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  1. should have been a tight end the minute he was drafted.
  2. Whats yalls thoughts on Cam Thomas? Ceiling of an instant offense 6th man?
  3. yeah im hoping the rockets break the trend, but at this point i would take any pick in the top 4.
  4. hell of a get out of Florida. Now complete the 2022 class with Bryce Griggs and Terrance Arceneaux and its a wrap. lol
  5. oh dont get me wrong, i carry my card everywhere with me but we all know there are foolish people out there that dont.
  6. how is that going to happen? are we going to be required to bring our cards showing we took both shots everywhere we go?
  7. I got us going 3-14. Thats with or without Watson.
  8. thats a good get by Arizona. He should be a top 150 player in this class. I remember when Cincy was trying to get him with Brennan as HC.
  9. rockets cant even play spoiler after clinching the worst record in the league smh
  10. he going to play for his dad at wisconsin-milwaukee?
  11. last year seemed like a lot of my baseball knowledge was lost. i have to catch up lol
  12. not an AEW fan, even watched one show but they are supposed to come to the Fertitta Center at University of Houston's campus. I might attend.
  13. first time ever going to a social gathering for singles this past week and it was super fun. it was a co-ed kickball social for singles. met a few nice women. got a few of their numbers too. this group usually have events every other week so im definitely going to try and go to them. i should have done this years ago lol. heck, even the guys there were cool. 4 of them and i went out to bowling last night.
  14. only one thats reason tanking is OKC. The rest of the teams just suck.
  15. I'm going to Cam here me out. Yes Burrow made LSU legit and ended with a national title, but I really think if Joe Brady wasnt coaching LSU that year Burrow wouldnt have gone number 1 overall and LSU wouldnt have won the national title. Meanwhile Cam transferred to Auburn with them coming off an 8 win season and completely transformed Auburn in 1 year in 2010.
  16. it would be the same thing if they had harden. lol heck i can argue with harden on the floor they would be better than an 11th ranked offense.
  17. rockets carried this lineup his first year as a starter to the playoffs lin/harden/parsons/terrence jones/asik rockets carried this roster to a 2 seed in the west: ariza beverley brewer capela joey dorsey dwight terrence jones kj mcdaniels kostas papnikolaou donatas motiejunas josh smith jason terry pablo prigioni the 4th seed in the west (denver) currently has 44 wins. Harden would definitely have the warriors at 44 wins assumed he played every game.
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