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  1. Home field for this team and the type of offence is not a advantage. Our offense is a finesse type offence. Late cold and snowy doesn't do our team any favors.
  2. O-line really struggled tonight . Absolutely going to question why Turner was at left tackle and not yosh, who did a really good job this year . Turner should have played right tackle . To much line shuffling for a playoff game against a formidable dline. A few very questionable decisions . But the one that bugs me the most is the special teams hire, what a lazy hire, we hired the top assistant from one of the worst special teams and we played dearly for it.
  3. I've always been a Rodgers supporter , but maybe it's time. It's obvious that with his huge cap hit that we not able to surround him with the talent to win a championship, as good as he is ,he's not good enough to do it on own. Every year it's something, if it's not the special teams sucking its the defense or the offence bogs down. It's all so tiring. 2 hall of fame qb's in the last 25 years and all we only can come up with 2 wins in the super bowl , so many heart breakers. I know there are a few fans are Happy just to be here , but this just sucks. It's always something
  4. I swear , this team just will not use the middle of the field , even when we had a decent te we hardly did.
  5. Fine I get it , but name me another receiver besides Adams on this team who has a quick twitch off the line.
  6. 49ers dline dominating now. Degura looking like a wasted pick , can't have guys on the team that shrink in big moments.
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