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  1. The key for a rookie QB success is a good team around him. When really bad teams grab that QB really high they generally do not have a good team around them. The caveat would be teams that trade up to get the QB and teams that might have injuries or something else push them into a lot of loses. Roethlisberger is an example of the later and Mahomes of the former. IMHO, the best time to get a QB is when you have a good team already. Either by trading up or getting lucky ( i.e. Seattle and Wilson). Best thing for the Jags would be to have a stinker of a season and then trade a reall
  2. If Ben does not buy into the system, it will be done poorly or not at all.
  3. Rudolph is not a NFL QB for the long term. But Ben is looking like poo-poo. 1 pass longer than 20 yards? Really?
  4. Yes but Rudolph will run Canada's offense. Either of offense is bad and they need to fire Canada or Ben is not able to run the offense and they need to bring in Rudolph
  5. https://www.audacy.com/937thefan/sports/pittsburgh-steelers/former-steeler-its-a-big-deal-o-line-didnt-help-ben-up Good article on the oline and Ben
  6. If they do not expect him to rush the passer I think he could be a fine stop gap.
  7. I am not in support of Taco. I was just posting the headline
  8. https://www.behindthesteelcurtain.com/2021/9/21/22685983/taco-charlton-reportedly-visiting-the-steelers-could-be-signed-to-practice-squad-nfl-rumors-news
  9. Now that Ben has thrown Canada under the bus, we can move on to his farewell tour. I said at the start of this that if Ben does not buy into the system it will fail. When the Houston Texans, at team that should be playing for the #1 pick, has a much better look offense then the Steelers, it is time to hang it up. And I do not blame Canada. I still blame Ben. I will want to see the offense under Rudolph or some mobile QB.
  10. For those of you that might not have seen this. Chris Sims breaks down the confusion that the Steeler defense caused vs the Bills. It is pretty good.
  11. Chuks is very much like Max Starks in the fact that he is technical and not a people mover. I do agree that teams will come out and make the Steelers stop the run.
  12. The Ravens ( as of last night) have to blitz to apply pressure. That is going to kill them. They are in a similar position to the Steeler defense 3-4 years ago.
  13. If the Bills would lean on their running game more they will be fine. They figured it out in the 4th quarter for one drive. They should look at what Cleveland is doing to give Allen a break so it is not all on his shoulders. Otherwise, teams will use what the Steelers did to neutralize Diggs and do the same.
  14. Because the defense came out firing. The Bills were daring the Steelers to throw mid/deep balls. They had 8-9 guys in the box for most of the game and 10 within 5 yards of the LOS. They desperately need to get the running game going so they can use some PA to get those mid to deep throws open.
  15. Told you his agent was playing hardball 🙂 And I figured someone would blink on Thursday. Good signing. And it is a good try for the Browns to try to say Garrett is better but no stats back them up Solo tackles: MG: 100 TJW: 152 Total Tackles: MG: 145 TJW: 214 Sacks: MG 42.5 TJW: 49.5 FF: MG 10 TJW: 17 PD: MG: 6 TJW: 25 INTs: MG 0 TJW: 4
  16. Steeler fans will say that Bell does not want to play any more. He wants to do his rap videos and live the lifestyle but not really play football. I think other fan bases can see this as well as his talent has mostly fallen off a cliff and no team really wants him.
  17. Steelers need to guarantee 2-3 years of the contract that they would pay him in any case. They are about to get out of salary hell. Even if they draft a franchise QB next year, they would have him on a rookie contract for 5 years. My bet is they are thinking of signing Micha Fitzpatrick as well.
  18. I think Watt's agent is playing hardball with KC. I expect a signing Wednesday or Thursday
  19. It is an offense that takes advantage of teams playing lighter LBs for speed and coverage. I think it will will games but not in the playoffs unless Jackson can make that next step as a passer. Tennessee has the same "type" of offense but Tannehill is a much better passer and it shows.
  20. RIP Tunch. I enjoyed watching him play and listening to him talk Steelers
  21. I think we would want Haeg at RT as Chuks is not a people mover
  22. Steelers PS RB Jaylen Samuels RB Trey Edmunds TE Kevin Rader OL Malcolm Pridgeon OL John Leglue OL Chaz Green WR Cody White WR Rico Bussey WR Steven Sims DE Daniel Archibong LB Derrek Tuszka LB Christian Miller CB Mark Gilbert S Donovan Stiner S Karl Joseph
  23. I think it is smart not to have too many $C3 contracts. They are the most expensive for diminishing returns.
  24. The group that includes him and the ghost of Spillane is pretty bad
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