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  1. I will start off saying I don’t think Rudolph is the future. However, his supporting cast is rough. Juju is not a #1 WR. Between him and his fellow WRs I have never seen so many bad drops.
  2. What’s everyone’s thoughts on the Steelers trying to claim Mike Davis who was just waived by the Bears? Could be good depth given our current situation. Not sure what the cap hit would be though.
  3. Edmunds can’t be counted on as a primary RB. I always viewed as a ST’er only.
  4. Seems like there have been a ton of trades this year. Is the nfl turning into the NBA or is this coming draft class just bad?
  5. If we cut Chick does it help with the compensatory pick formula at all?
  6. Does the signing count towards the comp pick formula?
  7. What are the cap implications if we cut Moncrief now?
  8. I was a little bit more optimistic around the Fitzpatrick trade before last week. If we miss out on a once in a generation pass rusher bc of this bone head trade I will be calling for Colbert’s head. Or even worse if we clean house with HC and front office the job will be so much less attractive for candidates bc of not having that first round pick.
  9. What does our cap situation look like next with AB’s dead money falling off? Any chance we plan on spending in FA to offset the lack of draft capital?
  10. Yeah I didn’t get the game plan. Was it a bad game plan, are they worried about Rudolph’s arm strength, or did Rudolph just suck.
  11. Anyone believe this? Vick in the house? If true our FO has lost it. https://www.google.com/amp/s/steelerswire.usatoday.com/2019/09/16/report-former-steeler-michael-vick-headed-to-visit-pittsburgh/amp/
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