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  1. The NEW FF Elite Fantasy League

    I'm in the exact opposite boat. Robles completes a terrific young offensive group, but my once weak pitching staff is now in complete shambles. I like the deal for me because I get Robles. I like the deal for you because you get the same production for at least a year from Hicks, plus a young ace in Berrios. Really solid both ways.
  2. Antonio Brown officially asks for trade

    That's totally true. It seems like it became a team issue. I think the public "James Connor is proving you're expendable" line probably upset Bell, just as the "Why can't you be more like JJSS" upset AB and Martavis Bryant (but who cares about him). Bell and AB being brats didn't help the situation. I don't like seeing teammates calling each other out publicly, and Ben and AB seem to have real problems with that.
  3. Lions release S Glover Quin, WR Bruce Ellington

    An incredible amount. He's still absolutely everything you could want as a locker-room guy and mentor though. He'll likely end up coaching if he wants to. Lions fans would love to keep him around in some capacity.
  4. Incels?

    Testosterone is a hell of a drug. What's really crazy about many incels is that their entire narrative is often internalized. Examples like Elliot Rodger wouldn't even interact with other people often... They completely separate themselves socially, then project imagined rejection.
  5. Could The Lions Surprise and Take An OT at #8?

    Kiper has us taking a TE (Hockenson). I literally said "@$%$ you" out loud when I read it. We need a guard. I know that this is incredibly simplistic, but I always have a good amount of faith that a guy will be able to move from tackle to guard. I'd really be fine with any pick along the line on either side of the ball. I think that TE, K and P might be the only positions I'd be upset with based on position alone. Maybe RB since this year's crop seems so bad. I wouldn't hesitate to double up in the backfield.
  6. Lions Forum Fantasy Baseball Discussion Thread #31

    That's a good show.
  7. Antonio Brown officially asks for trade

    I like the Steelers quite a lot. I dislike Ben quite a lot. I don't think you have the inside information you seem to think you do. The "situation" is a bunch of men with conflicting egos. The Steelers are losing 2 MVP caliber players in back to back years. There VERY CLEARLY something more than "two guys won't buy in and are being divas" going on. Furthermore, the last time you accused me of having no idea what I was talking about, within 24 hours AB tweeted exactly what I said. I'm certainly not creating some false narrative.
  8. Antonio Brown officially asks for trade

    The problem is that Ben is 36. Brown isn't super young either, so there's no good answer in terms of longevity. The real problem is that the Steelers SHOULD be in a superbowl window with Ben, Brown, Bell and Tomlin. That core should be incredible. All of them will be gone in 2 years or less because franchises have to 'side' with the QB. (To be fair, I think that Ben, Brown and Bell will all fall off or retire at about the same time in 2 years. You 'choose' the QB unless there are years of difference IMO.) As a total outsider, it seems as though Tomlin is being totally overpowered by all of the drama, and it's snowballing.
  9. Antonio Brown officially asks for trade

    I don't know that he's right, but you're just relying on media reports which is exactly what AB is currently whining about. He's being made to look bad in the media (which is true) unjustly, and that others are at fault (which may or may not be true.) Most teams cut players a lot of slack. Just like Kareem Hunt, teams will make a move if they feel that it is within their interests to do so. The Steelers' current situation with LeVeon Bell also shows how willing teams are to take a stand against productive players. Franchises have all the leverage. I think that Ben has done at least 2 things worse than AB ever will. I certainly see him as a villain. AB is just selfish.
  10. Antonio Brown officially asks for trade

    So AB confirms what most people suspected... The franchise is choosing Ben over everything. It seems as though he's allowed to complain about anything, (including Pitt drafting a QB instead of someone that would help Ben win NOW) but everyone else is held to a different standard. I almost want to see them move on from Ben a year or two early in order to save the integrity of their locker room, but that will obviously never happen. I'd make some kind of comment about how it's unfortunate when your QB is the biggest diva on the team, but as a Lions fan I'll take 2 rings over 1 playoff win any day. It's going to be interesting to see how this plays out. The Steelers don't have a ton of incentive to trade Brown, but I also can't imagine having 2 different MVP caliber players essentially sitting out a year back to back. Woof.
  11. Antonio Brown officially asks for trade

    Do you think posts like this contribute to the topic? If you're freaking out because someone insulted your franchise, and your response is to insult their franchise... You deserve to be called out. You've got several posts that have nothing to do with the topic at hand here. Grow some thicker skin. I do not like how the Steelers are handling these situations. It feels like they're choosing Ben over these other guys.
  12. Antonio Brown officially asks for trade

    Also a hater post, fwiw.
  13. The NEW FF Elite Fantasy League

    I got a bearded dragon a couple of weeks ago. Lawrence. He(?) is badass. The dogs don't want him dead, which is nice. I want a young stud 3B or OF, but I'd like to see which one of those Senzel is going to be before committing significant resources. I like my team and don't want to make many moves right now, but I'd be willing to move either Mondesi or Correa for the right deal. I'm extremely high on both and therefore have depth at the position. I value Correa as a top 10 guy and Mondesi as a top 40 guy.
  14. https://twitter.com/OfficialNBARefs/status/1095348185571172355 Not only not called, defended on twitter. Not only that, but they @sportcenter etc.
  15. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

    https://twitter.com/OfficialNBARefs/status/1095348185571172355 Ooof.