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  1. People constantly forget/ignore the timeline on Dak's potential contract Yes, we could have signed Dak, probably pretty easily for 28 Million (Jimmy G money) after his second year. (BEFORE Wentz/Goff got their deals) Was anyone truly sold AFTER year 2 for what would have been in the top 3 richest QB contracts after a 9-7 season 3300 yards 22TD 13 INTS (and keep in mind Dak was absolutely a game manager in his rookie season) Now after Dak's 3rd season (10-6) 3800 yards 22 TDs 8 INTS the rumour was Dak wanted 32 ie: Wentz Money (And if you listen to Skip Bayless, there was basically a done deal until Dak started last season 3-0 and the price went up to 35 Million. Dak played out the year and put up some monster stats, but finished the season 5-8 and missed the playoffs. This past offseason Dak wanted it HIS way (ie: 4 years) or some kind of massive salary in year 5. This with the Cowboys knowing they had Dak on basically a 2 year 69 million dollar contract if they just exercised the 2 franchise tags Easy to say "Man, we totally screwed this up by not giving Dak 28 Million 2 1/2 years ago with the benefit of hindsight
  2. The way I look at it, If you could go into a game knowing exactly how many points you needed to score to win, would that be an advantage? At kickoff if you knew you had 60 minutes to score 40 points, would you potentially call the game differently than if you knew you had 60 minutes and all you needed was 13 points to win? Of course it would be an advantage, you could taylor your offensive game to take more or less risks knowing what you needed to produce. Now, in reality, you shouldn't, you should always play to score the maximum amount of points regardless, but knowing you needed 40 would probably lead you to being more aggressive than if you only needed 13, you'd likely be way more conservative and play it safe Down 15, you need 2 TD's an XP and a 2 point convert to tie. You miss the 2 point convert and now you need an onside kick recovery and a FG, regardless of which order. Given we missed the 2 point, from an analytical standpoint take that out of the equation and assume that down 15 we were going to need 2 TDs 1 XP and a FG to win How you play that final 5 minutes is going to be vastly different if you know you need another TD and an XP vs needing a TD an XP and a FG, So it's better to get your answer on the 2 point convert out of the way as soon as possible Here's a question Assume you score a TD with 0:00 time on the clock and need an XP to tie the game and go to Overtime, but a 2 point conversion has a 55% success rate, Do you go for the win or do you kick the XP and play for overtime?
  3. 15-20 130 yards and a Fumble with your team down 29-10 at the half is truly spectacular? Full credit for last quarter and a half putting up 23 points and stealing a win, but OK....
  4. Cam Newton 400 yards passing with Edelman, Harry, Whoever else and 47 yards rushing and 2 TD's against Seattle. 2 yards away from a win but ran outta time Making about 1 Million in salary
  5. I think my question was more retorical Like, HOW is a guy like AD not covered by your best defender and not spy'd by another?
  6. How did Davis get so open? All you need to do is stay within a couple of feet of a guy on an inbound so you can contest the shot
  7. On the contrary I'm not a stat hound. I watched a good portion of that game as well Bucs controlled almost the entire game, Brady did exactly what was needed to maintain the lead, control the field position and keep Carolina out of it. From a stat/score standpoint, Brady had 2 sure fire TD's dropped, 1 by McCoy in the endzone and 1 that some guy I never heard of just had to catch and walk into the endzone, If's and Buts, Candy and Nuts It was a game that Tampa should have won and the result was never in doubt
  8. Did the fact that they won make his first 2 1/2 quarters better in hindsight? Was Dak playing Rope-A-Dope getting the Falcons right where he wanted them and then played his strategy out to perfection in the second half, right up to and including the onside kick and I just missed it? Do we have the best coaches in the league?, making on the fly adjustments turning a 29-10 deficient in to a win? The same Kellen Moore everyone hated through 40 minutes all of a sudden called an offense good for nearly 600 yards and 40 points? Or is it more likely the Falcons got complacent, laid off and in the end got burned? The Falcons clearly were not rushing Dak as much in the second half as they were in the first half. He didn't see nearly as much pressure I give him credit for continuing to play, albeit he was finally making the kinds of throws I've been clamoring for in the 3rd and 4th quarter, chucking it and trusting his WR's to make a play (but that's also my complaint, He only does that when he feels he has nothing to lose)
  9. Probably because he didn't do anything that I didn't expect https://forums.footballsfuture.com/topic/29963-gdt-vs-falcons-0920-100pm-home-opener/page/23/ Way back before the half on page 23 I posted this "It's also a blowout, so there's no pressure right now, so I expect to see about 250 yards passing in the 2nd half" So, true to form. Team gets buried, pressure is off, Defense relaxes, Dak puts up big numbers against a laid back/prevent/garbage time defense The only thing that was miscalculated is THREE Falcons not knowing the rules and not jumping on the ball before letting it travel 10 yards Any of them know how to play football and it's a 39-37 loss where Dak had huge numbers but played mediocre football for at least a half and into the 3rd quarter In the end, Cooper made a huge catch, Gallup made the kind of catch on the kind of throw I have been screaming at Dak to attempt (Let your receivers make a play) for weeks And it was the Falcons, Superbowl Aside, The Seahawks put up 38 against them last week. Our offense should be expected to do the same, at a minimum Do the coaches still suck? Is the defense still awful (remember the offense did give 5 turnovers) and the offense had a lot of short drives in the first half
  10. So, reverse things for a minute We kick the 1 after the first TD, so we're down 8 and then we miss the 2 after the 2nd TD What changes? Aside from the fact on the second TD drive WE KNEW we needed to keep time because the 2 Point failed for an onside kick Your way, we might have ran the clock down to the final seconds, scored the TD, failed the 2 and then had no time for the FG drive even if we did recover
  11. But by getting your answer on 2 point success SOONER than later, it lets you know what you need so that you don't kill too much clock on your next possession
  12. Kinda nice that they have time on the clock now hey?
  13. Are the odds better of getting a 2 point conversion with less time on the clock vs at the 7 minute mark?
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