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  1. We all know how this ends. It ends in a playoff loss where the defense gets absolutely shredded. The only questions are which round it comes and whether it's enough to make the team pull the trigger on Pettine.
  2. I could've sworn that JK Scott's wife is pregnant and was close to going into labor. Nevermind, guess that was the near miss two years ago.
  3. Looked pretty spry catching that 50 yard TD against the Pats just now.
  4. Good players are being dealt for conditional late round picks and the Packers are supposed to give up a 3rd for a tease? Tell Houston to pound sand and look elsewhere. Will Fuller isn't the only WR on the market who could fill the void.
  5. This just seems so obvious to me. We'll know in a few hours.
  6. Gray for the remainder of this season and Raheem Morris next year if Gray doesn't stick. Assuming of course that Morris doesn't shed the interim HC label and keep the job in Atlanta for 2021.
  7. I can only subject myself to that kind of horror once a day.
  8. To put it all together, despite playing more dime defense than any other team in the NFL, and the massive handicap it creates in an effort to control the running game, all those extra snaps played by DBs have led to these results on pass defense... Opposing QB rating: 109.8 (29th) Opposing QB Completion Percentage: 71.5% (30th) INT: 2 (31st) Yards Per Completion: 8.0 (27th) So despite setting themselves up to play the run with one arm tied behind their back, they're still terrible at defending the pass. COMPLETELY BROKEN
  9. Oh and fun fact, the Packers defense against the pass isn't as bulletproof as you'd expect it to be with 6 DBs constantly on the field... The Packers defense is allowing a 109.8 opponent passing rating. That ranks 29th, ahead of only ATL, MIN, and HOU. Maybe they should start throwing 7 DBs out there to clean that up.
  10. I could be waaaay off and someone here will no doubt let me know if I am, buuuut.... Is is not very predictable that the Packers have a tackling problem given they lead the league by a wide margin in snaps played in dime defense? It stands to reason that trotting out 6 DBs and playing smaller than anyone else in the league will always increase your likelihood of being a poor tackling team. Something tells me that the number of missed tackles will go down when the Packers bring their number of dime snaps into a more reasonable range with the rest of the league. I could be wrong.
  11. I have to believe Breshad Perriman could be had for a conditional 7th round pick. Size, speed, deep play threat that would take the place of MVS in the lineup. Jets signed him to a 1-year deal to replace Robby Anderson within hours after Anderson signed with Carolina. Perriman finished strong with the Bucs last year filling the Mike Evans role after Evans went down. In his final 5 games last year with the increased role, Perriman caught 25 passes for 506 yards and 5 TDs. He's out this week with a concussion, but assuming he's healthy otherwise, it's a pretty low risk, low cost acquisition that would certainly be better than doing nothing.
  12. He wasn't directing that at you, he was laughing at the thought of this...
  13. It could be worse. Mike McCarthy could still be the Packers head coach. :ducks:
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