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  1. Not sure if anyone mentioned it just went through two pages, but Tuck Rule was what came to mind when I read the title.
  2. Still not enough for me to buy it. not sure why since I enjoyed SM 4
  3. glad I haven't played any demon souls prior to this. Going to enjoy the hell out of this on the ps5
  4. Honestly I don't think the team/HC gave him a fair chance to succeed.
  5. just saw the locked thread, thought I would remove it first.
  6. 2020 is just not slowing down.
  7. Like imagining Peyton without his regular season stats or Montana without his super bowl MVP performance.
  8. What a great documentary, enjoyed it. I like the mini back story of the other characters in the Bull's dynasty that wasnt mentioned enough back in the day.
  9. I think its Pippen, he took all the other roles off MJ and let him focus on scoring
  10. Few nerfs and buffs in coming, i am surprised hunter only got one nerf. Looks like face hunters and HL hunter are here to remain at 1st tier
  11. https://www.newsbytesapp.com/timeline/World/60723/284025/north-korean-leader-kim-jong-un-s-body-double/amp/google Could it be?
  12. First time seeing that clip and honestly I expected a better reaction from LeBron, I honestly think he gave up on that team from that point onwards.
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