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  1. Aaron Rodgers SUCKED Against the Cardinals (Gif Edition)

    Agree 100% on it being a problem. It should never have come to this. The problem is management was slow to act on too many occasions.
  2. Aaron Rodgers SUCKED Against the Cardinals (Gif Edition)

    And yet players who would be healthy enough to play if the playoffs were a realistic possibility, are now not playing. Players who would be out there today if it were a playoff game are sitting for the greater good for the team's future. These players are investments. Teams sacrifice losses now for wins later. Rodgers doing the same once this season was lost is not something we should have a problem with. The team does it.
  3. Aaron Rodgers SUCKED Against the Cardinals (Gif Edition)

    And right on cue, now that change is afoot, Rodgers immediately looks like Aaron Rogers once again. We all knew this was coming, yet it's a conspiracy theory? It's just real life. We all have motivations. We all do things that might not be taken too well by others if we believe what we are doing is for the greater good.
  4. Aaron Rodgers SUCKED Against the Cardinals (Gif Edition)

    You still haven't answered the question about rooting for losses. You're a Packer fan openly rooting for loss today. I don't question that you want what's best for the team. Why can't Rodgers feel the same way? Why can't he conclude like you did that losing now will give the team its best shot to reach the top of the mountain while he's still there? And given he's the person on the planet who has the biggest impact on the field, what good does playing his best accomplish if he knows it still won't be good enough to win now? Furthermore he realizes that 8-7-1 or 9-6-1 might not result in the change that's necessary. He's been on that treadmill for years now while playing up to his capabilities. If I were him and I concluded that this treadmill of me playing like an MVP but the team coming up shorter and shorter every year was all for nothing, I'd be willing to hold back some if I knew it would lead to the needed changes. It's like Winston Moss came out and said, the whole organization was complacent because of Rodgers covering their mistakes. It was time for Rodgers to make some mistakes to end the complacency.
  5. Aaron Rodgers SUCKED Against the Cardinals (Gif Edition)

    I'm in 100% agreement on fundamentals and mechanics lapsing and have stated as such here. As for throwing games, those are your words, not mine. I said missing reads and throws on purpose. You can't be blatant. You pick and choose your spots to be less than effective and the chips fall where they may. Even if Crosby makes that FG the damage had been done. Personally I think he made it a little too obvious at times.
  6. Aaron Rodgers SUCKED Against the Cardinals (Gif Edition)

    I never said or implied he went into this season tanking. The comeback against the Bears in week 1 is evidence of that. I think as the season went on he finally realized it wasn't going to happen with MM as coach. Call it intentional or merely being less driven out of hopelessness, Rodgers was not himself out there as the losses mounted and I don't believe its due to injury.
  7. Aaron Rodgers SUCKED Against the Cardinals (Gif Edition)

    You're the best person to ask - do you think all those plays you reviewed mean Rodgers has lost it? Do you think his skills have diminished so greatly? Personally I think he's still got it and he simply wasn't giving his all. And for someone as competitive as Rodgers, not giving it your all is only justifiable if for a higher purpose.
  8. Aaron Rodgers SUCKED Against the Cardinals (Gif Edition)

    But yet here we all are today comfortable with (if not rooting for) losses to improve the team's draft slot. I don't think any of us stopped being Packers fans. We all just want what's best for the future. Does Aaron Rodgers not share that same hope? Is it all that far-fetched to think he might have concluded their best chance to win a Super Bowl while he is under said contract is take some steps backward in 2018?
  9. Aaron Rodgers SUCKED Against the Cardinals (Gif Edition)

    To me, the quantity and the type of misses reached an entirely new level as this season wore on. And the losses mounted, his level of egregious error-making went well beyond his natural capabilities. Sure the injury to the knee could explain a few missed throws but not this quantity and not some of the easy throws even I could make. He was successfully making most of these throws early in the season when the knee was no doubt worse. I simply can't buy that he regressed to an average NFL QB overnight. And I think his superior skills will once again present themselves soon enough to prove that out. Then the only question people will have is - why did he turn into Alex Smith for about 8 weeks during the 2018 season? If most choose to blame his knee, I'm cool with that. I actually hope that's what people chalk it up to.
  10. Aaron Rodgers SUCKED Against the Cardinals (Gif Edition)

    If after years of being worn down giving it his all, he realizes that the path to winning again is not winning now, he can justify missing a few throws. The ends justify the means. I know not everyone agrees with such, but ultra-competitive people use that logic all the time.
  11. Aaron Rodgers SUCKED Against the Cardinals (Gif Edition)

    I'm going to go ahead and say what it seems like very few (if any) are willing to say... Aaron Rodgers missed throws and ignored open reads on purpose as a means to force the team to act. And furthermore, I have no problem with it. The organization acted way too slow in dismissing Ted Thompson and it couldn't afford a repeat with Mike McCarthy. If anything the drastic measures taken by Rodgers indicate they waited too long on McCarthy as well.
  12. Revisiting the Khalil Mack Trade

    And this article mentions how even if the Packers offered both of their 2019 firsts, it still probably doesn't get done because the Packers and Saints were expected to be good teams not picking near the top... https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/who-tried-to-trade-for-khalil-mack-half-the-league-called-but-three-teams-were-close/ Schefter wasn't saying the Packers didn't try. What it sounds like Schefter was saying is that the Packers weren't one of the finalists. And that's because of the perception that their picks wouldn't be very high.
  13. Revisiting the Khalil Mack Trade

    This article, including a quote from an NFL source, gives some details on the Packers offer... https://madison.com/wsj/sports/football/professional/packers-offer-not-enough-to-land-linebacker-khalil-mack-who/article_33e5e022-4d55-58c2-807d-be594d1e934d.html Raiders GM Reggie McKenzie said "half the league" made inquiries but he came right out and said that Raiders narrowed things down to the teams they thought would have high picks n the 2019 draft. It's not that the Packers weren't trying. As I said on the previous page, the Raiders determined the Bears to be the lesser team, thus more likely to produce a high pick. The Packers would have had to far exceed what the Bears traded. As it turns out the Packers offer wasn't equal to Chicago's even if guessing draft pick position hadn't been factored. If Green Bay puts up the exact same offer as the Bears, Chicago's still would've been accepted. Unless there's someone here who thinks the Packers should have given up even more than the Bears did, this topic is pointless.
  14. Revisiting the Khalil Mack Trade

    As this appears to be shifting into a "should have" or "shouldn't have" argument, let's not lose sight of the fact that the Packers did make a strong push to get Mack and very well might have been the runner-up offer. Remember, the reported clincher on the Raiders end was their estimation that the Bears' first rounder would be highest. It's kind of hard to harp on the Packers for that.
  15. Coaches simply must float the idea of taking time off when fired. Throwing that out there publicly is mandatory PR nowadays. You don't say that you can't wait to get right back out there because if every opening goes to someone else, its not a good look that you were passed over. Really all you can do is say you're unsure and you're weighing all options and would coach again if the right opportunity comes along.