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  1. Dang I was just gonna say AB must be the dumbest player in the NFL but I had forgotten a bout the famed whizzinator
  2. EQ is going to be a star. I think getting cut changed him. He is hustling and clearly working in a way he hasn’t in the past.
  3. That loss to KC looms large in the early push for the one seed.
  4. Looked to me like Rodgers was getting more people involved in the game or at least trying to. If he continues to do that this offense should take a step forward.
  5. In all seriousness the last time I recall our defense playing this well was 2009. This game reminds me of the game against the redskins that year specifically. The defense won that game and they won this one as well.
  6. Dillon looks like he is running slow motion but man that was awesome
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