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  1. Heck of a half for Boyle once he got it going.
  2. Packers Training Camp 2019

    Did or does anyone else feel like Hall showed a burst that our other backs didnt against Baltimore? He didnt get a lot of touches if I am recalling correctly but he looked quicker to me than the other guys.
  3. Packers Training Camp 2019

    I feel like the most intriguing guy is hall. He looks like he plays faster than the other backs. I would like to see him with the starters to see how he hits the holes.
  4. So he is confidently making bad throws lol. I really think we have two QB3 on this roster and zero QB2.
  5. I think at the very least he is confident on the throw he is about to make; I don't think I see as many double clutches as kizer
  6. Boyle seems much more accurate than kizer
  8. Boyle looks like a QB who belongs
  9. man Gary is fast off the line
  10. Thats a sack against most QBs good pressure there
  11. its the way he misses and how he looks when he throws the ball.
  12. You mean his broadcast must be in another dimension entirely
  13. kizer has that old happy feet syndrom every time he has to make a throw..it always looks like he is not ready
  14. You mean davis and kumerow of course