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  1. 2019 NFL Draft Day 3 Thread (NO SPOILERS!)

    I'll admit I'm not as knowledgeable as many on this board which is why I've posed the question but doesn't Lafleur value guys that have more athleticism than Taylor? I always thought a zone blocking scheme was better suited for a different type of lineman than Lane.
  2. 2019 NFL Draft Day 3 Thread (NO SPOILERS!)

    I've read Lane Taylor isn't a fit for our new offense per se. Any chance he could be dangled to recoup a 4th? Not sure where his value is league wide.
  3. Share Your 53 Man Roster Predictions

    Goodson? He was a 5th or 6th Rd. Pick
  4. Random Packer News & Notes

    Legends banquet I'm assuming? It's a pretty awesome event.
  5. Height weight speed remind me of Martavis Bryant. Can honestly say I've never seen him play though
  6. Dream pick left

    EQ St. Brown
  7. 2018 NFL Draft Discussion

    I took the whole week off. Vegas monday-thursday followed by a guys weekend of golf and draft! Best week ever? Lol
  8. Packers 2018 Schedule and Opponents

    If true, I believe that week 11 Bears game is Thanksgiving night
  9. 2018 Free Agency - Prospects for GB

    It's not Friday, no one..
  10. 2018 Free Agency - Prospects for GB

    I'd imagine the Browns only jump up 2 spots in the draft with that trade? Steal by NE
  11. Pre free agency mock offseason

  12. Pre free agency mock offseason

    The Darby thing may be wishful thinking but there some reports out there about a situation like I outlined happening.
  13. Pre free agency mock offseason

    I've enjoyed reading all of the mock offseasons that everyone posts..thought I'd try my own. All feedback, positive or negative is encouraged. I'll admit I'm not a cap guru so I'm not going to get super specific, but all the moves I made should fit within the cap. Current cap space: approximately 19 million Cuts: Randall Cobb (saves 9.5 million). His production can be replaced at a third of his cost IMO. Restructure: Jordy Nelson. (Saves 4 million in cap space) Total cap approx. 32.5 million Trades: #101 and #239 to Philly for Ronald Darby. Brett Hundley for a conditional 2019 late Rd. Pick. Philly is short on picks and in need of some salary relief. They will have a hard time retaining Darby past this year. They have alot of depth so decide to get something for him while they can. With the shortage of quality backup QBs in the NFL someone will still take a chance on Hundley. Resign: Richard Rodgers 2 yr/4 million. Quinton dial 1 yr/1.5 million. Brett Goode 1 yr/vet min UFA: Rashaan Melvin 3 yr/28 mil. Trey Burton 4 yr/24 mil. Mo Wilkerson 3 yr/23 mil. Kendall Wright 1 yr/3 mil. Gutekunst is agressive in his first year as GM. Cornerback is the main focus with Darby and Melvin. Wilkerson makes alot of sense with Pettine and Burton is the pass catching tight end the offense needs to thrive. Kendall Wright provides alot of what Cobb does but not nearly as expensive. Draft: 14. Harold Landry, OLB BC. Love him as a prospect. Prefer him to davenport. 45. Isaiah Oliver, CB Colorado. Long cb with good cover skills. Has the potential to be an above average starter soon 76. Equinameous St. Brown, WR Notre Dame. Tall, quick WR that suffered from inconsistent qb play. Will look good opposite Adams next year. *Trade* #138 and #186 for a pick around #120. Wyatt teller, OG VA Tech. Good depth is important on the offensive line. Has ability to start on the interior early in his career. 133. Marcus Allen, S Penn St. After letting Burnett walk, depth is needed at safety. 172. Jack Cichy, LB Wisconsin Pre injury he was a beast. A nose for the football. Will be a fan favorite in Wisconsin. 174. Keke Coutee, WR Texas Tech. My favorite mid Rd. Prospect. Fast, made for the slot. Can be a returner day 1 207. Kyle Lauletta, QB Richmond. Developmental prospect. Packers learn their lesson after hundley. Competion is good 232. Brian Allen, OC Michigan State. Has a pedigree, starting experience at a big time school. Big 10 centers have a knack of succeeding. 53 man Roster: QB: Rodgers, kizer, Lauletta RB: Williams, Jones, Montgomery, ripkowski WR: Adams, Nelson, Wright, St. Brown, Michael Clark, Keke Coutee TE: Burton, Kendricks, Rodgers OL: Bahktiari, Bulaga, Linsley, Taylor, McCray, Spriggs, Murphy, Teller, Allen. DL: Daniels, Clark, Wilkerson, Lowry, Adams, Dial OLB: Matthews, Perry, Landry, Biegel, Fackrell, Gilbert ILB: Martinez, Ryan, Cichy (Matthews and Josh Jones can play in a pinch) CB: Melvin, King, Darby, Oliver, Rollins S: Haha, Jones, Brice, Evans, Allen ST: Crosby, Vogel, Goode Hope you enjoyed! Like I said, all feedback is welcome. Sorry if the formatting is off. First time poster on my cell phone, not sure what to expect.