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  1. I’m ok with BPA having learned from the Rodgers pick. I know this is all about Love. But it’s not all about a Beatles song. The 2nd-4th rounds hurt them. No Immediate contributors like Clay or BJ. (Both grabbed in the same year). Zero immediate contributors for first four rounds. It seems they are content being a 9-7 10-6 playoff team and not much else - the stadium is sold out for 35 years after all. Good $ so until another Harlan arrives.... we’ll eat it up
  2. 2008 - Nelson, Finley, Sitton met need and had immediate impact. It was a great draft. 2009 - Raji, Matthews, Lang - even better - Super Bowl it’s been a while since we’ve had a great draft with multiple hits filling holes in the first four rounds. In 2020 they not only reached but also ignored need.
  3. Draft sucked. I didn’t mind they took Love in the first round just as I didn’t mind the Rodgers pick. But the 2nd and 3rd round picks, while talented players, do not help this team. The LINES suffer from lack of speed and depth. The draft spelled doom in April. BPA is great if a diamond falls but not addressing ANY need with their first FOUR picks was negligence.
  4. Have you ever been in the Room Where it Happened? (Hamilton reference). This reminded me of Dallas in the 90s. Sure AR had some bad passes but after that? ZERO penalties for ZERO yards on the Bucs? ZERO? The NFL wants Brady relevant.
  5. I had to take a break!
  6. And I know it’s not over but I’m mowing the lawn.
  7. Every year I wonder most about the TOTAL TAKE meaning - what is the totality of all rounds. I’m ok with a head scratcher. (They know more than I do). I’m ok with the occasional flyer. (TkmtIdo). What is the grade on the TOTAL TAKE on this year? (It’s so much more than the first round - remember 10,000 athletes did not get drafted.... and are still out there).
  8. After three head scratchers, I’ll take it. Like the LB too
  9. Well I recall when they took AR in the draft. I thought - trade value. Of course they didn’t trade up for him then. I also recall how the former QB was a gun slinger and had side stepped several coaches. Maybe this is a wake up call for AR. Stop rolling eyes, stop blaming everyone else. Be a leader. Spend some time in the GBP Hall of Fame. And focus on the ring instead of other’s faults. Clap it off like Favre and move on - and unlike Favre, GET ANOTHER THE RING!
  10. NO ONE PLAYER is bigger than the GREEN BAY PACKERS!
  11. Well, I recall when Rodgers was selected. They didn’t trade UP for him but.... whoa... maybe this is trade value or is meant to light a fire under AR. He has to stop pointing fingers and has to stop rolling his eyes at the coach / teammates / admin. He should spend a bit of time in the GBP Hall of Fame. No one player is bigger than the GBP. He needs to be a leader and direct his talent or GB should move on.
  12. I’d like to know if the long balls were played calls or changed at the line of scrimmage. Get a first down for gosh sake! The D was on the field the WHOLE game!
  13. i had hoped for 3 OL for depth. injury seems inevitable in GB
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