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  1. Considering how in we were "supposedly" at WR last year, I think we're discounting it as a fan base. We wanted Aiyuk last year (the motion "weapon" player that could have added another element and fix our return game). I wouldn't be surprised or disappointed if it is Toney, Amari Rodgers, or R Moore at 29.
  2. It depends on the definition of fix. There is a scenario where the line is middle of the pack next year if -Cleveland makes the position change and is just replacement level -Cole starts and is just replacement level -Interior draft pick starts and is just average (or if somehow Dru makes a giant year 2 jump, but he isn't) Oneil is good, and Bradbury isn't bad (not good though). I could also see a scenario that losing Reiff (definition of average tackle) comes back to bite the team if Hill/Ezra don't improve
  3. That isn't really a bad top 3, especially after the last few years. You can roll with those 3, maybe get some run from Hughes, a 4/5th rounder and Boyd as CB 4-6. A slot safety is also an interesting option. Someone like Elijah Molden or Jevon Holland in a scenario where the Vikes get back into R2 would cover a need and add flexibility
  4. That really isn't that good considering that is 3 top 6 picks, granted none of those were Douglas' guys
  5. Unless it is like microfractures, yes.
  6. This would be boring but a really good draft. We need d front help and could use a OT as a hedge. With King back, I could see us just going mid round volume at CB especially with this class being deeper there (similar to Rb/wr a few years back). I really do like Wallace as a #2 type wr. The kid has swag and won’t have the MVS drops. From a roster planning standpoint we do need to develop a WR as well or the well will be dry in 2 years. The only thing it is missing is a flyer at rb in round 6.
  7. Our drafts definitely were less than stellar. -2015 was a disaster. The best 2 players from that class are a backup QB, S, and WR -2016 was actually pretty good. Considering we picked late R1, Clark, Martinez, Lowry, and Fackrell is a pretty solid haul. 2 good starters and 2 rotation guys is normally a good draft (granted we moved on from Blake and Fack) -2017- Pretty bad... 1 plus RB, a bad starting CB, a backup RB
  8. I agree Dean a bench/low end starter. I was more arguing that considering the dead cap implications and the fact we’d only save 3.3m, he’s worth keeping. We aren’t getting someone better for 3.3 or less.
  9. Lowry played about 60% of snaps last year. He's not a bench player for us. If you think we should try to do better, I get it. The going rate for a second contract low end starter is 6M though right now. In addition, for context, we'd only save 3.3M from cutting Lowry. Montravius Adams got 2.5M.
  10. I'm not super surprised seeing how the market unfolded. He got the prove it Nick Perry deal. I'm not a King fan, but at least he's not UDFA level bad.
  11. Surprised Monty got more than the vet minimum. He did have some flashes on ocassion, just would get hurt
  12. I wouldn't be surprised to see PP playing some type of hybrid nickel/safety like a Charles Woodson, Minkah, or Honey Badger. Either way the D is going to have a lot more teeth this next year. 3 better DL, year 2 corners, and PP. The only loss being Harris.
  13. 85% no, a 2 is a lot to give up for a 1 year deal and limited sample size. Good TEs are scare though.
  14. Jusz is probably one of the most unique players in the nfl. He actually is a viable receiving option. He’s why we drafted Degura
  15. He’d need a 3rd contract to do it. He’s like 5k rushing and 45 tds away. The last 2 years he’s averaging 1089 and 12.5.
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