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  1. If Aaron Rodgers believes this and thinks this justifies his INT at the beginning of the half, he should seriously just retire.
  2. I believe the hit would be roughly 25MM, according to over the cap. We currently have 7.5MM in cap space.
  3. Yes- you don’t trade him because A) we’d have to release players in season to handle the acceleration on his cap hit and B) you might as well wait until the end of the season so you know exactly where the draft choices you are acquiring will be, instead of risking that you help a team so much you end up picking in the late 20’s.
  4. Why do we even need to caveat this though? Everybody played like crap today. Rodgers is the best player on this team and the league MVP. Green Bay literally pushed all their chips in the middle this year so he can have one final shot at a ring in GB. If he’s going to get the glory when things go right, he deserves some of the blame when things go wrong.
  5. Aaron Rodgers invited this type of scrutiny on himself when he pulled the BS he did this offseason. This only doesn’t blow up in his face if he plays at 2020 ish level this year. Today, he was AWFUL.
  6. In my experience, people who to tell you the odds of something are “not high” tend to not actually understand basic probability concepts.
  7. It certainly sounds like the Packers front office is sick of his ****. I wouldn’t be surprised if they cut sternberger, kept four TE’s and sign a guy to the PS. Sometimes, messages need to be sent to the team- and by all accounts, Sternberger has disappointed the coaches with his on field AND off field performance.
  8. Not a great sign for Sternberger
  9. If you want to judge QB’s strictly by numbers in preseason, then Jordan Love’s passer rating of 89.1 in his first preseason far exceeded that of Aaron Rodgers first preseason (53.0). Therefore Love is better than a first ballot hall of fame QB right?
  10. Honestly, Jay Cutler in a well structured offense with good coaching could have been great. Moving to Chicago, where he didn’t get either of those things, really hurt his career.
  11. You could be right. I think a 2019 Josh Allen season could be likely. Inconsistent play but glimpses of being able to play at the highest level. If that plays out that way, hopefully by 2023 he makes the strides Allen did from 19-20.
  12. Brett Hundley never demonstrated the arm strength love has. The free play throw into the cover 2 keyhole to Taylor is a throw Hundley could never make. Love’s preseason was encouraging, but it showed he isn’t ready for prime time yet. I’m excited to see the progress he makes between year 2 and 3 (assuming/praying he doesn’t play more than garbage time snaps in 2021).
  13. In 2019 EQ broke his ankle, was a bottom of the roster WR, and per the rules could only have been 1 of the 2 possible returns from IR. An 8-12 week recovery and being forced to keep him on the 53 man roster never made sense. I suspect Funchess wasn’t going to make this team anyway, prior to his injury, but especially after Malik Taylor had a strong game last week (Purely because Taylor can play specials).
  14. We’ve been drafting so many interior lineman the last few years, maybe we move him to RT full time when bak is back.
  15. I’m not sure Jared Cook moves the needle for Rodgers in this regard, but it doesn’t matter. If you look at the list of players he had, they all shared one common trait- they were/are his buddies. He wants to play with his friends. He doesn’t relate well to the 21-22 year olds coming into the league anymore. Favre had the same issue. I guess we were always hurtling towards this stress point.
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