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  1. I cannot stress how important it is that we were winning games prior to Patricia's arrival and have been losing since.
  2. MLB could return by late May

    Definitely developed a distaste for him in a hurry. "I gotta family to feed!" Snell didn't even have to choke out his coach first either.
  3. Chiefs CB Bashaud Breeland Arrested in South Carolina

    For what it's worth, in the video I linked the officer isn't holding a gun until about halfway when Breeland enters his vehicle. He could have anything in there. He had no reason to get into his car unless it was to evade the officer or to grab something. All of a sudden everyone, especially the officer, was at serious risk of harm. I'm pretty surprised that Breeland didn't get tased earlier. He definitely didn't NEED to be tased since he wasn't violent and ended up being put under control without injuring anybody, but the justification was definitely there. He got warned a BUNCH of times, and all of the civilians around are shouting at him to comply. It's just kind of scary. Some people almost go into shock and it seems like they're almost not in control of their actions. Jules Winnfield (Pulp Fiction) "Say 'what' again!" type of stuff. Make "dealing with law enforcement" a part of the rookie symposium for ALL rookies.
  4. Chiefs CB Bashaud Breeland Arrested in South Carolina

    https://www.tmz.com/videos/042920-nfl-arrest-4776844-0-7xcmc8n4/ He was non-compliant. I dont feel bad for him. I think that as long as he goes through some kind of "Don't be a dipsh*t with the police" course, his career should be entirely unaffected.
  5. Round 4, Pick 121: Logan Stenberg

    Legitimately the worst song I've ever heard in my life. Jesus christ that made me feel old.
  6. Round 4, Pick 121: Logan Stenberg

    Schwartz just seemed like he didn't have the fundamentals of game management down. He made a lot of mistakes in that specific regard. He was young and a first time HC. I thought he was learning well on the job. I definitely didn't want him fired.
  7. Round 5, Pick 172: Jason Huntley

    I don't particularly think any Detroit runningback showed much promise. Maybe Kerryon, but I think we've seen his ceiling and injuries are an obvious concern. He's more of a #2 when healthy. I don't mind us doing everything possible to improve the run game. If we're rebuilt, it's unacceptable for us to have rebuilt into a team that still can't run the ball. We haven't been able to run the ball for 25 years.
  8. PHREAK'S Dynasty League (Discussion Thread)

  9. 2020 NFL Draft

    I'd rather get some pass rush or o-line then look at RB when we've got a bit more of a team tbh.
  10. 2020 NFL Draft

    There is the real-world possibility that he could change his legal name to Brandon Pettigrew, so i wouldn't make that promise if I were you
  11. 1.26 - Jordan Love [QB; Utah State]

    The trade is fine and I like the player a lot. I just don't understand why the Packers did it.
  12. 2020 NFL Draft

    I see it with Love... However, I feel like GB already has Rogers for 4 more years and they should be getting him weapons. Why would they draft his replacement in the 1st when he's clearly not done and you JUST re-signed him? This is not a Mahomes situation.
  13. 2020 NFL Draft

    Both guys for sure.
  14. 2020 NFL Draft

    + bucs 4th
  15. 2020 NFL Draft

    Some dope said this garbage