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  1. Nelson released by the Steelers. Lucky we didn't trade Dillon for him.
  2. It's not King's ability that I'm worried about, it's his availability. Sign another vet CB still and draft one early as well.
  3. Yep but Joe Barry isn't Vic Fangio. Maybe Joe does a good impression. Tough to top familiarity with a specific person and an apparent desire to go back to playing for them. Fuller signed with Denver just about as quickly as possible. He is apparently convinced that playing for Vic Fangio is the secret potion to making a ton of money in the future.
  4. Except it's not a good point. Kyle Fuller could've gotten more money but he specifically chose to go to Denver to play in Fangio's defense for 1 year to raise his stock and cash in next year. Fuller wasn't coming to GB for the deal he signed with Denver.
  5. I get that and it's a worthwhile point. The Packers have plenty of opportunity to fill that CB opening without giving up Dillon is the only thing I'd add. But you're right - inquiring about the availability of Dillon and offering a CB is nowhere near as bad as the dopes acting like Dillon is a wasted pick because Jones signed a very team friendly deal.
  6. Why are people having so much trouble grasping the concept that (smart) teams specifically plan on having 2 RBs getting regular carries? This guy thinks Dillon is a trade candidate. Others think he's a wasted draft pick. Just because you pay one it doesn't mean that the other RBs on the roster are wasted or expendable. Giving one RB 300-350 carries is a good way to make sure you'll need a different one in short order. The safest, most sustainable route is a two-headed monster at RB. One of the reasons the Packers spent on Jones is the presence of Dillon, not because they're looking to move on
  7. In the news... SPOTTED: Packers fan spells out his fears about whether Love can eventually replace Rodgers to a Bears fan
  8. Still waiting on the full details but it sounds like Jones' 2021 cap number could be a low as about $4.25M (3.25 signing bonus and minimum base around one million). Even if there's other guaranteed money in there, it should strike much lower than the 2021 franchise number ($8.65M) which many were in favor of. If the 2021 cap number for Jones is anywhere near half that, or even 75% of that figure, doesn't it make this an even better outcome than keeping him on the tag? Seems like a clear yes to me.
  9. Jonnu Smith, a fargin' TE, just got 4 years, $50 million with $31.25 fully guaranteed. Still think Jones "might" been able to squeeze out more guaranteed money out of someone? Jones left a ton on the table to make it work with the Pack.
  10. But he's not saying that. He's actually gone out on a limb and said the opposite. And I say "going out on a limb" because once the GM says something publicly, then the fanbase expects it. His knowing that when he said it, tells me Gute is planning to spend. He's said he's willing to do some things they typically avoid. And so far by his actions, it sure looks like he means it. So yeah, narratives.
  11. The only thing stopping them is how much they want to borrow against future cap. Something they should be doing aggressively right now anyway. Jones deal doesn't prevent them from doing anything. They're a Dean Lowry release away from canceling out the 2021 cap hit from Jones' signing bonus. That's before even mentioning that if Jones walks, they would have had to replace him with something. But narratives. This deal is highly team favorable thanks to Jones desire to stay.
  12. Look at that, the details just keep getting better. But some here have a narrative they need to stick with because they've been repeating it for months now. There was a number that made sense to keep a guy who might not easily be replaced. And it sure sounds like Jones accommodated that number. They can still do just about anything they really want to on defense. And yes, there is a significant difference in what Williams brings versus Jones. You don't see Williams popping off game changing 40+ yard runs. But narratives.
  13. Short of absurd as yet announced guarantees in Jones' deal, this doesn't stop them from doing anything they really want to to address the defense.
  14. If the structure is favorable, and it sure sounds like it is, then this is a no brainer. It was never going to be all Dillon next year. It was always going to be Dillon and a complement. And what if that new complement didn't pan out. Those big plays and receiving skills of Jones weren't a given to be replaced. Well, that worry is gone now. Dillon/Jones is a helluva dynamic combo.
  15. Might? You must have been sleeping through every year of free agency ever. There's always silly money out there and in spite of the cap drop, there are still plenty of teams with more cap space than they know what to do with. Beyond that, there are the teams restructuring deals to open space now from anticipated future cap space. The top players get paid, it's the middle guys that get squeezed. Jones was by far the top RB on the market. Well he almost was.
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