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  1. I hope time goes over and the Jets beat them to the pick
  2. I think we'll try. No more 1st rounders for the next two years and we might be picking bottom half if things go well.
  3. I hope you're right anonymous scout/wrong number
  4. Alright just stocked up on bleach, I’m ready for the draft.
  5. They're going treat the draft like I go about ordering food. I hold off until the waiter gets to me, then I completely switch what I wanted to order.
  6. How dare you. Sudfeld is a dual threat.
  7. Today felt like such a long day....this is going to be a brutal week.
  8. Can't wait to see all the jokes for Mac "Out of Shape Eli Manning" Jones. It's going to be like the Tomsula days.
  9. Now I understand why we're going to spend 3 1st round picks on him.
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