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  1. Self Confessed Dak Jock Rider writes article defending Dak Might as well link an articles posted by Matts as evidence Boom.
  2. What's your point? You once again scoured the internet (or strictly ESPN and NFL Reddit as you say), Found an article that supports your case and posted it on the forum like it proves anything... Congrats?
  3. "I don't Cherry Pick Articles...... I just read ESPN and NFL Reddit...." *Oh, here's one that fits my narrative and feeds my confirmation bias* *Right Click *Select All *Copy *Open FootballFuture.com/forums *Paste "See guys, Everyone's saying it. It's not me, IT'S YOU"
  4. News and Notes: Offseason Edition

    2016 Looks awfully familiar Also, Are we comparing the current Cowboys offensive lineup to that of the Cousins led Redskins?
  5. NERD STATS FOR NERDS All based on subjective actions and what if's Watch the games. Nerd Stats are for losers
  6. In what stat besides yards per game was Rodgers better than Lamar Jackson? What specifically did Rodgers do that warranted "139 Points" whatever that quantifies That alone makes this a garbage chart
  7. News and Notes: Offseason Edition

    Redskins plan was an aberration because of the injury. It was working out for them It would be like Dak holding out and the Cowboys going 6-2 with Dalton, then Dalton breaks his leg on a freak play and people say, See, you should have stuck with Dak
  8. Wait, but Matts tells us that Dak is balls out in the 2nd and 3rd Quarters? He's got fancy stats and graphs to back it up......
  9. Great Watch the Eagles game, The Bears Game, The Bills game and the Saints and Patriots game and tell us how great Dak was
  10. He won't boil a 4 year career into a 4 game sample size, unless of course it's something that benefits his Dak Love Then, Boil Away!
  11. Matts "Cherry Pick" 4313 calling people out for cherry picking is the richest thing on these 122 pages
  12. Who Is Worth 40M a Year Today?

    Who is Not Dak Prescott, Alex
  13. Matts doesn't like when people Cherry Pick Anti-Dak stats like he Cherry Picks his Dak-Love stats These do certainly fit the narrative that Dak beats up on bad teams though
  14. Dak is 40-24 as a starter in his career 13-3 against the Redskins and Giants combined 27-21 against everyone else
  15. I think you should watch a game and ACTUALLY watch it Because things like controlling the clock, sustaining drives and keeping your defense OFF the field so they can get rest is actually a thing. Limiting the other teams amount of offensive possessions by shortening the game also does a lot for keeping points allowed to a minimum. Ask yourself this - What's better for YOUR teams defense, assuming both drives result in TD's 14 play 80 yard drive that eats up 8 minutes or 4 play 80 yard drive that eats up 2 minutes Lets remove TD's from the equation 4 play 28 yards then a punt that contained 1 20 yard completion for a 1st down and then 2 completions for 8 total yards then an incompletion - Total time off clock 2 minutes 8 play 28 yards then a punt that contained 2 1sts downs on 4 rushes and 4 passes that took 4:30 off the clock Both Offenses put up the exact same bulk stat line, but one Offense SIGNIFICANTLY effected their teams defense. They will face LESS total drives against and they have had MORE rest between drives. Of course, you take the yards and the TD's anyway you can get them. But the ability to SUSTAIN DRIVES MATTERS