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  1. Training Camp 2019 news and discussion.

    Read the article and the film study. He did nothing that he has not done the past several years. The only time he made it past Fisher was on a stunt where Cam flashed across and took both the OG and Fisher and gave Bud a gap. They had great film of Bud's "spin move" where he basically pirouettes in front of Fisher who then blocks him. He still has not learned any counter moves when his initial rush has been stopped.
  2. Training Camp 2019 news and discussion.

    Behind the Steel Curtain has a good article on Dupree's KC game. https://www.behindthesteelcurtain.com/2019/8/21/20811739/has-steelers-olb-bud-dupree-finally-turned-the-corner-in-his-career-nfl-news-keith-butler-kentucky Bottom line, he is not showing anything new or that he has learned from past coaching. I am ready to move on from Dupree after this season.
  3. Fair but he knew that he could not wear his current helmet because of the 10 year rule. His first argument should have been to get the newer helmet certified but he was not ready for that. The Manufacturer of his helmet said it was not made anymore because it was less safe than current models and that was in 2013.
  4. He got the same 1 year as Brady and Rogers and the 30 other players. Last season was the extension for those 33 players. Just because he was too busy on his social media to read the rules is not a NFL problem
  5. Training Camp 2019 news and discussion.

    Not going to put this is NFL news until it is proven true https://www.totalprosports.com/2019/08/19/rumor-jay-z-to-purchase-minority-interest-in-the-pittsburgh-steelers/
  6. Training Camp 2019 news and discussion.

    Burns is showing better than B. Allen. We shall see in the real games
  7. Vince Williams' time with Steelers over?

    After losing Shazier they HAD to give him a new contract. They could not afford to lose him. That being said what @armsteeld said is true. If Barron and Bush can call the plays then we will see less of VWill this year.
  8. Training Camp 2019 news and discussion.

    Florio is an idiot. Trying to make Brown the victim. The logic for how the NFL is "sticking it" to MBC must be great.
  9. Training Camp 2019 news and discussion.

    Counting on rookie WR is a big mistake. There are not many that can make a real impact in year 1. Generally they are 6-8 games in before they get with the game. They need to learn route running ( generally), and new, larger route trees. Everything is moving fast. What Washington is doing is what I expect from year 2 WR that will make the transition to the Pro level.
  10. I thought Roethlisberger was the problem
  11. HIS helmet is 10 years old. A new model of the same helmet while not 10 years old is still considered unsafe ( per your quote). Or are you saying that the helmet he is looking for is not a newer version of the same model helmet he wore for the last 7 years?
  12. You might have missed the story where they grandfathered in 32 player's helmets including Brady, AB, and Rodgers. There is no one off exception for one player.
  13. No. If that were true he could never get one newer than 10+. The model was tested but failed.
  14. Training Camp 2019 news and discussion.

    We have seen Matakevich when he must play vs NFL starters. He does not have the athleticism to be on the field. He is slow to move and slow to react. That does not mean he si not a great ST player. He will lose his job when they have a player that is good in special teams and can actually be a backup. Vwill is a step down from the modern NFL LB. Big Red is a big step down from VWill. At this point, Sutton Smith needs to get on the field. I think they will store him on the PS and let him build strength and weight. He could be a ST demon but he needs to get on the field and show us.