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  1. Leisher's 2020 NFL Mock draft #2, 11-8-19.

    I'm not really a fan of this draft. - I'd like a OT before round 4. Even if Bulaga resigns, Bak/him miss time - I really don't get burning another top 64 pick on a IOL. - I'm not sold on a TE that high. - I get the DL pick. I could see us holding out one more year (develop Keke, sign a stop gap) and be fine. - I'd like a RB before round 6. Between Jones/Williams going into the final years of their deals (and honestly a potential holdout), it would be smart to add a little more juice. Dexter Williams hasn't shown anything.
  2. Former Lions WR Charles Rogers dead at 38

    Sad to hear this. It's too bad he had injuries and substance issues. He could have been really good. His first game of his career he went off, then went quickly downhill.
  3. 1[12]: Rashan Gary [EDGE; Michigan]

    Did he even play today
  4. 2020 NFL Draft Discussion

    MVS is a niche deep threat with poor route running. He belongs on the team but he seems more like a 3rd/4th wr
  5. I think it is about win percentage. If you go up 2 possessions, that changes play calls and changes the context of the game significantly increasing your chance to win. 4-8 points the playbook is open.
  6. I like the call still. We still can go up 2 possessions after half. A 7 point lead Carolina can keep their gameplan, 11 points means they have to throw (Kyle Allen in snow =gg). With that said, I do get that a fg is a 99% make while a td is like a 40%, so your expected points are higher kicking.
  7. No remorse here getting a bs roughing call after last year
  8. First Q thoughts; O- one drive killed by miscues, one great drive D- gotta make plays, we’ve missed 3 sacks
  9. Our Run Defense Scheme is Broken AF

    Looking at our D calls, and the redzone success of this team this year, our issue is mostly philosophy in between the 20s. If we are playing a small lineup, giving a free gap every play, and not winning first down we are going to be giving up a lot of yards on the ground. I'm cool with this philosophy in general, since it has worked (low in points allowed, extending drives means more opportunity for negative plays killing drives, our offense is typically going to score 24-30 points so analytically over 12 drives we should win our games, which we have. The concerning thing though the combination of soft coverage and big plays in the passing game recently.
  10. do we pay Kenny Clark?

    I’d be more inclined to lock him up after this year. Get him at an injury/early lock up discount. If we don’t reup him in2020 if he plays like 2018, he’ll get Grady Jarret money adjusted for inflation (4/68m... so 4/75). We probably could get him for 4/50 now.
  11. The "Kick the Tires" Thread (Other Teams Cuts)

    2m and essentially a second round pick is too much for a half year rental of a mediocre player.
  12. Really just a bad burn the tape game. I’d put the L 65% on the O 30 on the D, 5 % STs. The offense was very sluggish especially out of the gate. Multiple presnap penalties early killing drives. Under 100 yards in 3 quarters.... Protection wasn’t there. No running room, no time of possession. The D played on par with how it has the last few weeks.It really wasn’t that bad. Not lights out but for the most part bent, didn’t break until late. Alexander got beat long twice (one should have been a delay of game, but anyways similar to Cooper, Allen just beat him on a crosser and Williams just outsized him on a jump ball). The inside rush hasn’t been there (Clark is either hurt or has regressed, Adams is looking like a bust and Lowry is just solid). I feel like we’ve been playing more coverage recently and not bringing pressure. STs were subpar. Blocked kick and a holding setting up a 90 yard field.
  13. That play to Allen should have been a delay of game. Wasn’t really close
  14. Random Packer News & Notes

    Yes and no. During off hours, people cruise through all the time. I mean I personally try to always keep it under 10 over but I get it