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  1. 2019 NFL Draft V3

    From that play I saw a guy get lost in the fake, knew he was fooled badly and should've gotten to the QB since he was untouched....so he kept pursuing because he realized he should've made a play on the QB instead of bitting on the fake, followed the play long enough that after all the bad tackling he was there 20yds down the field. Great effort to keep pursuing but don't need guys who should be making plays behind the line of scrimmage and not 20yds later. What good is burst if there's no control or awareness? There was a second D lineman who jogged his way down the field and assisted on the tackle....that's what defenders are supposed to do until the play is dead.....but the play shouldn't have even been that successful in the first place....dude was untouched and bit hard.
  2. Raiders sign DE/DT Josh Mauro

    A great talent whether inside or out can elevate others play....much like a great pass rush can help a secondary. So all I was really saying is that there is so much attention about who our DE's are/aren't that we just need to get the best D lineman period.....a dominant interior DL can make a an average/solid pass rusher become even more effective. When a QB has to break the pocket, the pressure will force him into a defender, rather than an outside edge rusher having to beat his man on the edge and then hunt the QB down into the pocket who can slip away if there is no push up the middle. Easier to get a guy running backwards & sideways than a guy who can take off straight away. Plus my other point about an interior rush is when a QB can't step into his throws or has to break away to his left or right, not only is his timing off, not many QBs throw well on the run and the field also becomes cut in half. When Justin Houston went off for 20 sacks, they had Dontari Poe....even when Von Miller went ham during their Super Bowl run, they had a very strong interior line. Maurice Hurst is definitely a talent but we don't know his long term medical condition, and PJ Williams looks more like a solid rotational piece than a full time starter. Rams had Donald and Brockers but stil added Suh....I just don't see the edge rushers worth a top 5 pick outside Bosa but it's definitely something we should address with one of our other 2 first round picks.
  3. Raiders sign DE/DT Josh Mauro

    I think people are obsessing with the idea of us needing a great outside pass rusher rather than getting a serviceable veteran or someone solid but is good against the run w/some rush ability....guys with a great first step like a von miller or dwight freeny are an exception but in today's schemes having an interior force that can disrupt the pocket and timing seems to have a greater impact. 7 step drop back QB's are not as common, plus making a QB have to scramble left or right rather than step into a pass eliminates half the field. Guys are getting rid of the ball much faster today and if you make teams go East to West, both running and passing, it reduces the chances of long runs or big plays down the field. I think that's why the Aaron Donalds, JJ Watts and even the Fletcher Coxs are more sought out.....not one elite interior DL is available on the market outside of Suh but he's not what he once was but there are still plenty of outside edge rushers sitting around still. DT used to be something you could grab rounds 4-6 and get away with having big bodies that develop, but now the ones that can not just demand double teams but actually beat them as well are far more valuable today. Give me Q Williams or Gary all day over a Allen, Bosa, Sweat or anyone else in the top 10.
  4. Raiders sign WR J.J. Nelson

  5. Raiders sign WR J.J. Nelson

    So we replaced Jordy with JJ....either way we were going to have a J. Nelson on the squad ....he might as well keep the #82 make the transition seemless
  6. Raiders Release AJ Macarron

    He won't be missed nearly as much as that 5th we gave up for him
  7. Raiders release Jordy Nelson

    Paying 3mil and then letting him go was more about insurance in case we struck out in free agency and not knowing if Pittsburg was really going to deal us Brown for what we were offering. Mayock and Gruden are looking to get younger, add talent with upside or bring in stars....Jordy is no longer any of those 3 things.
  8. Khalil Mack traded to the Bears (Page 19)

