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  1. Grade the Fangio Hire

    Lets just bring in Peyton Manning as the OC boom drops the mic.
  2. Grade the Fangio Hire

    I like the hire but wish Elway would stop being so power hungry and let the man choose his own assistant coaches. If he fails as his first time as a head coach it should at least be the staff that he assembled to put the best team on the field. Not saying that he is going to fail and cant wait to see our defense next year.
  3. How do you see the year panning out for the broncos, do we go 8 and 8 like a lot of people are saying? Can we win the Division with the exception of the Chargers don't see much of a road block there. What are your thoughts, feel like KC has no defense and a young gun slinger at QB the Raiders are the Raiders and lost their best player. Just leaves us and San Diego for the West so does this team have a playoff caliber roster?
  4. Freeman to start season at RB

    Looks like Elway is giving the rookie what he earned in pre season and will start on Sunday. Really excited to see what he can do with the opportunity and just wish I could have drafted him in my fantasy football league.
  5. Training Camp Thread

    I still think Case will have a great year and isn't in jeopardy of losing the starting spot, He was just out there for a couple series against probably the best D in the league who practiced against him all last and knows his habits. If the second and third preseason games look the same then I will become concerned. Also kinda just seemed like the whole team came out flat which is more of a concern for our coaching staff hopefully that is fixed as the preseason goes on.
  6. Training Camp Thread

    That is what I'm saying, he may make mistakes but at least he has fire and is angry and not just accepting losing. I just imagine Kelly with the same opportunities that Lynch has been given would be a much better investment. Three years and the guy still looks as raw and unable to read a defense as ever. To me Lynch actually looked worse last night than he did last year. Joseph saying he would have to look at the tape when asked about a possible change at back up I thought was comical better make the change before he gets one of our promising young WRs killed out there.
  7. Training Camp Thread

    Man did you hear the crowd chanting KELLY , if Lynch looked like a deer in the headlights before I got a feeling it's just gunna get worse as the pre season goes on time to cut bait and see if Kelly can develop with the wasted reps Lynch is getting. The first team D not even covering a WR on goal line was pretty embarrassing along with its run defense, Not too worried about the first team offense was a small sample size against an elite defense. All the RBs looked solid and Royce can move for a big dude.
  8. Most Underrated Broncos of All-Time?

    I would go Ed McCaffery, Steve Atwater, and Champ
  9. Most Underrated Broncos of All-Time?

    Tim Tebow hahaha
  10. The Best Super Bowl Victory & Why?

    Who remembers when the Raiders made it to the Super Bowl. I know a little off topic but that was also one of the greatest nights of football I can remember. I was actually watching the game with a good friend who happens to be a die hard Raiders fan, I think he lasted until a little past halftime before kicking me out for laughing. There was a point I actually felt bad for him they were getting beat so bad and I still cant believe they welcomed Chucky back with open arms after that, I wonder if he is allowed to wear the ring at work.
  11. The Best Super Bowl Victory & Why?

    Living in Wisconsin the Upset of the packers was awesome and my personal greatest super bowl memory. I remember reading the local papers leading up to the game and how it was pretty much just a gimmie for the Packers. At the time I was in high school working at Burger King and they even had a special Gilbert Brown whopper with three patties and bacon. No one gave Denver a chance and we won pretty convincingly. From Davis having migraine and going out as a decoy to Elways helicopter probably my favorite football moments. The trash talking after was pretty awesome as well.
  12. Un drafted free agent signings

    I read that Lowell did return the money to the Broncos so no harm no foul.
  13. Jets trade up to 3 and gave up a lot for the move.
  14. 2018 Free Agency Discussion Thread

    With Von restructuring do you guys think there will be any late June 1st cuts worth while that we could stash some cap space for?
  15. 2018 Free Agency Discussion Thread

    what is the latest on Luck, any update on how much of his throwing strength he lost or is it still rehabbing