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  1. It is too early to say for certain, but I still went with TT though. His first 6 drafts were really good (the worst being 2007 which gave us James Jones, Bishop, Crosby). 2015/2017 left sour tastes in our mouths. I do appreciate Gute's willingness to compete for FAs. TT only went after value guys (perceived has beens in Woodson/Peppers, bargain guys like Pickett, and guys who wouldn't mess up the comp pick formula like Cook). TT never would have signed Z, Amos, Turner (and to a lessor extent Preston). The jury is still out on Gute's drafting. Realistically: 2018- 1
  2. Lang missed 3 games so there is some truth to that. Sitton didn't miss a start his last 4 years with us though. Linsely missed 3 games last year, so is it a sign?
  3. The LT/RT pay discrepancy is more to do with the assumption that, if you are a high pedigree player, you play left. The only tackles making top 10 tackle money are Lane Johnson (was on a team with Jason Peters, 18M), Trent Brown (was a LT before going to Oak who had one 16.5),
  4. Makes sense... this offense wants TEs and they take time..... Tonyan is a 50-50 resign next year (I wouldn't give him Hooper money). Sterny is probably a bust. Degura is an H Back. We're so use to not having quality TEs on this roster. Most teams drop a 2-5 on a TE one every 2-3 years. Since 1982, we've drafted 1 TE in the first 2 rounds...
  5. Yes, and it is probably they are probably the right moves. -Jones- Tough cap year and you don't pay big money to RBs -Linsely- Is going to be 30 at the start of the season. 30 for IOL is close to the end of the line. Lang/Sitton are 33/34 RN and have both been out of football 2 years. Mike Wahle retired at 32. Rivera played until like 34, only 2 years not on GB... History says there is a 50% chance he is out of football in 2 years, probably 95% chance he's out in 4.
  6. Definitely.... We'll have some combination of Patrick, Jenkins, and Runyan in the interior, which is fine.
  7. Rumors, but being 3rd string is not a good sign. This is coming from someone who loved the pick in the moment.
  8. I totally get that. With that said though, how many real important HBacks are in the NFL right now? It is like Kyle J in SF and that is it. Daffney was a UDFA and we are getting probably 80% of Degura with him for nothing.
  9. I'm still holding out hope on Love, but it doesn't look good. I will say looking at the board and who were realistic options, I don't think we missed on a stud in R1. We probably would have gotten a Michael Pittman, Shenault, or Pat Queen. Claypool was a mid second rounder so I don't want to count him. Jeremy Chin R2 would have been really nice (I do like Dillon though, odd positional value though). I did like Degura in his limited time. The critics would argue he's still a H back though (which is definitely fair). Odd position to take. Martin looks good. Everything after that i
  10. I'm all for having depth, especially at higher positional value spots. My thing though, assuming Bak is going to be back, do we really need a first round pick depth piece? We have 3 guys that can play OT at a NFL level in this roster scenario. Turner/Wagner with Jenkins being able to step up in emergency is more than capable and provides enough flexibility, especially if we take a development guy R3-4. If anything, I'd take an IOL since we could use improvement there, and move Jenkins out to T if necessary.
  11. I really like your offseason/FA. Gives us a nice piece. I also think a nice stable corner would be huge. Personally not super high on the draft. With Wagner on the team, I don't think a OT is necessary (especially a guy we are grooming). I also don't see us using 2 top 4 round picks on RBs (maybe a 3/5)
  12. He couldn't refuse a tender since that falls under the CBA. He could always hold out/force a trade/etc if he really wanted to.
  13. Based on Dexter's rookie preseason and 7 NFL carries, he doesn't have real NFL juice.
  14. Kirksey is the easiest cut of the offseason. Unless he takes half his sal, he's gone
  15. I've been on the Watt to GB the last month. He's at the mogul/ring chase stage in his career. I think 1 year 6-8M would get it done, which we could swing assuming the cap ends up 190ish and we do some cap magic (cut Preston/Lowry, extend DA/Z and potentially AR)
  16. Khalil Herbert- I get a lot of Devonte Freeman/MJD/Aaron Jones vibes with. 5'9'' bowling ball with burst
  17. With the exception of the last season, last year we were a "win now" team. We had multiple in season FA signings to get boosts on the margin. Degura was supposed to be our starting H Back but got hurt. Dillon was supposed to get more of a load, but had an injury/covid/Williams stepped up. I still want this team as far as the draft to use good process. Reaching on needs is bad process and can flame out like it did in 2015/17 (we legit might not have a pick from either draft on our roster in a few weeks). With that said consider our roster, I'd be fine with: -Spreading the cap t
  18. Not a big fan of the predraft: -Wagner for 4M in cap space is a steal. We are going to need a hedge -I like Williams but for the cap hit, give me a rookie in the 3rd-5th to pair with Dillon (Khalil Herbert is my guy this year). -It is time to move on from Lewis. We have 3 2nd-4th year TEs that have talent. -The late 1 CB room is pretty weak. Maybe in a trade down. -We are still missing a returner/instant open weapon. I could easily see a WR R1-2 (Toney/Moore would do wonders).
  19. The virtue signaling from covid, racism, and American pride is nauseating
  20. Ehh it depends. In the late 1 I tend to agree, but early one I don't. Drafts have tiers. Usually there are like 20 real true first round prospects (clean health, production, measurables, large schools). The difference between prospect 25-70 is often in the eye of the beholder. Unfortunately we've been drafting late 20s a lot, so we've missed a lot of blue chip talent and been stuck drafting a lot of second round talents R1. Top of the draft though, we've had a lot of productive players. Since I've been following the team (96) we've had 9 top 20 picks (Holiday, Reynolds, Walker, Franks, Ha
  21. Not DC but we have seen OCs/HCs have success here after leaving bad programs (MM in SF, Hackett in Jax, MLF in Tenn). The only optimism I have with this hire is that maybe not being on a bottom 5 team helps Barry. Coaching can’t fix horrible rosters which the Lions and Team were.... if it works out, it is another testament for not taking a title at a bad organization. If it doesn’t work out nobody will be surprised
  22. I feel like we just drafted Ahmad Carroll
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