    I'm totally in agreeance with you about the fact that when you strike gold you pay what price it costs at the time to keep that from getting away because there is no telling when that will happen again. It basically comes down to how well a team is able to identify talent that compliments their best players and can thrive in the scheme in place to take advantage of the window we have with these players. It's not the players fault getting what they deserve and what the market has set for them, but it's up to the organization to fill out those holes the best way possible to maintain a competitve culture. It's funny becuase franchises like Pittsburg, New England and maybe on a lesser level Green Bay face the same cap situation as every other team but they have a formula and structure that allows them to thrive consistantly while others seem like they are re-writing the playbook each year. I do hope we keep Mack even if the price will hurt adding big names down the line but that's up to the coaching, scouting and player development to surround our best assets with complimentary players that can play at a high level but don't necessarily have to come with a high price tag.
  9. Khalil Mack traded to the Bears (Page 19)

    I agree there are a couple outliers and injuries can skew the results because they are unpredictable but it's still a trend that cannot be ignored or overlooked. But more importantly than the fact that teams have not benefited well after handing out those deals to 1 premiere defensive player, there is very significant correlation that none of those franchises had or was able also able to facilitate a premiere QB at the same time. It's just not feasable to think you can have a 40-50% of your cap tied into 2 premiere players and think you can build a championship, or better yet, a playoff contending team around that. It's a bitter pill to swallow when you have to decide which wagon you want to hitch your franchise to but in this league the components needed to win and be successful are a franchise QB and a solid team defense and not just 1 great defensive player on a below average defense. Sadly on the flip side, the same case can be made about the 100mil franchise QB....there isn't alot of history to show that once they hit their pay day that the teams success does not start to dip. Rodgers, Brees, Wilson, Flacco all got their titles before they all became the higher paid players in the league. Brady takes less then his market value so he is complete outlier. But they are the safer bet to keep you competitive rather than 1 great pass rusher or defender.
  10. Khalil Mack traded to the Bears (Page 19)

    The biggest issue working against Mack is historically defensive players receiving 100mil+ has not worked out well for those franchises after. There's only been a handful of these deals for defensive players & most more recent but it's still not a great track record even with a small sample size. Albert Haynesworth with Washington did not work out at all. Von Miller with Denver is still playing itself out but the team has been no where near championship level since and each year they've had to make personnel sacrifices and bring in cheaper talent to offset. JJ Watt has been hurt each year since his big deal and the team has been solid but not very deep at key positions and are having to rely on a young a QB for their ultimate success. Justin Houston has also dealt with injuries since his deal and the team has been turning its roster over since and now they're also are forced to turn to a young QB in hopes to stay relavent. Suh with Miami did not result in even a playoff appearance and they were at the mercy of relying on guys like Tannehill and Cutler becuase of the money invested in Suh. Marcell Dareus has already been traded from Buffalo to Jacksonville but again the Bills were not great and had to go with an affordable QB to make it work but still found themselves having to move on. The noticeable trend for each of these scenarious is the teams have had to turn to young inexperienced/to little experience QBs with team friendly deals at the time or journeymen QBs. We already have franchise QB signed to a big deal, and as great as Mack has been, a 1 man wrecking crew hasn't resulted in a great defense. I love Mack but does signing him to a massive deal fix all of our defensive woes going forward? This is unfortunately a dilema where the outcome may not be pretty either way it goes. We'll either have to move on from a great player we drafted in order to put the rest of the defense together or keep our home grown product in hopes we can bring in guys that will out perform the deals we can afford. In none of the players mentioned above do you have a 100mil QB tied to a 100mil defensive player to go along. The cap just does not make it possible to fit 2 players like that while still putting a quality team around them.
  11. 2018 Draft Thread v.2 - DONE AND IN THE BOOKS

    Gawd this is startingto get sadly predictable.... another guywe were linked to and reached for.... like who are we worried about taking these guys we are drafting a round early?
  12. 2018 Draft Thread v.2 - DONE AND IN THE BOOKS

    Reggie loves lineman in the 2nd... thinking hubbard
  13. 2018 Draft Thread v.2 - DONE AND IN THE BOOKS

    Why help out Mack....again Reggie does not know how to get value from his trades....I'm a little nauseous right now
  14. 2018 Draft Thread v.2 - DONE AND IN THE BOOKS

    We trade back 16 spots!!! Bye bye all the guys we thought we might be looking at still on the board