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  1. Jon Bostic

    And slow. Perhaps the slowest of the ILB.
  2. I am glad Bucky finally caught up with me as I posted the JuJu comparison on April 28th on this thread. Or maybe he just got around to reading it.
  3. NFL General - Steelers Forum

    He was released because they traded for Hackenberg.
  4. New policy for the National Anthem

    Remember that the DoD PAID for all of this extra military fluff at the start of games. They did pay the NFL and not the networks so your idea may work but only if all the networks agreed.
  5. Who plays MLB this year

    If they do not sign someone else, the Steelers are screwed if Bostic goes down. They have loads of Buck LBs. They need another Mike.
  6. Rich getting richer

    But traded Bryant. I think it is a break even at best. Steelers are weaker in WR depth.
  7. Pre-Training Camp Roster Prediction

    I am going to predict that Tevin Jones ( WR, Memphis) makes the team and DHB is cut. This would mean that Marcus Allen would have to make the squad as a gunner. Otherwise I see Allen as a PS player. If they keep Allen I can see them keeping Malik Golden or Dangerfield because I would not trust Marcus Allen to cover my grill. I can see Frazier as a PS player unless his shows a lot more than what he did in Bama.
  8. Woodley and Harrison played on a very different defense that has much more zone coverage and allowed them to rush the passer more. Sounding like a broken record, I wish they would switch to a hybrid defense. It is easier to find a pure pass rusher than one who can also drop into coverage.
  9. Pre-Training Camp Roster Prediction

    I think Marcus Allen makes it as a ST player. On film, he is worst in coverage than any safety the Steelers fielded last season. I do not remember Feiler ever working as a OG. If they need to protect Chucks on the 53 then Feiler will be gone but Chucks will not be very functional as a OL this season.
  10. 2019 Targets for Steelers

    Keep and Eye on Zach Allen DE Boston College. He has the build that the Steelers like (6'5 275). Rodney Anderson Rb Oklahoma is another to watch.
  11. Henderson is a pure return man. Offers nothing in the way of a WR. He is electric with the ball in his hands. I doubt he makes the PS
  12. it is more true in the NBA because no one plays defense so when a team can play defense it generally comes out above it's opponents
  13. Your Most memorable draft moments of all time???!!

    Steelers taking Troy Edwards over Jevon Kearse or John Tait. I almost needed a new TV. I did have to fix a wall
  14. They did play from 1934 to 1976 but they played the NFL champions. They won 9 of those games. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chicago_College_All-Star_Game
  15. How would Alabama fare in the NFL?

    I do not know. People tend to forget that the college players are not fully grown yet. Going against full grown men would be a big disadvantage. Bama would not have an advantage of talent. Every NFL team is taking the cream of college football every year. The talent difference for each position would be vast. Even the Browns vs the Tide.