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  1. Nick Bosa vs Ed Oliver

    honestly it was petty on applewhite. it was damn near 30 degrees outside lol. cant wait till this clown is fired.
  2. Coaches on the hot seat

    Crowds have booed the past 2 UH games. (at smu and vs temple and i attended both loses). Applewhite for sure is on the hot seat. I think he will fire D'onofrio as DC and be back one more year. Unfortunately for him next season's schedule is harder so he might be canned. I hate Applewhite with a passion and I started a petition to remove him as HC.
  3. So, Who Has a Good Defense This Year?

    i think when we have our guys back it will show improvement. We have an elite run defense. We just need Colvin, Joseph and Cunningham to come back.
  4. David Beaty out at Kansas

    oh lord no...i hope they take major applewhite instead.
  5. AFC Playoffs: Who gets the 6th seed

    last time browns beat the texans was 07. Texans have their number.
  6. AFC Playoffs: Who gets the 6th seed

    whoever wins sunday might have the upper hand for the 6th spot.
  7. Post Bye Week Schedule - Playoff Scenarios

    i try and go to the games we are on national tv. im considering going to the colts game depending on how big it is. i was going to go to the jags game week 17 but that game is meaningless it looks like.
  8. Will Marcus Mariota Be a Top 15 Quarterback Again?

    i didnt know the afc south had 2 divisions. mariota not even the 2nd best qb in the division.
  9. Brian Cushing's pick six vs Phillip Rivers on MNF. Cushing (at the time) was athletic and could move. The way he got this INT and ran in the endzone was amazing.
  10. 2019 NFL Draft - Running Backs

    you think he is an every down back?
  11. AFC Playoffs: Who gets the 6th seed

    Whoever wins next week between Colts/Titans
  12. Post Bye Week Schedule - Playoff Scenarios

    Sticking with 11-5 with loses to the Skins and Eagles although both games are winnable. Titans and Colts is going to be huge next week. I wish we could have beaten the Giants and Titans. We could possibly had a first round bye. Oh well.
  13. NBA GDT | 18'-19 | @ me w/ your thread title if you got one

    the thing is overblown. melo isnt the blame for why the rockets sucking. we could cut him and this team still would suck.