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  1. Saints close to signing Jared Cook

    I wouldn't be surprised either, and given that Brees has had success throwing to absolute nobodies, I'd be excited if I was a Saints fan for sure. He's similar to Ben Watson too. But I've just seen the Jared Cook show too many times to be able to think this is a slam dunk. Things that should make sense with Cook (he did well with Carr so he should do better with Brees) often do not.
  2. Saints close to signing Jared Cook

    I get why you would think that, but he was on a Super Bowl caliber Packer team and didn't play all that well. I agree that he's always had the ability and I saw him first hand for years - but he's just so inconsistent hard to figure which Jared Cook they will be getting. Obviously the Saints and Rams were the top two teams in the NFC last year - but them signing Cook doesn't scare me at all.
  3. Saints close to signing Jared Cook

    Brees has done wonders throwing to scrubs, so I can see being excited about this.. But we've all seen the Jared Cook show by now - great one game, terrible the next. The guy played with Aaron Rodgers and if not for one great playoff catch, none of us would even remember that.
  4. Clay Matthews Signs with Rams

    Personally I'm not relying on Clay for much. I'm sort of hoping he's a 2 down ILB who rotates in at OLB as a backup. But having said that, it'll be interesting to see Clay as the 3rd best pass rusher (and playing with the best defensive player in football), as well as being possibly the 8th or 9th best player on the defense.
  5. Lions sign RB Malcolm Brown to offer sheet; Rams match

    I love Malcolm and will be upset if the Rams don't match this. He got injured last year and missed the last five games (in Detroit ironically), but before that I had no idea why he wasn't used more often. I would have had him and Gurley splitting carries since we knew we were playoff bound. He's a great north/south runner and has great vision. He also did this last year, which was one of the Rams best plays of the season:
  6. Clay Matthews Signs with Rams

    Actually apparently he had more money on the table with other teams. Same for Weddle. And I imagine Fowler could have gotten a nice contract considering the amount of overpays in FA. So in reality, the Rams underpay FAs.
  7. Jason Verrett signs with SF

    Niners also had the cap space and had to spend it. As for Verrett - that injury history coupled with the Niners injury luck seems like a disaster waiting to happen. I hope that he stays healthy though and rebounds his career.
  8. Blake Bortles signing with Rams

    Love this move and hoped it would happen. Dude has won two playoff games and played well enough to win a third - and now is coming to a team with better offensive talent in every way imaginable.
  9. Mark Barron signs with Steelers

    Yes and no. He was coming back from an injury, and our entire defense coasted through the regular season. But in the playoffs he was great - and the year before he was great too. Only reason we cut him is because he was going to make $9 million - and even then, Snead said that we were going to monitor his market and see if we could get him back.
  10. LaMarcus Joyner. So when the Rams drafted him, Fisher had him as our NCB - he did okay there, but most Rams fans - and by most I mean, everyone I've ever interacted with on a message board or in real life - wanted him moved to FS. We thought he would be really good there. McVay and Philips come in and one of the first things they do is move him to FS - he proceeds to have a nearly elite season. So naturally, his contract is up. We franchise him over Sammy Watkins (which is fine because I didn't really want Watkins either). He played okay this year - most of his issues seemed to occur when Peters was also in the picture, so I'm inclined to think it was bad Peters while Talib was out that was mostly to blame. Fine. And then the Ted Ginn catch happened in the NFCCG that could (or should) have lost us the game. It was the single worst safety play I've ever seen. Drew Brees lofted the ball basically right to Joyner, who lets the Ted Ginn jump right in front of him for the catch, and Joyner was looking at the ball the entire time. If it was an actual decent WR I'd probably be more forgiving of that play - but it was Ted Ginn.. Anyway, I still think he's a good safety and in the market the Raiders are probably getting a nice deal with him overall.....except rumor has it Gruden is going to have him play NCB, which he's not great at.
  11. Browns will have the best offense in 2019!

    I agree that OBJ is significantly better, but all three Rams WRs are better than Landry. Landry has been overrated his entire career. Kupp was the best WR in this wide open offense when he was healthy and made several huge plays. He tied for the team lead in TDs having missed half the year. For my money, Kupp is the best Rams WR.
  12. Browns will have the best offense in 2019!

    Really? Here's now I would rank them: OBJ Kupp Cooks Woods Landry Calloway Easy decision for me. And if we're using Gurley's injury as a qualifier, Hunt may never even play for the Browns.
  13. Browns will have the best offense in 2019!

    Cooks/Woods/Kupp > OBJ/Landy/Calloway OBJ is better than Cooks, but Woods and Kupp are better than Landry and Calloway Gurley > Hunt/Chubb as well (although that one is really close) Njoku > Higbee/Everett Rams OL is probably better as well, although that's less certain now. But overall the Rams have the best trio of WRs in the NFL, which gives them the edge over the Browns. I'd also put the Chiefs above them with Hill/Kelce/Watkins - but it's extremely impressive that the Browns have made this conversation.
  14. Earl Thomas close to signing with Browns

    Let's start with winning the AFC North and go from there. Rams and Bears have sort of been the Browns the past two years and both lost their home playoff game.
  15. Jets to sign LB CJ Mosley

    http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/26152059/set-spend-big-2019-nfl-salary-cap-space-all-32-teams By my quick count, only 13 couldn't really afford to sign a player to that much money - but one of them is the Chiefs, who have more space than that after releasing Houston (and they signed a player to $14 mil per year). So I think I was about spot on with 20.