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  1. Dynasty with salary cap and yearly FA signing

    Disregard thread. Someone else was running a league with almost identical parameters, so I joined that league, and will not be starting this one.
  2. First Round Locks: Players and Teams

    If the Colts get Chubb at 6 after collecting all those picks from the Jets, they will have played this very nicely.
  3. Draft Rumors

    Yes, at times during his college career, I definitely remember some touting him as a serious pro prospect. Wish I could take credit for being one of them, but i'd be lying.
  4. Saints sign Bears WR Cameron Meredith to offer sheet

    Anybody else still find it jarring when someone refers to "Baltimore" and then "the Colts" as separate entities? No?
  5. Who has better leverage to acquire the #2 pick?

    With the aim of drafting which QB?
  6. 2018 Draft Eligible WR Thread

    I think I agree on all counts. "Good route runner" sometimes gets lazily used as kind of a backhanded compliment for guys without any standout athletic traits;,almost like describing an ugly girl as having a "great personality"; but some guys with the "good route runner" label really do have the athleticism to maximize the separation advantage their technique affords them. Miller definitely falls into this category for me, and I have a hard time seeing him fall out of day two.
  7. Draft Rumors

    FWIW, I do think Rudolph will go in the first. By my count, at least ten teams could plausibly be in the market for a QB; I think it likely six of them could go QB in the first.
  8. Draft Rumors

    If Baker Mayfield falls out of the top ten and gets drafted behind running backs, guards, and Mason Rudolph, someone's getting a helluva value LOL
  9. 2018 Draft Eligible WR Thread

    Yup. This is absolutely a case of a receiver's route-running acumen providing a high likelihood that he will earn a significant role early in his pro career, while his athleticism(both measured in drills and observed on the field) offers the promise of great upside. I've seen him mocked as late as the early fourth round lately. I really don't see that happening, but he would be an astonishing value at that point.
  10. First Round Locks: Players and Teams

    Nobody said Elliott and Fournette aren't fine players; my exact words were, "those guys are good RBs, but they were not good picks at that spot in the draft." You're right that the Cowboys looked quite average without Elliott last season. They also looked not much better than average with him. It's fair to consider their struggles last year, but it's also fair to consider how those struggles might have been alleviated by the addition of a Stanley, a Ramsey, or a Buckner. Again, the case being made isn't that there aren't good running backs being drafted early, but rather that taking one early results in missing out on talented players elsewhere. I think Gurley was a good value at #10, and I already said I think Barkley would be good value there. But you're talking about Barkley at #4, and I don't like the risk/reward there. At that spot in the draft, ANYTHING less than Gurley-level production is a poor value proposition. And as much as I love Barkley, sub-Gurley production is within his plausible range of outcomes.
  11. Deontay Burnett: Teams that Fit and What Round Does He Go?

    I think he would be a fine pick in the 4th.
  12. First Round Locks: Players and Teams

    How? Because they could have improved the team more by drafting a player who impacts the game more. Nobody is claiming that Elliott or Fournette make their respective teams worse by being on the roster; just that in taking those players, the teams squandered opportunities to take other, more valuable players. Of course the Cowboys future would look brighter today with Ronnie Stanley, Jalen Ramsey, or Deforest Buckner on the roster in place of Elliott. Ditto the Jags with, say, Adams, Mahomes, or Watson(I omit Lattimore because the Jags already have two superlative CBS, but I probably shouldn't; a strong case can be made that another elite player in the secondary would be more impactful than Fournette). These guys are great players who get to impact the game more than a RB does, and that's what you need with an early pick.
  13. First Round Locks: Players and Teams

    Yeah, Howard's trade value is not much more than that of a fifth-round pick, IMO.
  14. First Round Locks: Players and Teams

    Well, yeah, I would agree Barkley can be a good value in the first round. Heck, I think he'd be a reasonable value at #10, where Gurley went. But we're talking about taking him at #4, which is also where Elliott and Fournette went. Those guys are good RBS, but they were not good picks at that spot in the draft. And Barkley, while better than those guys, isn't SO much better that he becomes worth a top-five pick, IMO.
  15. First Round Locks: Players and Teams

    If you have a top five pick and you don't love a QB, LT, or pass rusher who's available at that spot, you're usually best off seeing what you can get in trade for the pick. You really want to get a player who impacts each game in a way that a running back just doesn't impact it. I think Barkley is better in relation to other running backs than Chubb is to other pass rushers, but Chubb is pretty clearly the more valuable overall player, IMO. A pass rusher is just too important. If I thought there was a great left tackle prospect in this class(I don't), I would consider him, as well. If Chubb is still available when the Browns pick at #4, he would be a better value than Barkley. If the Browns feel so good about Ogbah that they don't find Chubb worth drafting(and they might), they would be smart to thoroughly explore trade options. I feel pretty much the same way in regards to Nelson. It's cool that he's such a great guard prospect, but it'd be a lot cooler if he was a great tackle.