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  1. From what I can recall I don’t think there was much demand for teams to get back into round 1, so gute made the decision to trade up and ensure he got the last “First round caliber” player on his board. There simply may not have been a trade partner willing to give the packers fair value in a trade down scenario.
  2. What source is leaking this info? I’ve seen this a couple of times on this board but I haven’t been able to find anything. Thanks, literally read two more posts and see the discussion. My apologies
  3. Yes, he slowed down a bit. Can’t slow down in the NFL.
  4. Exactly- Gary struck me last year as a guy trying to figure it out and really lacking confidence- if he can get off to a good start, the sky is the limit.
  5. His footwork was going to hell well before 2018, we just didn’t notice it. I think what we are seeing is a SLIGHT decline in arm strength mixed with a moderate decline in overall athleticism (escapability). If Rodgers can rededicate himself to the fundamentals, I think we will see a renaissance season from him. Watch a game from 2010/2011 and compare it to 2019. Focus on the footwork- you can see a clear difference.
  6. This deal, much like Davonte adams a few years back, will make fans a little nervous when looking at the Avg per year, but I guarantee in two years this will look like a steal. I thought we were going to have to give him more, to be honest. Now take care of Bak, and let’s see what we can do with King.
  7. You’re right, drafting a QB in the first and letting them develop for one to three years behind an established starter NEVER works out...
  8. You’re not entirely wrong, but I would argue having a talented, cheap, backup QB for two years before you deal him offers some value. But they drafted him because they think he can be the guy. There is no Question about it.
  9. They clearly see him as their version of Kyle Juszczyk. Juszczyk is 6’1 240 and runs a 4.76, this guy is 6’2 242 and ran 4.72. Basically an exact replica. If we are moving to a SF style offense, it’s a vital role- you can argue that maybe they could have gotten him a round later but they don’t pick for nearly two rounds. If he is similar to Juszczyk we won’t be complaining two years forward.
  10. After seeing how the rest of the draft fell, I’m more on board with drafting Love. I’m not sure there was any path to Green Bay matching needs with value in this draft. Might as well take a swing at the top for a franchise altering player,
  11. I understand. It’s a hard needle to thread, balancing the future and the present. But I suspect Gutekunst looked at the board, had 5/6 WR’s all ranked similarly, thinks one will fall to 62, and said “screw it, this QB could be elite and set us up for a decade” and just pulled the trigger. It’s rare when top 5/10 talent falls to you late in the first- and I think that’s what MLF and Gute think they have here. Not saying I agree or disagree with the evaluation. But to me, that thought process makes sense.
  12. Thanks for contributing absolutely nothing and not answering the question. There is a counter argument to the pick that is based on “immediate help” for the team. Passing up elite talent (in Gutekunst’s judgement Love clearly has that ceiling) in order to reach and fill a need is just plain stupid. You can disagree on the grade they gave Love, but they view him as a franchise QB. And you don’t pass those up for the 7th best WR in the draft. Sorry.
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