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  1. 2019 NFL Draft Discussion

    I think our defense high trend is more to do with positional value than anything. If you consider positional value on O , the only positions really worth plus picks are QB, OT which we’ve been fortunate at. We’ve always seem to get production from interior OL from rounds 3-5, wrs (with the benefit of having AR) rounds 2-5, and rbs from rounds. The only players offensive player drafted by GB top 50 since 2003 that weren’t QBs/Ots we’re Jordy Nelson (36) and Daryn College (47).
  2. DeShone Kizer

    I do think Randall is better than he played in GB (MM did admit they played him out of position), but he was also not in the future plans and was going to be on his way out in 2019 (wasn’t getting his 5th year picked up). We got a better backup qb and improved draft capital (which we used for Burks). I’m in the not complaining/Let’s see how it plays out camp
  3. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/23443719/mark-ingram-new-orleans-saints-suspended-four-games Mark Ingram suspended 4 games for PED use. This isn't huge, but it should have an impact. It wouldn't surprise me if Kamara loses effectiveness with more touches and has a soph slump. They do have a pretty light schedule to open the year (Cle, TB, @ ATL, @NYG).
  4. Potential Trade?

    Is Ray even worth more than like hundley and a 7th? He hasnt played well, has one year on his deal, and is coming off an injury.
  5. So...who is your rookie? And why?

    Hunter Bradley... he could be on the team 10 years as ls
  6. Yeah, I know, but keep in mind the context of my discussion with SkiBrett who brought up Urlacher, Shaq Thompson, and Thomas Davis. The math says, third round pick - 50% chance he is out of the NFL in 5 years -30% chance he is just a backup/role player then -15% chance he's just a decent starter -5% chance he's really good (pro bowl,1-2% chance of an all pro) Basically though, I like OB's athletic ability and character. I liked the pick (fills the Joe Thomas role, potential too as a starter/coverage LB down the road), but some people need to temper their expectations on him. Year 1 at least, we should really just want him on the field on third down and special teams. I mean, watch the film on him and you'll see he didn't have a great feel for the game and was pretty bad.
  7. ....were all all American college football players. Oren Burks was a senior bowl alternative who didnt show a great feel for the game. I want him to pan out and I think he’s a solid project and pick, but there is a greater chance he is out of the nfl in 5 year than being an all pro
  8. Will new WRs be better than last years rookies?

    The odds say yes. I like Moore’s chances. I’d alao say EQS is a higher ceiling talent than Clark. I wonder if Yancey makes a jump.
  9. Deion Jones isn't the only safety turned LB. He is just the best one that turned out. A stud athlete with little experience at a position suddenly getting it and becoming an All-Pro is the exception, not the rule. I hope Burks pans out and becomes a stud. With time he might, but I encourage you to watch some of his tape. You won't feel comfortable with him getting a lot of time right away.
  10. I like his athletic ability but I hope he doesn’t see the field other than in obvious passing downs this year (so just the joe Thomas role). I watched 2 games of him the other day. He was really bad at the basics (took bad angles, didn’t diagnose plays well, bad tackling). He deserved the 41 pff gave him. He's definitely a more fluid athlete than any of our other lbs and was solid in coverage though.
  11. 2019 NFL Draft Discussion

    I like the dedication but it is way too early for this thread to start. Look at this too early 2018 mock from last April. https://www.foxsports.com/nfl/gallery/2018-nfl-mock-draft-the-way-too-early-two-round-projection-042917 Thete are udfas and late picks in round 1. I remember one of these several years ago had a qb name Javon Snead from Ole Miss as a #1 overall pick. Lets enjoy the season
  12. So, tell me who had the best and worst drafts?

    I think it depends. I like what we got and think we are better off. With that said I wish I knew what other teams and our scouting department thought of Davenport. There is a scenario though that Davenport is a top 10 pass rusher for a decade and we have the 24th/30th picks needing to trade both picks up for a pass rushing prospect next year. There is also a scenario where Drew Brees breaks his arm week one, Dav doesn’t pan out, NO wins 3 games and we get then 3rd overall pick and get Nick Bosa next year with it. Let’s let it play out
  13. -There is a difference between throwing to a space where you know a WR is open (based off route design), and throwing it up space to a tall WR. You are seeing less of the later -Is he going to get a clean 10 yard release ever in the NFL? He isn't His top end speed is also mediocre. We've seen a lot of Mike Williams in the NFL.
  14. If you want to be a little more positive, we got a guy that fixes a need for "this year" in Burks, a LB that can defend in space. Also, once you are too the 4th, you likely aren't getting guys that will help you this year outside special teams and in less than ideal situations (injury driven). If you look at draft classes 5-10 years later, the hit rate on 4ths is pretty low (yes there are exceptions). Lets look at the picks that we traded and who we could have gotten around there 101- Ian Thomas- project TE... next 4- Jaylyn Holmes - project DL, Keke Coutee- project wr which we were able to address later, Nyhim Hines- a RB, Antonio Callaway - troubled WR, would be our 3rd-5th 114- D Shaun Hand- Project DL... next 4 Joel O- project LB, D Armstrong- Project edge, J Whitehead- project small school safety, Anothy Averret- a corner
  15. I have a few tangents to go on this. I had a post awhile ago looking at the top pass rushers in the NFL. Most of them were like top 10 picks. If you are relying on a third round pick to fix your pass rush, you aren't going to get a pass rush. I wouldn't freak out about getting rid of a third. How many impact edge players were drafted this year? Remember, you've been had 5-10 names hyped up to you for 4 months by draft media. Even with an emphasis of creating pressure and getting to the QB, 32 professional organizations with staffs of professional scouts spoke this weekend and said their were 2 worth taking in round 1 (Chubb and Davenport) and Harold Landry (A guy I loved) had too bad of medicals to take high.