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  1. The packers talking to vet QBs to me means a couple things. 1. They are doing their do diligence in case Rodgers is not in camp. 2. They are possibly realizing Rodgers may really sit out...at least for camp. 3. Gute may be of the same mind set as Rodgers. Where now they both want to win this feud. 4. I wonder if love or vet QB starts week 1 if Rodgers indeed sits. 5. Imagine if that vet QB ends up being Alex Smith and the Packers with The superb Owl
  2. I still think a deal with Denver is possible. They could toss Bridgewater in for that veteran presence or even as the starter for the year if love isn’t ready. At this point it may be time to get what you can or be prepared to roll with Love in the off chance AROD sits.
  3. Does mayfield have short arms for his height? Looks kind of funny
  4. Post June 1 may be the only real way Rodgers can be traded for picks and players. The packers will need to fit the new salaries under the cap if any players are involved. I do like the idea of a Denver deal and I dont think them picking Surtain means he wont or couldn't be included in any deal fora rod.
  5. Looks like it changes what the total salary against this years and next years cap becomes. If its done now its like 38m right now on the cap just like its currently showing. But after june 2 somehow that is broken into two years if I am reading this correctly. So you would get a hit of say about half right now then another half for 2022.
  6. Good I want nothing to do with injured skill position players.
  7. Magazines on his right side our left and stainless pistol on the other. Seems dumb given the moment if that’s what that was.
  8. Was Farley wearing a holster? Or what’s that some kind of brace?
  9. That felt like an Adam Sandler movie scene
  10. This is an odd place for the jets to move to
  11. I wonder if the move Jimmy G tonight or if this is a move for a year or two from now.
  12. Im not sure Wilson has completely gone through puberty yet.
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