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  1. 2020 Prospects and beyond

    Penn State reported Saquon's time as 4.33 as well during off season testing if I recall. Turned out to be a 4.40 at the combine, so either way the dude is a freakshow. People discredited Gary's 4.57 a year or so ago. 4.58 at the combine. So who knows. Either way, even if they're .2 seconds off a 4.53 at that size is still movin'. I remember him as a recruit being raw as hell but Ohio State wanted him pretty badly.
  2. The Ohio State Buckeyes Thread v.12 — 7 in a row

    I'm seeing that Mack has been mainly at the Z this spring so that the team will have their 3 best WRs on the field most of the time. It sounds like the depth chart will be: X: VIctor, Harris Z: Mack, Olave, Wilson / Gardiner H: Hill, Gill / Saunders We haven't heard a damn thing about Gardiner. Harris taking another step this season would be huge, and obviously Olave will essentially be a starter. Usually my expectations for true freshmen playing big minutes is almost non-existent but I think Wilson sees the field a good bit, mainly out of necessity. Williams is definitely a wildcard... his film shows a lot of rawness but he's got a ton of speed. At 170 ish lbs though I'm not sure how much he'll end up playing. It seems McCall is going to be at RB pretty much exclusively and will "play a lot" this season. I'm all for that. Depth at RB is pretty weak and Hill / Gill / Saunders will eat up most of the time at H. In other news Justin Hilliard has suffered an Achilles injury and will almost assuredly miss the season. Super unfortunate, even though the possibility of him ever starting had likely come and gone. He was a beast on special teams. Everyone remember 10 star Wednesday a few years back when Cornell and Hilliard both committed on the same day? Yeah... this is why I always keep expectations low for guys that have yet to play a down of Buckeye football. Also, Craig Young will be playing LB.
  3. 2019 NFL Draft - Wide Receivers & Tight Ends

    FWIW, McLaurin is guaranteeing he'll run a 4.35. I've never understood why in the hell guys do that (they usually just end up failing to hit their mark since Indy has a slow track) but McLaurin isn't really the arrogant, boastful type so it's possible. The dude is really fast and he's a guarantee to run under 4.45 IMO. Getting in the 4.3's is definitely possible. He's going to put up big jump numbers too. https://www.landgrantholyland.com/2013/7/1/4484730/terry-mclaurin-ohio-state-commit-jumps-44-8-in-the-opening-sparq https://bleacherreport.com/articles/1711629-ohio-state-commit-terry-mclaurin-is-getting-the-attention-he-deserves
  4. 2019 Game Breakers

    Now everyone knows these Urban Meyer 40 times are a joke and the general rule of thumb is to add .15 to .20 seconds to each time to get an accurate number (Ward was the missing name at the top), but I think they'll both clock in around the 4.48 range. I don't see any way Dobbins gets in the 4.3's
  5. The Ohio State Buckeyes Thread v.12 — 7 in a row

    I can't help but feel like this team has been regressing a bit each week, but it's hard to say with all of the injuries honestly. Pryor has seemingly improved over the season and he should be taking all of the snaps away from Wint, who definitely has had a really rough year. To me, it just shows how underwhelming any safety not named Fuller or Pryor must be that they have to keep trotting Wint out there, who clearly isn't ready to see the field (if he ever will be). This Saturday is going to be an absolute dogfight, IMO. 7 games in and you are what you are; the running game has gotten worse and worse and it's probably because they've got five 6-6 to 6-7 tackles out there. They get absolutely no push and the interior OL gets abused on a lot of plays. The defense is going to be an issue the rest of the season. If Haskins has another off game like PSU at any point the rest of the year this team will be in trouble.
  6. 2019 Game Breakers

    I definitely wouldn't say he deserves to be on this list, but he does seem to actually have a little bit more break-away speed than Dobbins believe it or not. Dobbins is definitely shiftier / a little bit quicker, but long speed isn't really a strength of his. Dobbins definitely has a more explosive jump cut.
  7. The Ohio State Buckeyes Thread v.12 — 7 in a row

    What has Arnette done this season to draw everyone's ire aside from being named "Damon Arnette"? I'm genuinely curious. I know he's had his ups and downs over the years, but I legitimately haven't noticed him playing particularly bad this season. I've seen him, Wade, Okudah, and Sheffield all give up some passes this year but I feel like they're all playing fairly well. With 4 first round CBs drafted the past few years I'm not sure why people continue to question this staff's ability to evaluate CB play and put the best players on the field. Just looked up the CFB film room stats and while it's not official, the stats show what I've seen on the field; Okudah has looked the worst, but even then he hasn't looked that bad. They're playing fine; it's that safety spot opposite Fuller I'm most worried about, although it seems Pryor might be settling in. Arnette - 12 targets, 5 completions (41.6%), 83 yards, 16.6 YPC, 3 first downs, 2 PI Sheffield - 10 targets, 4 completions (40%), 89 yards, 22.3 YPC, 2 first downs, 0 PI Wade - 10 targets, 4 completions (40%), 63 yards, 15.8 ypc, 3 first downs, 0 PI Okudah - 5 targets, 4 completions (80%), 70 yards, 17.5 YPC, 3 first downs, 2 PI
  8. Bengals Fear RB Joe Mixon Needs Knee Surgery (Out ~2 weeks)

