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  1. Adrian Peterson

    Barring sone type of Pete Rose/Darren Sharper situation, Peterson will be in the HOF. The lack of a title and his parenting might keep him from being first ballet though since that matters to some voters, but he has the numbers, was genuinely the best player at his position during his time, and arguably the most talented rb ever. It’s too bad he was doomed playing with a bad OL from pretty much 2010-2015 and with T Jack/Ponder the majority of his prime outside of the Favre year(s).
  2. Aaron Rodgers Appreciation Thread 4.20

    From listening to it all, I can’t believe people spun this to a negative. Classic summer offseason opinion-journalism.
  3. Top 5 Packers Age 25 or Younger?

    Got it...My bad lol, I obviously didn’t get the joke and didn’t go to s B10 school.
  4. Top 5 Packers Age 25 or Younger?

    I put MVS as my 5th best player under 25 (who wasn't a rookie), but that was kind of by default and I totally get having concerns about the year 2 wrs. I know as fans we get excited over big plays (which WRs being a position that handles the ball, happens a lot), but there was no doubt a lot of inconsistency with these guys. PFF graded MVS and ESB as wrs 93 and 75, so essentially JAGs. Hopefully they both make a jump and learning a new offense doesn't set them back a lot. I'm hoping one pans out and get be worthy of being a #2/3 target in this offense.
  5. Top 5 Packers Age 25 or Younger?

    Maybe he isn't the sexiest spartan, but he did have the third best RAS score out of any DE/Edge prospect in the last 10 years (behind Garret/Miller). Hopefully he proves that Michigan used him wrong
  6. Oren Burks

    I feel like everyone is on the same page with Burks. Awesome athlete and character, but we need to see the IQ on the field in a game situation. His college tape was terrible (partly because he had to switch positions every year, but still).
  7. Top 5 Packers Age 25 or Younger?

    Too much love for King, he’s been hurt every year going back to college. I hope he puts it together, but I have doubt
  8. Top 5 Packers Age 25 or Younger?

    Clark and Jaire are very easy 1-2. Then it is pretty subjective. I could see arguing Based on production; 3. Martinez- He's been a good ILB, not super special, but probably a top 10-12ish ILB. I'd be bummed if we don't resign him, but it would make me also cringe if we gave him 12M a year. 4. A Jones- dynamic and when on the field a top 10 RB, but has had injuries. 5. Very distant MVS (1 up and down year) or King (honestly another injury would make me write him off) Based on potential 3. Gary- Didn't love the pick, but he is a Spartan with mega upside. 4. Savage- Looks to be a good player with pro bowl upside 5. Probably MVS or Jones -Both have flashed but there are concerns over both (consistency/injuries). Both have top 10 upside at their positions (meaning potential pro bowl ability) HM-Jenkins too (I'll give a G some love, probably won't be on anyone's list). HM- ESB- Similar to MVS, didn't flash as much though -------------------------------------- My gun to my head pick 5- Clark, Jaire, Martinez, Gary, and Savage (upside combined with proven ability).
  9. 2019 Draft Thoughts

    A third S and second legit slot corner would be nice. I’ll be honest, I hadn’t heard of him. From my reading, it sounds like Thompson would be.a late second to fourth round prospect if in a typical draft. The team that wants him probably gives up a third or 4th. Odds are as a rookie he’d be too far behind from missing otas/etc to make an impact until half way in the season
  10. How many wins for the 2019 Packers ?

    I couldn't agree more with your take on the offense. There is potential, but especially at the skilled positions there is a lot of projection and things to be concerned about; -New coach/system... could be good, could blow up -essentially a bunch of second year WRs who were objectively up and down as rookies/Allison (a guy who has had a few games but has just been solid/hurt)... if one of ESB/MVS makes a real leap and someone Kum/Allison/Moore provides real depth, we are in business. If not, it could be ugly. -The TE situation isn't ideal (has beens, a 3rd round pick and a year 2 UDFA).... I really don't have high expectations for this unit at all. Maybe we find out MM was the worst coach in the NFL with TEs and Grahm bounces back. I doubt this though. -RB- Jones injuries and meh depth behind him... As long as Jones is healthy, we are good here. -The only unit I really feel good about is OL, and it is likely that Bulaga/Bak will be on the injury report half the season. There really is a wide range of outcomes with this offense. I could see it clicking and getting back into the upper end of the league if more things go right than wrong. I could also see us struggling (especially the first few weeks of the year when we figure things out).
  11. 1[12]: Rashan Gary [EDGE; Michigan]

    I don’t think too many people were mad about Bulaga over Dez. Bulaga was a top 10 pick that fell at a position of need. I get the Gary hate (injury/lack of production, projected lower, other options). I will say 10 years ago in the pre pff era, Gary would have been higher on the boards since the national pundits put more stock in freakness, the one thing Gary was top of the class at, and less in production.
  12. How many wins for the 2019 Packers ?

