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  1. Not sure Id call Steve Smith an all time great. Brady, Brees, Rodgers, Manning could possibly all be top five all time QBs. So the comparison there would be Rice, Moss, TO, Harrison, Bruce - with some of that being up for debate. But you point out another flaw with using wins as a statistic. If the best 32 QBs in NFL history were all playing right now, you'd have to throw the records out the window because they'd be playing against each other every game. So the recent guys you pointed out - few if any of them played with Brees, Rodgers, Brady or Manning - but all played at the same t
  2. You joke, but if no team is willing to give up a first for him, I guarantee we will call. We have 10-11 picks next year (depending on how the comp picks shake out). We also have another really good 28 year old CB who will need a new contract after this year and if he plays like he did last year, will demand close to (probably just a few million less) the money Howard is looking for - so trading for Howard, who is better than Darius Williams, would mean we just wouldn't re-sign Williams after this year and we would likely get a 3rd round comp pick for him. It makes sense from every an
  3. Good players usually end up winning more games. Saying the top QBs list closely resembles the list of winningest QBs is sort of common sense. Go do that for every position and I'd wager the only outliers will be guys who played with other all time greats. I'm sure Jerry Rice is near the top of WR wins, Jim Brown and Emmit Smith near the top of RB wins, Deacon Jones, Bruce Smith and Reggie White near the top of EDGE wins. And the when you provide some context to other guys - like JJ Watt for example. Not going to be near the top, but he represents the best period of T
  4. Oh doesn't have to be a third. Could be a fourth or a fifth. Point was that he's the one I'd most like the Rams to get.
  5. I think David Johnson makes the most sense - Rams have a lot of picks next year so could throw them a 3rd for him. Houston is rebuilding so I can't imagine then rejecting a 3rd for him. We even have some cap space so we could definitely make it work from that side.
  6. The problem with that logic is that it's simply not the case for every QB at every point in time. For example - Eric Dickerson had more impact on the Rams winning in the 80s than the QB - so the only way to do this consistently is if we attach win/loss records to whoever actually was the most impactful.
  7. You lose your fan card for leaving off arguably the biggest clutch play in Super Bowl history. Enough casuals and even talking heads seem to forget about it, can't have our fans do so too. To my knowledge it's the only long TD to take the lead that late in Super Bowl history - whatever ambiguous qualifiers we want to attach, it's the only if it's kind. My list would be: 1. Ike Bruce TD to take the lead in Super Bowl 34 2. Proehls catch against the Bucs 3. Dickersons run to get 2105 4. The tackle - destiny thing to me here - we were always going to win that Super Bowl,
  8. The way it usually goes is: Fan: QB x is really good Fan who disagrees: QB x is okay, but not as good as (insert list of QBs) Fan: QB x has a better record than them If used in the way you're suggesting, it wouldn't bother me as much. However, a lot of fans tend to fall back on that as the overarching logic.
  9. It's really not that far fetched to think Brees would have won as much as Brady if we switch their situations.
  10. Trent Dilfer has a Super Bowl ring and Dan Marino does not. Makes no sense to judge a QB by wins and losses to me except if you're comparing two similar QBs who had similar supporting casts.
  11. I'd say it's pretty unlikely that at 31 years old, it's the first time he's driven while intoxicated. More likely he just didn't crash into anything in his 20s and get caught.
  12. I think a lot of people have probably driven at least once when they shouldn't have. But on the other hand.. Drinking an entire bottle of liquor and driving is different than having four beers and driving.
  13. I quit a job I had been at for 14 years and did a coding bootcamp. While I was job searching I dabbled in a few things - did Uber eats for a day. Other people have better info than me, but my take is that if you live in a big/main/populated area, and you're willing to work during both lunch and dinner, you'll do really well. With so many people working from home, a lot of people want food delivered during work, and obviously dinner as well. I know you mentioned that you're going to freelance, and I don't know what your experience level is - and I work with a few people who hav
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