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  1. Whether you think the Patriots actually cheated or not, this is it right here. Well, this is Reid is WAY more likeable than Belichick. Doesn't matter if they actually cheated - the perception is they did, which is why they were so hated. Lots of people forget now, but in 2001, the casual fan was rooting for the Patriots HARD to beat the Rams. They were double digit underdogs, were really just an average team statistically and basically didn't stand a chance in the game according to most. And the Rams had just won a Super Bowl. The hatred really only started when the talk of cheating started, whether it was valid or not, the Chiefs haven't and probably won't have anything like that.
  2. Completely lost me at touting the Packers for anything. They have had one of the best QBs in NFL history and have one Super Bowl appearance. They have clearly not given him enough help, so whatever their strategy was for building a team, it was the wrong one.
  3. Texans have changed my mind about them since firing O'Brien. They are a prime candidate for a fast turn around with a good coach. First round picks are overrated - if I had more time, I'd go through and drudge up all the posts by people slamming the Rams for not having a first round pick. We had one bad draft class, but the other three with McVay have been (or look like they will be) fantastic.
  4. Oof wrong. The NFCCG against the Bucs was a defensive struggle where the Rams barely gave up anything - make the offense worse and defense better, Bucs could have won that game. There's a chance there's no GSOT without Holt.
  5. Yep I did because your argument was awful to begin with. You know how many franchises have won a Super Bowl since 1999 (the year if this outlier?) - Rams, Ravens, Bucs, Patriots, Steelers, Colts, Saints, Packers, Giants, Seahawks, Broncos, Eagles, Chiefs 13 teams in 21 seasons. The Patriots never really drafted high, Colts didn't either have drafting Peyton. Your argument is terrible because there are so few franchises that actually win Super Bowls. And if you go back to the beginning of the free agency era, which is relevant because the NFL became a lot more competitive, you only add the Cowboys and Niners to that list, although FA still wasn't close to what it is today. Larry Fitz and Julio Jones both led their teams to the best seasons in franchise history, and both of them had their teams in position to win a Super Bowl. But because it didn't happen, you knock where they were drafted? That makes zero sense. They should be judged, if anything, relative to their franchises history - in which case LT, Julio, Fitzgerald were all EXCELLENT franchise altering picks. Oh and btw, because of how hard it is to win a Super Bowl, I'd imagine most owners care more about just making money - so yes, Barry and ED were great picks too.
  6. Anyways, the Lions need to catch a break. It's officially become less painful to be a Browns fan. They need a good coach badly. What do Lions fans think of Stafford? I'd try to get a first round pick for him this off-season
  7. Ah yes, as I pointed out, Torry Holt for the Rams. Great pick and led to a Super Bowl win - which is your criteria, right? Its pretty bad criteria IMO, but I blew it up for you. If you think the Chargers, Cardinals and Bucs regret picking LT, Fitzgerald and Evans....I don't know what to tell you. I love AD - obviously - but until this year, the Rams have never had a top 10 finish in either yards allowed or points allowed per game. And he hasn't won us a Super Bowl either.
  8. Just to come on in and destroy your whole premise, the Rams drafted Torry Holt at 6 overall and won the Super Bowl right away, with him catching a TD in that Super Bowl as a rookie.
  9. True. Best solution I think because they'll already be there, it's still at least in CA, and more opportunity for the NFL to show off SOFI. Best of a ****ty situation
  10. Now that I think about it, might as well just have them play at SOFI in that special Monday slot that the NFL has used for readjustments
  11. Sucks that the Chargers play at SOFI because it'd be perfect for the Niners to just stay there and play their next two games there
  12. This is very similar to the Rams from 2018-2019, and very few people gave Goff the leeway they've giving Jackson. Sure, Goff struggled some toward the end of 2018, but he also won a playoff game, which Lamar hasn't done. In 2019, we lost one of the best guards in the NFL and the OL got MUCH worse, Gurley went form the best RB in the league to one of the worst (which has proven out this year with ATL) and our WRs faced some injury issues. Guessing very few of you paused to think about that before claiming that he's trash. Now, I happen to think you tell more about a QB with an average supporting cast - so yes, I think Lamar is nowhere near as good as his MVP season and don't think he will ever be that good again (and I do think Goff is just an average QB too). The NFL was always going to catch up with a full year of tape - he needs to get better as a passer, even accounting for the drops.
  13. I have no problem with people thinking Dak is better but Goff is better than Wentz.
  14. To me, those are all B or C level pieces on offense - with a young QB like Burrow, that'd be fine. My argument is that they had enough time to know that Trubisky was a question mark. So that marks two big reasons why I wouldn't have traded for Mack: First, the lack of proven talent on offense - remember, ARob had a disappointing season followed by a season ending injury, so not a surefire number one WR. Gabriel and Burton were just average players. I'd rather have that cap space and draft picks as insurance in case the offense didn't pan out. Second, Mack just isn't THAT good. Not worth $20+ million per year. His lack of high end production the past two years, as well as the Bears defense getting a little worse each year show this. He's paid like Aaron Donald, and to me that's like Matt Ryan getting paid like Patrick Mahomes - yes, Ryan can win an MVP (like Mack won DPOY), but he's not consistent enough and just not nearly as good as AD. I'm comfortable calling it a win for the Raiders because I saw this exact scenario coming and said it was a big mistake for the Bears at the time.
  15. For my team, McVay and Staley. Amazing coaches. Ramsey and AD - I'll be honest, I didn't like paying two defensive players $44 million per year - but Staley has been able to use these two in different ways and elevate the role players on d. That the travel is over - 5 trips East in one season.. For the NFL in general - I'm happy the Patriots dynasty is over, however, I'd like to know how it took the AFC East until Brady left to produce a challenger as good as the Bills. They are a run of the mill division champ/Super Bowl contender, and they're the first one from the AFC East other than the Patriots since..........the Bills in the 90s?? That's crazy.
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