    I said 10-11. I was tempted to go 8-9. I like the potential of this squad. With that said there are a lot of projections on the team (talented projections, but still projections). What concerns me; -skill positions on O- I’m not as high on any of our guys not named Adams. Youth and Allison (JAG). Could one bust out... yes, but I need to see it. TE probably will be lackluster (90 year old Grahm and a rookie third round pick at a position that takes a year to develop on). I could see points being hard to come by (relative to some of the squads we’ve had) early in the year with us not clicking until later (throw in a new coach too). -Just the amount of newness on D. I need to see it bake a bit. We’ve added a lot of talent (significant upgrades at rusher, exp and talent at DB). I could see us having anywhere from a top 7-10 to 25th rated D depending on use and development. Basically I think 9.5 is a good number. We’ll improve this year. I think we might be a year away from a real SB run (similar to an 09 packers) with struggles early and hopefully with us getting it together and developing
  13. I'm cautiously optimistic about this D. I think we have the talent to be a top 10 unit. With that said, I feel like we finish in the middle of the pack, which is a big improvement, but probably a let down considering the excitement after FA/the draft. There are just so many potential negative variables that a few probably happen Potential issues (thinking objectively); -The Smiths- odds are one lets down. Z has essentially had one good year and Preston has been solid/not special. -Gary- huge wildcard, could bust -Clark- I love but he probably isn't as productive of a rusher next year. He's still a NT which is a lower value role. -Fackrell- 95% chance he isn't as productive -King/Alexander both have injury histories going back to college. If both missed 5+ games and are in and out of the lineup I wouldn't be surprised -Daniels- getting up there, was pretty mediocre last year -Amos- might not be as good in GB as he was in Chi. Is just solid not special -Savage- I love the college tape but he's still a rookie, might struggle. -None of the other young DL improve -Our missed games due to injuries are higher than normal (they will happen, just when) So basically if all of these negative things happen, we'll be a bottom 5 D. If half happen (which is probably a likely scenario) we finish in the top 15 area. If only like 2 happen, we'll finish top 10.
  14. Draft strategy musing

    I'd say the biggest reason in general is that outside of of QB, there really isn't a position worth trading much up for. If you follow vegas lines, top position players are worth like .5-1 points, while a middle of the road starting QB is worth like 5 (A Rod 10). Using this/random tangents -There is a scarcity of players worth really trading up for that have high perceived value across the league (there are typically 1-2 QBs considered top selections... history says, the team at #1 probably needs a QB, so that team should make the QB selection) -From my listening to different draft pods that grade based on different characteristics (PFF on college production, combine focused on measurables, etc) when it comes to position players, there is a lot of beauty in the eye of the beholder and because of that you really can't put a lot of stock in perceived value. For example the 2019 pass rusher class; -this fanbase really wanted Burns (small twitch athlete) -the front office went with the big upside project who had little production in Gary that provides some position flexiblity as well - Oakland before us went with the stable production guy in Ferrell If you asked me before the draft how I though it would go, it would have probably gone Burns, Gary, Ferrell but in actuality, it went the complete opposite.
  15. Aaron Rodgers Wants More Control.

    I feel like this is just a typical June article trying to stir up controversy. Since when do you want a QB that doesn't change plays at the line (granted there is a balance)? Eventually against quality Ds or in shootouts you need a QB that can change a play based on what they are seeings or you'll have Goff 3 point performances or in general Mitch Trubisky games. Brady the ultimate team player/system statue QB changes plays all the time (so did pretty much every top 5-10 QB IMO). The fact is the big impact LaFluer will have on this team is incorporating different formations and concepts that Rodgers can utilize (not just McCarthism 11 personal every play). AR was always going to have a major impact on how the offensive game flow as he should.