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  1. NFL General - Steelers Forum

    So looks like Kevin Dodd was cut by the Titans. I can’t say I saw him play at all in the pros, but thought he looked ok in college. He might be a decent depth signing still only at 26. I know he was cut for not attending camp bc he was upset about them selecting Landry. Not sure if he is looking for a starting opportunity.
  2. Bell contract 2018

    And this is exactly why the contract probably didn’t get done.
  3. Bell contract 2018

    Glad they didn’t pay him. Way too much wear and tear on those tires going back to college. Got to imagine they run him into the ground this year assuming he doesn’t hold out.
  4. Adonis Alexander

    I hear this kid, Adonis Alexander, has first round talent and will be entering the supplemental draft. 6’3” 207 lb CB. Think the Steelers will have any interest? i don’t remember the Steelers ever being active in the supplemental draft.
  5. NFL General - Steelers Forum

    I read torn quad. Should go to IR.
  6. Eagles cut Kendricks (officially signs with Cleveland)

    Has anyone heard of any teams interested in him yet?
  7. Who plays MLB this year

    Looks like Kendrick was just cut. Do the Steelers go after him? Also, FWIW, Bostic is playing with the #2s in OTAs. I know there is a long way to go and a lot could change.
  8. Who plays MLB this year

    Sounds like Mychal Kendrick of the Eagles could possibly be a trade candidate. I would like that for a late round pick. Not sure what his cap number is though.
  9. 2019 Targets for Steelers

    If he is big enough he’ll be a great OLB.
  10. 2019 Targets for Steelers

  11. 2019 Targets for Steelers

    I love Koron Crump. Dude plays a million miles and hour. Perfect Shazier replacement if he can transition to ILB, IMO.
  12. Who plays MLB this year

    Unless he just signed I think that’s incorrect.
  13. Who plays MLB this year

    My dream would be cut Wilcox now and sign Bowman. However, the Steelers are probably happy with Bostic.
  14. Rumor: Khalil Mack on the block?

    I would consider it. Pass rushers are worth much more than RBs. I would pay one of the best pass rushers that kind of money. Not a RB. I think a player like Mack takes this team to another level. It wont happen, but I would certainly consider it.
  15. Round 5 Pick 165: FB Jaylen Samuels

    How do you know Mialata is better than Okorafor? He hasn’t played a down a football. All you know if what the media fed you. You may have seen a few rugby highlights and workout numbers.