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  1. FA fits for the Steelers

    I really think we need to cut Morgan Burnett and sign one of the safeties out there. I think they imagined a lot more of the multiple safety looks with a $lb, but couldn’t bc of Burnett’s health. Would love Mathieu in a nickel CB/safety role. i think KJ Wright could be an option at ILB, but given his age I’m not sure it’s the Steelers MO.
  2. FA fits for the Steelers

    I like Shaquil Barrett a lot and I think the Steelers tries hard to sign him as a UDFA. I think he would be a good fit, but I don’t think he will be cheap. I like Barr too. I think he fits the mold and direct the Steelers are trying to go with their OLBs. However, I think he is going to be a top paid FA.
  3. Trade Brown for what?

    Just like the interview he promised with James Harrison....
  4. Possible Trade Options for Brown

    I have to laugh at all the player from the 49’ers and some other teams “flirting” with AB on twitter and then the media making a big deal out of it. He has no leverage on where he gets traded. No say what so ever unless there a clause in his contract we don’t know about.
  5. 2019 Steelers offseason news

    I really hope it’s not true. However, it stinks of bad reporting. Sorry you didn’t get the HC gig, but how about you come be our OL coach. That doesn’t make a lot of sense.
  6. Honest Question--How Good is Colbert?

    I have always been under the impression the Steelers front office approaches the draft as a team. The HC has just as much say as the GM with the Steelers. I also believe Tomlin tells Colbert what to look for in players. I think we have shifted from more of the football player mold to the workout warrior in recent years. I know there have been exceptions(Jarvis Jones comes to mind), but my impression is Tomlin likes his fast athletic guys over the football players Cowher liked. So I don’t think it all can be put on Colbert.
  7. Steelers vs. Saints GDT

    Still got to look at the blown pass interference call at the beginning of the game. The NFL really needs to do something about these game changing bad calls.
  8. You can’t do any worse..
  9. boswell

    His new contract makes him hard to cut. If we want to bring someone in it will have to be at the expense of a roster spot then look to cut Boz in the offseason.
  10. I think another thing a lot of people don’t realize with Dupree is that he should have another 3-4 sacks on the stat sheet this year from when he was blatantly held by OTs to prevent him from getting easy sacks. I personally see a vast improvement. Like you said he is not a world beater, but much better than a handful of folks on here give him credit for.
  11. Don’t we also get the cap space back from this year for the weeks he sat out?
  12. Trades you want this year

    Yeah, I agree with this. Dupree hasn’t been nearly as bad as some make him out to be. I doubt he goes anywhere. I really think he ends up playing on the 5th year option and has another average to above average season and they resign him. BC they aren’t getting another OLB in FA and would have to groom a replacement from the draft.
  13. Trades you want this year

    What makes you think they will “start over” on Def next year?
  14. Trades you want this year

    I hope we trade for any competent CB. Burns is bad and Sensenbagh might be worse. Conely is a gamble but if they feel he has the upside I would prefer it. Although our track record for evaluating CB isn’t great.
  15. Draft Prospects 2019

    I think they see Finney as Fosters replacement. I do think we need to start developing Pouncey and Gilbert replacements, but I still think our needs at CB, ILB, and OLB are far bigger.