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  1. 2018 Free Agency - Prospects for GB

    If I was a betting man (which I definitely am) I'd say we're a lock to sign on the FA safeties this offseason. Really strong class overall with Earl, Landon Collins, Joyner, Amos, Honey Badger. Personal preference is Mathieu, he'd look pretty dang good in Green & Gold.
  2. Optimism? WHAT?!

    Been on this sub since 2007, the ole Randy Moss days. I'm here to spread some optimism... I understand being optimistic isn't very popular right now but hear me out for a bit. Reasons to be optimistic... 1. We just arguably played the 2 best teams in the NFL and did not look outmatched whatsoever, in fact, if not for 2 fumbles, we may have beaten BOTH teams, ON THE ROAD. Granted things got out of hand in NE but lets not forget that it was 17-17 in the 4th qtr and we were going in for the go ahead score before Jones fumbled. These past 2 weeks have shown me that we can hang with the best of the best, we just need to stop shooting ourselves in the foot with dumb turnovers, penalties, mistakes. Take away the 4th quarter in NE & through 7 quarters of football IN New England and IN Los Angeles, we were outscored 46-44, not exactly the 2018 Oakland Raiders people. 2. Lets not sit here and act like MM's teams don't perform best when the odds are the longest. One thing you can definitely say about McCarthy is that he knows how to rally the troops when it looks impossible. Lets take a look... 2009- started 4-4, finished 11-5. 2010- started 3-3, needed to win last 2 games to get in playoffs, we know how that finished. 2012- started 3-3, finished 11-5. 2013- started 5-6-1, Rodgers broken collarbone pt.1, finished 8-7-1 & won division. 2016- started 4-6, RAN THE TABLE all the way to the NFC Championship. Clearly, MM's teams start poorly & finish strong, especially when things look most bleak. 3. We have guys stepping up all over the place. Jaire, Aaron Jones, MVS, Kenny Clark, and have a feeling we're going to have a few more names pop up on this list as the season goes on (Josh Jones, Josh Jackson, Burks). This team is talented, arguably the deepest team we've had in a handful of years sans OL & safety. 4. Mike Pettine. Anyone who has watched a single GB game this year has to see how much better our Defense has looked. Granted it's been inconsistent but overall, this Defense has had way more good times than bad. Now if we can add some more turnovers into the mix, and get more production out of Clay/Perry, we could see a really, really good unit as we move towards the playoff push. 5. Aaron Rodgers. Shall I go on? We have the most talented QB in the history of the league, we ALWAYS have a chance. He needs to play better and he knows it, he said as much after our loss to NE. A pissed off, chip on his shoulder, Aaron Rodgers is the best Aaron Rodgers. The season is not lost, we're right in the mix to win the division and host a playoff game. I fully believe this team is capable of making a run, starting this week with Miami. THE NORTH REMEMBERS.
  3. It pains me to say but I've seen this script before. We play tight all game, showing the world that we may be a bit better than people think, only to lose a nail biter. I've seen this script before, prove me wrong MM!!!
  4. Trade Deadline Thread

    Jerry Hughes, that'll be all, thanks.
  5. Wk 3 postgame: GB 17 • WAS 31

    I see a guy who is THINKING & not PLAYING, and in year 5, that ain't good.
  6. Packers sign CB Breeland

    Don't think it's that at all, gotta be directly related to House being shut down for the year.
  7. Packers sign CB Breeland

    Makes complete sense, good stuff Palmy. What we need is Earl Thomas! lol
  8. Packers sign CB Breeland

    Great stuff, now move Tramon to FS, a role he's played before in Pettine's Defense. Kill 2 birds w 1 stone.
  9. Bold Predictions

    Aaron Jones 1200+ YFS & 8 TDs Josh Jackson DROY Clay 10+ sacks Kentrell Brice makes Pro Bowl, 100+ tkls 4 ints, 2 sacks, 2 FF's
  10. 2018 NFL Top 100 Players

    Carson Wentz above Rodgers, Brees, Donald, Von, Mack & Russ Wilson. Love Wentz but CMON MAN.
  11. Honestly think it's HaHa, more-so due to the depth behind him. Clay & Perry right there though.
  12. Marcedes Lewis in the fold!

    Love this signing, may not show up on the stat but could prove to be equally as good of a signing as Jimmy Graham. Now gimme Dumervil & lets go win the Super Bowl.
  13. 2018 Free Agency - Prospects for GB

    I've said since the Draft our 2 biggest remaining holes are a blocking TE & a veteran OLB, Lewis would fill the first & Dumervil would fill the latter.
  14. 2018 Free Agency - Prospects for GB

    Would really like to see us add a veteran at OLB, think that's the last piece we are missing right now. Dumervil would be the guy I'd go after, very similar to Brooks signing last year, dude had 6.5 sacks last yr so not like he's finished being productive.
  15. DeShone Kizer

    Irrationally excited to watch Kizer play all Preseason long