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  1. We want a higher draft pick because we're bad. We're bad because we have a bad coach. The coach isn't trying to lose games. I don't follow your logic here. Just because I want us to have a better draft pick does not mean the coach should be actively losing games or should be forgiven for his ineptitude.
  2. Just checked the box again quickly. Cousins has 3tds, Cook is over 200 yards and 2tds on 21 carries. We did get that sack though! Sweet. Alright I'm back outta here. Fields is legit.
  3. I just checked in for the hell of it. No sacks, no tackles for a loss, 1 QB hit. Okay I'm outta here!
  4. I didn't say that. I said the league average was 85%. He is well below average.
  5. There is a gigantic logical fallacy here. You're supposed to hold leads. We'd have to put that statistic into context with other coaches likelyhood of blowing 4th quarter leads. We're also counting every single win as holding a lead, which while technically true is sort of silly. https://lionswire.usatoday.com/2020/01/27/lions-the-only-nfl-team-to-post-a-losing-record-when-leading-after-3-quarters/ Last year teams averaged an 85% win chance when leading in the 4th quarter. That should pretty clearly show that a 50% success rate would be flat out miserable.
  6. I'll make that deal 7 days a week.
  7. Dallas is in a division with Washington, NY and Philly. They're gonna make the playoffs.
  8. I don't understand all the hate for Bell... This is pretty clearly all Adam Gase. Dude is a terrible coach and human. Bell got a fat sack of cash without having to actually sacrifice his body, and he isn't even doggin in NY. His coach just sucks so much that he refuses to use any of his own playmakers. That's not on Bell. Then again, I feel like I was defending AB until the moment he set foot in Oakland and actually saw what he was about... so...
  9. Saints are on waivers until monday. You should be able to pick them up before the game unless someone blows a waiver spot on them. Seahawks got dropped today so they're on waivers through the week instead of FA. I actually think the Saints are the only potential option you've got! 🤔
  10. He "retired" because he was being misused in Detroit. I always kind of expected that he'd be back. His play fell off badly, but I think it was a situation in which he just hated being in Detroit and playing for the Lions. I bet he's got gas left.
  11. nagahide13


    I wouldn't mind that and/or adding a bench spot or two.
  12. Did the officials really just botch a FG call?
  13. I had literally never heard of him until your post hahaha
  14. nagahide13


    Good match @crab1106! What a squeaker. Pretty sure I just won by .003 OBP and/or 1 run. I think Crab would have taken any potential tiebreakers. Almost blew it with my poor SP decisions, but it looks like my early power surge held on. I got lucky with a few guys and managed not to make too many bad decisions. Most of my guys made it through the year unscathed, (Trout, Harper, deGrom all great) I'd like to donate this championship to the Detroit Lions.
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