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  1. Police investigating Antonio Brown for possible battery

    If only Ben had invited him to dinner, none of this would have happened.
  2. Official 2020 TE Thread

    I will be shocked if the first TE comes off the board in the 1st round. My guess is 2nd round for Kmet and Hopkins
  3. kurgan 2020 mock offseason v.1

    Keep an eye on John Penisini, IDL, Utah. He would be a great fit for the Steelers inside. can play 2-gap as well as a 1 gap rusher. https://thedraftnetwork.com/player/john-penisini/v11umGnuLI
  4. I know the Bengals will take Burrow, but...

    All true but then Mike Brown might have to pay him real money and that can be a problem for Mike Brown
  5. kurgan 2020 mock offseason v.1

    They might have him listed as a OT where he would be low. As a OG he will be great. Watch some film. he loves playing to the whistle and burying people. Not a great puller but LG does not have to be.
  6. kurgan 2020 mock offseason v.1

    Yes. This draft is so loaded with OTs and CBs that Hunt may fall.
  7. Official 2020 TE Thread

    Someone I know was scouting the NFLPA practices and he wonders if Cheyenne O'Grady is even draftable.
  8. kurgan 2020 mock offseason v.1

    Hunt is a OG but quite a monster. I really doubt he would be there at #47 but I would sprint to the podium if he were.
  9. kurgan 2020 mock offseason v.1

    Cushenberry? i look at him in the 4th I am looking at Biadasz and Hunt. They could get Nick Harris if they think he fits their style. Any of those 3 would be very good. Hunt would start immediately
  10. I know the Bengals will take Burrow, but...

    I would agree that it would be smart to build a good team first and Young is a better way to do it.
  11. They may not be able to announce it until the new league year as well. Not sure about that. part.
  12. kurgan 2020 mock offseason v.1

    From playing around with some mocks, if they do not grab a TE early, it just sucks. And the TEs suck so it becomes doubly disappointing. I would almost want to see them get a IOL first as they will be almost a starter right off the bad with the talent level you can get.
  13. Offseason Work to do

    There is no cap space from losing Dupree. Same as there is no cap space from losing Hargraves. If you are going to spend $15M on a player it might as well be one that is not washed up(A.J. Green)
  14. If it is a new contract they need to clean out some people before they can announce it.
  15. Offseason Work to do

    This is a very good draft for centers as well. I could easily see them getting a really good player there