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  1. 2018 Draft Eligible WR Thread

    Ridley is very safe...but not exciting at all. He's going to be a solid NFL player an should have a very nice career. But he isn't going to be a WR1. At least I don't see that in him when I watch him. He'll be a 1st round draft pick in the NFL draft. But, as a fantasy player his ceiling is as a WR2 in PPR leagues in my opinion. And that's his ceiling. I think it's likely he won't produce top 25 WR numbers in the NFL.
  2. If I were the GM...

    The Browns have rolled the dice on rookie QB's so many times, only to not find "their guy". If I were the GM I would do the following: 1) Try to sign Kirk Cousins. This is the #1 thing the Browns should do the moment FA opens up...though I'd love to see him with my Vikings as well. He's going to become one of the highest paid players in the league but I think he's worth it. This move will open up the draft for the Browns in SO many ways. Imagine having Cousins and being able to draft Barkley and a defensive stud or OT to replace the hall of famer on his way out the door. 2) If Cousins signs elsewhere, sign Sam Bradford or Case Keenum. If they are both gone, then I'd offer the 2.1 draft pick for Nick Foles. If this is the move, I'd still draft a QB at 1.1 or 1.4 and hopefully still draft Barkley. Investing in the QB position is the most important thing the Browns can do. Making the investment into the #1 pick includes putting a player in front of them to learn from and not be thrown to the wolves. If everything works out in this situation, the Browns will have themselves an "Alex Smith" next off season and can trade him if they feel the rookie is ready to be the starter going into his second year. Or, they keep him and groom the position for another year. It wasn't a bad thing for Aaron Rodgers to sit for 2-3 years. Being patient could pay off big time.
  3. Robbie Anderson Arrested...Again

    The New York Daily News' Manish Mehta writes the Jets "aren't ready to give up on" Robby Anderson. Analysis: Anderson was arrested for the second time in as many offseasons in January, this time for several traffic violations and allegedly threatening the arresting officer's wife. The incident should lead to a suspension, but the Jets look likely to keep the young receiver around, an unsurprising decision considering how well he played in 2017. A restricted free agent in 2019, the Jets can retain Anderson at a relatively cheap cost for the next two seasons.
  4. 2018 Draft Eligible WR Thread

    I agree that the top end of this WR class is not exciting. Courtland Sutton does have a high potential ceiling, but he's not nearly as "can't miss" as many other #1 WR's in a draft class. However, I do like the depth of this class. I think NFL teams will actually find some productive WR's for their team in the later rounds of this draft. So, NFL teams have to be pretty excited about what they see, as long as they aren't a team with a top 10 pick who want to spend it on a WR. With that said, I expect 3-4 WR's to come off the board on day 1 in the draft and a few on day 2 as well. And Sutton has a good shot at coming off the board in the top 10. I've seen a lot of mock's with him going to Chicago at #8. I don't love that pick for the Bears. But, he does have upside.
  5. (Poll) Will Josh Gordon Make it Through this Offseason Clean?

    Hm...if I were the head coach coming off from 1-32 over the last two seasons, I'd be reaching out to Gordon myself. I'd do my best to align him with a mentor. Heck, I'd reach out to Chris Carter and see if he would take Gordon "under his wing" this off season. If there is any player Gordon could connect with, it's Chris Carter and what he went through. Gordon feels like he's ready to turn his life around. But, I feel like he needs a supporting group around him to help him through this next phase of life for him.
  6. (Poll) Will Josh Gordon Make it Through this Offseason Clean?

    Here's a question: What can the Browns do to help Gordon through this off season to succeed without falling back to his addictions?
  7. (Poll) Will Josh Gordon Make it Through this Offseason Clean?

    This makes little sense. He's still on a rookie contract for very little money and he is one of the top 5 most talented WR's in the NFL. You work with him this off season and you play him this year. If he breaks out, great! If he doesn't, nothing lost. If you still don't trust him after a great season, you don't re-sign him and get a compensatory pick when he signs as a free agent elsewhere. There is absolutely nothing gained by watching him clean up his act over the last two years and then saying, "nope, we don't want you." You are right. Few perennially successful teams draft a guy like Gordon in the first place. But, it is what it is. Now you make the best decision you can while you own the rights to him for another year.
  8. (Poll) Will Josh Gordon Make it Through this Offseason Clean?

    Typically a player coming from Josh's background and history doesn't turn things around. I'm not holding my breath that he breaks that mold. However, I think he's doing and saying all the right things and I certainly hope he has turned himself completely around. In fact, if he has and remains so in the future, he's likely to become a true leader on the team and will be able to help other young players coming onto the team. He had a chance to see his life without football and little future and he didn't like what he saw. That can be enough to change a man. I have high hopes that the later option here is what transpires.
  9. 2018 Draft RB Thread

    According to those at the Senior Bowl, Kalen Ballage was a BEAST there. His stats in college really didn't impress. But he has the physical traits to be amazing. And it sounded like he was putting on a show for the NFL coaches and scouts at the Senior Bowl. One scout apparently compared his ability to David Johnson! How you guys feel about him at the next level?
  10. How many good years does TB12 have left?

    He has SO much incentive for his future company to play at a high level for as many years as he can. So I feel like 2-4 years is probably realistic. He and his wife have an estimated combined net worth of $540 million. So, it's not like money is an issue though.
  11. Is DeMarco Murray a Titan next season?

    That's probably true. Doug Martin will also be cut and he's paid more as well. I just feel like a player getting hurt but playing through it the year after putting up one of the better RB seasons in the NFL should be given a chance to bounce back. I could be wrong though. And odds are good that he's cut. I just think that a healthy Henry/Murray for less than $8 million is a solid investment. Great RB duo potentially for 2018.
  12. Is DeMarco Murray a Titan next season?

    Here's the thing, Murray's contract is not all that expensive when combined with Henry's rookie contract. And when healthy (Murray was not this year), the two of them provide one of the stronger 1-2 RB duos in the league for less than $8 million total. And the Titans have plenty of cap space. Murray's contract for 2018 puts him in the same cost area as guys like Chris Ivory and Lamar Miller, both of whom will be paid more this year than Murray will. Henry's contract is all the way down by guys like Spencer Ware, Robert Turbin and Fozzy Wittaker. Having a strong duo of RB's who both bring different skill sets to the table is valuable for this offense. I predict Murray will be a Titan for the 2018 season.
  13. Dez Bryant: Keep, Release or Trade?

    If we want to predict a trade situation for Dez, I think you have to look for a team with a lot of cap space with a star QB and a lack of WR's. You know who fits that? The Colts or the 49ers. Both teams have plenty of space and have their QB's of the future and could use a clear #1 weapon in the passing game. Just a thought. I still don't think Dez will wear anything but a Star this year though.
  14. David Johnson Projections for the 2017 Season

    A lot of changes this off season. What do you guys expect from DJ in 2018? His injury won't effect his running in any way. He'll be fully recovered anyway. He'll be well rested and ready to show the world what kind of player he is. I'm excited for 2018!
  15. There has been some conjecture regarding the potential release of DeMarco Murray due to a relatively large salary due in 2018. It seemed like Murray, though Henry is talented, is the most diverse and talented RB that the Titans have and could lead a nice 1-2 punch between the two. He was injured early in 2017 and I wonder if he ever recovered this season. I expect Murray to come back strong next season if given the opportunity. What are some of your thoughts?