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  1. Raiders trade Kicker Eddy Piniero to Bears

    Small adjustment, big results. https://www.reviewjournal.com/sports/raiders-nfl/kicking-adjustment-makes-difference-for-raiders-daniel-carlson-1546061/
  2. Clowney trade value?

    Quinnen Williams at 4 for the Raiders then trade 24 or 27 for Clowney.
  3. Calvin Johnson is a first ballot hofer; change my mind

    It can sometimes just come down to good timing. For someone like Calvin Johnson, his chances of being a first ballot choice can be influenced by the strength of the other first-time candidates on the ballot. He’ll be eligible in 2021, the same year as Peyton Manning and Charles Woodson. That will leave only three available slots among the other 13 modern era candidates. Now had Johnson been eligible next year, which is a much weaker class for first time candidates, then his chances would look a lot better.
  4. What made Hue Jackson such a terrible coach?

    Sounds very familiar. Hue learnt absolutely nothing from his stint with the Raiders. He had a massive ego after Al passed, and mortgaged the future by trading for a QB who had semi retired. At least Palmer was solid. He tried pulling the same trick for McCarron until Sashi took one for the team. When the wheels started coming off he took zero responsibility and threw his team under the bus after a Week 17 loss in 2011 to the Chargers.
  5. Trent Brown signing with Raiders 4 years 66 million 36 grt

    Cutting Donald Penn will save another $4.475m. Brown’s cap figure is slightly more than the approx $15m combined cap savings on Osemele and Penn.
  6. Trent Brown signing with Raiders 4 years 66 million 36 grt

    Brown’s contract is a fully guaranteed 2-year, $36.75M deal, with no dead cap built in after 2020. Basically, the Raiders will have a team option for both 2021 and 2022.
  7. Raiders trade Kelechi Osemele to Jets

    The Raiders acquired pick #140 from the Jets as part of the deal for Osemele, which is one spot higher than their own 5th round pick (141) they’re sending to the Steelers as part of the AB trade. If you consider those two 5th rd picks virtually cancel each out, the Raiders have this weekend added Brown in exchange for a high 3rd rounder (#66), the Bears 6th round pick and Osemele.
  8. Who are the greatest never was' of the NFL?

    Currently earning $18m per year after signing a 5-year deal worth $90m.
  9. Steelers trading Antonio Brown to Bills "Rumor"

    Not so fast my friends https://twitter.com/AdamSchefter/status/1103935031376896000
  10. Has Julian Edelman punched his ticket?

    WRs on the HOF ballot next year include Bruce, Holt, Ward and Reggie Wayne. Between 2021-23 we also have Calvin Johnson, Andre Johnson, Steve Smith, Anquan Boldin and Wes Welker become eligible. Future HOF WRs playing today who have punched their ticket to Canton are Fitzgerald, AB and Julio.
  11. Hall of Fame Finalists 2019?

    Prediction for 2020 Polamalu Atwater Faneca Boselli James Next year is probably the weakest class for first time eligibles since 2012. Polamalu for me is not a slam dunk first ballot choice but then neither was Bailey. Having said I think it’s far more likely he’s selected than not. The other four choices all made the first cut this year to the Top 10 which is a good indicator how the selection Committee view their candidacy. I’m going for 2 DBs, 2 OL and a RB. That’s also a nice balance between offense and defense. Atwater and Boselli have their eligibility expire in 2024 so I hope it doesn’t go down to the wire for them. Faneca and Hutchinson were both fantastic but again Faneca has been on the ballot longer and I don’t think they’ll make him wait again as it would also allow two Steelers to be inducted together. Patrick Willis is also eligible next year and I’d like to see him reach the Top 15 though his short career means he’ll likely have to wait like Terrell Davis and Boselli. Zach Thomas will hopefully join Willis as the Top 2 LBs on the ballot. Next year will be of added importance for all candidates as it gets much tougher in 2021 with Peyton Manning, Charles Woodson and Calvin Johnson joining the HOF eligibles.
  12. Has Julian Edelman punched his ticket?

    Hines Ward finished his career with 1,000 receptions, over 12,000 yards and 85 TDs with six 1,000 yard seasons, 2 Super Bowls and also won an MVP award. Ward hasn’t even come close to Canton yet. Though may get in someday, it’s far from a certainty. By contrast Edelman has only 499 career catches, 5,390 yards and 30 receiving TDs with two 1,000 yard seasons with 3 rings and an MVP. He’s also 32 years old so won’t come close to Ward’s career numbers.
  13. Colts re-sign GOAT Kicker Adam Vinatieri to one-year deal

    I think Phil Dawson started his NFL career in 1999, which is still 3 years after Vinatieri. It’s 22 years tomorrow since Vinatieri played in his first Super Bowl, a 35-21 Packers win over the Patriots, when Desmond Howard returned one of his kickoffs for a TD. Bill Parcells was the Patriots HC that day and Bill Belichick was DC.
  14. Future NFL Expansion?

    Not unless you want to watch in a shallow bowl with poor sight lines (resulting in multiple front rows being tarped) and have the closest fans behind each end zone sit at least 50 yards away. The atmosphere would be awful, as West Ham fans would testify. I’ve been to the Olympic stadium and It’s not suitable for NFL.
  15. Future NFL Expansion?

    I’m British, live close by to London and can tell you it would be a major challenge to get one UK franchise to work long term, let alone two. There are only two suitable stadiums in the whole of the UK for any potential franchises. Both are in London and were built with an eye towards the NFL (Wembley and the new White Hart Lane). Not many stadiums here have the required length of playing surface (120 yards plus the safety runoff area behind each end zone) or the facilities/locker rooms for an NFL team. Old Trafford, home to Manchester Utd has a 76,000 capacity but will never host an NFL game as the playing surface is far too short. FWIW I’m very sceptical even one franchise here would work long term for many various reasons, but especially once they started going through a sustained period of of 4 and 5 win seasons. The casual and more fickle younger fans probably won’t stick with it and lose interest if they’re not successful. Veteran NFLUK fans like myself already support their teams (many going back over 30 years when the sport first hit our TV screens) and won’t change allegiance. I might go to 1-2 games per year in London depending on the opponent but I would have no interest in going to every game or actively supporting the team. Many UK fans on a season ticket package are travelling from quite a distance and are really stretched to the limit financially as it is attending 3-4 games. They would really need to keep expanding the fan base in London and sell ticket packages for 4 home games as well as all 8 for any franchise.