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  1. Offseason Trades

    There seems to be mutual interest with Flacco and the Jags. http://nfltraderumors.co/jaguars-joe-flacco-have-mutual-interest-dolphins-also-an-option/
  2. Offseason Trades

    After the season what do you think the Ravens should do? Who should they trade to acquire picks? Personally I think the Ravens should move on from Flacco, Suggs, Weddle, Smith, Mosely to get picks and get younger. Over the years they seem to be able to move forward and let the next man step up.
  3. New Years Mock

    If Jags are getting Flacco it will most likely be in a trade. Jags won't be giving up a 1st for him but I'm sure the Ravens would want a 2nd round pick and a player