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  1. The fact Arthur Smith will still have a job post bye is depressing though.... with that said, great win!!! Heck yeah!
  2. But I guess when you got Mycole Pruitt you obviously play him over Humphries to run a route. Gah.
  3. Lol is Adam Humphries even a part of our team this year?
  4. Can’t wait for us to hand it to Henry next two downs for -5 yards and then be faced with 3rd and long.
  5. We r very lucky to be only down 10-0 right now. Could be very ugly.
  6. We look like a football team playing in 1960’s.
  7. Remember that one time we drafted Corey Davis over Christian Mccaffrey?
  8. Lol we r def going “Good” to “Great”. Good draft position to great draft position.
  9. Lol our whole offense just looks like straight booty butt. Some bad play calls by Arthur as well. Id be surprised if we can even put up 3 points next half.
  10. I wonder what JROB thinks as he watches mariota check it down 2 yards every play? I mean heck, let’s bring back Clipboard Jesus for this job.
  11. Wish we would just put Tannehill in 2nd half and see if he could do anything to spark us.
  12. Mariota is the ideal NFL backup. Pretty much what I’m seeing.
  13. Hey guys, random question. Sorry to post it here in this thread but I’ll keep it brief. So I’m thinking I might not be able to watch most of our games at the scheduled times this coming year. Has anyone ever used NFL Game Pass. If so, was it worth the $? Thanks.
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