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  1. Raiders sign RB C.J. Anderson

    Martin has a knee injury which explains why Anderson was signed.
  2. Raiders trade WR Amari Cooper to Dallas

    It has been mentioned once or twice ...
  3. Raiders trade WR Amari Cooper to Dallas

    Tanking for Tua 2020
  4. Can Reid make the HoF without a SB win?

    Mike Holmgren is having a tough enough time making Canton with one ring and Jimmy Johnson with two on a team/roster he rebuilt. Unless they add coaches to the Contributors section, instead of including them among the modern era players, it’s going to be a very tough path for any HC unless your name is Bill Belichick. Nominees for the Class of 2019. COACHES (11) — Don Coryell, Bill Cowher, Tom Flores, Jim Hanifan, Mike Holmgren, Jimmy Johnson, Richie Petitbon, Dan Reeves, Marty Schottenheimer, Clark Shaughnessy, **** Vermeil
  5. Vikings waive Carlson, expected to sign Dan Bailey

    Yeah, better to find out now in Week 2 than perhaps a crucial game in December. With Dan Bailey now a Viking, perhaps it will end up as a blessing in disguise.
  6. Vikings waive Carlson, expected to sign Dan Bailey

    If Crosby had kicked that potential game winner for the Packers at the end of regulation, Carlson would still have a job. Funny how things can transpire.
  7. Lions sign DE Robert Ayers; Released

    Jason Hanson: 21 years Robert Ayers: 1 day
  8. Tony Boselli will be the next HOFer in that category of elite talent with short career. He made the cut to the final 10 in the HOF voting for the 2018 Class, which usually means it’s only a matter of time before his name is called to Canton. Willis will be eligible in 2020 and Megatron in 2021.
  9. Striking gold on a young QB like the Eagles and Seahawks did with Wentz and Russell really creates a Super Bowl window of opportunity for teams until the QBs strike gold themselves on their second contracts. The Eagles will be paying just under $17m next season for both Wentz and Foles combined. And of course the money they’ve saved allows them to bring in a few extra quality veterans to patch up any holes on the roster. Wilson was earning peanuts as a 3rd pick on a rookie contract when Seattle won one (and should’ve been two) titles. You can see it with the Rams also with Goff’s contract, which helps gives them enough room to bring in veterans like Cooks, Suh, Talib and Peters. Both the Rams and Eagles have their QBs under “cheap” contracts for another two years so really no surprise seeing the moves the Rams have made this offseason.
  10. Indeed. The Nou Camp in Barcelona is the biggest at 99,000 with plans to expand it to 105,000. Wembley is #2 at 90,000 though for NFL games the capacity is reduced slightly as the first few rows on both sidelines are tarped off because of restricted views.
  11. Your picks for next years Hall of Fame?

    Willis will be eligible in 2020 with Troy Polamalu. 2021 is Peyton Manning and Charles Woodson as first ballot locks. Also eligible that year are Calvin Johnson and Jared Allen. 2019: Reed, Gonzalez, Bailey with the other two spots from the 5 returning Top 10 finalists - Boselli, Faneca, Hutchinson, Mawae, Law. 2019 and 2020 is looking like a good time for clearing up the backlog of OL and DBs.
  12. How does this SB effect Tom Brady's status of all time?

    Bradshaw, Aikman, Plunkett - combined 9-0 in the big game. Marino, Favre, Rodgers - combined 2-2 in the big game. That tells you what you need to know about W/L for QBs. TEAMS win championships. This isn't golf or tennis where we can directly compare Tiger and Federer with their peers. There are just far too many factors and variables in winning a team sport. Brady could easily be 7-1 in Super Bowls, likewise it's not a stretch to say he could also be 3-5 like LeBron or have lost 5 consecutive Super Bowls if Seattle had ran the damn ball and Atlanta hadn't crapped the bed. Brady has had the most successful career of any QB in the modern era (Otto Graham), but that doesn't automatically translate into being the best QB. The former can be measured, the latter is a matter of opinion. Personally I'd take Rodgers as the best overall QB I've ever seen. Brady would be in my Top 5 with Montana, Marino and Peyton.
  13. 2018 HOF Class Discussion Thread

    Making the first cut down to 10 but not elected were: Boselli Mawae Faneca Hutchinson Law I think we'll see two of these names elected next year with Reed, Gonzalez and Bailey. There'll also be at least 7 new finalists next year with Jacoby and Walls dropping off the modern era list and into the Seniors pool.
  14. 2018 HOF Class Discussion Thread

    Lewis Urlacher Moss Owens Dawkins Kramer Brazile Beathard Class of 2018