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  1. High Mock

    On Spriggs, probably because it didn't matter. For Spriggs, knowing that that nobody was willing to claim him, there was no incentive to settle. He legitimately is probably done in the NFL. That is good in Lewis. Vet minimum blocking TE if he wants it.
  2. An Early Look at 2020 Free Agency

    The 15m number being quoted for Blake seems made up. Analytics tools that only look at tackling numbers aren’t the be all end all.
  3. High Mock

    Spriggs isn’t coming back. He was cut, but because he cleared waivers and had an injury he got to be on IR. I mostly am okay with the rest of the resigns/cuts. I do think Lewis retires. Maybe we can rework Grahm but this is his decision
  4. I think other people commented on averages (should win 1 in 12). I will add not all playoff appearances are equal. To win the Super Bowl you typically need to be really good at both sides of the ball or super elite on one side/capable at another, which we haven’t been. Looking at our teams that have made the playoffs, we’ve had 1 1 seed this century (2011). We’ve had mostly good not great teams entering the tournament. Our only favored nfc title game we lost was 07 vs the Giants at home. We were 7+ point underdogs against atl and SF (something similar vs Seattle as well). We’ve been in the mix, but haven’t had super Bowl teams.
  5. I agree AR deserves blame at points but teams typically don’t win when giving up 35+. The fewest points the D has giving up in these games is 23. That is like league average points a game. Compare that to Brady who gets a ring last year scoring 13 in the Super bowl.
  6. Fire Pettine

    Not to be knee jerk but this game was enough to to consider moving on from Pettine. We might need more talent at spots but you don’t see simple things like having a head for every gap missing in nfl games. We were out of position so much and that’s like 80-20 coaching-talent.
  7. Last Game As A Packer?

    Bulaga I’d like to keep. Depends on the guarantee number. 2 years I’m comfortable, 3 years is likely going to blow up. Crosby/Irvin I could take or leave tbh. I feel like we give Irvin a minimum offer. Crosby might get priced out. I’m down for keeping Blake at the right price. There is value in having average. He could easily be improved upon though. Grahm is probably gone unless he plays for vet minimum. I think Sternberger takes the field stretch te role. Lewis probably retires. Tonyan gets a efa deal. Tramon I’d offer back a small deal if he wants to play. He graded well this year. For a third cb/s player he’s ideal. Fackrell will get money from another team as a third rusher(happy for him) Kumerow is a EFA so he’ll probably be back and in camp to battle for wr 5 again (like a 50-50 roster guy depending on draft and fa) Lane Taylor, Grant, and Spriggs are gone. Goodson is probably gone. Thinking we have a pick, Bolton, and Burks at ilb 2-4 Montravius will get a camp to prove it again but he probably doesn’t make the roster as he’s been completely worthless. I see Linsely staying out his contract. Patrick signed backup money and Linsely is making median starting C money.
  8. Fire Pettine

    I don’t get why Gary didn’t get much time this game. Legitimately the one thing he does well is run defense. What a waste
  9. Just a bad game. Our front 7 was abused and confused. Z and Preston (as well as Lowry) crashed out of so many sweeps and counters. When they did run Middle we didn’t have a helmet in every hole. Blake and Goodson forgot how to play against a fullback.. The last td redman gave up was horrible (one job is to not give up the outside and he did). Z- run grade. The offense made it look respectible but still wasn’t great. The Tos killed us q2 (could have easily been 17-7 at half). We didn’t spread them out early enough. If you can’t run, don’t bang your head on the wall. Overall good year though, was expecting this to be a step year (10-6ish). Team showed promise. Add a few playmakers to the O and a couple more front 7 pieces
  10. Which conference do you generally prefer watching?

    I have liked the NFC more. For me there’s some personal bias (My team is GB). Also for about a decade the AFC qb play had been bad outside until like the last 2 years (Jackson, Mahommes, Watson). Only 4 teams had qb in a good spot the majority of the 10s (NE, Pitt, SD, Indy).... # 5 is like literally Baltimore, or Cinci and then it’s really depressing after that
  11. Do you like the NFL more now, or ten years ago?

    I like the game more now. Offenses have improved/kept evolving and the game is safer (almost too safe).
  12. An Early Look at 2020 Free Agency

    All things considered TE is where we should bring a guy in. Grahm is likely cut. Lewis is old. Jace/Tonyan are big questions. If we want production, we need one (Henry, Doyle, Ebron, Hooper). The wr class is super deep this year. I’d be fine double dipping rounds 2-4. Snag a DL and OL with 2 of our top 4 picks. The only hole this leaves us with is again ILB, which it really comes down to the Blake price tag
  13. 2020 Packer coaching changes, should there be any ?

    Agreed, some people put too much blame in coaching. I think most people get when you’re rolling with 3 udfa prospects and a 5th round pick you are going to have some bumps
  14. An Early Look at 2020 Free Agency

    I think people are getting a little freaked out by the numbers and forget the cap is going up 10m a year. I’m not advocating for paying Blake 16, but 8-10 a year is fair based on what starters are making. https://overthecap.com/position/inside-linebacker/ If we don’t resign him, we either have to; 1. Use a plus pick on an ilb 2. Pay someone else who could easily cost more
  15. An Early Look at 2020 Free Agency

    Agreed, he forced his way off a playoff team (Houston) due to contract negotiations. He’s going to the greenest pasture. Also, for what he’d take to sign, I’m out. Even though he’s only missed 4 games in 4 years, the guy always seems banged up. In a non contract year he probably sits out another 2 games this year. I’m not into paying that 20m a year