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  1. Pre Week 7 1 Rounder

    Fits the bill for what the Steelers look for in a DE but not even close to a need with Heyward and Tuitt under big contracts. DeAndre Baker - CB - Georgia, D'Andre Walker - OLB - Georgia, or Devin Bush - ILB - Michigan would be better picks.
  2. Draft Prospects 2019

    They only need a OG this year ( if we figure Foster is gone). I like the rest of the depth and in Munchak I trust. Unless Burns turns it around I could see CB in rd 1. Or ILB.
  3. Pittsburgh game-winning penalty uncalled?

    This is a league that on one hand, sold photos in the NFL shot of James Harrison laying out a WR and on the other hand fining him for that same hit.
  4. Draft Prospects 2019

    I would agree. Jachai Polite DE/OLB Florida 6'2" 245lbs This kid is a special athlete. He's an explosive athlete who uses his speed to make OT's lives miserable. Polite also owns a killer spin move and does a good job with his hands as well. While he has primarily been a pass rush specialist for Florida, he has immense upside and could be an elite next level rusher. Oshane Ximines DE/OLB Old Dominion 6'2" 250lbs Who? From where? While he's not the athlete that Polite is, what sets him apart is his polish as a defender. He not only can rush the passer but does a very good job in the run game. He has excellent hands and can get off blocks. He might not possess the upside of an elite pass rusher but his advanced game could allow him to see the field early. D'Andre Walker OLB Georgia 6'3" 245lbs Walker was a guy who caught my eye a year ago watching some Roquan Smith tape. Walker is long, athletic, and bends well for a guy his size. I also liked how his speed turned into power as he rushed the passer. I also thought he did a good job of setting the edge in run defense the few times I've watched him. Sutton Smith LB Northern Illinois 6'1" 235lbs Tthis guy is an absolute missile on the field. Quicker than every tackle he goes up against in the MAC, he arrives with bad intentions for the QB. I'm not sure he can stay at OLB for the Steelers but I'd also be interested in trying him as an ILB. I remember when Indiana was interested in this guy, the coaches weren't sure where he would play. Boy do I wish we would have gambled on him! One I am watching.. Chase Winovich, DE, Michigan 6'2" 258 - High motor. decent technique.
  5. Bell contract 2018

    I thought that was the case but was not sure. The point is that the sooner he signs the sooner other clubs can make him offers and he can see that he should have taken the 13.5M
  6. Bell contract 2018

    Yes but why? It allows other teams to make him offers. Some team like the Jets will put in a poison pill that says his entire contract is fully guaranteed if he plays 8 games in the state of Pennsylvania and the Steelers may let him walk.
  7. Bell contract 2018

    With the talk of the Steelers putting a transition tag on Bell next year, I through I would figure out what the means for Bell ( if they do it). Le’Veon Bell Steelers $9,432,000 Todd Gurley Rams $7,228,306 David Johnson Cardinals $5,041,843 Devonta Freeman Falcons $5,000,000 LeSean McCoy Bills $8,950,000 Saquon Barkley Giants $5,671,773 Jerick McKinnon 49ers $6,000,000 Leonard Fournette Jaguars $6,170,655 Lamar Miller Texans $6,750,000 Ezekiel Elliott Cowboys $6,806,274 ============================ = 600300851 Avg = $6,030,085 If Bell reports this week the average for the top 10 RB salaries for 2018 is below 7M 120 % of his current salary is 11,318,400 It only keeps getting worst the longer he is out. ** I got the numbers from https://overthecap.com/position/running-back/ and looked at the top 10 RBs salary THIS YEAR. ** The numbers are the cap hit for each RB for 2018. ** I subtracted the 6 x855,529 from the 14.5M for Bell's salary for this season.
  8. ben saves tomlin

    Many of my friend who watch a lot of college football consider Harbaugh to be maybe the 5th or 6th best coach in the big 10. Great recruiter. Not much of a football coach.
  9. Bell contract 2018

    The team WILL put him on the exempt list as they are allowed to do. If he failed a drug test and was suspended it would have been announced.
  10. Pittsburgh game-winning penalty uncalled?

    It is a forearm blow to the head of a player by a player that has been suspended multiple times for head hunting. and do not trying to say " well Turkey Jones pile-drived a player in the 70's and did not get called" Comparing different eras for this is idiotic.
  11. Pittsburgh game-winning penalty uncalled?

    like this one?
  12. Pittsburgh game-winning penalty uncalled?

    LOS was 31. Hunter is at the 30 when he makes contact. That was a badly ref'ed game all around. Not sure why they would call that so light with all the recent history between these teams. Kirkpatrick and Brown were grabbing and pushing all game. The Bengals last drive had an obvious push off by the TE on Cam Sutton before he caught the ball. So obvious that Uzomah( or Kroft) had his arm fulling extended pushing Sutton off when he was making his break. That is normally called when it is that blatant. As someone else said, the calls tend to favor the offense ( to please the FF players). below article has a pretty good breakdown on the rule. I thnk the Pats would have to total change their offense if they started calling penalties on pick plays. https://www.milehighreport.com/mhr-film-study/2013/12/10/5195218/nfl-rules-clarification-pick-plays
  13. Forgive Me Mock Draft

    The Steeler draft and trades do not make any sense. why would they trade for a QB? How could they trade Bell? Why would they draft a OL in the 1st when Devin White, DAndre Walker and Josh Allen are on the board? Deandre Baker or Michael Jackson Jr. could be 1st rounders. horrible draft.
  14. 5UP 5Down vs Bungles

    You mean when teams scheme for VW to cover a WR like AJ Green. Can't understand how that could have been seen to be an issue. I mean who could have picked that out of any film and thought it might be a weakness? </scar>
  15. Week 6 Mock Draft - Just for fun

    Ahh. No. Devin White LB LSU would work but Greedy Williams is a much better pick. DAndre Walker OLB Georgia is another I would consider but Williams is by far the best player.