those rush TDs and give them to Goff, his stat line transforms into something like 30 TDs and 16 INTs which looks much better. Still not elite - but using him as an example for how QBs can be misjudged by their TD/INT ratio.
  13. Way too early 2020 predictions

    Okay, going from 13 to 9 wins is "quite a bit worse" - and yes, there may be few repeat Super Bowl champs, but being 4 games worse after winning the Super Bowl is pretty rare air too. And ironically, while the Eagles of that season and the Rams this year were both 9-7, the Rams were +30 point differential while the Eagles were +19, and the Rams were a better team almost across the board looking at the advanced stats on Pro Football Reference - we just missed the playoffs this year because the NFC was better than it was last year. And while in both cases the teams went from 13 wins to 9, the Eagles won the Super Bowl and the Rams did not - it's more common for teams that lose the Super Bowl to be worse. I'm not even taking a shot at the Eagles here - yes, they still had a good season following their Super Bowl win - but the year they won it all was magical for that team, and the following year they were much worse and were fortunate to sneak into the playoffs.
  14. Way too early 2020 predictions

    Not as mad as McVay has been since the end of this season. In the Super Bowl we were playing the greatest defensive mind in NFL history and he got McVay. It happens. Had the Chiefs won the overtime toss and we played them last year, I'm quite sure we could have lost by something like a score of 31-20. But losing to average teams like the Bucs, Steelers, and Cowboys and blowing the first Seahawk game and second Niner game had him angry enough to turn over the entire coaching staff.
  15. Way too early 2020 predictions

    Yes? They went from 13-3 Super Bowl champs missing a host of good players to 9-7 and out in the divisional round missing a host of good players. That's significantly worse.