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  1. This is totally overblown. He wants to play and Reid didn't play him. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/06/13/leveon-bell-i-have-a-right-to-how-i-feel-about-andy-reid-because-of-what-he-said-to-me/ If I had to guess, (which is what everyone here is doing, after all) Andy Reid probably told Bell that he wasn't starter material. Probably said he was washed up. Probably gave him a little smack too.
  2. Tork was doing really poorly as recently as last month too. Looking at his current numbers, he must be on an absolute tear right now.
  3. I've always liked Reaves. He should miss the rest of the playoffs +, though.
  4. Joel Heath tore his ACL in practice today. I don't know who he is and we have a ton of depth at DT. Still, sucks for him.
  5. I don't think it's a big deal at all. There are clearly a bunch of great candidates. 2 of them happened to be named Campbell. That's all I'm really getting from this.
  6. There is documented proof of his knee-biting.
  7. Was this the official rule copied from somewherez? I'm in a bunch of leagues and often get the rules etc mixed up. That and my general laziness keeps me from ever wanting to be a LM. 😁
  8. I also appreciate any opportunity to clarify rules like we's doin hea
  9. I'm probably just confusing leagues. I didn't think there was necessarily anything concrete. What's in question? Whether teams are colluding by working out trades prior to the opening of the league year? As someone else mentioned, I think we could look to the NFL... It's illegal but everyone does it and people turn a blind eye. I've definitely been involved in trade talks this off-season but nothing has materialized.
  10. There's kind of a thing in which we don't trade before the keepers are set. More of an agreement I think. I'm not sure as to the actual rules. If we make em set keepers before the trade I don't see an issue, though I understand that toes may have been stepped on. I think we could be proactive in our "punishments" when owners aren't attempting to cheat. Just make em set keepers so it can go through without incident.
  11. New World adding a cash shop before release. At one point I was interested in this game. Amazon has managed to just fail at every chance with this one.
  12. The bro-dawg attitude is completely intentional. It's just riffing on the culture at the time. Think Robot-Reagan driving a monster truck through the Berlin wall with screaming eagles in the background and Jesus in the upper corner giving the whole scene a thumbs up. It's just parody of 'Murca.
  13. He's usually gone for extended periods then comes back before seasons start. I'd bet he'll be back.
  14. He was after his rookie season. Then he kind of just... didn't improve and kept getting injured. He doesn't really do anything well in particular. He's a very well rounded back with below average all around athleticism. He also has kind of a bum knee.
  15. This might sound odd, but i legitimately do not understand why you'd fight Tom Wilson there. Fighting is inherently part of the game. What Wilson did is outside of the game. The league can't handle itself, so why just fight him? Wilson even won the fight. It's stupid. Go after literally everyone on the team EXCEPT Wilson if you're trying to send a message. You don't send goons after the goon. It's nonsense.
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