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  1. Teams scheme to have VWill line up vs a WR. Let me know if you are good with that?
  2. VWill comes out a lot because he is very bad in coverage. Spillane will be in for all 3 downs
  3. Woot! The Refs called a holding vs the Browns!!!
  4. https://www.behindthesteelcurtain.com/2020/10/15/21515437/the-steelers-ferocious-pass-rush-has-created-havoc-this-year-but-not-a-single-holding-penalty-nfl
  5. Indianapolis should have changed names. The fans are forever trying to claim a SB win from their Baltimore days but a SB 5 trophy sits in Baltimore. ( Yes. i know it is a duplicate. There are at least 2 SB 5 trophies ) Its weird that the original trophy resides in St Louis. It’s also odd that you will find no banners of the 1958,59, 68 NFL Championships or Super Bowl 5 in either Baltimore or Indy.
  6. NE would sign him to a 1 year deal and then use the hell out of him to get the comp pick when he leaves.
  7. I think Chase Claypool is getting some touches 😁 Alex Highsmith is getting playing time giving Dupree and Watt breaks. He has not been embarrassed and gets decent pass rush for a rookie Anthony McFarland Jr. is getting some touches. His speed is very noticeable. Kevin Dotson has gotten 1 start and will get more with DeCastro's injury. He has not been embarrassed and has shown to be a good road-grader that the fans thought he would be Antoine Brooks is on the Steeler PS Carlos Davis is on the team but I do not think he has been active for any games. Ray-Ray McCloud gets an honorable mention as a FA. He is going to take a KO to the house this season. Is in the WR rotation and is making plays.
  8. If they had thought this out they would have built in 3 bye weeks into the season
  9. The defense played much more Man-to-man last year. Much less this year and QBs are making them pay for playing zones.
  10. I do not think there can be a forfeit as it is a bad precedent. What happens if the Steelers have an outbreak later in the year? Do they forfeit games because they already had their bye week?
  11. Does anyone know what the NFL will do if say the Steelers or the Titans have an outbreak later in the season? Another bye week?
  12. NFL took a dump on the Steelers with this one. Browns, Titans Ravens off their bye
  13. Not me. I called him a non-blocking TE from the beginning. Horrible hands though
  14. https://www.behindthesteelcurtain.com/2020/9/29/21493464/possible-scenarios-if-the-nfl-has-to-adjust-the-steelers-titans-game-pittsburgh-tennessee-covid-news A good breakdown of the possible scenarios for the game
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