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  1. Andrew Luck has quietly put up 26 TD's this season.

    I keep seeing people saying this. But honestly, there is a HUGE gap between the Saints/Chiefs/Rams offenses and everyone else. I think the offensive firepower of these three teams have skewed the numbers overall. Then you have teams like the Bears and Steelers who score a lot of points, but IMO won't average 30 points at the end of the season.
  2. MNF WK 11 Chiefs at Rams NOT IN Mexico City

    Nah, KC will do what every other team has done: watch the film, notice the refs aren't calling offensive linemen for holding Donald, and then repeat that strategy. I anticipate another Rams/Saints game - no sacks for the Rams, no stops for the Rams, and the Rams offense inexplicably going three and out in the fourth quarter with a chance to get the lead for the first time. I still have faith that we can win it all, but our defense is trending in the wrong direction. After the bye we play worse offenses and IMO that coupled with the bye and getting Talib back is when the defense will hit its stride. But for this week, you have two elite offenses and two defenses going in different directions - Chiefs getting better and Rams getting worse. I would be stunned if the Rams won this game.
  3. Media obsession with putting Rodgers in the GOAT convo

    Team accomplishments on their own should not be used - I agree. But when we're trying to differentiate between the best of all time, it definitely factors in. He can't control whether he gets injured - I said that in my original post. I didn't mean to say that *he* cost the Packers games by getting hurt, I meant him getting injured cost the Packers games. Doesn't mean he has control over it and that's fine. I just don't agree with putting him in the conversation with Brady, Manning or Brees. Leading his team to a first round bye doesn't mean anything on its own - but in several of those seasons they didn't get a first round bye in part because he was injured - and while that may not be his fault, it's something that still factors in because again, we're talking about the best of all time. If the greatest ability is durability, then he's lacking in that respect.
  4. Media obsession with putting Rodgers in the GOAT convo

    Oh is that what I said? Not even close. I said the only reason it's relevant is because we're talking GOAT. Do you know how many times in his career Aaron Rodgers has led the Packers to a first round bye in the playoffs? One. It's so much harder to win a super bowl when you don't have that first round bye - and of course, they didn't even win a playoff game that one year that they had the bye.
  5. Media obsession with putting Rodgers in the GOAT convo

    I don't put Rodgers in that category at all. He's probably today's Marino with a ring. IMO he won't pass Drew Brees all time, and definitely not Peyton or Brady. Brady, Manning and Brees each had a serious injury that cost them a season - but Rodgers is much worse in this regard. He has cost the Packers in a few seasons by getting injured - and while this isn't necessarily his fault, IMO if we're talking about the greatest of all time, it definitely factors in.
  6. Getting rid of Monday Night Football

    Good point about the local channel versus cable - but I doubt the NFL agrees about the "crappy announcers and totally sucks at broadcasting the NFL" part, so they wouldn't consider that into their calculation. There is no competition for both SNF and MNF so that doesn't make sense. As for the Pats/Bills game being more watched on MNF than Sunday at 1pm - I agree. But the NFL always wants more competitive games nationally broadcasted. The Vikings/Saints would have been a good game for sure. But there were other good games and there always would be for flex options. For example: flex in Baltimore and Carolina for Buffalo and NE on Sunday Night (had they switched these) - I would be willing to bet that the combined ratings of SNF/MNF would have been higher in that instance. NBC should be fine with that because they should want games to be flexed.
  7. Getting rid of Monday Night Football

    The NFL just needs to exercise common sense: This week: Vikings/Saints - odds of both teams being good this year: 90+% Patriots/Bills - odds of the Bills being good this year: 25% I get the Bills made the playoffs and that's how teams get primetime games - but swap these two. Then Pats/Bills gets flexed out.
  8. Familiarity with an opponent will lead to that - so I really doubt you'd actually prefer it. The Saints would not only have more success than Miami IMO, they may have actually won the AFC East a handful of times - with Brady completely healthy.
  9. Which means...what? From 2011-2016 the Seahawks had a better record versus the rest of the league than they did the Rams - who were not a good team. Division opponents are like that. But we were never once an actual threat to the division. Patriots have been a great team - but the sheer incompetence of the Bills/Dolphins/Jets has been historically astounding.
  10. Is Aaron Donald already a HOFer?

    He is if the voters give any credence to advanced stats/metrics, which say that Aaron Donald is the best player in football, period. Too lazy to do the research but I'm pretty sure Donald has had the best season of any defensive player in NFL history. People don't realize how good this guy is. But based on how players are actually voted into the HOF, no, he needs another few years.
  11. Since 2001 - who was the best QB in the AFC East not named Brady? Sure, the Jets and Dolphins - even the Bills - beat the Patriots a handful of times. The Rams also split with the Seahawks nearly every year when we were coached by Jeff Fisher. But these teams almost never actually challenged the Patriots for the division. In the past 17 seasons across 3 teams - so 51 attempts - have any of those teams even fielded ONE legitimate franchise QB? How is that possible? Seriously? You could go back and pluck the best players off of the Bills/Jets/Dolphins and make an all star team - from HC down to punter - and give them two offseasons to practice - and that team still probably wouldn't beat the Patriots of today. Because despite having 51 chances, the QB of that team would either be a "prime" Chad Pennington, Mark Sanchez or Ryan Tannehil.
  12. Was it the realignment in 2002? Or was it the beginning of the GOAT QB, GOAT HC and possibly GOAT dynasty emerging? Well, that coupled with three incredibly inept franchises never challenging the Patriots. When the best QB in the division during that tenure with Tom Brady was Chad Pennington....you have a problem. I don't like letting them off the hook with the realignment - plus, the Patriots and Colts played every year anyways during that time.
  13. Todd Gurley

    Saquan Barkely is the best RB I had ever seen in college (too young to have seen Barry). IMO that was absolutely the correct pick by the Giants. I think even now he's proving that he's clearly the best player from that draft thus far. That the Giants are losing doesn't change that in anyway IMO - in fact, if you look at the four teams that are playing rookie QBs, the only one obviously better than the Giants are the Jets - and you could certainly make the argument that because the QB position has more overall impact, that's why the Jets are better. But next season, the new Giants QB will be coming into arguably the best situation around a rookie QB, ever (assuming their OL becomes a league average unit). And I would bet that the Giants will become a contender before the Jets, because Barkley is a generational player.
  14. Adam Thielen

    He's definitely the best WR in the NFL this season. For me that's enough to say he's the best, period. Keenum and even Cousins aren't great QBs. What he's doing is insane.
  15. This in itself is not too unusual. Last season for example the NFC East played the NFC West, so six teams played the Rams/Eagles a combined three times - against those six teams the Eagles went 7-2 and the Rams went 6-3. Both teams dropped the last game of the year resting starters, so likely would have been 8-1 and 7-2 respectively. What I think is a bit unusual so far is that the Rams are 6-0 against these teams with games left against the Seahawks, at AZ, and home for the Niners. The Chiefs are 3-0 and have home dates left with the Cardinals, Raiders, Broncos and Chargers - and are on the road for the Raiders and Seahawks. While division rivalries can't be taken lightly and resting may occur, it seems as though the only chance for a loss here is when the Chiefs travel to Seattle - but these teams have a solid chance to go 18-0 combined against these three teams and are half way there - with only a combined three road games remaining. I find this interesting because for one, I'm not sure it's happened before - and two, at the end of the year, people will (and in the Rams case already have) be bashing the NFC West, and possibly the AFC West too - but being down potentially 18 games to what might be the two best teams in the NFL at the end of the season is nothing to be ashamed of.