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  1. Kevin O'Connell. The last time a team hired a McVay assistant with no play calling experience was the Bengals, which is looking good right now
  2. For one or two years, who would be a HC if they have any success. I'd be furious about this if I was a Bears fan. Very "Bears" type of hire and staring at a continuation of the past 50 years offensively.
  3. That will be the consensus after this. My point is, despite the worse QB, people said the same about the Jaguars and given the rosters in their own division, they need to take advantage of being here.
  4. Obviously that's different. The Jaguars were still a team loaded with talent though and I'm guessing after that AFCCG loss, the Jags fans by and large felt confident that their team would achieve consistent success. That's probably the most recent comparison because of how bad the Bengals were prior to this year. Go back in time and ask Packers fans how many Super Bowls they'd make - not win, make - after they won one with Rodgers. These opportunities are not a given. It would surprise no one of the Bengals finish third next year in their own division. It wouldnt be surprising
  5. And it means nothing for the long-term. It would surprise nobody if the Browns or Ravens won the division next year. If the Steelers find a QB they would be pretty good too. And of course there are the Chiefs and Bills as well. Ask the Jaguars what making and losing an AFCCG means when you have a talented, young ascending roster. So the Bengals better come Sunday like nothing is guaranteed in the future, because it's not. No "oh well I'm happy with the progress" thoughts. Come out and believe they belong and bring it
  6. It's if we're up by 14 we're in trouble. 17? Pssh he's undefeated when we're up by 17 or more at half.
  7. Both teams close to full strength it sounds like. Hopefully we have Ernest Jones. Big emphasis on tackling this week for the Rams. Stop the run, tackle well. Adapt on defense. Should not be that difficult. The Packers defense - worse run defense than ours by a margin - held them to 6 points offensively....don't care that it was freezing. They played great run defense. We need to come in with a better defensive game plan, which includes Ramsey on Samuel as much as possible and a commitment to stopping the run first.
  8. People would sleep on either the Niners or Rams if it's the Chiefs. Which is dumb. If you went starter by starter, the Rams and Niners would both be better than the Chiefs at most positions. So you're asking Mahomes to overcome a pretty significant talent disadvantage in either game. Mahomes is capable of that obviously - but I think both teams strengths line up against the Chiefs well.
  9. Ahhh no way man lol. Lost to the Niners six times in a row so that's a scary thought. If we do happen to get past the Niners though... We match up extremely well with the Chiefs. No run game, and the Rams defense is more than capable of dealing with elite passing games. Personnel wise, neither defense has the personnel to stop us, but I think the Bengals defense is better overall. I'm sure someone will cite some stats, don't really feel like looking myself - all I'll say is that the Rams last year and Bills this year both had their number one defenses destroyed in the p
  10. Changed my mind. It's the lead up to the game so I have time to do that, and you made some good points, plus I think Burrow and Chase are the most dangerous combo in the league right now.
  11. It was only one dominant season so probably doesn't qualify, but Kevin Carter
  12. By mentioning Houshmanzadeh in with Holt it proves your point about Holt....lol. Those guys weren't even in the same stratosphere. I think Torry might still hold the record for most consecutive 1300 yard seasons, obscure as that is.
  13. For some reason, the Chiefs dropping 56 points - 8 rushing TDs - on someone (the Falcons I think) is something burned into my memory, with LJ and Holmes both going off
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