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  1. The big takeaway is MN is cap crunched. When you need to decide between cutting quality veterans and keeping a guy, you are in a bad spot. It is safe to say that roster peaked last year (guys getting older, young guys getting paid). Also Rhodes could also be cut (was hurt, expensive, overpaid)
  2. 2019 Free Agent Discussion

    Agreed... I don't see Hunt getting more than 1 year and like a prorated 2M based on games played
  3. Vegas Too Early Mock

    I wouldn't mind this offseason. I would have liked to see a higher impact edge player, but if they aren't there.
  4. Conference Championship Games

    Nothing, I was just adding a little more ha.
  5. Conference Championship Games

    I'm a fan of a team that got screwed over by Clay Matthews calls this year. I support no calls on infractions that wouldn't have changed a play.
  6. Conference Championship Games

    I'm also happy they didn't give NO a PI call on that 3rd down with 1 and a half left. Brees under threw the ball and was in no position to make a play. The hit was dirty, but you can't really call that in the moment.
  7. Rams vs Saints - part II

    I’m glad they didn’t call that. Ball wasn’t remotely catchable.
  8. Evaluating Gutenkunst's first year

    The big point I’m trying to make is he wasn’t really bad. He was a replacement level guy. The difference between Williams and Burnett/Reid (both graded 66 vs Williams 63) was minimal. Yeah he wasn’t nick collins but he wasn’t a complete hole. That is how most stop gap fas are.
  9. Evaluating Gutenkunst's first year

    He was a stop gap but Not all stop gaps are the same. He was a meh player, but was he better than a late round pick/udfa. After seeing years of goodsons and gunters in our secondary wrecking games, I’d argue yes
  10. Evaluating Gutenkunst's first year

    Few rebuttals https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.packersnews.com/amp/1850685002 He was forced to play safety Pff grades more than just starters (t Lancaster is a top 35 dl per them). You have to qualify based on snaps. Williams was labeled average with a 63. I’m not calling him good, but you can live with a few average player at spots. You can’t live with many guys like Brice 51 B Bell 47 perry 53 Yeah maybe he made more than a lot of first contract guys at the position but we also didn’t have a suitable cheap first contract option. Ours in Jones might be a bust
  11. 2019 GB TEAM Needs

    We do have a very talented dl, but our lb core is undeniably weak.
  12. Evaluating Gutenkunst's first year

    He wasn’t terrible. He was a replacement level player on a team with no rush. Him vs Brice was night and day
  13. Evaluating Gutenkunst's first year

    Too early to tell. From a pre draft standpoint All of the pre draft moves were pretty meh. No major flop, nothing that helped. Any gm would pay AR so I can’t give credit for that. C Draft His draft I’d give an incomplete to. It looks like we for sure got one player in Alexander who will be an impact player for the foreseeable future. Getting the extra one was nice. It is nice knowing this isn’t a 2017 or 15 debacle right away. The rest as most drafts is really a mixed bag. Jackson really struggled and might need to play safety. MVS and ESB had numbers because they were forced to play but really weren’t good (graded as low end wr 3s). I think mvs might be a player but I need to see more. Burks didn’t see the field (injured early, but if you watched his college tape, you’d question if he could play). A punter, ls, a 4th round bust at wr and a ol who didn’t come to camp.... basically lots of questions. Based on history, I think we get 0-2 second contract guys (non sts) from the 2nd and later picks. In 2021 this will probably be a c+ to A draft (My rule of thumb 2 high end players or 3 second contract starters = A).
  14. 2019 GB TEAM Needs

    We probably all around have to worst LB core in the league.
  15. Leisher's 2019 Mock draft 1-16-19

    I don't mind Barr. He'd be a good fit Cobb I'm done with. He's still not bad, but he can't stay on the field. The draft...3DL in the top 4 picks... You can argue we don't need any that high (5 deep with Daniels, Clark, Lowry, Lancaster, Adams). We run 2/3 man fronts and have historically rostered 6. We need pass rushing linebackers.