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  1. PHREAK'S Dynasty League (Discussion Thread)

    Congrats to both of yah!
  2. Lions Forum Fantasy Baseball Discussion Thread #32

    You were making great offers too. I didn't accept lots of em just because of my current depth etc.
  3. PHREAK'S Dynasty League (Discussion Thread)

  4. The Batman is Robert Pattinson

    I really like the idea of approaching "the world's greatest detective" angle. Almost like an old Sherlock Holmes but with more fists and costumes.
  5. Game of Thrones - Our Watch has Ended

    I thought it was a comedy bit and kept waiting for it to happen. Dudes kept doing weird twitchy moves and looks and I thought it was coming, but it never did. Just sounds like that (those) guy(s) that takes kareoke too seriously.
  6. Game of Thrones - Our Watch has Ended

    It's where Missandei was from. Their people are non-violent and thus easy prey for slavers. Early on Grey Worm mentions that he'll go there to protect her people. I was stoked that his arc didn't end in on-screen violence.
  7. Game of Thrones - Our Watch has Ended

    I was stoked that the Unsullied sailed off to Naath. That was a nice touch.
  8. Game of Thrones - Our Watch has Ended

    I'm giving you a hesitant thumbs up because I think that the "Drogon recognized the Iron Throne as a metaphor for the power-hungry drive that was after all more responsible for Dany's death than than anything else" is silly. And because run-ons are cool.
  9. Game of Thrones - Our Watch has Ended

    I think the whole "love" angle was meant to explain Tyrion's behavior away. With Dany gone, we can expect the old Tyrion back. Maybe less wine and fewer prostitutes.
  10. Game of Thrones - Our Watch has Ended

    I think all of the "F this I'm taking the throne" people are dead. Edmure volunteered himself, but nobody else did, and he seemed to remember that he was a dolt when he was trying to sit back down. I think everyone is just kind of sick of any kind of fighting at this point... At least story-wise. Bran is just a figure-head. I have no idea why he's in charge. He's flying with the ravens looking for dragons. Tyrion is good with the minutia. I also get the feeling that the "we gather here to choose every new king" idea was supposed to give us the idea that fighting over the throne was now unnecessary.
  11. Game of Thrones - Our Watch has Ended

    Safe from what though? There will probably be lots of crime, but there aren't dragons and zombies and competing warlords anymore.
  12. Game of Thrones - Our Watch has Ended

    Finale was fine. 5th episode was terrible. All of my issues with the finale are minor (Dothraki prolly would have gone wild, Unsullied would have probably massacred everyone in sight, why did Jon even tell anyone he killed Dany, etc) I don't like Bran as king, but this way Tyrion gets to rule, which is solid for the people. Sansa should be a queen so that's chill. Jaime's history getting whitewashed was whack too but w/e. All in all they pulled it off far better than I expected it to.
  13. The SuperFlex Syndicate (Dynasty Discussion Thread)

    I'm the Dirtbags. I'm checking in if I haven't already.
  14. John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum

    Yall ever seen the weapons training he does for these movies? It's impressive.
  15. The Batman is Robert Pattinson

    I take zero issue with any of that. My OP was that Keaton was the best and he was atypical, and that I didn't like Affleck and he was "perfect" for the role. I thus though Pattinson deserves a chance.