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  1. I just do not see the explosiveness that you saw with Watt. He is also 6'2 and his length is telling against tackles. He already plays zone well. I just do not see him holding the EDGE on running plays. He would be much better as a 9. Compare him to Patrick Johnson of Tulane who is a day 3 pick. Tulane sucks but you can watch the difference in what he does. If you say there is not much difference then that is the point. There are other guys like Johnson in the draft. No need to waste a high pick on a OLB prospect when there are many other in the same skill lev
  2. I watch the film. Anytime he goes against a decent Ot he get handled. His better blitzes come when he is off tackle on stuns or delays. I do not think he has shown he could line up over a OT in the NFL and do anything. I think he is either a 9 tech or an off the ball OLB in the 4-3. Watch him vs Bama Leathrewood erases him and I think Leatherwood is a RT in the NFL. Once the Ot gets his hands on Ojulari it is all over. He gets one decent rush on the first play of the game. Watch him vs the run
  3. Browning is Shazier 2.0. Athletically gifted. Explosive. Fast. Can't read a play for crap. I would not take him in the 1st round but would knock over someone's grandma on the way to the podium on day 2. But he fits what Tomlin loves so if Etienne is gone I could see him in the 1st. Just a risk like Shazier
  4. On the EDGE in this draft, there are very very few (2 ) quality prospects but a lot of decent developmental picks. That is why I had CBunn draft William Bradly-King in the 6th round of the Forum mock. There are about 20 or so decent EDGE players in this draft. All are developmental but show good abilities. There are some that are ranked high that I would not touch for the Steelers (Rousseau, Paye, Ojulari ), so what is left are developmental OLBs.
  5. I would put Etienne in front because he is younger. I would rather have Etienne than Harris just because I want a chance at break-away runs I would hate Leatherwood only because I think he is a RT in the NFL.
  6. Interesting article on BTSC https://www.behindthesteelcurtain.com/2021/4/16/22386345/which-nfl-team-has-drafted-the-best-since-2000-pittsburgh-steelers-patritos-saints-packers As I have kept telling people, Colbert is one of the best GMs in the business.
  7. He is going top 10. Lance is more likely to drop than Fields.
  8. Close to a dream draft by the Steelers at their pick JOK or Fields. I would happily take Fields or JOK at 24. I just do not think you could pass on fields.
  9. If given a chance to draft speed on defense they will do it. If Browning is there in the 2nd I think they might go there.
  10. Mond is the only developmental QB in this draft that might be salvageable into a possible starter. Again, why waste a draft pick on a developmental QB? Just pick one out next year and go for them. It will be a pretty good QB draft.
  11. That is why I would go with Etienne over Harris
  12. Watch the Bama game. Erased. Any game he went up against a decent tackle he was erased.
  13. It will be a pretty decent QB class next draft so I would wait but YMMV
  14. Ojulari is not a 3-4 OLB. He gets eaten alive when he goes up against good tackles. Watch the Bama game. Leatherwood erases him and I think Leatherwood will be a RT in the NFL. Ojulari will be a better 9 tech or 4-3 OLB. He is an off-ball LB.
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