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  1. Somewhere some salty mod is bitching about bumping old threads. This is an example why bumping old threads is not only relevant, it's great Solid prediction
  2. Best part about the Bucs is that the time is clearly NOW - You can just re-sign everyone, bonus heavy, and dump all those cap hits and cap hell way down the road Fourtnette, Gronk, AB, Barrett, etc Run it back, Then Run it back again
  3. Is Bobby Belt backing up what I am saying when I complain about 3rd and long passes short of the sticks that stall drives? Maybe we should toss it to one of our WR's and let them make a play instead of checking it down and punting? Maybe Dalton will let the ball fly
  4. I have no doubt that Dalton would absolutely ball out with the Cowboys full offense The problem is we are playing a rookie center and both the Right and Left tackles are done for the season along with the starting TE. If he can make quick reads and get the ball out fast to the 3 stud WR's he'll do well
  5. If Dalton throws it past the sticks on 3rd and long it will be a massive upgrade
  6. Nobody throws a more accurate ball on a 5 yard checkdown on 3rd and 8 How wide is the window considered on "Accurrate"? When Amari has to make a amazing 1 handed catch when he's open on a post route, does that count as accurate? When the Receiver is streaking across the formation and has to slow up to catch the pass (then get tackled immediately instead of catching in stride) does that count as accurate? When the ball is behind a guy, but he still manages to get a hand on it in desperation, is that accurate? What are the Metrics for "Accuracy above expected"? If Dak's
  7. He's still gonna get money, someone will pay him But he aint gonna get 40/per year with term and 100 guaranteed like he probably planned on coming out of this season after playing on the tag Jerry would be wise to offer him the same 5/175 and tweak the injury guarantees somewhat in case the ankle is a long term problem and Dak would be wise to sign it Assuming of course Dalton doesn't just ball out and prove than anyone can put up huge numbers with this offense
  8. Agreed with the huge risk part, but I think the "We just drafted Haskins" affected that decision also But If you write off this season and end up with Lawrence it will all be worth it.
  9. Tua says Hi If you end up with Trevor Lawrence it'll all be worth it Throw a bag at Dak if the Cowboys don't tag him coming off an injury. Take your time with him and let him continue to rehab in 2021 and come out guns blazing in 2022
  10. It's also the rub with giving a guy a long term deal as a means to lowering the 1st year cap hit. Spreading that money out not only makes it hard to move off of the player, it makes it untradeable With this season in the dumps, and Lamb/Gallup/Wilson being legit, moving Cooper for a pick and freeing up the capspace for next season would be the most prudent thing to do
  11. 100% I equate it to buying stocks on what's called "Green Days" The market is up so buy when stocks are high That is how people lose money If Washington decided to give Haskins 41 Million today , Does that make Dak worth 45 because Dak>Haskins and Dak would be the ridiculous "next man up"? No, maybe it just means the Skins are stupid Houston has 62 Million in 2 positions, LT and QB Good luck filling out the rest of your roster, regardless of how good Watson and Tunsil are
  12. And if the Cowboys got a Do-Over with Tank and Zeke what do you suppose they would do? The FO learned their lesson not to simply cave and throw money at a player because they have leverage. If they want to forgo salary and sit out and/or bet on themselves, let them Honest Question, in hindsight... Are the Cowboys better off for NOT caving to Dak in the offseason? 4 years 140, or 5 years 185 or whatever Dak's demands were?
  13. I chalk this up to Karma for being a dirtbag and trying to injure Chris Carson
  14. The thing Matts fails to acknowledge is that had this injury been a career ender, Dallas would simply not tag Dak this offseason and the 31 million from this years tag would be the last dime he ever saw playing football But, Had he signed 5 year 165 Million, etc, etc, the cost of walking away (ie: cutting Dak) would be so high, Dak would have been a lot like Alex Smith. On the "roster" "IR" for multiple years while still getting paid, rehabbing on the Cowboys dime, and eventually getting a chance to prove himself again on the field Do you think Alex Smith would have been playing yest
  15. As per the other players, Nobodies tradeable I'd love to move Cooper, too much dead money Tank = Same thing Nobody wants anyone but Martin on our Line, Only guy worth keeping Zeke might get you a 3rd, probably not worth it Jaylon, a 3rd or a 4th, Only untouchables would be Martin, CeeDee, Gallup, I just assume a new QB would benefit from some weapons to throw to Tyron Smith might be done, Lael Collins might not be the same
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