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  1. Josh McDaniels Decides to Stay with New England

    The worst part is for the assistants that he had the colts hire already. What if they can't find work this year? I really think hes an overrated coach but the pickens are pretty slim right now for candidates.
  2. Trading Earl Thomas

    Chanclor could be released soon, guess we can save money if we release him before the 9th. I really think Earl and Sherman stay though. I guessing that Kam, vril, Lane and thorpe get released.
  3. Senior Bowl

    I'm liking shaquiem Griff, not sure where he'd fit, but I'm fully ready to nick name him Candyman.
  4. OC Brian Schottenheimer

    I'm willing to give the benefit of the doubt to schotty. I hope we can get back to playing some Marty ball, simular to papa schotty's teams.I do think we need to pick a stud runner if we are in position to, I dont trust anyone on our roster. I know with norton back we will start playing Petes defense again, hopefully land a LB in the mold of malcolm smith that can cover well and get away from running that big nickel 80% of the time..
  5. Trading Earl Thomas

    One thing that pissed me off this year is that when he faced some adversity he melted down and threw that hissy fit in Dallas. After that I guestion his ability to lead this defense and if things continue to go wrong will he be a detriment to our younger players? I do think we try and resign him, for one to bring his cap number down, and two to keep him here. I just don't think he brings the veteran leadership I once thought he did. I guess if someone offers an amazing deal then sure why not.
  6. Ken Norton Jr. - Seahawks DC

    I'm betting it was more about losing the locker room this season, Richard couldn't deal with the personalities.
  7. Ken Norton Jr. - Seahawks DC

    I really think Richard is out because he couldn't handle the vets in the locker room. The same reason norton is in, respect. Petes defense will run the way he wants it run though.
  8. I suspected he was the issue. We have some talented young men on our line, and they should have played better.
  9. OC Brian Schottenheimer

    IM not incredibly optimistic, but his best qb was Sanchez and they were a playoff contender. I'm hearing mike Solari is coming back, good coach, anything is an improvement over Cable.
  10. Ken Norton Jr. - Seahawks DC

    I actually expected Michael Barrow to be promoted. This is Odd for sure. Hopefully we can get the offensive line sorted out and have a decent running game, if we can't then it wont matter who our defensive coordinator is.
  11. Seahawks Fire OC Bevell

    I honesty could have lived with bevell as long as cable was axed. I thought the bigger problem was cables personel choices and blocking scheme.
  12. Seahawks Fire OC Bevell

    They drafted 16 offensive lineman of his choosing, and sign and traded for more. Tom Cable had plenty to work with, he just couldn't get it done.
  13. I think its more about him losing the defense at the end of the year, those melt downs. There was some bickering as well. I think he can coach, but don't think hes ready for the big job. I'm guessing Michael Barrow will get promoted.