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  1. Brady sure has gotten alot of offensive coordinators Head Coaching jobs.
  2. Anthony Edwards was horrible last season for the Wolves until they made the coaching change to Chris Finch. Since then he has been playing like a projected number 1 pick. I hope that happens when we fire Silas and bring in a new coach.
  3. I like Griffin as a prospect but I cant get jiggy with taking him over Chet at 3.
  4. Sengun was in a slump prior to tonight's game. Christopher has been ok. Green isnt the worst rookie right now. LOL Silas dont even know how to coach. The offense needs to run through Green and Green needs to play along side a true PG. Silas has Green standing in the corner on possessions. Not to mention he doesnt even play him in the 4th quarter prior to tonight's game. Once Rockets get a HC that knows how to run an effective offensive system Green will continue to struggle.
  5. im counting down the days till Stephen Silas is fired. He ruining the development of our young players and his offensive system sucks. not to mention this defense might be worse than the dantoni years.
  6. As long as it isnt some retread HC coach, or Patriots coach with the exception of Flores I am good with whoever they end up hiring.
  7. that would be awful for the rockets. i am convinced Stone can get a much better offer for Eric Gordon in a deal by himself.
  8. rockets going on that meaningless win streak is going to come back and haunt them for a top 4 pick watch. okc just tied them.
  9. I just read an article on the Athletic about the Rockets and Wall/Gordon. They are saying is likely they wont deal Gordon since Stone turned down some previous offers for him. I swear if he dont get trade Gordon and Wood at the deadline Im going to be pissed. Gordon better be dealt.
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