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  1. i mean we have landed several under sampson but ok. lol
  2. Jarace Walker come on down! #wedonttakestepsback
  3. what if he goes to the g league for 1 year?
  4. not like Okc doesnt have a huge need at center or something lol
  5. looks like arceneaux is going to choose Houston. Seeing Houston get Arceneaux and Jarace Walker on the way to the Big 12 while Memphis lose Duren and possibly Bates after a year>>>>
  6. I think we get destroyed. We got a pissed off Browns team playing their first game at home. TBH It wont be even close.
  7. not sure if serious. lol i get that your okc thunder couldnt get a top 5 pick from us and we fleeced yall in the sengun trade but come on.
  8. thats what im thinking will happen as well. me personally i wouldnt mind them giving up the heat 1st rounder next year and the bucks first rounder in 2023 to attach the wall.
  9. i only see 3 winnable games remaining on the schedule vs Patriots vs Jets at Jags
  10. someone in my league spent 35 dollars to add jordan love off waivers. yes you read that right.
  11. to be honest shooting is easier for 2k22 than it was for the past few ones. as for your 2nd question i can answer that tonight when i get on and play with some point guards that have good ball handling.
  12. lol ok man. there is no such thing as 'start over" at Houston under Kelvin Sampson.
  13. simmons would take yall out of the top 3 pick discussion. thats why im glad the rockets didnt trade for him this past season.
  14. came you blame me? my team coming of a final four run. why wouldnt i be excited about the upcoming season? thats common sense.
  15. i mean they was going to drop in the standings regardless lol
  16. i mean it shouldnt be hard for penny. all he has to do is beat the likes of tulsa, wichita st, and smu!
  17. https://www.star-telegram.com/sports/article254113023.html dangit!
  18. just keep that same energy when memphis is still worse than houston this season. maybe when houston leaves for the big 12 penny can find win something that matters!
  19. *4 star SF Terrance Arceneaux announcing on Friday. Everyone predicting him to choose Houston although UNLV is a darkhorse. Rivals analyist Jaime Shaw flipped 5* PF Jarace Walker's prediction from Bama to Houston. *insert feels good man gif*
  20. Kansas is Kansas Baylor just won a national title Tech might still be good even with Beard Houston is legit Oklahoma St is a tournament team If Wes Miller is a good HC like some of yall claimed he is in the NCAA thread then Cincy should go back to being good. West Virginia is a tournament team BYU is a tournament team Not like Texas and OU were world beaters in the conference recently lol
  21. rockets have the heat first rounder in 2022 and bucks first rounder in 2023 to move with wall. interesting to see what they do.
  22. jacobs is my flex. i might still start him. its either him or robby anderson or laviska shenault.
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