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  1. AP Poll - Preseason Top 25

    South Florida too high. Don't mind them being ranked but they shouldn't start the season 19. More like 23-25ish.
  2. Miscellaneous News V 5.0

    Hmm..thought for sure he would be going to Michigan.
  3. Patriots @ Texans Pre-Season Version

    Thats a good point but it still shocked me how bad he was given pass coverage is one of his strengths.
  4. Patriots @ Texans Pre-Season Version

    Hmm. I thought Apollo joined the new site.
  5. Patriots @ Texans Pre-Season Version

    Now we just need Blaze and Lork back.
  6. Patriots @ Texans Pre-Season Version

    Granted its preseason Ellington impressed the heck out me given how long he has been with the team. Not going to go out the window and say he will replace Fuller's production but he always had the talent, just couldnt stay healthy. He adds a different element to this offense. Cant take 2 yard catches and turn them into big gains. -Savage was impressive granted he still takes too long to get the ball out. -Dont know why the heck we keep running Miller up the middle. We have Foreman for that now. Miller should be used on the outside ONLY. Maybe get him involved on screens. -There should be no reason whatsoever we should be bad this season in the redzone. We have the targets (to be good in the redzone) at WR (Strong, Hopkins). We have the backs (Miller, Foreman and Blue). If Watson starts at some point in the season, he is another threat in the redzone. -Lord forbid anyone starting on our front 7 gets hurt this season. Zach CUnningham was terrible. I know he is a rookie but one of the reasons we picked him was because he is a very good coverage LB. -Watson will need some time and I can accept that. I might have bought into his hype last week but its looking like Savage will be our starter week 1 baring any setbacks. I will say his leash will be short. Fans will be on Savage's tail everytime he messes up. -Foreman is a beast. Should be starting for us at least by midseason.
  7. Patriots @ Texans Pre-Season Version

    Same. Im going to watch the whole game. Based on what I have been hearing Savage actually played well and Watson wasnt that good minus his rushing TD. I think its becoming more likely Foreman will be getting 10 of more carries early this season. (hint for you fantasy fb players: draft him). Looks like I wont be going to week 1. (I want to go to Watson's first start at NRG).
  8. Patriots @ Texans Pre-Season Version

    Wont be able to see the game tonight (going to the Astros game) so hopefully I see good reviews on how we did. I want Watson to play well and force O'Brien to make a tough decision for next week. IDC about Savage.
  9. The Official Recruiting Thread

    My source is Rob Sellers (writes for Scout and rivals for UH). He interviewed him at his high school on yesterday. I wish I could post the entire article but its preminum board information. He pushed his commitment date back to the 14th of Sept. Im willing to bet he will commit to Houston. Plus with that Hightower HS pipeline we have I like our chances.
  10. The Official Recruiting Thread

    Based on what I am hearing Hypolite isnt going to Tech. Its a 3 team race between UH, Colorado and ECU. UH recruiting him as a nickelback. Colorado as a safety and ECU as an OLB. He taking 3 official visits to those 3 schools.
  11. Over/Under 2017 edition!

    Under. I'll believe it when I see it. Over/Under: Number of INT's for the defense. 11.5 (had 11 last season. 6 by Quintin Demps).
  12. Miscellaneous News V 5.0

    Yeah. A guy on the preminum section of UH Scout board I post on has good sources and he said Delance could be Michigan bound.
  13. 2017 Houston Texans Training Camp

    I tried telling people Bortles was overrated during the draft process. Thank god we took Clowney at 1.
  14. Miscellaneous News V 5.0

    Im actually hearing he might be transfering to Michigan. Should expect an announcement the next few days. Houston got former TCU DL'man Isaiah Chambers. The DL next season will be nasty with him aboard. Not even a dumb idiot like D'Onofrio can't screw this up.