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  1. I'm going Jace... He might be more talented than Tonyan and I can't see a scenario where Tonyan is on the team in 2022 with our cap situation.
  2. As far as “clean” prospects (production, athletic ability, health, size, coach ability) the further you go down, the less you have with round 4 being the big drop off where you really are taking athletes with little production/iq or guys who aren’t nfl athletes. As far as Hill, I see a lot of Dujuan Harris. Not big/fast enough to be a key ster. Could crack a rotation but might get cut.
  3. I definitely trust the OL scouting of a faceless fan of a team over an analytics site
  4. 10m a year (with 6.5 dead in 2 years when we cut him) isn’t really friendly. He’s one of the highest paid rbs in football. He got market. Getting 2 years guaranteed (10-12 a year) with funny money is what all the rbs got (see cook and kamara). What barometer are you using to judge OL other than the organization saying “we like him.”
  5. Based on?... AJ Brown is a better player at a more valuable position (WR over G). Using PFF as a barometer Jenkins is a 67.7. He's essentially a home grown Billy Turner (69.3) who is capable, but not a star. Capable, but not star guards exist in R2/3 all the time. 2019 In lieu of Jace, the next 3 guards Mike Dieter (trash 46), Nate Davis 69.7, Connor McGovern (62.2)... 2 capable, 1 bust 2020- In lieu of Love, the next guard Robert Hunt (who is also a swing tackle) 65.8 as a rookie Robert Hunt In lieu of AJ Dillon, the next guard Damien Lewi
  6. A second round pick for a RB 2 in year 2 is a bas pick. Jones' deal wasn't really team friendly. Not many RBs are getting more than 2 years guaranteed and that is what he got. He's probably the 6-10th best RB in the NFL and is making the 6th most money next year. Jenkins is solid, but is he really a stud? PFF has him as a 67.7. It is cool he's solid and can move around, this fanbase has him overvalued at the moment though. He made a PB because he was on a good team.
  7. I feel like this fan base has mega overvalued Jenkins. He's good and provides position flexibility, but nobody here is an OL scout. PFF has him as a 67.7 (solid starter) and AJ Brown as a 90.1 (star). Jenkins has 1 Pro Bowl because he was solid, on a good team, and moved around, not because he's Larry Allen.
  8. The post I replied to was nitpicky and had hindsight bias as well, so it was fair to criticize it in such a way. I 100% disagree with you on Jones/Dillon. You can get running backs that are year 1 contributors. Using a second on a RB is bad process, especially if that guy is going to be RB 3. We essentially just wasted a year of a rookie contract on a low value position with high replacement capability. Now it looks even worse with Jones resigning. Jenkins I like, but the fact is: A- we could have gotten more valuable player AJ Brown who a lot of us wanted B- We've had a lo
  9. Good breakdown. I think you could argue though: -against the Love pick (especially giving an extra 4... should have let the board fall), I liked the pick at the time, but definitely get why people hate it. -Dillon (if we didn't trade up for Love/had an extra 4, we could have gotten Mims, Jefferson, or Claypool). I like Dillon, but a second round pick on a RB who isn't going to start is bad process, especially when we resigned a RB to big money the next year. -Maybe a Gary/Savage trade down for Deebo who was in play (in particular if we didn't trade up for Savage) -Potential
  10. I'd do it for 3 first worth of players. With how he plays, I could see him breaking in the wrong situation. Send him and Tonyan to Denver (where he won't win a SB) for Juedy, Fant, and 2 1s
  11. It is definitely too early to tell as far as prospects go. -I hope all these guys become quality players. -My initial assessment would be that the strategy had no surprises. I think most reasonable people thought we'd get a DB, capable OL, a weapon, early and then some development/niche players. -Stokes- I'm not super jacked about. The guy has tools, but red flags. I know we took him because we want a corner that can come in and contribute/develop (only 1 guaranteed on the roster in 2022), but I felt the class was deep enough to trade down/get similar toolsy red flag guys R2.
  12. Looking at his tape, he looks like he has juice. I bet he’ll make the team over Dexter (legit can’t play). However at 5’9” and 4.5 speed, if you can’t crack the top 2 and aren’t a returner, it’s hard to be active ever.
  13. On this team he could legit start at some point. It isn’t like our other guys have pedigree
  14. If the deal is trade or extend AR, we should just trade him. Don't let the exception (Brady) blind you from the rule. AR is 37 and wants to get mega paid again. 3 of the last 4 years AR was either hurt, or just "good." The narrative before last year was he might not be a top 10 QB anymore. If we can get him back for 1 more "run it back" year, I'm definitely in favor, but I'd also take a Denver package of Juedy, Surtain, and a 1 next year as it would set us up really well going forward.
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