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  1. All bets are off if the team goes 2-14, but I think Wilf will give Zimmer a chance to run it back 1 more year. I think Spielman and Zim got extensions before the season with the knowledge that this was a development throw away year. You can’t expect to have a serviceable defense losing 6 starters from last year and replacing them with Yannick and rookies. Next year with Hunter, Pierce, and Barr back, a year of development, and maybe a top 10 pick this defense will be back to respectability.
  2. I’m a little more positive about this loss. It isn’t like last year losing to sf where we didn’t look like we matched up. 2 essential pick 6s really changed the momentum and Rodgers was just in a funk. We got 2017-19 AR holding the ball too long and not playing in rhythm. The D didn’t really play that bad. Run D was holding up. Not getting any pressure is concerning.
  3. Rough half. The D hasn’t really played bad just put in bad spots. The Gronk TD was good coverage (gronk had to 1 arm it). AR is having his worst game in awhile. DA tunnel vision ints. Definitely not feeling the rhythm
  4. AR wasn't touched until he was in the endzone. Knee shouldn't matter. EZ call
  5. It would be hard to get 100% of Dalvin since he does have freak speed/explosiveness. Getting 85% of him though (maybe half a yard less a carry) and saving 10m a year in the process could be done pretty easily though.
  6. A late round pick. He has not great tape out there and is making more than inexperienced backup money. A team would have had to love him coming out to give more than a 5th.
  7. I think you are missing the point. I never said coverage players don’t get burned. Corners do get beat, but considering they are in plays in open space with a direct impact on yards the situation is more leveraged. Even on a completion the difference between a good and bad corner can be a broken tackle TD.
  8. I do think it makes sense coverage is quantitatively more valuable. Elite pass rushers win their rep 20% of the time. Even with a pressure, you still might not effect the play Corners and coverage players if they lose bad are giving up yards, thus making their situation more leveraged. With that said you need both since you can’t cover 4+ seconds every play, and dirty pockets screw things up.
  9. Cutting Preston next year would save 8m next year (8 dead...in 2022 it is 12 savings 4 dead)... Preston hasn’t been that productive yet this year (last year he had some numbers but was clearly behind Z). He’d be our edge 3 as far as rush grades go. I get cutting Preston this offseason if it meant keeping King. Cutting Amos would save about 5m next year or 8m in 2022. He’s solid not special. He’s not a 9-10m safety. For 2021 the savings isn’t worth it. 2022 though I think he gets released. My guess is they are both on the team next year. 2022 though they’ll either have to restructure or get cut.
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