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  1. That's really gonna be a negative on Jerry's imaginary Superbowl Run
  2. What players do we keep

    Was really hoping Smith would have a Jason Peters esque career that just went on forever with top tier play. There's something to be said for drafting a younger guy that will be on the cheap for a few seasons
  3. Was Saquon the right pick for Giants?

    It was ill-timed The RB should be the final piece for your championship window, so you can get his peak 6 years when you are going for Superbowls Giants have already burned 2 and are set to burn at least 2 more before they are potentially relevant. They are going to be looking down the barrel of tying a RB to a big contract and a lot of capspace before there's any real benefit to it
  4. GTFO Movement Confirmed or Dak isn't a 40 Million dollar QB ???
  5. League just needs fewer divisions - 8 is too many
  6. Saquon so much better than Zeke
  7. 2 year, 2 million..... Spend the 38 million we save on Dak on the defense......
  8. I'm thinking I'd take Eli at the league minimum before I'd take Dak at 40 million
  9. Brett Maher has FINALLY been cut

    If Garrett gets fired and the next coach leads us to a Superbowl, Maher needs to be seriously considered for induction into the Ring of Honour - He basically sacrificed his career for the franchise and that dedication should no go unrecognized
  10. The day Garrett is fired will be our Superbowl We may have an online Parade Thread All Good
  11. ^ I wonder if this was posted before Goff's 2 back to back picks....
  12. Were the comments idiotic? Seems Lamar has gone back to the natural sleeves in the 2nd half after a so/so 1st half I wonder why.....
  13. I can't get on board with the "Barring Playoff Run" - Still too risky... Hopefully we get blown out by the Rams and are *somehow* still in 1st in the division Hold out hope Garrett can still get canned in season and they get anyone to be in the interim for the rest of the season/playoffs I would take anybody....... Irvin, Deion, Jerry himself.... Whatever puts us on track for a 100% new coach next year