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  1. Draft Approach

    I would be amazed if the Steelers sign any FA other than their own next year. It would only occur if they lose out on signing Bud
  2. Reality of Colbert.

    Started by AB I assume
  3. Week #13 Gameday Thread Steelers @ Cardinals

    JuJu is hopeful he can be back for the playoffs!!!! What is wrong with his knee?
  4. Reality of Colbert.

    How does this compare to all other teams over the same period. My guess is somewhere in the middle
  5. Minkah Fitzpatrick

    As if we didn't know: The Best N.F.L. Trade of the Season? Look to Pittsburgh https://www.nytimes.com/2019/12/04/sports/football/minkah-fitzpatrick-trade-steelers.html
  6. Some of this is odd. Stephon Tuitt is ranked 4th on interior defenders but has been on IR since game 4. Me thinks they need to weed out their rankings based on snaps played.
  7. Fans have been complaining about the refs and saying the game has been fixed for the entire time I have paid attention to the NFL ( 40+years). We just have more cameras and better angles to judge the human refs. Some of this is just society not trusting the refs/judges of anything. I would refer everyone to a podcast by Michael Lewis ( Moneyball) called Against the Rules for more information on this. Is their bias? You bet. There is documented proof of NFL refs showing bias at one time or another. Do they make some very very strange interpretations of rules at times. Some of this is the vagueness of some of the rules. Some of it is trying not to be wrong. Some of it is just bad calls that are happening very fast. In the end, the NFL will generally back them because if they do not then the casual fan will lose faith in the game and the NFL loses money.
  8. Week #12 Steelers vs. Browns Backyard Brawl Part 2

    Just proves that the scouts/coaches can't draft a DB to save themselves. All impact DBs are from FA/trade
  9. Week #12 Steelers vs. Browns Backyard Brawl Part 2

    Clark played single high safety a lot due to Polamalu playing the Joker in LeBeau's defense. He was less of a CF safety an more of an enforcer. I would say Fitzpatrick is more of the field general which is what Clark did as well.
  10. Wildcard Watch

    He should not win it for the same reason Chuck Noll never won it.
  11. Wildcard Watch

    If Tomlin can get 8 wins out of this team before the end of the season, he should be coach of the year. I fully expected 6-10 or 7-9 after Ben went down. I will say that they have won a game that was an expected loss with the Rams. They could still lose a game that they are expected to win. I think because they need to rely on a 3rd string QB, the team will be focused.
  12. Week #12 Steelers vs. Browns Backyard Brawl Part 2

    Finney might be better right now doing power run but he is not even 1/2 as athletic as Pouncey to move. Finney will be a good OG replacement for Foster but he is not a legit center for the NFL. You saw the difference in this game with heavy footed Rudolph vs a QB that can move in the pocket and out of it.
  13. The Duck Hodges thread

    Hodges won the Walter Payton award and holds the FCS record for yards thrown in his career. He has talent just not at the major level. His only knock is LOC in college. I'll take his ability to roll out and thrown with velocity.