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  1. Remember that the cap can only drop to 175M next season. It will hurt a lot of teams if that happens. I can see Colbert restructuring a lot of contracts to push money into 2022 and i would hope players do it. I would hate to be a high priced FA next season.
  2. https://www.steelers.com/news/samuels-washington-placed-on-reserve-covid-19-list
  3. https://www.steelers.com/news/samuels-washington-placed-on-reserve-covid-19-list
  4. https://www.espn.com/blog/pittsburgh-steelers/post/_/id/31969/steelers-mike-tomlin-on-covid-19-outlook-its-one-fail-all-fail Article on Tomlin catchphrasing the COVID-19. If that is the way the NFL plays it ( and I think they will), this will be a very short season.
  5. I think Banner steps up. He looked pretty good in preseason at LT and RT.
  6. 2008 Steelers for the Oline. Won the SB despite the horrendous Oline Willie Colon, Darnell Stapleton, Justin Hartwig, Chris Kemoeatu, Max Starks. Starks was the only one worth a damm.
  7. ESPN had a follow up with some interesting tidbits https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/29544799/nfl-players-attend-high-risk-events-contract-coronavirus-face-team-discipline-lack-pay There was an agreement that the Salary cap can only drop to $175M next season. I am trying to find that article to post it.
  8. https://www.tribdem.com/coronavirus/johnstown-sports-legend-carlton-haselrig-former-pittsburgh-steelers-all-pro-dies-at-54/article_890457b0-cc2f-11ea-8262-7be555af80d0.html One of my favorite Steelers
  9. They needed to show the 2021 page which has 17 teams with at least $40M in cap space. The issue there is that they do not have 53 players so some more cuts would have to happen to sign up to 53 ( in many cases)
  10. The draft shows what is valued. QBs ( duh), being able to play on an island( WR, CB) and people who get the QB ( pass rush). IMHO, a pass rushing 3 tech is more valuable than a DE. They are harder to find and it is a much shorter path to the QB. A 9-tech just needs explosiveness and some technique . They are valuable but more easily replaced.
  11. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/29462688/nflpa-seeks-opt-clauses-risk-players-conditional-stipends-source-says
  12. Here is a thought experiment. How do you do the draft order if the season is canceled? 2019 order? Lottery balls?
  13. There is a provision in the CBA for handling large drops in the revenue but both side need to negotiate. https://sportsnaut.com/2020/05/report-nfl-could-use-flat-cap-to-account-for-revenue-hit-this-season-due-to-coronavirus/ This might be a bargaining point by the owners but it still needs to get solved.
  14. The article is Steeler centric ( as it is a Pittsburgh paper) but id does highlight what others pointed out months ago. If there is no or limited season in 2020, the revenue/salary cap will drop in 2021. A lot. But the NFLPA and the Owners can negociate but will they? https://www.post-gazette.com/sports/steelers/2020/07/08/nfl-proposed-pay-cut-escrow-35-percent-steelers-reaction-devin-bush/stories/202007080137
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