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  1. what sample size are you basing this on?
  2. At this point I believe we can all agree he is just a place holder HC for a few seasons while we rebuild. We just need to pray Tim Kelly is gone while we rebuild. I would be pissed if we are grooming him to be the next HC after Culley.
  3. I think Brady is deadset at getting a NFL head coaching gig. I think Dave Aranda would be an interesting choice for them.
  4. thats moreso due to Brady. Obviously the LSU job is an attractive job. Going to be interesting to see if them and USC will be going after the same targets. I sure as heck hope they take Fickell away from Cincy.
  5. who knows at this point. Texans need talent every single where
  6. Jags just beat the Dolphins which should help us if we lose to the Colts. Keep tanking Texans!
  7. now show that thunder fan sengun's highlights last night.
  8. Astros are the Roman Reigns of baseball
  9. McCullers out for the ALCS but would return if the Astros go to the WS. GG
  10. Flex 0.5 PPR Josh Jacobs at Den Emmanuel Sanders at Titans
  11. ucf and cincy isnt a trap game. I think Cincy steamrolls them especially since Dillon Gabriel aint playing.
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