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  1. Week #5 Steelers 1-3 vs. Ravens 2-2 Gamethread

    As predicted, Earl Thomas fined for hit on Rodolph https://feedly.com/i/entry/zk9bg6IPDbaWdEMDu2mBzs1j/bx+fpqorizUMNFl5QM=_16dbf99051f:7a2674:27d622fb
  2. Week #5 Steelers 1-3 vs. Ravens 2-2 Gamethread

    My girls had a swim meet so I saw almost nothing of the game. I fired up the NFL app after the meet to check and the 1st thing I see is Rudolph knocked out. Gheesh. On the JuJu fumble. Sometimes the other player makes a great play and Humphreys did just that. I can't complain about the bad roughing call on Ola at the end. You have got to score enough to take the refs out of the game. defense looked good. They are a better defense than people give them credit.
  3. Week #4 5 Up and 5 Down Bengals Win 1-3

    Bengals defense is far better than their offense. They have some really good players on defense and 2 outstanding CBs. LBs are their weakness and they opted to die by that big package.
  4. Week #4 5 Up and 5 Down Bengals Win 1-3

    I think Rudolph is fine. here is a fine comparison to Ben and Rudolph in their first 2.5 games.
  5. I think they will play the Steelers much like the other teams. A lot of 8-9 men in the box/LOS and single high safety. Rudolph needs to make them play on those single high safety plays. This is also not the Ravens D of old.
  6. Anytime Cinni rolls out that big package on defense they need to check to a pass. I am impressed with the game plan. When the Bengals want to stack the line they can pass.
  7. Another trade? Who's this new GM?

    Ozzie Newsome was good up to the point he had to pay Flacco. Once that salary cap is hit and you can't fail on the drafts it gets interesting. Colbert has been under salary cap hell since 2007
  8. Another trade? Who's this new GM?

    I liked Vannett when he came out. He will be a fine 5th round pick if they resign him.
  9. Mason Rudolph Mega Thread - ALL RUDOLPH TALK HERE

    Defenses are stacking against the run. not just with Rudolph but with Ben as well. They need to a) Make it part of their game plan. B) Make them pay for it with PA and intermediate and long routes.
  10. Another trade? Who's this new GM?

    This is scrambling because they took Diontae Johnson with their 1 pick in the 3rd and not Josh Oliver or Jace Sternberger or Kahale Warring or Dawson Knox.
  11. Another trade? Who's this new GM?

    Perhaps they could play Samuels as TE since they are not playing him as a RB.
  12. I am giving the defense a pass. They were totally gassed by the end of the game. 13 total drives by Steelers on Sunday. 12 of the 13 less than 2:40 of clock. 10 of 13 drives less than 2:00. Insert bug eyes emoji 10 of 13 drives 4 plays or less. 9 of 13 drives 1:45 or less....quick drink, spray of water and back on field.

    i was kind of confused. none of the hotties were taking off clothes. None of them had see-through bikinis. 2 of them came from a fitness calendar. I will do the Burka hotties next time.
  14. Minkah Fitzpatrick

    Stop Trying not to lose and try to win in the offensive game planning might help.
  15. Minkah Fitzpatrick

    Haley would be better than what was shown vs the 49'ers