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  1. He has been injured and was nearing a return to action. I believe this suspension is due to it turning out to be true that he lied about being vaccinated via the use of a fake vaccine card.
  2. Since we're trying to rewrite history I'll take this an opportunity to get it on the record again and repeat what I said back in summer. Rodgers is going to sign an extension after the season and Jordan Love is going to be traded. I bet there are more than zero people who can see this happening this time around.
  3. Ah see but you're a bit off on a few key details... 1) My post listed who they had interest in with Matt Campbell preliminarily at the top of the list based on outside exploratory observation and BEFORE interviews. At that stage in time I predicted he would be the Packers next head coach. 2) Matt Campbell took himself out of the running by inking a new deal with a big raise at Iowa State before the Packers could interview him - AND perhaps more importantly.... 3) I listed 3 names highest on their list of interest including one that NO ONE was mentioning... Matt Campbe
  4. In a vacuum I agree with this mindset. From a broader perspective though, you just don't trade one of the STILL top QBs in the league whilst in a championship window.
  5. Still get a chuckle when I see or hear people thinking Rodgers will be anywhere but in Green Bay next year.
  6. NEW POLL: Should incognito man continue to hijack this forum with the same posts about Aaron Rodgers or should people start to ignore him?
  7. Fields has trouble progressing beyond the first read and holds on to the ball too long. This is not the week to run vanilla schemes on defense. Throw a bunch of different looks at him and win going away.
  8. If it happened and it's worth seeing again, there's a good chance this account will have it...
  9. Thanks goodness Campbell was able to return last night after getting dinged. Ty Summers was horrific in his place. Gonna need a better backup asap.
  10. Dillon very well might be one of those guys who needs volume to lather up and also benefit from a defense that gets sick of trying to bring him down. Might not set the world on fire when spelling Jones occasionally. But he'll be quite useful when Jones is down for a full game.
  11. It was reported that Fields held the ball too long and that is why Dalton was locked in as the starter going into the season. It was also backed up statistically in the preseason as Fields took longer than any other QB from snap to throw. But the media ignored those reports entirely because of their predetermined narratives. Yes the Bears oline is a problem but it's exacerbated to the Nth degree by Fields slow trigger. The only glimpses he showed coming into today were quick 1 read plays and designed runs. Sure, he could learn to read defenses in a way that he wasn't called on to do at Ohio St
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