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  1. Had it for many, many years on various Packer forums. Maybe you were inspired by mine 😌😌😌
  2. Full quote is “his father married my wife and I”, the meaning of which is pretty obvious really although for the benefit of the hard of thinking, the OP then went on to clarify that Deguara’s father officiated their wedding ceremony. Still, who am I to stop an urban myth in its tracks during lockdown fever 😎😎😎
  3. Try Internationally. It has been discussed to death on numerous Radio and TV channels all week this side of the Pond too. And let’s face it, we have bigger fish to fry too with the Brexit Election coming up next Thursday.
  4. To misquote Mrs Merton (the late Caroline Ahern) on her spoof British chat show, “What first attracted you to the multi-millionaire AJ Hawk” 🤔🤔🤔
  5. Can you share your analysis of the ILB corps on the other 31 teams please so I can understand how they stack up against the run and in coverage? Presumably you have done that if you think The Packers have one of the worst. I’m sat in Prague Airport at the moment and WiFi is shocking otherwise I’d research it myself but there’s no point wasting my time if you’ve done the job already.
  6. Just to correct a common misconception, most of the methane produced by a cow is released from the mouth as opposed to the backside. A cow can produce as much methane each day as is emitted from a car’s exhaust. Current studies to reduce or eliminate methane production include include feeding cows a certain type of pink seaweed, injecting them with bacteria similar to that found in the stomach of the more environmentally friendly kangaroo or via a special nose ring that neutralises the methane when the cow burps! The ultimate cattle-ytic converter 🤣🤣🤣
  7. Florio will be sharpening his crayons as we speak , ready to feed his fellow purple trolls on PFT.
  8. You are right and most of the Bookies will have the liquidity to cover big liabilities. But that’s just part of the story. The Bookmaker will be aiming to make a profit of around 11% on each market. So they will aim for a book of about 111% meaning if they took bets on all 32 teams at their desired odds, any outcome would guarantee that 11% profit. They aren’t just going to lay the Packers to lose 240k. They may already stand to lose that much on the Patriots. Same again on The Rams, Chiefs, Bears, Queens, Eagles, Saints etc. There can be only one winner so all the time, their liabi
  9. You could claim you’re 100% right. He’s broken too ☺️☺️☺️
  10. I think you’re a bit older than me 1265 (always read your posts on here and PC) but first time I saw Queen was at the NEC in ‘78. Crazy Tour. Great Venue before the Stadiums took off although Knebworth was special too. And Donington for the Monsters of Rock festivals. Now I can just imagine you listening to some German electro stuff on coloured vinyl 😃
  11. I was going to say either Pink Floyd or The Rolling Stones but clearly those are wrong from later posts. I would have agreed though 😃 I’ll chuck another couple of British Bands into the pot though in Led Zeppelin and Queen. If I’m right, I will be the guy who gets mad although having seen Led Zep in 2005, Plant’s vocals were enough to put anyone off for life! Queen live were absolutely amazing!!!
  12. Brees v Brady. Battle of the old timers Goff v Mahomes. The young bloods. I think the comment was about the QBs rather than the respective rosters.
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