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  1. News and Notes: Offseason Edition

    I just realized the Kellen Moore to Rico Gathers connect was a thing lmfao. I think Uncle Rico has one last grand opportunity with Moore having the OC clipboard.
  2. FA 2.0 begins now

    So, I'm wondering what you guys think of these ideas: (1) Trading La'el Collins for Rashad Jones and late round 2020 pick of Miami (w/contractual incentive only). Basically, the Dolphins and Rashad are at an impasse and it could be a great time to make a deal. He is old and paid too much for our liking, BUT it could be that the Dolphins would also benefit from some sort of negotiations regarding his contract. If they just released him, he would likely cost tons of dead money anyway. So, it is possible they could be willing to pay some of his future contract. If we could land him near the $5 mil mark -I would. Reshad Jones is one of the more underrated defensive guys I can think of. He would be a great asset - though be it, a luxury - to our defense and team as a whole. I would think he would upgrade our SS position immediately. And he would be an impact player as soon as he hits the field. I think it would be a "win now" type of move; but who's long-term growth would it hinder this year? Heath and Iloka's... who cares. I would be all about this move - then we can do what we always do and draft another OL next year lol. *We still have Fleming and Looney, WITH Fredbeard returning* OR (2) Signing Eric Berry to an incentive laden contract. We need to at least TRY and see what's up with a safety. I wonder if MJ is gonna be a surprise play there...
  3. Pick 128: Tony Pollard / RB / Memphis

    I love this pick. I feel like he will be Tavon Austin's Shadow (a much bigger one). So, looking at Beasley and even Ryan Switzer, they are 'true' slot technicians - timing and precise route running are key to unlocking their upside. Pollard and Tavon are more explosive, relying on speed and space to make plays. I think the Pollard and Tavon skill set goes with Dak's play style better. (One of the things that made him and Dez a bit incompatible.) Dak is patient and expects clean throwing windows, as he is risk averse. His mobility also plays into the Tavon/Pollard skill set more. Getting skill players going side to side, both in pre-snap and post-snap situations, paired with Dak's ability and threat to run also gives those guys extra value in our offense. Basically, Pollard is Tavon Austin's backup and I don't expect much from him this year other than to learn - unless (or shall I say until) Tavon goes down. This is fine, though, as Tavon will fulfill the role described above. But now we wont have J Lewis filling in when injury strikes. And we can expect to be in a great situation next year when Pollard has a year under his belt and Tavon is gone. TL;DR - He brings speed and explosiveness a la Tavon Austin, and can specialize in Austin's role behind him, learn and ultimately be a key gadget piece and special teams player on our team.
  4. Witten Ends Retirement - Returning in 2019

    I love it. All-time Cowboy/NFL great. Good guy. Reliable. Leadership. Grit. Work Ethic. Football IQ, etc... It is especially great because we don't have a 1st round pick. We need D-Line help early and often. So, having to try and find a late round TE that would be better than Witten would be really difficult. Cowboys really should focus on DL, OL, and FS this year.
  5. Gearing up for next season

    We aren't far-off in terms of Lee's pay, I'm giving it a little more because, I think if needed to play he will be worth that amount, AND he has tremendous value in leadership and in the LB room. I think all the talk about the O-Line is a bit overblown. With the misfortune that occurred last year, Fred-beard and the early season and preseason injury bug, and lingering injuries . . . I think Connor Williams will get some much needed bulk & strength this off-season (something that was known to be needed when we drafted him). Obviously, he will also have his rookie year under his belt - and the kid seems like a worker so... The real question is Joe Looney. He played extremely well in place of Fred-beard. Not well enough to takeover, but I think he deserves a shot at LG. I'm unaware of his abilities there, or whether he has tried it and looked bad, IDK. But, if he is as capable a guard as he was a center than he brings great value to the middle of our line. I think with the expected health of our guys coming in next year, and adding a mid-round guy in the draft that is versatile and can play a couple spots on the o-line, we should be fine. Maybe a guy that can push behind La'el at RT. How does everyone feel about Ha-Ha? I know everyone like the idea of Earl Thomas, but I have pushed him out of my mind as being too injured and old for the money I am sure he will command. So, I like him as a double-look-type sweetheart deal, like way low hometown discount kinda numbers. I think Xavier Woods is getting better and better, and Jeff Heath is, well, serviceable. Basically, I'm ok with our S being average if that means having money other places. While I think we should keep Beasley, if we don't I would be willing to spend good money or high pick on a guy who can fulfill both the Slot role and be a scat-back type. Look at Olamide Zacheous*
  6. Gearing up for next season

