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  1. houston last week. wilson is the real deal.
  2. He didn't like the change on twitter. LOL
  3. went to new orleans over the weekend for a cousin's baby shower. that's exactly what we did lol. plus the big 6 band played at my cousin's shower. other than that new orleans isn't a great city. been to new orleans over 1000 times and it hasn't changed.
  4. We are going to get a pissed off Rodgers this weekend. GG
  5. anyone know if you have to do a new face scan for your player on ps5? i want to use the same face scan i did for ps4. it came out perfect.
  6. saw the blog today for the ps5 version *your player will have 3 takeovers *no pie charts *a lot of badges from the ps4 version wont be in the ps5 version *several new badges
  7. looks like im on track with my prediction looking back at it. I'll probably change Cleveland to a loss now.
  8. i cant wait till all of them are gone. every single one of them. I dont hate RAC though.
  9. Im in New Orleans so I had to watch the game on a stream using my laptop and the HDMI cord for the TV. Thats why im not posting as much.
  10. He wasnt thinking Also, why the heck Cooks only has 1 catch? We traded a 2nd rounder for that?
  11. cool story bruh. talk to me when the mariners win a title.
  12. anyways, good series. astros shouldnt have even been in the alcs and they were 1 win away from a ws without key players. proud of them.
  13. astros will rebuild and still make the playoffs quicker than the mariners. shows how bad your team is.
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