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  1. BDP's 2019 GM Mock Discussion!!

  2. BDP's 2019 GM Mock Discussion!!

    you can delete my pick if the OG GM showed up
  3. BDP's 2019 GM Mock Discussion!!

  4. BDP 2019 GM Mock Draft Pick Thread

  5. BDP's 2019 GM Mock Discussion!!

    But that makes it all the more dramatic
  6. BDP's 2019 GM Mock Discussion!!

    I hear you guys may need a last minute Rams GM
  7. Impending free agents/cuts

    I agree with most of this. I want to punt Barron to the moon if possible. Brockers was one hell of a disappointment, never made an impact this year and he was basically facing a single blocker all year. Peters was disappointing as hell but maybe it would mean we could extend him on the cheap. I feel like we could and should bring Suh back, obviously only if the price tag is a bit lower than this year, a two year deal makes sense so he can retire with the Super Bowl in LA. Maybe we can package something to move up in the draft. I see Oliver leaving in the 14th pick to the Falcons, that seems very doable and a line with Oliver, Suh, and AD is pretty much unstoppable. Joyner can leave, plenty of quality safeties available in FA and the draft for much cheaper than he is asking for. We do need to find some pieces to run different schemes on offense, I love the whole everything off 11 personnel strategy with McVay, but sometimes we need to change things up.
  8. General Season Talk

    Read Kurt Warner was interested in getting into coaching this year. Could be an interesting choice. Also I agree with you, Goff needs some experience, I daresay McVay could use a veteran voice in the offense too. All we needed was one drive to beat the Patriots.
  9. TCMD 2019 SIGN UP THREAD- GM's Announced

    ****, I totally missed the boat on this
  10. Rams 2018 offseason

    Just like the fact that he is higher than both Case Keenum and Kirk Cousins
  11. Draft Discussion Thread

    I didn't like our first two picks, not sure what to think of Noteboom, would have rather drafted Mason Cole or Alex Cappa. Crosby dropped all the way down to 153, so Cole and Crosby feel like a better fit than Noteboom and Allen. But overall we got Kiser and Obo which were players I really wanted out of this draft with the picks we had. The John Franklin-Meyers pick made no sense to me, but I don't know Texan football like Wade Phillips does. Overall I think I just trust our staff right now, would like to see at least one veteran addition to our LB corp or maybe just resign Barwin at this point. I find it impossible to grade a draft without taking into account the off-season as a whole especially in our case where we traded our 1 for Cooks (better than any WR in this class, believe that) so as long as they move some pieces around and get a deal done with The Great One I am lumping this draft in with our whole off season and giving it an A+!
  12. Draft Discussion Thread

    Always got account for the guys who come in with a chip on their shoulders and know they have something to prove. I am with you 100%
  13. Bowser's WAAAAY-TOO-EARLY 2019 Mock

    Right now I'm betting on Nick Bosa going first overall
  14. Draft Discussion Thread

    Can we start calling him the Nigerian Nightmare immediately? I am a big fan. He fits Quinn's role perfectly.
  15. Draft Discussion Thread

    Wade has are pretty good resume with coaching these late draft LBs into useful players. We have a hard working young LB corp. I am not too concerned. With pressure we can put up front and the quality of our DBs we just need some athletic smart guys who follow instructions and don't make stupid mistakes. We have that. Kiser, Jewell, Jefferson all could be available to us and would be great pickups at Linebacker but I also don't think we should pigeon hole our picks at LB. I would love to grab Mason Cole in the fourth or fifth depending on who is available.