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  1. I have Ekwonu as the #1 OT mainly because he will play LT but he can play RT as well. I think Neal is a much better RT than LT in the NFL.
  2. IMHO, Neal is a RT in the NFL and Ekwonu could be either. If the Jags need a Rt then Neil or Ekwonu would work. YMMV
  3. Moore, Green and Chuks are more zone or wide zone type line men. Dotson, Turner, Banner and Hassenaur are power running olinemen. The Steelers seem to want to run power run with the plays that they call and Harris' style. They sometimes run zone runs but Harris is just not good at that. When you see plays that Harris is trying to look like L. Bell, those are generally zone runs. With Harris, I would draft some big mauler like Salyer ( Georgia) and/or Daniel Faalele (Rt Minn) and begin pounding down hill.
  4. If Alualu comes back and Tuitt retires, it moves DT further down in the draft. Players that fit mold that the Steelers like: Zachary Carter, Florida John Ridgeway Arkansas Cory Durden NC State. LaBryan Ray Bama Others i like but would have to bulk up Cameron Thomas SDSt Tyler Johnson Az St Nick Figueroa USC Of course, they could always draft Travis Jones so they have someone behind Alualu
  5. We have talked about what would happen if Rudolph starts next year for a long time. I do not think there is anyone that would see a massive improvement. Consider that Big Ben had 6 4th quarter come backs this year. No one has seen that ability from Rudolph so that could be a 3-14 record. 3-6 wins is still top 10 pick in the draft
  6. Between Stroud, Young and Levis? All of them!! Add Grayson McCall and Phil Jurkovec and that is some pretty good picks.
  7. Please remember that Canada changed zero percent of the passing plays because of Ben. If you want to ***** at the running game that is all Canada. We can see next season but I would hope that they throw out most of the passing plays and design a scheme that their players can run.
  8. But Harris ran some RPO in Bama but he is not a 1 cut runner. I do not think he has the vision but YMMV. I think the 1st round pick is mostly Tomlin's pick. At least that seems how it appears for 15 years. I would hope that all the coaches talk so Canada can say what style he wants. Canada was promoted Jan. 2021 to OC. But it would also bring up if he can properly judge the college players to get what he wants. He must be able to tell the scouts what he wants so they can find the players.
  9. If Canada was there for last year's draft, I would guess he wants a wide zone style ( based on drafting Moore and Green). If he was not there, then we will see this year as he gets to buy some groceries for the meal.
  10. Ryan Day or Kyle Shanahan could not have made this offense function. Horrible Oline. A QB with accuracy issues and a weakening arm who would not allow the pass plays to be changed from BA. WR who can't get open reliably. Please let Ben retire and put in a real offense that schemes receivers open. Spend the money and draft picks to build an Oline. if they run the same crap plays next year, I would clean house.
  11. Unless Banner can't play again, they will keep him. The reason is that that would leave them with one OT( Moore) under contract. I expect Tuitt to retire which would add roughly 5M in savings. They must tender Hassenauer. Witherspoon is a priority extension and should start in talks tomorrow. I would resign JuJu as well. do they tender Haskins? It would be a $2.4M tender at the lowest level. I would like to see them get someone like Lakin Tomlinson(OG SFN) or Austin Corbett (OG LAR) in FA I will assume they must draft an OT in the 1st 2 rounds plus sign
  12. Why would you take a center, TE and a punter in the draft? They just took all of them last year. Dan Moore is NOT a OG. Drafting the Oline looks like people can't decide what sort of blocking they want. Why would you sign Fournette?. Are you Juanyeh Thomas' brother? I serious doubt he even gets drafted. Overall a D+ ( the plus is for Raimann )
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