    I had the same surgery (loose body removal in knee) back in June and the therapist said I healed extremely quickly, but I wouldn't say I'd be feeling great if I had to play in an NFL game 2 weeks afterwards. I can see how it's possible but you're still going to be fairly sore. I think he'll take a month or two to fully get back up to 100%, but these are NFL players with the best therapy / rehab possible so who knows.
  9. 2018 Draft Eligible EDGE/RUSH Thread

    Tyquan Lewis, at 270 lbs, put up some pretty good numbers at the OSU pro day. 4.69 40, 10-7 broad jump, 36 inch vert, 4.32 shuttle (would have tied for 5th at combine), 7.14 (tied for 6th at combine). Productive guy with 23 sacks, 34 TFL the past 3 seasons as a starter. Can play inside on 3rd down, pretty quick burst off the snap... would anyone really be surprised to see him go late 2nd round? His perceived stock is all over the place it seems. I don't see him talked about too much on here, but he was more disruptive than Holmes and Hubbard on that DL on a consistent basis.
  10. 2018 Draft Eligible LB Thread.

    Yeah, as I said earlier in the thread... huge Buckeye fan but I wouldn't touch Baker until the 3rd at the earliest, and even then I don't know if I'd feel great. FWIW, Kiper said he'll likely go in the 3rd or 4th, right around where I thought he'll go.
  11. The Ohio State Buckeyes Thread v.12 — 7 in a row

    What are you talking about here? Jones had never been QB#2 at any point in his OSU career. Barrett beat him out that spring for the #2 job. Not being a smart***, just wanting to know what point you were trying to make. And I still disagree on Martell. Yeah, let's burn a true freshmen's redshirt as he's a better option for the upcoming brutal stretch of a top 4 Wisconsin team, and then maybe two games against Clemson / Georgia / Oklahoma when Haskins had played well all season in spot duty. They were never going to put him in that game. Maybe they wish they could have had the opportunity without suffering the consequences, but unless Haskins or Burrow each get hurt in that game he wasn't going in. It was typical Meyer coachspeak, and I think throwing Martell a bit of a bone.
  12. The Ohio State Buckeyes Thread v.12 — 7 in a row

    I know that was said, but I don't believe it in the least bit. To me, there was zero chance they were going to burn an entire year of eligibility for Martell in the 12th game of the year when the backup that had played all season had played very well and was healthy. Just would have made absolutely zero sense, and Meyer has said head-scratching crap like this before.
  13. The Ohio State Buckeyes Thread v.12 — 7 in a row

    Even though I like Mack more probably (don't know if you visit 11W but they have been obsessed with Victor since day one) but Victor actually played more snaps than Mack this season. I think Victor's got a higher ceiling (and he only had one more drop than Mack) but the guy still has a ways to go. If he can ever learn to attack the football in the air and get better at high-pointing it you're talking about a pretty dangerous red-zone guy, but he's still a work in progress. Mack has been somewhat underwhelming as well, but I think he takes a big step up this year. He just seems to be solid all around and probably the most well-balanced receiver on the roster. I think these guys are going to be looked at a lot differently by the end of the season than they are now. As far as the deepball goes? It's been absolutely dreadful since 2014. Curtis Samuel's stats would have been even more insane last year if Barrett could have hit him on the 6-7 wide-open guaranteed TDs he overthrew.
  14. The Ohio State Buckeyes Thread v.12 — 7 in a row

    To me, it was clear that Landers was DT#3 (Jones had 441 snaps, Sprinkle 320, Landers 271) so I was assume that he's the starting nose next season. I think it's going to be a heavy rotation inside though with Landers, Jones, Cornell, Garrett, Hamilton, and possibly Jackson as well. I think Jones is going to see more reps out at DE with the lack of depth there and the abundance of depth at DT. To me, the WR rotation isn't going to change at all; the only difference is will a healthy McCall be able to see the field? It's still going to be: X: Mack / Victor co-starting, Harris and Smith for depth Z: Dixon / McLaurin co-starting, Gardiner, Babb, Brown for depth H: Campbell / Hill co-starting, McCall, Sanders, and Gill for depth But the 6 returning "starters" should assume the same roles as last year. Excited to see what this unit can do with Haskins at the helm.
  15. CalhounLambeau 2018 NFL Draft Thread

    Huge Ohio State fan and I wouldn't touch J.T. Barrett with a 30 foot pole. He just simply doesn't have what it takes to be an NFL QB. No zip on his passes, ZERO anticipation (will only throw to wide open receivers sitting in zone), horrendous deep ball accuracy, slow release, etc. If you could somehow get the 2017 vs. Penn State out of J.T. Barrett on a consistent basis he would be draftable without a doubt; but he made throws in that game he'd never made before and would never make again. Extremely limited as a passer. No position change for him either... I think Barrett will likely run right around a 4.79 - 4.84.