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  1. Leg of Zeus - Signed, Sealed, Delivered!

    Plot Twist Zeurlin is really here to compete with Dak I've never really understood why Forbath can't stick anywhere. Does he not have good range, or is he poor at kickoffs? 43/49 inside 50 isn't too shabby
  2. Travis Frederick retires at 29

    Take the space this year. If you don't use it, it just rolls over
  3. Coronavirus (COVID-19) - 3rd try

    When a dollar can no longer buy a can of soup, because a dollar isn't worth anything, and the can of soup is no longer on the shelf because the dollar that pays the supply chain that gets it there is worthless, then we are in real trouble We will lose a lot more than 3% or whatever if the economy stalls and things turn into chaos if supply chains and markets fail The economy on some level is the most important patient in this "crisis"
  4. 2020 Cowboys Free Agency

    Sign a few and have an unreal rotation....
  5. 2020 Cowboys Free Agency

    We have needs at other positions that our draft picks will be allotted to Quinn on a 3 year deal for the money he got based on the production he had last year was a steal Jones I am not worried about losing. Cobb I am disappointed in losing, but not at the money he got. He can be replaced with a WR in the draft, but I see us getting into trouble with Coop at 20, Gallup is surely getting paid when his time is up and investing a high pick in another WR Dak's cap number is going to be 30 regardless if he plays under the tag or signs long term. Unless we're going "as is" and letting that money roll over into next year, all the good FA's are gone unless theres a value trade out there they are counting on The defense needs work, and not a little bit of it
  6. With the Rams looking like they should take a massive step back, This was really the Chargers chance to take center stage and grab some headlines going into the new stadium. They should have offered Brady whatever it took, just to be on the front page in the NFL and in LA, Capspace, dead money be dammed Now it looks like they'll remain 2nd fiddle in perpetuity in LA, and that's with anticipated feigning interest in the Rams as well
  7. Dan Marino vs Aaron Rodgers and Peyton Manning

    I've never understood the Rodgers love. The guy literally plays for his stats. Would rather throw a ball away and protect his statline than try to fit a ball in a tight window when his team needs him to make the big throw
  8. 2020 Cowboys Free Agency

    So, Even with Dak slated at a 30 million $$ cap hit, We still have 24 million in space https://overthecap.com/salary-cap/dallas-cowboys/ Who could that be for? Who's left? Rookies won't take more than 7-8 Million total.....
  9. News and Notes: Offseason Edition

    RIP Sean Payton Wait, He's not going to die?
  10. Robert Quinn to Bears

    5 year 70 million. Only 30 Guaranteed so it's probably more like a 2-3 year deal Oh well, We still got the rest of the Hot Boyz....lol I'm sure Dak can overcome all these defensive losses
  11. What kind of NFL owner do you think you would be?

    I'd be calling the plays from my Luxury Suite... No doubt about it
  12. Tom Brady Announces He's Leaving New England

    Nah... Think Big picture And by Big, I mean 6'6 Trevor Lawrence....
  13. Mr Good Guy, Arthur Blank

    Nice guys finish last..., or blow 28-3 leads in the Superbowl
  14. Cowboys place franchise tag on QB Dak Prescott

    What if Dak wanted 50 million? Should the front office just "Give their franchise QB what he wants"? - They've been as complimentary of Dak as they possibly could saying he's their guy and he's their franchise QB, but just because they say that, doesn't entitle Dak to a blank check
  15. Cowboys place franchise tag on QB Dak Prescott

    Even Dak insisting on the 4 year deal... The Cowboys need the extra years to stretch out the deal and lower the cap hit. Cramming into a 4 year window limits the moves the Cowboys can make I don't see how anyone can argue, that we were an 8-8 team last year and we are looking at spending at least 35 million MORE at the QB position, on the same guy, and removing 35 Million worth of players at other positions. And this is a recipe for success and we should expect better results
  16. Cowboys place franchise tag on QB Dak Prescott

    Zeke is a "Me" guys and I think he's probably corrupted Dak in the long term Jerry smelling the Superbowl last year and caving to Zeke was the worst thing he could have done in hindsight.
  17. Tom Brady Announces He's Leaving New England

    Patriots #tanknation..... welcome to Boston, Trevor Lawrence
  18. Cardinals trade DeAndre Hopkins + for David Johnson +

    Hey Guys.. Trade you Dak for Watson? - Anyone got BOB's number?
  19. Cowboys place franchise tag on QB Dak Prescott

    The talking heads are driving me crazy over this. Dak is somehow getting "disrespected" because the Cowboys aren't tripping over themselves trying to give him 40 million 33 per, 105 guaranteed? And he hasn't won anything. No Superbowls, No MVP's, 1 playoff game and he's coming off an 8-8 season
  20. Cowboys place franchise tag on QB Dak Prescott

    I would love to get 2 1sts for Dak Imagine 4 1sts over the next 2 seasons, with the ability to move up in this years draft....
  21. As more and more teams stockpile small corners and small fast linebackers to curb the passing games, there will be teams that go the route of the Titans and simply run these guys over. It's cyclical.... Teams will start having success running over small defenses, then those defenses will bulk up and then get taken advantage of by quick/shifty passing game WR's
  22. Titans extend QB Ryan Tannehill

    Ya, I see that now They can probably split that big dead money cap hit if he blows and is cut over 2 seasons somehow
  23. Titans extend QB Ryan Tannehill

    Right....So if he blows this coming season they have to pay him the 24.5 for 2021 which they can probably spread over 2 seasons
  24. Titans extend QB Ryan Tannehill

    Huh? Year 3 is only guaranteed for injury.... As long as he passes his year end physical after year 2, they have up to the 5th day of the next league year to cut him
  25. Titans extend QB Ryan Tannehill

    So, It's 2 year 42 assuming he doesn't get hurt....