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  1. What Universally Loved Games Do You Hate?

    Witcher. Pokemon. Final Fantasy or pretty much any jrpg.
  2. Lions Forum Fantasy Baseball Discussion Thread #31

    The movement on Thor's change-up is absolutely ungodly. Looks like he's almost back to form. Good to see! https://nesn.com/2018/04/noah-syndergaard-defies-laws-of-physics-with-these-insane-pitches-vs-brewers/
  3. Lions Pick at 20

    He went to the Cowboys at #19 fwiw
  4. Lions Pick at 20

    1st choice Marcus Davenport, 2nd choice Rashaan Evans. We have a ton of needs. Included among them are DE and OLB. Davenport at 20 would be a steal. I'd lock him up in a heartbeat, no question. He's a beast. Rashaan Evans seems to be more of a MLB, but he's also an incredible talent and has the potential to play anywhere. He's also incredibly versatile, which would fit with any kind of hybrid scheme Patricia is hoping to run. My third choice would have probably been Taven Bryan, but that's based entirely on hype and positional need. I don't know anything about him whatsoever. Seems like the kind of guy that's got a good chance of sliding into the mid 2nd round, but hype is hype and I'm pretty susceptible. I'd be fine if we ended up with Mike McGlinchey, Derrius Guice, Billy Price, or Josh Jackson in this scenario too... but I'd absolutely run up to the podium to take Davenport.
  5. Lions Forum Fantasy Baseball Discussion Thread #31

    You too! Good luck moving forward too, eh?
  6. Lions Forum Fantasy Baseball Discussion Thread #31

    Not an option.
  7. Lions Forum Fantasy Baseball Discussion Thread #31

    Early prediction; DHLF's winnin' it all this year.
  8. Double dip.

    I wouldn't mind double dipping at DE, DT, OT, or OLB. Some of those positions are pretty versatile anyway.
  9. Far Cry 5

    Okay, I thoroughly enjoyed the ending. Lot's of people are going to hate it, but that felt solid to me. My only real game-breaking complaint is how badly they break things up with those forced missions. Jacob Seed's were the worst. All in all, I think the rest of it pulled together really well.
  10. Far Cry 5

    I bought the sniper + silencer first thing. Much better than the bow IMO.
  11. Should the Vikings have kept Case?

    Some fans just don't deserve good QBs. You hear that Matt Stafford? I still think you're great.
  12. Random Game Talk

    AI is incredibly bad which makes direct combat super easy... however the artificial difficulty is infuriating. The forced cut-scenes etc completely take me out of the game. I'm really not sure how I feel about this game right now. It's half great and half abysmal. I love the actual game-play and setting, but I hate the pacing, story and characters. I simultaneously want to move to Montana and never play a video game again.
  13. Random Game Talk

    Physics in farcry 5 are making me absolutely lose my mind.
  14. OBJ holding out for new contract

    Why? He's a phenomenal talent who's conduct is detrimental to his team. He wins games with his play, but can potential lose them with his antics. He allows opposing players to get under his skin, seriously affecting his play. He gets in fights with inanimate objects and loses. He goes on boat parties and Miami night club excursions right before playoff games. He's not Michael Irvin; he can't handle that noise. He's come close to saying the right thing a few times, but he hasn't even begun to show any kind of progress in terms of maturity. He's a silly man with a silly haircut. All of that, and he's still the most talented receiver in the league. He absolutely deserves all of the hate and all of the respect he gets. Both. The Giants will pay him. He's good enough to deserve it... They'll just have to put some strict language in the contract.
  15. Dolphins expected to cut Suh

    Yeah, I don't think he mailed it in at all. I think he wasn't utilized properly then got upset and stopped following coaching. He always just seemed to be spinning his wheels in Miami. Suh is a egotistical big-headed jerk, but I'd never question his effort. At this point, he's just going to get paid too much for what he's worth. Basically seems like he's going to get paid off of his performance in Detroit rather than in Miami.