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  1. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    The running back thing was a perfect storm - I forget some of the guys names now, but Denver had a crazy streak of running backs producing - which indicated it was the system and blocking. Expanding on that, and this is really oversimplifying the running back position, but if the 9 guys blocking were able to completely block all 11 defenders, you and I would be able to run the ball well in the NFL. Playing RB is obviously not that simple, but between those two examples and then factor in that for whatever reason college football didn't produce good running backs to the NFL for a few years, and you have that perfect storm. What I find interesting is the thoughts on QBs. For a while there it seemed like the great QB play was a product of the rule changes - and certainly some of the numbers are from that. But through the past 20 years or so, it's really been three guys taking turns propping QB play up to insane levels: Manning, Brees, and Brady. Remove those three from the equation and you're left with: The only guy close to them - Rodgers "Are they elite?" - guys that we argued about for years - Eli, Flacco, Ben, Rivers The "future" - Wilson, Luck, RG3, Winston, Mariota The actual future - Goff, Wentz IMO Manning, Brees and Brady are the three best QBs to ever play the game. When Rodgers is done he might end up being up there. I think that because these guys were still blowing up when Wilson, Luck and RG3 took the league by storm that it created this perception - that the NFL in its current state is flooded with great QB play. But we've seen all of those guys spectacularly fail to come close to Manning/Brees/Brady. Logic dictates that the three best QBs in NFL history would not be playing at the same time - but even accounting for era, that's exactly what I think happened. Remove them and you're left with a group of QBs that looks mostly about how good QBs were (for their era) throughout history.
  2. Who do you consider the blue bloods of the NFL?

    Yea I just don't think there are blue blood NFL teams like in college. That happens in college because the best teams always get the best players. In the NFL, you can find something unique for every long tenured franchise. If you lined up the biggest accomplishment for every team, that might be a better way of debating it. For example: Patriots - winning five super bowls (and going to 8) in 17 years Dolphins - going 17-0 and winning the super bowl Which of these was more difficult to accomplish? Which is more or less likely to happen again? There could be an actual debate there.
  3. Who do you consider the blue bloods of the NFL?

    If we're counting New England, you have to count the Browns. This is obviously going to be heavily biased toward teams that have been in your lifetime. Kids today that grow up watching college football would not think Michigan (or Notre Dame) was a historically good program.
  4. Thoughts on Goff?

    I think Jared is a good player. But when I watch him play, I don't see a top 10 QB just yet. He's close and I think he can get there this year. But I'm catching flak on another Rams forum for saying this - mind you, I'm not saying he's not good or anything bad about him at all - he's just not a top 10 QB and for the Rams to win in the playoffs we need him to be better. Is that a crazy opinion? I know "top 10" is subjective but what I mean by that is I think there are 10 QBs in the NFL who would make the Rams better right now. Obviously if you factor in his age there's not another QB I would rather have. But right now I just don't have him to that level yet.
  5. Has the league gone too far with The "Rodgers Rule"?

    I am shocked that through two games, we've only been called once for roughing the QB and it was very obviously roughing (going low). It is something I'm a little worried about. If the NFL wants to stay in this direction, that's fine - but they need to employ some common sense unwritten rules similar to the NBA in regard to foul calls at the end of games - I would never, NEVER call roughing unless it was blatant in the fourth quarter. I know that's still not clear, but I don't think this can be clear. And I hope the NFL uses this game as an example for referees that tells them not to call this in critical situations.
  6. Has the league gone too far with The "Rodgers Rule"?

    When I see that play, I think that Dunlap's helmet hits Luck's helmet - and by now we all know that if you touch the QBs helmet in anyway, it's roughing. Whether his helmet actually hits him or not, I can't say from that angle. But it looks like it so not surprised that the refs flagged it.
  7. Just implement something similar to what the NHL does. If nobody wins during the OT period, have a kicking "shoot out". If tied after OT, have the kickers each kick 50 yard FGs until somebody misses or makes.
  8. Are the Rams the best team in the league?

    Vikes, Chiefs, and Jags have more impressive resumes right now. But I think we are. The Rams are about to play the following schedule: Chargers/Vikings/@Seahawks/@Broncos/@Niners/Packers/@Saints/Seahawks/Chiefs (Mexico) Nobody knows what Seattle will be just yet, but I'm guessing they will still be decent at home and still have a very good QB. Other than the home game against Seattle, that is a brutal schedule. So we'll see how it plays out. And then we have the Eagles a few weeks after that.
  9. I know what you mean as well. IMO it is Peyton's fault in that he was always paid like an elite QB - but few players would take less money. The Colts rarely had a good enough defense to actually win the super bowl. I put that on the GM and Dungy. Brady (first three), Rodgers, Ben, Flacco, Wilson, Wentz/Foles, Warner, Dilfer, Johnson, Eli - pretty much every QB to win a super bowl except Peyton - did so taking up a smaller percentage of their teams cap.
  10. Fun fact: Torry Holt still holds the NFL record with 6 consecutive 1300 yard receiving seasons. Brown came close but missed by 16 yards - a little arbitrary, but I think people forget how good Torry was.
  11. Better Player? Randy Moss or Marshall Faulk

    Faulk. And I don't think it's close. Marshall has an MVP, and in a non-MVP season became only the 2nd 1000-1000 guy in NFL history. Marshall won a ring, and was the focal point of the offense. I can't believe people are putting Moss above him. WRs are dependent upon QB play to be effective. RBs are not. Put Moss on Faulk's Indy teams and we're not having this discussion.
  12. Will we ever see another 2007 Patriots team (16-0) again?

    The Rams point differential versus their actual record indicates that if anything, they underachieved last year. And the NFC West certainly wasn't the best division last year, but they were one of only two divisions that only had one team with a losing record - and that team won five straight games to end the season.
  13. Marc Bulger. I was on board with picking him over Warner because IMO at the time Kurt was broken. Marc started 95 games and at times put up good numbers - but in hindsight the Rams best season with him he was straight up average. That season he played poorly in the playoff game against Carolina and only has one playoff win attached to his name because Martz mindfu**ed the Seahawks in 2004.
  14. TNF - Ravens vs Bengals

    I've seen way too many people picking the Ravens. Bengals had a much more impressive week one win and IMO are a little bit more talented, when you account for the fact that both Flacco and Dalton are basically the same QB.
  15. NFL historical oddities, weird facts, stats and trivia

    Despite the rule changes and shift toward a pass happy league, the NFL record for passing yards in a game has stood for 67 years https://www.pro-football-reference.com/leaders/pass_yds_single_game.htm