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  1. GDT Steelers vs Raiduhs

    Girls in thongs posing with mackerel. Haven't seen that one before.
  2. Scalamania's 2019 mock v1 (3 rounds)

    Great Steeler draft.
  3. benjamin

    You are looking at a name. What has he shown since being drafted? Pros: he is big. Cons: He is slow. His 40 time is comparable to Vance McDonald ( .004 difference) Has bad hands runs poor routes - could have been fixed coming out of college but has not in 3 years. Lazy - see above So a Athletic TE that does not block and apparently does not care about his craft. McDonald had better 3 cone short and shuttle than Benjamin. So what is to gain? KC lost Watson for the year so they can take a chance.
  4. Hargrave

    Hargrave is a decent 3 tech. Not a very good 0 tech
  5. benjamin

    A TE that does not block. no thanks.
  6. GDT Steelers vs Chargers SNF 12/2/18

    Phuu. I lost sleep last night worried about losing Justin Hunter when they activated Adeniyi
  7. GDT Steelers vs Chargers SNF 12/2/18

    Thomas has not been able to set the edge any better than Chick and perhaps worst ( although I find that hard to do).
  8. GDT Steelers vs Chargers SNF 12/2/18

    He has been practicing with the team as of 11/21 https://triblive.com/sports/steelers/14321162-74/steelers-officially-designate-rookie-lb-ola-adeniyi-to-return-off-injured-reserve
  9. GDT Steelers vs Chargers SNF 12/2/18

    Please let Adeniyi get a shot. Chick can't set an edge vs the run.
  10. GDT Steelers vs Chargers SNF 12/2/18

    Good memory for good looking girls in bikinis
  11. GDT Steelers vs Chargers SNF 12/2/18

    I am fairly sure that honey #2 has been in a GDT before.
  12. GDT - Week 12 - Steelers at Broncos

    People who are trashing Pouncey are not really watching what he does. To think that Finney or Wallace were anywhere close to his athletic ability is insane.
  13. 2019 NFL Draft - Off the ball Linebackers

    I think he is as close to the level of Shazier in this draft. I am not sure of his lateral movement or whether he can read a play from the middle. IMHO, I would love to see the Steelers take a shot with him at ILB.
  14. Hargrave

    LVE was one I called correctly last year. IMHO, as a amateur substitute GM, I would sign a FA ILB and draft Sutton Smith for ILB. He is the closest thing I see to Shazier in the draft. Big question mark, can he read plays as a ILB ( plays OLB in college).
  15. Hargrave

    We can argue about WR. I would never draft one in the 1st round unless it was Megatron. Adding MLB that can process a play and tackle to the top teens list. Still the premium picks are QB, pass rushers( DE, DT, OLB) and CB. ILB are so rare in the top 10 they tend to become exceptions.