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  1. 2018 NFL Draft Thread - READ!!!

    You must have some type of complex. One random fan doesn't like any of your picks after the 1st round and I literally said it's just an opinion....and you can't let it go. The ironic thing is last year it was the opposite. I hated the first one (said they should've traded down for Deshaun Watson) but loved every pick after that. It's literally one man's opinion, move on with your life dude.
  2. 2018 NFL Draft Thread - READ!!!

    This is not true. I said the Bears were winners on day 1, but didn't like their picks for day 2 and that the last few years they have been trading away future picks too often.
  3. Winner & Losers from Day Two

    Fine with me. I'm glad the Bears don't know how to draft. They could be sitting there with Deshaun Watson, Keanu Neal, Vic Beasley....etc and still have all of their picks they traded away the last few years. Good day to you too.
  4. Winner & Losers from Day Two

    So they made a few mistakes. First matching the offer to Fuller and giving Burton that contract. Second, drafting for need instead of BPA. Third, mortgaging future picks. They just traded away more future picks. Eventually, that catches up to you. Again, just my opinion. Not stating anything as fact.
  5. Winner & Losers from Day Two

    When I grade it is based on what my opinion, not pundits. I watched a lot of both. Bears have spent the last two years giving away too many picks. If Tribusky and Miller work out then it’s worth it, if not they’re setting themselves back even more. I thought if they wanted a wideout they should’ve went Sutton over Daniels. They also passed on Landry, Gesicki, and Josh Jackson who I think will be better than Daniels. When they traded up I thought maybe Washington or DJ Chark at wideout or DB Oliver/Donte Jackson. I thought they did a great job in the first round, after that not so much. You feel differently and could be right. We will find out in a year or two. I think Roquan Smith, Josh Jackson, and James Washington would’ve been the better picks. However, either way I would not have traded a future second. If they go 3-13 or 4-12 (could easily happen in that division) that’s almost a 1st round pick they gave up along with other picks for a wide receiver I just don’t think is any good on the NFL level.
  6. Winner & Losers from Day Two

    Not a fan of Miller or Daniels. They wasted a high second then traded away a future second for a wide receiver who isn’t even as good as St. Brown and he is still on the board. Just my opinion though, wouldn’t argue with someone who felt otherwise.
  7. Winner & Losers from Day Two

    Winners: Bengals, Titans, Packers Losers: Colts, Bears
  8. Winners & Losers from Day One

    Winners: Ravens, GB, Chargers, and Broncos Losers: New Orleans, Cleveland, Raiders, and Bills
  9. My one and only mock draft

    Well, looks like we got the first two picks between the two of us. Good job Packers in getting two corners who will offset each other. One is fast and a little smaller, the other is tall and a little slower. Most importantly both not only know how to attack the ball but both know what to do with the ball.
  10. Surprises and Shockers from Round #1

    I agree with all of your shockers. I heard the Saints and Packers were working on a deal if Denzel Ward, McGlinchey, and Fitzpatrick were gone but I assumed they would get at least the Saints 1st/3rd and future 1st. So when the trade occurred I was kind of disappointed. Then I found out we traded our 3rd to move up 9 spots and was amazed. Basically, the Packers traded down 4 spots.....took the guy they wanted at 14 (after Denzel Ward, McGlinchey, and Fitzpatrick) and flipped a 3rd/7th for a 5th/6th/future first. Not sure who the Saints thought were so high on Davenport, but my gut feeling is they could have made the same move with Seattle that GB took and kept their future 1st.
  11. Draft Rumors

    Packers might do this for 1st/2nd this year and 1st next year.
  12. Final mock 24 hours out: 3 rounds with trades

    Agreed! I don't mind taking Minkah over Ward as much. However, there are some decent pass rushers available in the second round, if I don't go that route I go TE.
  13. Mayock's Mock Draft

    That would be about as bad as it gets for Green Bay. Even if they wanted Alexander, with Rosen/Jackson sitting there I'm confident they can trade down and still land him, or a better player than him.
  14. My one and only mock draft

    Maybe, but King and Jackson on the outside with Ward in the slot would make their secondary a strength. I don’t trust Tramon or House at this point. Either way I think they end up getting at least one of them. Ward first and if he’s gone, then Jackson.
  15. My one and only mock draft

    1.) Cleveland- Josh Allen 2.) NY Giants- Saquan Barkley 3.) NY Jets-Baker Mayfield 4.) Trade- Buffalo Bills- Sam Darnold (Bills trade #12 and #22 to Browns for #4 and #114) 5.) Denver Broncos- Bradley Chubb 6.) Indianapolis Colts- Quenton Nelson 7.) Tampa Bay- Derwin James 8.) Trade- Miami Dolphins- Josh Rosen ( Fins trade #11 and #74 for #8) 9.) 49ers- Roquan Smith 10.) Oakland- Minkah Fitzpatrick 11.) Bears- Mike McGlinchey 12.) Browns- Vita Vea 13.) Redskins- Tremaine Edmunds 14.) Green Bay- Denzel Ward 15.) Arizona Cardinals- Lamar Jackson 16.) Baltimore Ravens- Calvin Ridley 17.) LA Chargers- Kolton Miller 18.) Seattle Seahawks- Mike Hughes 19.) Dallas Cowboys- Da'Ron Payne 20.) Detroit Lions- Marcus Davenport 21.) Cincinnati- Harold Landry 22.) Browns- DJ Moore 23.) Pats- Leighton Vander Esch 24.) Carolina – Will Hernandez 25.) Tennessee- Rashaan Evans 26.) Atlanta- Taven Bryan 27.) New Orleans- Dallas Goedert 28.) Trade- Green Bay- Josh Jackson (Green Bay trades #46 and #76 for #28) 29.) Jacksonville- Courtland Sutton 30.) Minnesota- Connor Williams 31.) New England- Mason Rudolph 32.) Philadelphia- Mike Gesicki