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  1. Upgrading secondary over Pass Rush?

    I’d personally like to see us try to upgrade the front 7 over secondary. There is the replacement value argument (good rushers done become FAs, you can find a corner or DB). Then there is the argument that the only constant the last few years has been the mediocre pass rush. We’ve had talent in the secondary between high picks and guys who have left and played well (Hayward and Hyde). I’m fine bringing in a decent vet to get minutes, but we have 3 guys (king, randall, Rollins) who have talent and are young. I’d like to see them with a different coach, another year, and pass rush
  2. What QB Do We Want Going Into 2018?

    From reading the Washington board, it sounds like Washington will franchise Cousins and trade his rights. Consider Alex Smith ran a good player, a third, and a big contract, Cousins will probably cost at least a 1+ considering NYJ, Cleveland, MN, buf, Denver + will be in the mix. So the question is would you still want Cousins if it cost like Trae and a 1st?

    Can Cousins still be franchised and have his rights traded? I could see a team give up a good pick for the guaranteed 1 year and ability to negotiate a long term deal
  4. 2018 NFL Draft Discussion

    It all comes down to who teams pick. I think people forget teams scout multiple years out. A top 40 player in year Y might be a top 25 in year Z. Also in cases where you have a franchise QB and a limited window moving up isn’t bad
  5. Aaron Rodgers

    Hundley is a backup for a reason, but I think he gets a worse wrap than needed. This year the team’s situation wasn’t too different than 2013, just the NFCN was really bad that year, we won the Rodgers is back game, and we could sneak in at 8-7-1. Flynn/Wallace/Tolzien were 2-5-1. Hundley was 3-5 in the MN through Cleveland run. If we beat Carolina, we’d probably have beat MN (wouldn’t have been shut out) and wouldn’t have rolled over dead against Detroit. Contrary to belief, he did “enough.” This also brings hope for next year. 2014 the team stayed healthy and they should have been in the Super Bowl. With AR back, injury luck, and if a few guys make a leap we should be in the title mix. There is a lot of untapped potential especially on D and it isn’t all doom and gloom(we essentially got nothing from the top 4 picks last year King, M Adams, Biegel, Jones due to injury... Randall/Rollins could finally show up with a new DC... a new draft class).
  6. Historic Expectations #14-#18 picks

    I definitely think for the right guy, we’d draft an ILB. We were rumored to be in on CJ Mosley a few years back. I know ILBs aren’t going to make as many splash plays but we got a whopping 1.5 sacks and 1 gift tipped ball in combined between our two ILBs. Yes Blake and Ryan are in the right position and don’t miss plays, but they are very Aj Hawkian in that they aren’t real difference makers, lack coverage skills. In an area with teams doing more A gap blitzes, this needs to get better. I’d be surprised if we went guard early, but we do potentially need 2 starting OL ( Evans is a FA and 34, Bulaga had a bad injury, Spriggs still is a question, the depth behind them is questionable). If like Mike McGinchey fell, I’d be interested.
  7. Historic Expectations #14-#18 picks

    If you look at the top 30 pass rushers in the league, it’s a lot of top 70 pick guys (few exceptions for character guys, older tweeners). If you want a rusher, you usually have to spend early and often. I’d personally be cool drafting 2 edge rushers with our top 2 picks considering success rates not being high in general and where ours is right now (needs improvement, Clay can be moved around, we know Perry won’t play 16 games).
  8. 2018 GB Packer free agents

    He’s missed a quarter of the season 2 of the last 3 years. Last year he was on the injury report almost every week. I know injuries are part of the game but do you expect this to get better with age? There are multiple reports saying he’ll get 10+ a year. I like him but if that’s the price and with his recent history, I’d pass.
  9. 2018 GB Packer free agents

    I'm done with Morgan Burnett. He is a goodplayer, but the guy can't stay healthy (hasn't played a whole season in 6 years, always on the injury report). If you're going to be "The quarterback of the secondary" you need to be available. Especially this year, this team lost games just due to confusion in the secondary (see Josh Jones against Carolina giving up TDs being out of position). I'd rather us give the job to a young guy who's body isn't made of glass.
  10. What QB Do We Want Going Into 2018?

    Things change quickly. Now there are expectations now. See Brad Childress, being given a contract/NFC title game to gone by December the following year. This was a good year, but one playoff win in 6 years isn’t really good (2 wins going back to 2006 when the duties were split between him and Chilly). In a scenario where he messes up the QB situation, the team has a bad year, and the odd man/men (Teddy, Sam, Case) out have success elsewhere there would be fire Spielman chants
  11. What QB Do We Want Going Into 2018?

    The sign Bradford and draft a QB might really be the best option. Case had a nice year, but he still a Alex Smith ceiling type of player (drives a car, needs a good team around him). Sam is the only qb available that can make big time down field timing throws. Sam vs NO was by far the most impressive game by a Viking QB in terms of making modern nfl down field throws since Favre. Of the realistic non Brees(or Cousins if you like him) options (Teddy, Case, T Taylor, A Smith) Sam is the only one who has shown that type of ability, which would be necessary in big playoff games. Logistically I don’t see any team giving Sam more than 2 years, so doing a 2 year deal, second non guaranteed is pretty doable. There are 6 qbs that people like round 1 (Rudolp,h, Rosen, Darnold, Mayfield, Allen, Jackson). I doubt 6 qbs are taken by 30, so there is your potential 2019-2020 starter/18backup. I definitely get any Sam’s body sucks argument, I think other people on here gave correctly pointed out though none of these guys are ideal long term answers. With a roster ready to win, I think you default to upside, so Bradford/Rookie. I could see Rick going scared and picking Case just due to health. In this hypothetical a bradford injury and a bad rookie means he’s fired after the year.
  12. What QB Do We Want Going Into 2018?

    I’d personally slow play the market at QB. All 3 will want 12-15m unless I could get Brees or Cousins. Bradford isn’t reliable. Teddy was a game manager who hasn’t thrown a meaningful ball in 2 years. Keenum has to have to roster to be successful. If those 3 are your options (all maybe around qb 20-26 talent wise with red flags who need a good roster to be successful), I’d rather not lock into one and focus on adding another piece and resigning Diggs, Hunter, Kendricks, Barr who will be up in 2019 (that’s about 50M a year between those 4). 6 qbs are not going round one out of Rosen, Rudolph, Darnold, Allen, Mayfield, Jackson. They could draft a qb with more upside that could be a manager in round 1 (similar to what they are asking right now from Keenum) and have a reasonable contract for 5 years, which is really what Seattle got with Wilson his first 5 years
  13. 2018 Free Agents

    It will be a very interesting offseason. 57M in Cap. You'd have to think 6-8 mill for draft picks. I'm guessing each of the big 3 QBs gets around 15M a year. You'd have to think they'll keep 1. With that said, it would definitely be interesting to just trade up, take a rookie QB to keep the roster in tact. 2019 FA could be brutal with Diggs, Kendricks, Barr, Hunter being UFA and Waynes getting the RFA pay bump. That is 60M -70M a year between those 5 guys.
  14. 2018 NFL Draft Discussion

    I really want us to fix our pass rush before we invest in corners again. The #1 corner on PFF was on this team 3 years ago and was just a guy (also a PB safety).
  15. NFC top contenders 2018 and beyond

    I like our chances next year. We should be able to add an impact defender or 2 and getting AR back. I mean; 1.we probably would have beat NO and Pitt with AR 2. We would have beat Carolina with a healthy AR 3. we'd have taken a game from MN (we would have won the 16-0 game) That puts us at 10-6, then who knows how the team would have played against Det with playoff hope.