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  1. He’s not going on a show to break that he’s signed an extension either. So this conversation is pointless and using an off the cuff comment from Rodgers as a hint he’s returning to GB is just wishful thinking.
  2. As we understand it, Rodgers has the freedom to decide whether he seeks a trade or stays in Green Bay. That’s the announcement, not trade terms.
  3. “I’ve decided that despite having a ton of gratitude for my time in Green Bay, it’s time to pursue greener pastures elsewhere” I think if we are being honest with ourselves, that’s the message he’s laid the groundwork for over the last few months. He doesn’t need to announce a trade is done. But he COULD go on the punters show with the final decision, even before he tells GB his decision. It’s right in the narcissistic playbook if we are being completely honest.
  4. Do you think the Cleveland Cavs thought the same thing in 2010 during Lebrons “Decision” broadcast?
  5. If we go this route with Adams, and I’m not convinced we will, I think we would be THRILLED with a 2nd and 4th return in 2022.
  6. Agreed. I think his comments re: Adams and the tag were him trying to do his friend a solid.
  7. Last thing to add to the list- Rodgers seemingly repaired his relationship with the front office, and wouldn’t be leaving on contentious terms (unless the trade gets flubbed). He wouldn’t become the pariah that Favre did when he went to MIN. I don’t know, I’ve been married for awhile now but I still remember what it felt like to be in a relationship with somebody and just have that feeling that it was time to move on, despite still caring deeply for that other person. I didn’t feel that way about the packers and Rodgers until I was walking out of Lambeau on Saturday night, but the feelin
  8. Green Bay has already accommodated him by adjusting his contract and saying they will work a trade if Rodgers requests that. They didn’t have to do that. And frankly, after the BS Rodgers pulled last spring/summer, it’s a pretty big thing for them to even make that concession. If Green Bay trades him on the cheap, there is a CLEAR loser- the Green Bay Packers. I suspect the packers will ask Rodgers for a list of teams he would consider, and then try to accommodate from there. If Rodgers tries to force their hand and limit compensation going the other way, Green Bay won’t just take tha
  9. “Year to year” won’t work the Green Bay either. His cap number is too high. He needs an extension or a trade. He’s not seriously contemplating retirement, he’s trying to use that leverage to ensure he has some say over where he gets traded. I understand that most of his comments this season can be taken in a manner that supports whatever opinion you had going in (Rorschach test!), but the tie breaker for me is that at no point in this guys entire career has he ever truly “allowed room for change and growth”. The guy still brings up slights from before he was in the NFL for gods
  10. The packers got him to come back by promising to help facilitate a trade at the end of the season if that’s what Rodgers wants. Yes, TECHNICALLY they could reneg on that but the consequences of doing so in terms of how players view the franchise would be devastating. If Rodgers decides he wants out, Green Bay will start working trades.
  11. Best guess on worst case scenario? #9 and a 2022 3rd round pick. I’d be SHOCKED if the return is that low.
  12. Green Bay can always call his bluff on retirement. If Rodgers retires, they COULD go after signing bonus money as well, which would provide cap relief. If Rodgers overplays his hand in trying to force a trade AND limit compensation, the packers have options.
  13. If you are trading Rodgers, it makes sense to get more aggressive with cuts to create the space.
  14. If we are not going to resign him, I don’t understand the thinking behind letting him walk. Franchise tag can ensure we get a return that exceeds the 2023 3rd round pick.
  15. Yes, I was behind the niners bench section 123, row 30- there was like an entire row of niners fans behind me. I’m glad to hear that maybe I was just in the wrong spot. Damn gold package lottery!
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