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  1. texans werent 2-14 bad that year. a decent year from schaub and they would have been a playoff team. this current texans regime is far worse.
  2. watch frazier gets hired tomorrow...just watch
  3. looks like he is a goner even if we hire him.
  4. Interested to see what picks the Rockets end up with. They will end up with the Blazers pick if they make the playoffs. Rockets wont get the Pistons 1st. If the Rockets pick not top 4 they will most likely end up with the Heat 1st round. I'm hoping for a top 4 pick. Needs SG- Oladipo probably wont resign. Gordon is not the future answer at SG going forward. PF- Tucker is older and wont be in the long term plans SF- Gordon is not a SF and he is starting there by default.
  5. what I was doing: I was at the UH cougars basketball game I forgot who we played that day and during a timeout I usually check my phone. I noticed people started talking about it and I thought it was a hoax. Turned out I was wrong. I couldnt believe it. Word got out to the fans around me as well. The UH team didnt find out until after the game. Afterwards I headed to Minute Maid Park for the Royal Rumble event. It was a loud Kobe chant before the show began and a guy across from me was waving a Kobe Jersey, Roman Reigns saw it and pat it. It was a heartfelt moment that day.
  6. nah. she only mentions them to me. i never met them or said a word to them before.
  7. ya she told me she is single 2 weeks ago.
  8. Joe Cautren is no longer Houston's DC. Doug Belk will be the new DC. Im actually surprised but I kind of get it. Cautren is a pretty good DC. Holgorsen didnt want to lose Belk to a P5 school like Georgia. Jay Valai is rumored to be a possible name to be CB coach. How was he at Texas @Texasmade? Recruiting wise and coaching.
  9. So me and this lady that works in another department at the bank I work at are real cool. We have been friends for at least 4 years. She just turned 50. and Im in my 30's. We talk nearly every single day and even after hours at work. She is married and has 2 daughters that are around my age. What would be the best way to go about trying to ask her to see if one of them might be interested in going on a date. I dont think she would mind it since she knows how good of a person I am, I just want to see the best way to go about it.
  10. Tua was a rookie who had limited weapons. We have seen Darnold play over 3 seasons.
  11. its hilarious seeing other rockets fans wanting us to win games. im on team tank with you!
  12. why would they trade for darnold and take a qb with pick 2. thats why the jets package is nowhere near as good as the dolphins one. at least the dolphins can give up tua.
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