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  1. you act like lavine is trash or something lol
  2. suggs wasnt even a top 2 scoring option for zaga as a 5 star recruit. if green went to zaga he would have been their 1st option. suggs will be a good player but his upside isnt higher than green's. when you are picking 2nd, you have to swing for the fences on a potential star.
  3. Dennison fell off that bad? I remember him on the Texans. He improved our redzone offense when he was on Kubiak's staff.
  4. i dont see that comparison. Morant isnt a sniper from 3 like Green is. The Lavine comparison is perfect IMO. Both are crazy athletic and both are 3 level scoring threats.
  5. who would you prefer if you had to choose between the two?
  6. they can go earlier but it would cost them a hefty amount of money to.
  7. tech's academics would make them a bad option. houston and tcu are the pac 12's best options from texas. doubt baylor would be an option. edit: yeah someone mention the religious part like i did yesterday so that removes baylor and tcu.
  8. yeah i think acc is a good fir for them. im going to LOL at baylor, and tech if they end up in the same conference as Houston. curious to see what the 2 Kansas schools do. How is Iowa St's academics? Would the BIG take them to pair with Iowa?
  9. i saw that on twitter 2 days ago and died laughing.
  10. i still dont think the other texas schools would vote houston in. if houston went to the big 12 with them they could kiss their houston area recruits goodbye.
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