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  1. TE class is a bit thin so it pushes it to a day 2 pick. Dear Colbert, Please trade back and get some more 2nd or 3rd round picks
  2. I thought they hired Canada as OC. Now they keep interviewing. Hmm. I do like Pep so we will see where it goes
  3. where would it nudge him? Haskins is not the answer , at least in his current ability. He has decent accuracy and arm strength. His decision making is average at best. He needs to get his mechanics straightened out and grow up fast. If the Steelers could move Dobb's brain into Haskin's body they might have something.
  4. Alex Leatherwood - I like him. There are better OT in this draft so I assume they are all gone at 24 Javonte Williams - I really like him. Bell cow kind of back Charles Snowden - OLB kind of meh on this. Must assume the Steelers are losing Dupree. I would be look at TE or IOL here. Kellen Mond - hard pass. You have a QB that has not developed much past where he started. He has arm strength but bad decision making and so-so accuracy. Josh Imatorbhebhe - A good point to take him. Very raw WR with physical talent. Jovani Haskins - This is a throw-away pick. I have
  5. Canada was calling plays in the 2nd 1/2 of the Browns playoff so that gives you a small sample size. The real question is why did it take until then to realize that Fitchner was a problem? I would have fired Fitchner at halftime of the Bengals game. I do not expect to see much "Canada" offense if Tomlin goes all turtlely with the game plan
  6. Najee is the best in this class but will be 23 at the draft. I am a huge fan of Javonte Williams and I think Sermon will have a good career.
  7. When Tomlin leaves ( because you know he will not be fired), the Rooneys will hire a young DC and start again. Hopefully, they can let the person bring in his own staff and have his own vision
  8. Did they cut Fort or was he a FA? He started for the Ravens for most of the year but I am guessing his pay was low. This is just a really bad time for the cap to drop by 25M.
  9. I would love Trey Hill. Javonte Williams is one of my favorite backs in this draft.
  10. I do hope he does retire. His lack of ability to throw even midrange passes with any zip was on display last night. Great QB and a great person. No doubt a 1st ballent inductee.
  11. I see Slater as a OG in the NFL. i like Cosmi and Leatherwood as LT. I also like Little from Stanford. I think he has the movement skills to be an OT in the NFL. Brown from N. Iowa would be a good RT
  12. Canada was brought in to be the OC. He just had a year watching the caddie. Saw this on another site. This is comparing what Tom Herman does and Matt Canada (LSU). You get an idea at what you would want the offense to look like. I am also a huge fan of Tom Herman. i think he is an offensive genius. The Steelers should bring him in as an Assistant on offense. Him and Canada together would be the mad scientist lab. The real question when you watch this, how much will Ben buy in?
  13. I would hire Lynn as RB coach to start.
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