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    No. ALWAYS... lol Even Brady was just along for the ride in his first Super Bowl run. You are doing mental gymnastics trying to place some blame on Dak. Hmmm... I wonder if calling him Quincy all year has placed you in a position that you are now dug into, and will never retreat from no matter the facts. I mean, our all-world RB had 50yrds, and our Defense was historically bad, at doing what they are supposed to be great at... but "Quuuiiiinnnccccy..." Also, maybe you should start calling Aaron Rodgers Quincy.

    Funny, I thought he spent a ton of time and put in a ton of work running the Cowboys as a Team and Organization. Like, I thought he was hands on, and despite being a multi-billionaire old-man he chooses to be with his team - even the players. Compared to most owners who, honestly, are usually detached and estranged from the Team as anything other than a collection of commodities making up a larger commodity/Brand. I think of Jerry as "Part" of the Cowboys organization, not just the owner. Now, one could take issue with all of that - the fact he is too hands on, and screws things up, etc . . . but to say he doesn't care about The Cowboys for any reason beyond just making money, is not a claim supported by the facts. Also, why would Jerry not firing HC and/or OC have anything to do with him making more money? That doesn't even make sense. Again, the argument could be he cares, too much, and 'gets in the way' of winning because of it.

    According to Dallascowboys.com Garrett expects Linehan to come back . . . I am not happy about that.
  4. I was just mentioning the failure to run Dak as an example of the staff's failures to play outside their neat little idealistic game-plans... McVay's offensive scheme is the real issue here - or the Defense's ability to figure it out. I felt like that was the number one thing to discuss but no one seem to think that was an issue. I am still uncertain as to whether our defense made it easier for McVay to game-plan for/expose. I guess what I am wondering is whether creating disguises or exotic schemes on defense would throw off the Ram's offense, or do the Rams operate their offense regardless of the type of defense they face? They went with a ton of zero-count snaps - super quick. IMO, they made us sacrifice the middle of the field (runs up the gut) in order to protect the edges from misdirection. This freezing of our defense allowed them to get an initial push and make those tough runs impossible to stop. TBH, I feel that Cover 2 should be used against them... Good tackling CBs should be charged with defending misdirection, freeing up the LBs to stuff the inside and off-tackle runs. There is simply no way the LBs can do both - play the inside runs and cover the misdirection wrs and stuff - all day. That seems to be the underlying strength in their crazy scheme. We use to use more Cover 2, but now we have our CBs playing a bunch of man, and playing the WR not the ball. With that said, Byron is great at playing that way, not good at playing zone... Still, I would have had B. Jones and Awuzie playing tight near the lines and watching the misdirection and the QB's eyes, rather than the man coverage they have been playing.
  5. Again, complete failure to run Dak... And The other Key to this game was McVay's offensive scheme. I wanted to talk about it on here, I asked what everyone thought regarding his scheme and our "what you see is what you get" defense. I was wondering if our scheme would make game planning easier or more difficult for McVay. No one responded... I guess we know now. See yall next year.
  6. Clock running despite Gurley going outta bounds
  7. GB and SLappers--Playoff Style--Seahags at Dallas

    Also, he made a few bad plays/mistakes, not just one, he slipped on one pass... No one is making it out to be that Noah Brown is garbage etc. . . . Just his performance in the specific game was marred with bad. In fact, I was one of the only people that named him as making the team despite is being on the shelf for so long. I knew that he was our best blocking WR, and I realized how valuable that was for our style of play.
  8. GB and SLappers--Playoff Style--Seahags at Dallas

    GB - Zeke, Dak, both Lines, Amari, Jaylon, LVE, Maher. S - Noah Brown, Byron Jones, Jeff Heath.
  9. GDT [Wild Card Round]: Dallas Cowboys vs. Seattle Seahawks

    Sooooo.... Multiple times I was screaming on this GDT, that DAK needed to RUN THE DAMN BALL!!!!! I don't believe a single person acknowledged them, which is fine. But I hope the fans and much more importantly, THE STAFF, realizes now that they need to establish Dak as a running threat in these games. You can't really make a living just running the ball as QB in the NFL, but that is only because teams will adjust to shut it down. If you have a mobile QB, though, you can force teams to account for him. IMO, the Cowboys would have had an even better day if they designed 1-2 runs for Dak in the First Quarter. Maybe, if I said something about Canada, bacon or something, people would have replied to me - you know football related stuff. ROB FORD FOR DALLAS OC!!!!!
  10. GDT [Wild Card Round]: Dallas Cowboys vs. Seattle Seahawks

    We need to run with Dak.
  11. GDT [Wild Card Round]: Dallas Cowboys vs. Seattle Seahawks

    Was that woods in the backfield?
  12. GDT [Wild Card Round]: Dallas Cowboys vs. Seattle Seahawks

    Holding like crazy on the line wth
  13. GDT [Wild Card Round]: Dallas Cowboys vs. Seattle Seahawks

    Ok. So, my final prediction: 24-27 Seahawks It is 21-17 Cowboys with about 3 minutes left in the 4th. Russell leads brilliant TD scoring drive, 21-24. Then, with about 48 seconds left with 1 timeout Dak gets the ball down 3. Somehow, he manages amazingness to get the ball to the 25ish. Maher for the 35 yrd FG to take into OT... and it misses. Meanwhile he hit a 52 yarder earlier in the game... Basically, losing on a should-be FG. The only thing more fitting would be if Romo was calling the game. Lol