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  1. Has McVay been overrated?

    I had some hilariously bad takes on Goff (taking him over Watson for example) prior to this year - but I've never thought of him as a consistent top 10 QB. More like on the fringe waiting to bust through. This year he hit that ceiling and came crashing down to earth though. Right now he is a QB that needs perfect circumstances to be effective. Letting Saffold walk and keeping Fowler is the first huge mistake Snead/McVay have made in terms of personnel. It's a mistake that might be compounded by the Ramsay trade, although he's an elite talent so I'll hold off on that for now. Admittedly, I was fine letting Saffold walk due to his age/injury history - but the plan to replace him has not panned out, and while Fowler is enjoying his best season, what we've gotten from Clay Matthews makes me think the defense would be only slightly worse without Fowler, while the offense could be the best in the NFL had Saffold been retained.
  2. Will Oakland make the playoffs?

    I've said it before and I'll say it again - the Raiders won the Mack trade.
  3. The Bengals' Historically Bad Defense

    Honestly watching the Rams offense put up only 24 on the Bengals was possibly the most frustrating win I've ever experienced.
  4. It's so subjective and almost every fan base (almost) claims to have a top kicker or punter. But the Rams kicker/punter combo have been the best in the NFL for a few years now - neither is having their best year this year though. Kick and punt return coverage doesn't seem to be bad anymore these days for any team - obviously kick returns rarely happen anyways. In 2017 the Rams had 4 special teams TDs I think - and then a few long punt returns against Seattle and a few more blocked punts. That was the best unit I've ever seen.
  5. Are the 49ers the leagues best team?

    I don't want this to sound like I'm discrediting the Niners, because that's not my intent - but the Panthers are closer to the team that got destroyed than they are a legit playoff contender IMO. I don't see how the Panthers beat the Saints at all this year. Sure the Falcons might play the Saints tough, but they won't actually win either game. Bucs is one I could see the Saints randomly dropping, just because of how good the Bucs can be on offense. Colts at home is not going to be a problem. Don't see that defense letting the Niner offense do much in the dome. At Titans is another one I could see them randomly dropping since it's an away game. But even if they drop two, they'll likely still get home field. And I have this feeling that the Rams will get the 6 seed and beat the 3 seed, which would send us straight to New Orleans. And I'm guessing neither of us want that.
  6. Are the 49ers the leagues best team?

    I still think the Rams and Eagles are right there with the Saints as having the most talent in the NFC. I think one of them ends up being the 6 seed this year and that's terrifying.
  7. Are the 49ers the leagues best team?

    It could come down to SF/NO game, but.....while the Panthers are a decent team, I don't see them posing much of a threat to the Saints, and the Saints have FIVE division games left including two against the Falcons. As much as I talked up the Saints schedule thus far, it's about to get very, very easy. They have four games left against opponents with winning records, but two of them are the Panthers, and three of those games are at home. The other two are against the Colts and Niners. They just don't lose at home, so I have a tough time seeing them drop another game this year. And if they get home field....for as competitive as the NFC is, it's probably over.
  8. Are the 49ers the leagues best team?

    It's the Saints and it's not close right now. Look at who all these teams have played. Actually just look at who the Saints played: Texans Rams Seahawks Cowboys Bucs Jags Bears Cardinals While they have played four teams with losing records, playing at Jacksonville and at Chicago with Bridgewater were games I had them losing. The Niners look better but the difference in schedules is glaring over the first 8 games of the season.
  9. Your 2019 MVP: Russell Wilson

    I think its' Wilson's to lose. And what I'm about to say has little to do with him or his performance - he's the MVP right now. Bengals - 0-8 Steelers - 4-4 Browns - 2-6 Cardinals - 3-5-1 Bucs - 2-6 Falcons - 1-7 Rams - 5-3 All of these were close and you could argue that Seattle had some "Seattle luck" in most of these games. Dalton fumble, weird overturned PI, Winston phantom fumble, Falcons fumble on 1 yard line, Rams missed FG. Again, none of this is relevant to his play thus far. But for predicting the MVP, I doubt it will be him. They are about to play the Eagles, Vikings, Niners twice, Rams and Panthers in 6 of their 7 games, with 4 of those difficult 6 coming on the road. If they go 9-7 or 10-6, can he win MVP? Guess it depends on his final numbers.
  10. So the 9ers are Legit?

    I do think the offense is mediocre. Their rankings are above average, but the competition they've played has not been. The reason I think they are comparable to the Bears is because the Bears offense also looked pretty good in the first half of the season last year - Trubisky even had a 6 TD game - but they have some serious red flags at QB and WR. They're obviously a playoff team and will win the NFC West - but the offense will be the thing that stops them from winning it all IMO.
  11. So the 9ers are Legit?

    I don't assume that fans of other teams watch Ohio State, which is why I worded it that way. I personally can't stand college football in general - only watch OSU religiously because my wife went to the school. Other "big" games I will only watch if we're not doing anything else. I think Young is better athletically than both and while he's probably not as good technically, he's clearly improved there this year. I'm sure the Bengals or Dolphins will go for the QB, but it would be a shame if this guy wasn't the top pick. And if he can stay on this tear the Heisman should be in the conversation.
  12. So the 9ers are Legit?

    I can see the Bears comparison. Sure, last year the Bears offense faltered down the stretch - but the Niners haven't hit that point yet and the schedule getting so much tougher seems like it could happen. Obviously the Niners have a better running game, but they also have a slightly worse defense (no knock on the D this year, but that Bears D was nearly all time great). Hell, just check out this list of QBs the Niners have played so far: Winston Dalton Rudolph Mayfield Goff Keenum Allen That's....borderline ridiculous. Upcoming is Rodgers, Wilson, Wilson, Brees, Matt Ryan and Lamar Jackson, to go along with Goff and Murray twice. Again, not taking anything away from the Niners - I think they clinched the NFC West last weekend. But I think a comp to the Bears is accurate given how their schedule plays out, with it being so much tougher in the back half.
  13. So the 9ers are Legit?

    As an Ohio State fan who watches every game, I promise Chase Young is better than both Bosas.
  14. Chargers and Falcons. I lean more toward the Chargers because while I thought ATL would be a playoff contender, I thought the Chargers were a true Super Bowl contender. Bears - I mean when I'm right, I'm right - saw this coming from a mile away. Not remotely surprised.
  15. Failure - not taking the Bucs seriously and a missed FG in Seattle OL play has been shaky, but through 8 games now we've allowed 12 sacks - that's good considering we're on our 3rd LG. Glad people are sleeping on us right now - Niners probably win the West at this point, but eventually the luck will catch up to Seattle and the playoff field should reveal itself as Niners, Packers, Saints, Cowboys or Eagles, Vikings, Rams