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  1. Dynasty League Start-up.

    Next Saturday would be tough, but it depends on what time.
  2. Dynasty League Start-up.

    Sorry for being mia. I installed Sleeper, do I have to wait for an invite.
  3. Jimmie Ward has a broken collarbone

    Shannalynch - signs injury prone player Player gets injured Shannalynch - pikachuface
  4. This year we franchised a kicker and drafted a punter with our 4th round pick....
  5. Never been a fan. Unfortunately, he's tied to Shanny, who I do really like.
  6. Did Shanny not see the part where he's over 6ft tall?
  7. If you're a durable player, you'll get scratched off the 49er draft board.
  8. And they traded it last second to the Giants to put more time on lol
  9. That Giants fan who won 100 years of free season tickets just went through a roller coaster of emotions.
  10. I think we try and make a move. Maybe our 2nd and a future pick.
  11. Raiders draft Metcalf lol
  12. Raiders probably go Oliver right?