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  1. better clear a week on your schedule so you dont miss anything
  2. I had a friend who proposed a podcast of guys who sit around drinking talking about football; you would have to drink enough to be drunkish prior to the show beginning just like you mentioned so you would be entertaining. If you drank enough you would presumably be very entertaining. It seemed like one of those ideas that sound great when your in high school and very high. The problem was he was in his late 30's as was I and neither of us was high. Thats when I ended my year long sabbatical from my actual profession and went back to work.
  3. This feels to me like the game where the Packers can prove they belong. I firmly believe if we come out and put a whole game together on both sides of the ball we will win this game. I cannot believe I am thinking like this since we are 8-2 but I really do not feel as though this team has played a full game on both sides of the ball yet. This is a huge test for both teams IMO
  4. Random Packer News & Notes

    So your saying its Mccarthy lol I have seen the same thing and definitely agree Rodgers has to clean this up.
  5. Random Packer News & Notes

    Im glad someone noticed these things as well. I thought the defense looked much different; there are still some issues with King im not sure if its miscommunication or just mental lapse. The guy plays great one play then seems to be lost on the big 3rd down plays too many times. If this team can just communicate the defense will tighten up. Im looking forward to the stretch run..Im still not sure that the Packers have played a complete game on both offense and defense yet and here we are 8-2 this is crazy to me but the possibility of this coming together is awesome. I have noticed a trend that is bothersome and it is the execution after timeouts. It seems like after timeouts we have penalties and lack of execution at a pretty high rate. I would like to see that cleaned up. The bye week is huge we are Healthy so we can focus on actual scheme and execution this is a big change from recent years.
  6. A win is a win Now spend the next two weeks getting this d on the same page
  7. Count me in the "it was ok to go for it" crowd. If bahk gets in the way of Mccoy we likely score.
  8. Its what I do; I drink beer and I know things
  9. This is a lot like the Raiders game. Or so it seems.
  10. he looks like he is running in mud but ill take it
  11. I would rather the big celebrations after a score but Ill take it
  12. I dont know if anyone does I am just saying i dont think I have seen as many false starts on a tight end as i have from him.
  13. I dont know if I have seen as many false start penalties against a tight end as I have from Jimmy graham. Maybe they are just standing out to me because I dont expect him to do that as a veteran. The offense looked a bit better toward the end of that drive. Lets get a stop here on Defense.