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  1. Statistics can show whatever we want them to. I told you that two teams from the AFC East haven't won a playoff game in that time frame, which is only rivaled by the AFC North - but both of the other two AFC North teams have won a Super Bowl. That's a stat that paints the AFC East as the worst division. The teams themselves have been somewhat mediocre year over year - some of this is subjective, I won't deny that - their rosters have been extremely bad. What really jumps out at me is that over that time, three NFL franchises combined to have 0 franchise QBs - that's........unbelievable.
  2. NFC Championship: Rams vs. Saints

    Yes that does make a difference. It's: Raiders, Cardinals, Chargers, Lions, Bears, Eagles, Cardinals, Niners, Cowboys Who he didn't start against: Vikings, Seahawks, Broncos, Niners, Packers, Saints, Seahawks, Chiefs But I'll say this: we gave up 31, 31, 20, 10, 27, 45, 31, 47 to the teams without Talib. The opponents are obviously different - but I will say this, the Seahawks games are probably a good comparison - we allowed their 3rd and 4th highest scoring totals of the season without Talib.
  3. The Patriots have almost always won the division because of the ineptitude of three NFL franchises. This is what those three teams have failed to overcome: 2018: 5th best record 2017: tied for the best record 2016: best record 2015: 3rd best record 2014: tied for best record 2013: tied for 3rd best record 2012: tied for 3rd best record 2011: tied for 2nd best record 2010: best record 2009: tied for 8th best record 2008: Brady hurt 2007: best record 2006: tied for 4th best record 2005: 11th best record From 2001-2004, I'll give the AFC East a pass because the Patriots owned the NFL. So just focusing on the past 14 seasons, the Patriots were the clear cut best team in the NFL three times and tied for the best record another two - I'll give the AFC East a pass for that too. We'll also take out the year Brady was hurt for obvious reasons. That leaves 8 seasons in which the Patriots were good but mortal, and yet the AFC East couldn't muster up a contender. The fact that in these 8 years where the AFC East would have had a shot if they were competent, but never really even came close, is what is astounding.
  4. You're really going to be in the minority of people who don't think the AFC East is awful. The Bills and Dolphins have zero playoff wins since 2001 - the only other division that has two teams that haven't won a playoff game is the AFC North - but in that same time frame, both the Ravens and Steelers have won a Super Bowl. AFC East has been horrifically bad outside of New England.
  5. Mediocrity year in and year out, sure. But the Dolphins have only made the playoffs three times since the Pats dynasty began, and have 0 playoff wins. The Bills have made the playoffs one time (last year) since the dynasty began. Let's stop there for a minute - while the Dolphins have rarely been a truly awful team, 0 playoff wins in 18 years is bad. Them and the Bills both. There are only three other teams to have 0 playoff wins in the same span: Browns, Lions and Bengals - but the Bengals have at least made the playoffs on several occasions and have been better than the Dolphins and Bills over that time. The Jets are where you're hanging your hat for the AFC East not being terrible - they've made the playoffs six times, and actually won six playoff games. But in this time period, their best QBs were Pennington and Sanchez. Despite the Jets actually making the AFCCG twice, did anyone actually see them winning a super bowl? With Sanchez? Coming into every season, the Patriots never once faced a threat to the division crown except for the year Brady went down. Now consider that, since 2004, the Patriots have rarely had the best team in the NFL going into the playoffs. So it's not like the Jets/Bills/Dolphins had some insane juggernaut to overcome (save for 2007).
  6. I said "all teams should lose to their rivals more than they do other teams as a percentage" - should being the key word. I backed up my logic with the sentences that follow. The Jets, Bills and Dolphins have been incredibly awful over Tom Brady's career. They had a combined 57 seasons and the best QB out of that group is either Mark Sanchez or Chad Pennington. The Patriots have been great - but pretending that those teams being awful doesn't matter doesn't make sense either. The Packers, Saints and Seahawks all had chances to form a dynasty with an elite QB/coach combo - the Vikings, Falcons and Rams rose up within four years of those teams winning their super bowls and won the division.
  7. I wish people would stop saying this. Patriots fans listen up: It's NOT about how the Patriots have played against their division rivals - all teams should lose more to their rivals than they do other teams as a percentage - because you play those teams twice a year, obviously they are going to know you better. Not only that, sometimes they will construct their team to play against yours. Why the Bills, Jets and Dolphins being historically bad over the last 20 years is a blessing for the Patriots is because it's led to automatic division titles. Has nothing to do with their winning percentage - it's because while the Patriots have been great, they've almost never had a team that was even a threat to win the division.
  8. NFC Championship: Rams vs. Saints

    What's funny about this is the number of Saints fans talking about you guys beat the Eagles even though the refs were trying to help the Eagles win.
  9. AFC Championship: Patriots vs. Chiefs

    IMO all three are equal. The Chiefs had four close losses to four good teams. Rams barely beat the Chiefs and despite the 10 point final, the Rams/Saints game was closer than that.
  10. This. Look, Brady is the GOAT. BB is the GOAT coach. I'm fine with that. But the Bears and Vikings have on multiple occasions fielded a team good enough to win the NFC North over Rodgers. The Jags and Titans fought against Peyton Manning a few times and the Titans won that division against a healthy Manning at least once. The Patriots have been gifted their division by the ineptitude of the other three teams, and then the Patriots often secured a first round bye and sometimes home field. Having the GOAT QB and coach, a terrible division and a first round bye - they should have made the AFCCG all these times.
  11. AFC Championship: Patriots vs. Chiefs

    I don't think the Patriots suck at all. But the Saints/Rams/Chiefs have been the best teams all year. Just another level from the Patriots (when they're not at home).
  12. AFC Championship: Patriots vs. Chiefs

    Ehh...I'm pretty sure that the winner of the NFCCG will be rooting for the Patriots. If we win, I'd rather play the Patriots. If we lose, I'd rather see the Chiefs in the Super Bowl.
  13. I think the Chiefs win by 21+ Saints and Rams anything can happen...but I'll say Rams/Saints will be closer.
  14. AFC Championship: Patriots vs. Chiefs

    I don't see how the Patriots win this game. The Chiefs defense at home has been good. Patriots don't have the type of defense that can stop the Chiefs offense. If the Patriots pull this off, it will be BB's most impressive AFC victory IMO.
  15. Eagles vs. Saints: Divisional Round

    I love how Foles magic is so legit that it took a ball going right through a WRs hands to stop him