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  1. Ok sure. Do you know for a fact that the Love pick isn’t directly linked to the renaissance season Rodgers had? Because frankly, Rodgers had been a middle of the road QB since 2017 and THAT was a big factor in the Love pick. I know correlation doesn’t imply causation, but to me there was enough change in Rodgers play, attitude and focus to give credence to the theory that draft night 2020 was a MASSIVE wake up call for him.
  2. The answer is no. None of these players make Pettine play cover 4 at the end of the 1st half or Aaron Jones not gift the Bucs with 7 points off a fumble to start the second. The packers didn’t play in super bowl because their star players didn’t play well in the biggest game of the year. Nobody on that list changes the outcome.
  3. Gute built a super bowl caliber roster for 2021. This team, (including Rodgers!) blew it. I don’t know what more you can ask for. If this narrative that they aren’t all in is because they drafted Jordan love last year, you are going to be disappointed again this year. The packers (and all smart teams) draft with a focus on 3 years from now. I bet a lot of those complaining about not being “ all in” will be the first to call for GM and coach firings once the bill comes due.
  4. I wish we kept Mike Pettine.
  5. Hey it’s not my opinion. It’s theirs.
  6. The only thing that gives me pause is that the guys who have a proven inside track to Rodgers (Wilde, Silver, Mcafee) are hinting strongly that some reconciliation between the franchise and Rodgers is needed...
  7. You don’t pay a third pass rusher 16MM. You just don’t do it. Gary has surpassed Preston already in terms of net impact and he’s doing it in fewer snaps. I would suspect Gary will be even better next season.
  8. If the 8MM allows them to bring Aaron Jones back they absolutely should do this.
  9. Any word on Dillion’s injury? I know they said it was a quad, but that package with him and Jones was really stressing the Rams defense.
  10. What’s the timeline these days for offensive lineman and ACL recoveries? Fair to assume he will start season on PUP or is there and chance he’s good to go in early September?
  11. Our run defense has really improved since he started taking more snaps from Preston. He is a legit good run defender and has been really impressive setting the edge the last two weeks.
  12. Came here for the post game meatball chest pounding, stayed for the discussion on Bayesian probability.
  13. I mean we would have been smart to pursue a RT in the draft to develop before the Bak injury- while we don’t draft for need I wouldn’t be surprised to see gute maneuver to get a swing tackle at some point in round 1 or 2.
  14. I’ll believe they are going to give Dillion the ball when I see it. Last week was the perfect opportunity and he didn’t even see the field in the second half despite having a 21-3 lead.
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