    I think Lee and Crawford will be willing to take a pay cut to stay - especially if it is part of a "let's keep this Defensive family together" deal that has many players sacrificing salary. (including D-law . . .) IMO, I would be leveraging the Dallas Brand for sponsorship opportunities, Texas' state tax, and even point to the new strategy of NBA players taking cuts to form super teams. But the fact that neither Lee nor Crawford would get what they are slated to make in Dallas anywhere on the open market makes bringing them back at a fair price a realistic option. Definite Cut: Twill Priority spending: Lvl 1 Immediate Must have: D-Law 5yr 20mil per yr, Zeke 5yr 16mil per. Lvl 2 Must have, but can wait until after draft & FA to sign: Byron Jones initial offer 5yr 13mil per, Dak Prescott initial offer 3yr 20 mil per year all guaranteed (I think they could/should do something creative like this), Amari Cooper initial offer 5yr 15mil per. Lvl 3 Wants: Beasley 3yr 6mil per, Restructure Lee 3yr 2-2.5 mil per, Rod Smith low-ball . . . (more value to Cowboys than anywhere else), I would even try and low-ball and bring back David Irving (while expecting 0 from him) I think the non-specific priorities should be finding a versatile back-up O-lineman, a young scat-back/receiver/returner, a young safety, a DT, and a TE. I think ALL could be had in the draft. In fact, I would hope they make an effort to bring no more than 2 guys in to fill those roles via FA.
  7. Gearing up for next season

    Dak deserves opportunity. He is not the best young QB in the league but he has potential to enter the top 10, and he has intangibles that can push his ranking higher when adjusting for those. Again, he is overwhelmingly and unfairly over-criticized and people seem to have a visceral dislike for him, as a player. Usually, his critics seem to constantly move the goal posts and expect more from him than any other QB in the league.
  8. Gearing up for next season

    Cutting Dez was wrong, and dumb. Getting Amari, luckily, saved the day on that one.
  9. Gearing up for next season

    I think we try and work something out for Crawford to return. Leadership IS important, and maybe it is less so important for d-linemen, but he is very valuable. His familiarity and ability to play multiple roles is very valuable. With that said, he is getting too much money. But there is likely a middle ground that should at least be approached, for it could help both parties.
  10. The Linehan Watch - FINAL DECISION: TERMINATED

    Defending Dak from being OVERLY/UNJUSTLY criticized, or even worse, calling him Quincy, is much different than those claims. By defending Dak, I, and most others, are not saying Dak is Brady, Rodgers, Brees, etc. . . I am not making the claim that Dak is a 5k 40+ TD QB type of guy. Extraordinary claims, such as the "Quincy", type claims require strong evidence to support them. The evidence, though, exonerates him - clearly. Don't try and control the narrative and create a false equivalency. If people put him on Brady level, Brees, Rodgers, than they have the extraordinary burden, but that's not the case.
  11. The Linehan Watch - FINAL DECISION: TERMINATED

    I know... Can you believe the nerve of Dak calling HB dives into the teeth of the defense, over-and-over again?!?!? I mean, its almost like his drastically improved passing stats that jump-out at football gurus during unleashed two-minute drills are always coincidentally lucky, and coincidentally also have him "luckily" orchestrating more 4th quarter comebacks than ANY other QB in the league. I see Dak constantly calling out of a scheme-tight passing call on first down, in order to check into a bland Zeke run up the middle. Also, Dak was really putting his own touch on the O-line the first half of the year, whatever he had those big uglies doing up there was great... until Colombo came and took that job from him... lol Just wondering, are you a big fan of how our offense has been called? Are you a big fan of Linehan? It would be logically consistent if you were/are, but if not, and you think Linehan should have been fired how do you reconcile Dak's success with that? Because even if you think Dak performed averagely this season, but think Linehan is garbage, then logic would dictate Dak will likely be better with an improvement over Linehan - so better than 'average' or whatever you think he is. Also, maybe - and this is just my take on it - pure 'arm-talent' is not the end-all be-all of playing QB in the league... Maybe, some of the intangibles that no one living on planet reality could overlook, are that extreme and are that important (regardless of your mis-evaluation) to being successful at the QB position.
  12. That article, all by itself, has given me faith in Moore. With that said, Sanjay Lal is interesting, too. I like his over-the-top nuanced approach to fundamentals and technicalities. It is fun to think how that could translate into passing-game schemes. Whoever the choice, they need to let it all hang out.
  13. The Linehan Watch - FINAL DECISION: TERMINATED

    No. ALWAYS... lol Even Brady was just along for the ride in his first Super Bowl run. You are doing mental gymnastics trying to place some blame on Dak. Hmmm... I wonder if calling him Quincy all year has placed you in a position that you are now dug into, and will never retreat from no matter the facts. I mean, our all-world RB had 50yrds, and our Defense was historically bad, at doing what they are supposed to be great at... but "Quuuiiiinnnccccy..." Also, maybe you should start calling Aaron Rodgers Quincy.
  14. The Linehan Watch - FINAL DECISION: TERMINATED

    Funny, I thought he spent a ton of time and put in a ton of work running the Cowboys as a Team and Organization. Like, I thought he was hands on, and despite being a multi-billionaire old-man he chooses to be with his team - even the players. Compared to most owners who, honestly, are usually detached and estranged from the Team as anything other than a collection of commodities making up a larger commodity/Brand. I think of Jerry as "Part" of the Cowboys organization, not just the owner. Now, one could take issue with all of that - the fact he is too hands on, and screws things up, etc . . . but to say he doesn't care about The Cowboys for any reason beyond just making money, is not a claim supported by the facts. Also, why would Jerry not firing HC and/or OC have anything to do with him making more money? That doesn't even make sense. Again, the argument could be he cares, too much, and 'gets in the way' of winning because of it.
  15. The Linehan Watch - FINAL DECISION: TERMINATED

    According to Dallascowboys.com Garrett expects Linehan to come back . . . I am not happy about that.