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  1. Better Player Right Now: Dipo, DeRozan, Or Siakam?

    Oladipo right now assuming 100% recovery. Siakam has made great strides, but is inconsistent. Siakam also hasn't reached his ceiling. In the long run, he could be the best player out of the 3. DeMar is just too inefficient with his long range 2 pointers and a liability on D.
  2. There'll be some, but every team has a couple of aholes in their fan base. While the drought isn't as bad as other cities, Toronto was creeping up near the top in NA, this championship means far more to Toronto than what the next 10 years of basketball would be and for that, I'm forever grateful for Kawhi. Washington wants to pay Ujiri waaaay too much money and give him partial ownership, then he should go. Kawhi feels that he will be happier in LA, then go. Both did their job in Toronto. I wouldn't be happy about it, but I wouldn't boo them either.
  3. What about game 4? Or did you completely block that out of your memory?
  4. Yeah except that's not what happened. Bucks stole game 1. Raptors stole game 5. Bucks blew out game 2. Raptors blew out game 4. Game 3 was a double OT where Raptors got the better of it. This series is really very much right down the middle.
  5. What are some of NFL's longest unresolved mysteries?

    My point wasn't whether Peyton did HGH or not. When the story broke, Peyton did admitted (via his attorney) that his wife received HGH to their home. https://www.indystar.com/story/sports/nfl/colts/2018/06/11/peyton-manning-lawyers-say-hgh-sent-home-wife-ashley/691723002/ The simple fact that HGH was delivered to Peyton's home should have been enough for a fire-storm of media coverage.
  6. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    I hate watching the draft when you're a Patriot fan. You wait and wait and wait until it's their pick... and then they trade it away.
  7. What are some of NFL's longest unresolved mysteries?

    What about the other Manning? HGH was delivered to Peyton's home and everyone just buys the excuse that it was for his wife. If that was Brady, he would have been run out of the league. Instead the story gets completely buried... much like his harassment charges in college. Buried... and then buried again after Peyton mentioned it in his book. Whoever that family has working for them in PR is doing a fantastic job.
  8. Who has the best uniform / logo in the NFL?

    As a Canadian, I really like the Tennessee Argos and the New York Rough Riders jerseys.
  9. Steve is the most experienced coach of what remains of the defensive coaching staff.
  10. Mike Pennel 2-year deal. Dude is huge.

    Like JP Losman did lose a lot and Jadeveon Clowney does like to joke around. Bears new kicker Chris Blewitt? We shall see....
  11. The bills sign the GOAT Frank Gore

    98 once the season starts!
  12. Trey Flowers to sign with Lions

    It kinda reminds me of back in 2009 when Josh McDaniels became the head coach for the Broncos a a bunch of players followed him there.... though this time it happened a year after Patricia got there. I really liked Flowers. Will miss him on the Pats.
  13. Lions close to deal with CB Justin Coleman

    Lions spending money like there's no cap.
  14. I'm a little surprised teams aren't throwing big money to Dante Scarnecchia to be their O-Line coach. This guy is the O-Line whisperer.
  15. That was a transition year for the defense: Vrabel and Seymour traded away and Harrison and Bruschi retiring. Not only was there a lot of talent lost, but leadership too on that defense. The young talent was there, but needed that year of growth.