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  1. The bills sign the GOAT Frank Gore

    98 once the season starts!
  2. Trey Flowers to sign with Lions

    It kinda reminds me of back in 2009 when Josh McDaniels became the head coach for the Broncos a a bunch of players followed him there.... though this time it happened a year after Patricia got there. I really liked Flowers. Will miss him on the Pats.
  3. Lions close to deal with CB Justin Coleman

    Lions spending money like there's no cap.
  4. I'm a little surprised teams aren't throwing big money to Dante Scarnecchia to be their O-Line coach. This guy is the O-Line whisperer.
  5. That was a transition year for the defense: Vrabel and Seymour traded away and Harrison and Bruschi retiring. Not only was there a lot of talent lost, but leadership too on that defense. The young talent was there, but needed that year of growth.
  6. Best Intraconference Rivalries

    I wouldn't vote for Steelers/Patriots. In the Belichick/Brady era: 8-3 regular season and 3-0 playoffs. Too one sided. Ravens/Patriots rivalry is better. The regular season is one sided (6-1), but the playoffs is split (2-2).
  7. Rebuilding the Patriots

    Hopefully the Patriots can resign some of them, but looks like there will be a bunch more compensatory picks in the Patriots' future.
  8. QB Johnny Manziel cut by CFL Team

    I could be completely wrong, but wouldn't any domestic abuse be in the news? The CFL commissioner stated that he violated the terms of the agreement to play in the CFL. This meant monthly doctor visits with lithium tests and weekly therapist sessions for his anger management. But he won't state exactly what Manziel did wrong. Alouettes' GM stated: “We are disappointed by this turn of events. Johnny was provided a great deal of support by our organization, in collaboration with the CFL, but he has been unable to abide by the terms of his agreement. We worked with the league and presented alternatives to Johnny, who was unwilling to proceed.” Why would they present alternatives if it was a domestic abuse case? To me (and I'm just guessing), it sounds like Manziel stopped going to his therapist and the Alouettes gave him other alternatives like possibly group counselling, personal life coach, etc. It really sounds like Manziel wanted out of the CFL and this was his way to do it.
  9. Patriots draft

    I wonder if there is a higher willingness to go out shopping players with draft picks than focusing on the draft. There are 5-6 rookies last year who ended up on IR and played little to not at all. Getting them back there might be a need for more veteran presence than more rookies.
  10. 2018-2019 NCAAB Thread

    It wasn't long ago where some Americans were burning Nike products and they survived just fine. The thing is right now the sneaker industry is blowing up. Nike, adidas, Puma, New Balance, Under Armor, etc are all year over year making record profits with Nike (and Jordan) having a very healthy lead on adidas.... and everyone else is fighting for a very distant 3rd. The stock dropped a bit, but it'll bounce right back and climb even higher when the next quarterly report shows a new record high. Where it might hurt Nike is market share for basketball. adidas made some strides into this space signing some of the top players. Puma made a big splash into the market in 2018. New Balance is trying to get in the game now with Kawhi. Just coming into the league it is almost the default option to sign with Nike (or Jordan). 75% of all NBA players are signed with Nike. But now you have some doubt as Zion may want to go with a competitor instead. In other news, the PG 2.5 are on sale at Nike.com (and Nike.ca).... I mean if you want exploding shoes.
  11. Normally, I don't watch the all star weekend, but I as sick with the flu at home with nothing else better to do. But I found it to be fairly entertaining. The skills comp: The slower guys like Doncic and Jokic were shooting half court shots as the speedier guys beat them to the 3 point line. Tatum did the same thing in the finals but actually hit it to steal that win. 3 point contest was really competitive. Both Booker and Green got 23 points. That would have been enough in most years to advance, but not this year. Steph missed 1 ball in his final rack to tie. Steph and Seth had a bet on who will performs better in the competition. Loser pays for entire family every time they play each other for the rest of their careers. In other news, Seth asked to be traded... to China. Dunk contest was very bland, but Diallo jumping over Shaq and finishing it with a Vince Carter hangman dunk was really impressive. There was a hand on Shaq's back, but no leverage. The All Star game was for the most part entertaining. The first half was filled with no defense dunks, but it looked like Lebron's team came out of half time really focused on coming back playing some decent defense... for an All Star game.
  12. Which team is the biggest treadmill team in the NFL?

    Bills are the model of mediocrity. In the past 19 seasons, the Bills managed to finish with a record of 6-10 to 9-7, 16 times! The other 3 seasons were 3-13, 4-12, and 5-11. No really bad lows, but rarely anything close to highs. They made 1 post season during that entire stretch... that's their high. One post season appearance that they lost. They managed to only have 1 3rd overall pick and 2 4th overall picks during that entire time. None of which were used on QBs, but in fairness those years didn't have any high caliber QBs to select. In fact, they only had 7 top 10 picks in total. Granted some of those picks were traded down (or away), but they can't rebuild by trading away your picks. All 3 times the Bills looked like they had something happening by finishing with a 9-7 record, the following seasons were a debacle. 2004, Bledsoe at QB, the Bills finish 9-7. They opt to go with Losman and finish 2005 with a record of 5-11. Doug Marrone builds a top 3 defense in 2014 and then gets the hell out of Buffalo. Rex Ryan proceeds to slowly destroy the team by offering stupidly high contracts to bad players and ruining what could have been a top tier defense to one of the worst in the league. McDermott over achieves in 2017, but with all the bad contracts and lack of talent and building around a rookie QB, the Bills are back down to mediocrity. The good news is they can only go up from here. No more cap issues. They are buyers this off season and even though they spent much of their stash of picks last draft, they did not trade away any of their 2019 draft picks. If they draft well, sign the right players, they could be a surprise team next season.
  13. Can Pats challenge Bills?

    TE will be a definite need for the Pats with the likelihood of Allen getting cut and possibility of Gronk retiring, they will be very thin at that position. With WR, Amendola could be coming back as the Fins are likely to cut him. Also it's possible that Josh Gordon could be back as early as preseason. It depends on how his rehab goes.
  14. In post superbowl interviews, Belichick referred to Flores as DC. So could very well be that Flores finally earned the title after winning the SB.
  15. Was Super Bowl LIII "boring"?

    Having played defense in high school (DE mostly).... but I was too much of a "Rudy" to play in college. I actually loved the game. It was masterful on both sides how they were correctly anticipating (most of the time) what the offenses were going to to do. It wasn't even flashy defense, but "hard nose in your face I ain't giving you anything" type of defense. But having watched with others, especially those who cared more about the commercials and half time and "die hard" fans who really had no clue about football outside of play names and the typical mindless quotes heard on sports talk shows. I got really annoyed trying to explain why this is entertaining.