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  1. NFL News & Notes

    The rule is meant to stop picking up a player, creating additional force, and slamming them down intentionally. In clay’s case when you tackle someone and put your head accross, your body has a natural “scooping” motion as your body weight is taking them to a side. Those in pretty much everyone’s mind are different. Unfortunately there isn’t an article 12, subsection, 52b, paragraph 4a clarification so the NFL is gutlessly saying the official was “right”
  2. Stock Up, Stock Down Weeks 1&2

    Jk Scott is the man
  3. Wk 2 postgame: GB 29 •MIN 29 (OT)

    I had no problem with going for the end zone with 2 min left in the 4th. The D was tired and DA dropped a TD. 80% of the time he catches that and it’s game. The 5 yard delay of game pissed me of. That was lack of prep (refs should have looked at it, but still). We had chances, should have won, but give credit where due. They are a good team too. At least we didn’t have major injuries
  4. Wk 2 postgame: GB 29 •MIN 29 (OT)

    Agreed, he’s not a UDFA. You can’t expect him to win a matchup v Diggs
  5. Wk 2 postgame: GB 29 •MIN 29 (OT)

    I think both guys thought the other were going to pick it off. That was a duck
  6. Wk 2 postgame: GB 29 •MIN 29 (OT)

    I’m not mad at clay on his penalty. That was a bad call (hit while thrown, he had jis hand down to stop the body weight) and his pressure lead the the called back int. The hold on the graham td was also questionable. Ref complaining aside, I thought the D played fine till the late 4th(I’ll give them a little more love since the game should have been over). Definitely got worn out. On O not a lot surprised me. Wish they would have finished drives. They had chances. Adams dropped that TD.
  7. 2018 Free Agency - Prospects for GB

    I love Gordon, but if you can’t stay elligible, what are you worth?
  8. Should be a good game. I think we match up decently with MN. On D, Our line should penetrate and collapse the pocket. Cousins is semi mobile, but he isn't as mobile as Mitch, so we could end up finishing a few more plays on D (we had a fair amount of pressures, only a couple sacks, with that said, Cousins has a quicker release and is better at reading coverage). I am interested in seeing the chess match in personnel groupings. Against Chicago we used 6/7 DBs most the game, but we should have Burks, and Jones (who has played some LB). Hopefully having more adequate personnel will eliminate the big cutback runs when our guys didn't finish and backside lost contain (if it is as bad as it was against Howard, Cook will have a big game). On O Our OL matches up okay with MN's front. I trust the tackles against Hunter/Griff, worried about the interior. We'll probably see a lot of shotty/pistol, probably some TE and HB sets (personal protector), since MN will do their A Gap blitzes and knows AR won't try to escape the pocket. We'll probably see a lot of muddle huddles and tempo (you can't play too fast against a team that is just going to want to slow the game down and grind, but we need some tempo to slow down rush). I do expect a fair amount of quick passes with some scramble routes thrown in.Their corner group is a little thin (2 of their top 4 corners are beat up), so there is a weakness. I know they won last week, but MN's last 3 games (NO, Philly, SF) they have had some leaks in the secondary, so we could move the ball better than expected. Should be close. I've heard GB-2 to pickem assuming AR plays which sounds about right.
  9. DeShone Kizer (A Browns fans view)

    It is easy to say after Sunday, but I don't see it with Kizer. I'd rather have a mediocre athlete that had 2-3 years starting in college with intangibles (someone in the Flynn mold). He showed us what he showed Cleveland last year, a couple nice throws, mediocre accuracy, and negative decision making. It is the anti Josh Allen argument.
  10. I don't know if this has been said yet, but I think some people are overreacting on Mack's performance. The "Legendary" first half sack line (int, sack, FF, FR, TD) all came with Kizer in. He feasted on last year's worst starting QB. I know he still graded well, won his matchups, etc, but the D God talk is overblown.
  11. Wk 1 postgame: GB 24 • CHI 23

    I'm not surprised Rodgers graded as a 65. He had 3 really bad drives. Also, only one of his throws was a money throw (deep to Allison). Cobb/Adams did most of the work for him. Brutal game for Clay. I think his problem was he has always been coached to attack. Some of the stuff Chicago was doing (read O, designed cutbacks) takes advantage of his aggression. Fortunately the read O won't be an issue against MN, but I could see Cook burning us on some type of cutback. It is nice to see corners not completely in the red.
  12. Wk 1 postgame: GB 24 • CHI 23

    I felt like outside of Kizer, and our backside pursuit which extended a ton of Howard runs, the team played really well. Pros 16 points given up by the D. No tds after drive one. It seemed like once they figured out the first game tricks, the D was great. AR once they got in a rhythm. First game, tackles haven’t played, you can’t drop back as far and extend plays Coverage down field was solid Cons The entire first half. I thought our season was over The rush lost contain too much Kizer and the boneheaded int6
  13. I felt every emotion during this game.
  14. Saints Watch- Additional First Round Pick (0-1)

    On track for 0-16. I'm going to stick with the take that they were a solid team that stayed healthy and more 3 more games than they should have. They were 8-8 3 years in a row
  15. Why are people still arguing with Bear trolls? They finished 4 in s year AR missed 9 games. They essentially had a 00’s redskin/raider offseason, overpaying for mediocre starter. They will be 6-10 with a crappy qb and no picks, and cap space in 4 months. Post Carson Palmer Raiders