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  1. Gary really turned the corner the last 5-6 weeks. If he keeps playing like this he was definitely worth the 12. He should have also drawn a holding penalty
  2. It would be nice to see the squad invest in a higher upside QB. Outside of the pre blow out knee Culpepper years, this team hasn’t had a top 10 talent at QB during my life. Watching Lance play, the kid definitely has juice. We’ve seen kids like him translate recently, just you’ll definitely have sustainability, lack of tape, and comp jump questions.
  3. Kind of...They gave up a 4th to secure him 5 spots early. That is mostly a fall
  4. It is possible. ACLs are typically 9 months to a year. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s PUP’d and worked back.
  5. I feel like our punt game has been bad since Jon Ryan got cut for Frost
  6. Due to the timing of his injury, Bak probably will miss at least half the season.
  7. Pick 32 is tough cause it is so board dependent. My takes -I don't think we go edge in R1 just because Preston is leaving - I feel like we're missing a corner somewhere -OL before R5 is probably a must considering no Linsely/Bak (at least half the year)
  8. Over Unders I like: Washington +8.5 - They have a real defense, will be at home, 35 degrees, with wind. This is going to be a low scoring game so 8.5 is way too much (also like the U45.5. The way to beat Brady has always been with a good front 4. This team is very similar to the healthy Bears early in the season that beat TB. SEA-3- Backup QB vs a good team on the road? I like LARs D but this isn't right. Other than that, I'm not really high on anything. If I had to do a pick 5- Chi +10- That is just a lot of points to give a decent team. Seems like a little over
  9. With 5 AP teams now, Bak legit makes the HoF now (especially if he gets a ring this year). That is more than Pace and 1 less than Jones. Hopefully he recovers quickly next year and can another good season or 2 in.
  10. Honestly I was expecting a mixed bag before the season and that is what happened: -Offensively the team probably met to slightly exceeded expectations. Kirk is still a slight roller coaster but can ball. Cook when healthy is the best RB in football. Theilen is still good. The TEs are fine. The OL was up and down and has a hole still on the interior.... Jefferson was a mega stud. I thought he'd be good, you can project top rookie wr season ever though. -Defensively, objectively before the season I thought the D would be bad, so they kind of met expectations (with the last 4 games bei
  11. You can’t play like this against real nfl qbs. Hopefully Pettine gets the message
  12. Best DL available. Even with Hunter back (which taking a year off and expecting him to be the same guy is a gamble) the pass rush needs juice. They traded for Yannick because of that reason. Greg Rousseau would be a home run pick if the team stays put. Then there are a few decent 3 techs if the team trades down that are in play. I do think in a perfect world where everyone comes back healthy on D next year, this D unit can get back to respectable, which means 10+ wins with this offense. The most interesting story of this draft will be the strategy. With less tape on everyone, potentially
  13. The schedule always looks tougher before the season. Then a few injuries happen, a few teams go awall, your D isn't 2016 bad, and your strength of schedule ends up around .500. Example, before this season, looking at the schedule we thought we were facing a murderers row of QBs. The first subpar QB on the schedule was in November against Jax. We were scared that we played 2xCousins, 2x Stafford, Brees, Ryan, Brady, Watson, Cousins, Jimmy G, Tannehill, and Wentz. The only dawg QBs were Teddy, Jaxsonville, and Chicago 2x.
  14. 2 seasons in the book (not including playoffs) I would say for year 2 I would say he met expectations. He still has a way to go, but is definitely trending up. PFF has him as a 67 which is solid. https://www.pff.com/nfl/players/rashan-gary/42905 If he plays like he did the last 8 games all of year 3, he'll be a nice 8-12 sack piece that has the ability to be a complete edge
  15. I am a MVS defender but comparing MVS to Jordy based on stats is a bad argument. Nelson had to earn his PT in a super deep receiving room (Driver/Jennings/Jones). MVS has been WR 2 or 3 his entire career. With that said, I do agree MVS is a legit deep threat and I really like him in a niche 3rd wr role. In my 25 years of following this team, he might be the most explosive deep threat the team has had. MVS averaged 20.9 YPC this year which is absurd. The highest by any other Packer WR since I've followed the team was Jordy in 2011 (18.4) and that list includes a lot of really good player
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