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  1. why couldnt yall win yesterday? SMH!
  2. i think Ziare could be. Some team could pick him based on potential.. He has tools to work with. With that being said I hope teams pass on him so he can fall to one of the late Rockets picks. lol
  3. no way Moody falls down to 21. if we pass on him with the Blazers pick im going to be livid.
  4. glad he is doing it. Heart problems arent a joke. He had a very productive career. Sucks he didnt win a ring. Had a good chance to this season.
  5. it doesnt. fabian white is returning for a 5th year and it doesnt count towards the ship limit for Houston.
  6. tom herman was voted the best coach under 40 too
  7. I didnt say he sucks as a HC. I'm saying he isnt a "excellent HC" like you stated.
  8. nah seriously though, it will be interesting to see who they end up with. Anything to help the conference. Need them and Memphis and Wichita St to be tournament teams. I'm just not a fan of Wes Miller for them. I think they need to make a splash hire.
  9. https://247sports.com/college/cincinnati/board/40/Contents/rothstein-says-164161750/ even cincy fans agree with me.
  10. one is in the AAC and the other i had to look up what conference Wes Miller coach in.
  11. what about the other 8 seasons he missed the tourney?
  12. still wont put them over the top in the AAC. I wont say excellent. He never made it past round 1 in the tourney.
  13. please go to cincy so I can laugh at them again.
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