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  1. Offseason Thread

    Hey guys, random question. Sorry to post it here in this thread but I’ll keep it brief. So I’m thinking I might not be able to watch most of our games at the scheduled times this coming year. Has anyone ever used NFL Game Pass. If so, was it worth the $? Thanks.
  2. Offseason Thread

    Same. I’m actually beginning to accept we are stuck w/ Daquan, Johnson, and Urban — depressing. I really would like to not rush Simmons back and have him take a redshirt year. But I don’t know if we can afford to redshirt him if we’re stuck w/ those guys.
  3. Offseason Thread

    Bet Colts land him. Will piss me off.
  4. Offseason Thread

    Ndamukong Suh 1 yr contract cmon JRob reel him in. He would play a lot of meaningful snaps for us this year.
  5. 2019 UDFA Thread

    Also, Barnes over Fluellen is something I hope happens!
  6. 2019 UDFA Thread

    I think Derick Roberson will make the squad! What do you think KT?
  7. Offseason Thread

    Question, I have wondered this for a long time. But why in the heck are we not interested in Gerald McCoy?? Is he not a good fit for our defense? Is he washed up or something? He seems like he’d be the perfect fit while we await Simmons debut, and we’d give up nothing for him. I just don’t understand.
  8. Offseason Thread

    Luke Stocker 2.0 ... mehhhh
  9. Player Contract Extentions And How We Can Make Them Work

    Re-sign candidates this year/next off-season: 1. Byard 2. Mariota 3. Derrick Henry 4. Dennis Kelly 5. Logan Ryan Retire candidates: 1. Wesley Woodyard 2. Cameron Wake Let walk in FA candidates: 1. Jack Conklin 2. Ben Jones 3. Austin Johnson 4. Correa Potential Release candidates: 1. Dion Lewis 2. Daquan Jones 3. Malcolm Butler 4. Vaccaro
  10. Love this pick. Probably my favorite first round draft pick since drafting Chris Johnson.
  11. Conklin’s 5th year option declined

    Conklin’s not worth $16 million on a 1 year contract, plain and simple. Smart move by JRob. If we want to resign him, we’ll get him in the 10-12 mill per year range. My question is though, do we pay Dennis Kelly next off season instead of Conklin?
  12. Pick 51 Titans Select AJ Brown

    Absolutely agree. I really think he could be something special. His YAC is just insane. A true RB with the ball in his hands.
  13. Titans select D'Andre Walker-OLB- (5th round)

    Walker will be solid depth and a good special teams player year 1. Chance to be a starter if Wake retires after next season.
  14. Pick 51 Titans Select AJ Brown

    Announcement: AJ Brown is going to be an f’in stud. Love his confidence and love his game. Was there on Broadway when he was drafted and just so psyched about it. Thanks for your efforts Taywan but AJ is going to take your spot Day 1. Also, bye to Tajae.
  15. Day 2 Draft Talk

    Ford or Risner would make me psyched! heck, I totally forgot Ford was even available. Wow.