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  1. Trade deadline

    I was reading something the other day that said that the Lions basically don't have any sell candidates. Davis was mentioned as the best possible candidate, but it was reiterated that we don't have anyone worthy of trading away. I agree. I like the idea of Freeman for a mid or even Drake for a late pick. I'll pass on Penny entirely.
  2. The NEW FF Elite Fantasy League (2 spots open)

    This league averaged about 10 "blockbusters" a week last year, so yall shouldn't worry about missing out. I'd guess that a few top 10 guys touched 4 or 5 teams.
  3. I think any player that's injured enough to warrant surgery has the right to get that surgery done, regardless of how that timing affects his team.
  4. MNF: Lions at Packers

    O this is a thing... I'll back out
  5. MNF: Lions at Packers

    Because he kicked one a yard shorter than Prater?
  6. Trade Deadline Rumors

    I'd guess that a 3rd is the bottom line on "an offer they can't refuse". I don't see it either.
  7. Maybe he's playing poorly because he's got a torn shoulder, and maybe since being benched he's been exploring his options. I'm incredibly confused. Are people actually claiming that he's refusing to play to increase his stock? That he's currently healthy and wants to undergo surgery that will end his season, and that will make teams want him more than if he plays well this season? That seems counter-intuitive.
  8. Do you guys have a game Sunday...?

    Seems promising to me so far. He's a good Harbaugh smack away from going down the wrong path, though.
  9. Do you guys have a game Sunday...?

    Probably an above average team, but this year we're in the toughest division in football. I think the coaching and play has developed nicely, but we've got a bad offensive line and don't get at the QB. We don't get sacks (scheme I think) and we see consistent pressure on Stafford. Last weeks game really took it out of everyone too. Badly. On the plus side, Golladay looks like he's developing into a mighty fine receiver. Mighty fine.
  10. Do you guys have a game Sunday...?

    Vikings will run the ball well, Lions won't be able to move the ball much. As with every week i worry Stafford might die.
  11. Trade Deadline Rumors

    I thought Osemele is currently trying to get season ending surgery and the Jets won't let him?
  12. GOTW | Week 8 | #16 Michigan @ #7 Penn State

    6 minutes? 3 timeouts? Defense playing well? Why not?
  13. GOTW | Week 8 | #16 Michigan @ #7 Penn State

    Down 7 with 6 mins to go, why wouldn't you kick that FG? Not gonna argue with results but
  14. Trade Deadline Rumors

    I think you may have misunderstood his point?
  15. Is the NFL rigged?

    That's exactly it. Exactly. Simms broke down exactly what happened perfectly.