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  1. Call Your Shot: 2019 NFL Draft - Your One Must Get Guy

    The end of the first pick gives you the 5th year option, any early 2nd round pick doesn't. So I doubt I would take any offers if they're not extremely sexy.
  2. Packers Draft Position Thread AKA Tankathon 2018

    Not really possible as it depends more on the outcome in the playoffs than the rest of the regular season. If they stick with the best record in the NFL it will be 28 if they lose in the divisionals, 30 if they lose in the CCG, 31 if the lose in the SB and 32 if they win it all. The chances that they will screw their first round bye are slim to nothing, so 27 might be the highest that we could get.
  3. Trade Deadline Thread

    Usually you don't see front 7 guys with 3 passes defended in one game. So it was a good effort by him, especially with one of the PDs coming off a late drive that stalled and helped to win the game. I didn't say he dominated, but for sure he contributed to that win more than in other games. So just give credit where credit is deserved.
  4. Trade Deadline Thread

    San Francisco. He didn't have a tackle or sack, but his 3 deflected passes at the LOS were about the only times this defense could hold freaking CJ Beathard to no gain
  5. Packers Roster Cuts

    If I was about to just check the final cuts, a message board where I can expect infos to be split out on several pages wouldn't be my first choice. All the networks have cut trackers where you can get comprehensive cut news for all teams on one page
  6. There's nothing wrong with Sitzpinkler. I bet your wife would be happy if you were one
  7. That one made me laugh out loud, HtZ Dude is not french, though, his mother is german. Just sent him to a school in Paris (which is actually domestic abuse if you ask me).
  8. 2018 Mock Draft - German Edition

    Armstrong would have been gone at 101, that was confirmed by a GM that held a pick between 86 and 101. I agree that the 4th round has great value, however, I didn't like the remaining EDGEs there and also didn't want to wait longer for some pass rush
  9. 2018 Mock Draft - German Edition

    My top 5 in this Draft are Barkley, Chubb, Fitzpatrick, Darnold and Rosen. After that the rest is ranked a bit lower. But again, that's just my board and I'm very sure other people have a different opinion there
  10. 2018 Mock Draft - German Edition

    I have a gut feeling that this thread is slightly off topic now
  11. 2018 Mock Draft - German Edition

    If it's only 4 per hand you'll get fired immediately 12 is the minimum, 14 appreciated
  12. 2018 Mock Draft - German Edition

    Born and raised in Munich, Germany, but about to move to NC this year to be closer to my beloved Packers
  13. 2018 Mock Draft - German Edition

    No, there isn't. It's an american sport, so we just use the same terminology as you guys do. A cornerback is a cornerback and a quarterback is a quarterback
  14. 2018 Mock Draft - German Edition

    As I said, the Raiders were about to take him if I wasn't trading up. So unfortunately no chance to get him without that uptrade.
  15. 2018 Mock Draft - German Edition

    Draussen Eck-Ruck Google Translator seems to be very creative from time to time