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  1. Packers Trade Trevor Davis to Raiders

    Based on a few articles I read, Smith was cut because he didn’t have a position (moved around from corner to HB) and KC thinks they have a wr who can contribute and return. I totally get it. It’s hard to justify a spot for a dedicated returner. I’m personally not expecting much from Smith. Slight margin gain on kr (doesn’t really matter), questions at pr. Maybe Smith develops into a spot corner or rb. We’ve seen many guys like him never pick up a position though
  2. NFL News & Notes

    If I was traded to the raiders, I’d want out too
  3. NFL News & Notes

    In 10 weeks when this blows over, I’d take him for vet minimum.
  4. Packers Trade Trevor Davis to Raiders

    I was kind of hoping we'd see TD play out this year in this offense. I felt he could have a Taylor Gabriel like role as a gadget player.
  5. 2020 NFL Draft Discussion

  6. Few things; - Just by design the nfl won’t ever be as bad as the nba (less games=more parody) -Miami was going to have poor local ratings with Tunsil and Fitzpatrick this year anyways. They had the worst qb situation in the league this year. They were dead -It’s week 3. There is always a team that get blown out week 1/2 to good teams that people overreact about (last year’s bills). Miami will likely still win a 2-3 games. It isn’t like they have all udfas. They still have mostly players who are roster worthy
  7. 2020 NFL Draft Discussion

    I don’t think it is too early. ESB looked cutable in the preseason and this offseason people were calling him the prototypical big slot. Both mvs and ESB graded as low end 3s last year (ie only getting time because the situation was dire). AR lead the league in throwaways for a reason last year for a reason. Also, ATL’s wrs weren’t a problem against minny. They were getting open. Their issue was pass protection (young Ol, loud road game against a top end front.., really bad matchup)
  8. 2020 NFL Draft Discussion

    I don’t think anyone is giving up on MVS. The guy has talent. He probably should be a 3rd wr right now (or 4th). I think though we are getting to the point where the people (like me) who thought we were deficient at wr and wanted a guy in rounds 1-3 are at the I told you stage. There is A lot of late round Viking wr confirmation bias on this board (X wr worked out and he was a late pick, MVS and ESB had some productiion as rookies, they are going to be stars). The fact is if you look at success rates that isn’t the case (like with all of our wr picks made after round 3 this century outside Driver and maybe mvs)
  9. 2020 NFL Draft Discussion

    I tend to agree. I'd personally rather have a plus offensive line, but if you look around the league right now, a lot of quality organizations right now using high picks on RBs right now (NE used a 1 and 3 the last 2 years, Minny has used a 2/3 in the last 3, LAR has Gurely and used a 3 this year, Philly used a 2 this year, SEA used a 1 in 2018, Chi has used 2 3s in the last 3 years). In the same situation, a quality RB (Aaron Jones) has averaged an extra 1.7 yards per carry over a replacement level Jamal Williams. It is hard to argue against that being statistically significant. I get the anti-drafting RB truther argument "you can find RBs later", but if you really look at it, it isn't that easy. We were 1 for 3 in 2017 (maybe 1.5 depending on how you want to classify williams). Looking at our draft history, this century, we've drafted 13 RBs. 2 have been what I would consider plus- Jones and Lacy (when in shape) 3 have been replacement level- Starks, Jackson. and Williams The rest have been pretty much 1st contract cuts. We've made some moves for some guys- Grant (UDFA cut), A Green was a trade (I think we traded an ex first or second round pick for him). Long story short, if you want quality, you need to spend on it or get lucky.
  10. The "Kick the Tires" Thread (Other Teams Cuts)

    Did you even read my post or did you just pick out the fact that I think we should take a tackle? I agree RT’s and OL in general can be developed. With that said we haven’t been developing tackles recently. Bak was 5 years ago (and was kind of bad his first year). As stated our options next year are pretty bad. Right now it s looking like Alex Light(unproven development guy), Billy Turner (proven he can’t play tackle), a retread, or a draft pick (if you got your way a rookie 4th rounder). For every Bak that works, there are many Tony Molls, Spriggs, Marshall Newhouses. Round 1/2 are about getting value (guys who can play and upside) at positions of need. Tackle is need 1 by a mile next year (then it is debatable, probably a skilled position)
  11. The "Kick the Tires" Thread (Other Teams Cuts)

    Well the Minkah dream is dead. Here come the Ramsey posts. I’ll say, I’d be more willing to give up a 1 for him vs Minkah.
  12. Pitt’s FO feels the hot seat. This is a move bad organizations make. I feel bad for Pitts next GM. They are going to be Reggie McKensied (no first, bad roster, probably no QB). Miami should be a contender in 2025 with the 5 1s the next 2 years (3 likely top 10 2x Miami and Pit). It will be rough the next 3 years though.
  13. Packers & Vikings Postgame

    Was it just me or does it seem like our punt coverage and return teams had a bad games (in particular on the outside)?
  14. My gut says Gute has a draftable grade on him and thought he’d get claimed. This could easily just be a 1 week trial at returner, since it doesn’t sound like he knows how to play anything else.
  15. The "Kick the Tires" Thread (Other Teams Cuts)

    Yes the data here (as does many positions) says you don’t need to be pigeon holed into a tackle high (or any position). You can develop one. Our biggest issue though is we don’t have a viable development option that deserves the job (unless you really like Alex Light). Our planned hedge (Spriggs) was a complete whiff. The realistic 2020 options right now are all less than ideal; - Alex Light - Extending Bulaga - Multiple pick trade for someone ready -FA (which good tackles don’t typically become available, unless they are in year 10 or have had injuries like an Okung). -Billy Turner (who sucked at tackle in Denver) -Draft pick No offense to Alex Light but pretty much all of these look like major negative options with the exception of drafting one round one.