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  1. 2019 Transfer Thread

    clemson qb chase brice entered the portal. he will be a hot commodity since he will have 2 years of eligible left as a grad transfer.
  2. Final AP Poll released

    texas is back!
  3. 2019 Coaching Carousel Thread

    i can see the latter.
  4. 2019 Coaching Carousel Thread

    interesting... thats a step down imo.
  5. QB D'Eriq King entering transfer portal

    king struggled this season because he had to make multiple reads in dana's offense. i would go to arkansas if i was him since he thrived in briles system. i dont think he would thrive in any other system honestly.
  6. QB D'Eriq King entering transfer portal

    because his dad is stupid.
  7. QB D'Eriq King entering transfer portal

    https://gocoogs.com/deriq-king-transfer-portal/?fbclid=IwAR21fD-fgr-oHBgku79jAae4pUSycBVh2zgGy4mc_tKHMz0EcQ-K2wjDIcE 3. Now that King has decided to leave, GoCoogs can reveal information we’ve known since that time: the “plan” to redshirt King did not originate with Dana Holgorsen nor was it first discussed on the day after the Tulane game. The plan originated with Eric King himself. According to two sources, Eric King contacted UH AD Chris Pezman in the days before the Tulane game to inform him that if UH lost to Tulane, D’Eriq would “shut it down” and redshirt the rest of the season. One of our sources insisted we not release the info unless King decided to enter the portal. The stunning, last-second loss to Tulane dropped the UH record to 1-3. When the redshirt plan was revealed, Holgorsen said he met with D’Eriq the day after Tulane to discuss redshirting and that he came up with the plan himself.
  8. QB D'Eriq King entering transfer portal

    shut up dummy. if you actually know behind the scenes stuff you would know it wasn't dana's decision to sit him out and redshirt. like i said dana used to the redshirt rule to his advantage with the other players he redshirted. you will see that this upcoming seen so quit acting like you know what the hell you talking about because you clearly don't.
  9. QB D'Eriq King entering transfer portal

    he is using it to its advantage...king isnt the only person who redshirted.
  10. QB D'Eriq King entering transfer portal

    shut up. if you actually go back to when he redshirted i didnt say it would never happen.
  11. King has entered the portal
  12. Is Bill O'Brien the worst coach in the league?

    the same osweiler that got benched for tom savage? savage was the starting qb the game the texans clinched the south on fg miss by randy bullock with the bengals. texans were tied with the titans in the afc south that year too.
  13. 2020 National Championship | #3 Clemson vs #1 LSU

    number 8 got dusted