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  1. 5 years ago this would have made me furious. Now? I'm actually hoping this might save Bethesda.
  2. nagahide13


    Woof. Literally came down to the bases loaded, bottom of the 9th in the last game of the day. I'm feeling pretty lucky. Good game @umphrey! That was a serious comeback.
  3. I think he's one of the few managers in recent history that actually elevated a roster
  4. nagahide13


    Oh man. I beat out Sllim by .5 to make it in! Firm handshakes all around.
  5. I'm also baffled that AP is running so well while nobody else is. Have we just not had a decent back in forever? Has the secret just been lining up in I and powering up the middle?
  6. Feels like the Yankees are accusing people of cheating like once a week these days. Or maybe they're saying they're tipping pitches and It's just close off the Astros/Red Sox.
  7. I mean, we've been trying to run the ball unsuccessfully for 21 years. Maybe we just needed to bridge that gap with 2 HOF guys.
  8. Bryce Love is going to win me every league for the next 10 years.
  9. I think I own Bryce Love in every league I'm in. AP will go to N'England as a backup and get cut after a couple of weeks without enough carries.
  10. Agreed it wasn't on purpose, but the two that buzzed Trout musta been pretty terrifying. Maddon's got a point that there has to be some kind of accountability. If Anderson can't locate at all and is throwing at Trout's head accidentally twice in one game, maybe he doesn't belong in the majors. Having him pitch the next game wasn't great either, even if that 3rd one wasn't anywhere close to hitting Trout.
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