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  1. Goff has all the talent in the world but you can really see that there could be something missing. Maybe we can get him on Adderall. 😉
  2. I can pretty easily say that I lost to a better team. Good luck in the finals @Herbie_Hancock!
  3. Okudah has been so abysmal that this is legitimately not a blow to our secondary whatsoever. I do not know what happened to him, but he is awful. It is not a "lionized" issue. Dude is just straight up broken mentally and now physically as well.
  4. He did. A couple of mistakes but he wasn't overmatched. Very promising. Bosa mentioned that Sewell looked better and more comfortable on the left and I'm inclined to agree. I think Decker is out for a minute so Sewell should get a good shot at it.
  5. So Okudah is just terrible and now he has a torn achilles. Good stuff. Really stoked about that drafting there Bobbo.
  6. 8.4 N'Keal Harry, 8.5 Elijah Mitchell @JaguarCrazy2832
  7. 12 keepers. Throwback could theoretically vary if you have people on IR or don't have a full roster etc.
  8. I'm late on a lot of these runs but I'm still plenty happy with the guys I'm getting.
  9. 6.5 Austin Hooper TE, Browns @JaguarCrazy2832
  10. 5.5 Marvin Jones Jr. @JaguarCrazy2832
  11. I was gonna say Corpus Christi but a quick google search told me that Dallas is much worse.
  12. Yeah, but only up north. Never on the gulf or anything. Southern California for a while mostly though... I've been in 114 in LA and 116 in Portland. Nothing compared to 90 degrees in Chicago. Holy criminy. I can't imagine what a higher heat index would feel like. I'm sure Dallas is just stupid at times.
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