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  1. Madden 20

    was disappointed no hold out or even contract negotiation with team after a good season. Funny how no team offered to sign you after u demand a release at free agency even though you were MVP the previous season.
  2. Demarcus Cousins tears ACL

    sucks man for the Lakers and him. Hope he manages to recover nicely
  3. Madden 20

    thats bloody bs
  4. Hearthstone

    I think luna's pocket at 6mana is workable, even though they just changed it. I wonder if Boom will still be overpowered at 10mana or they could remove rush for mechs
  5. The International

    I am rooting for PSG LGD
  6. Hearthstone

    Yeah the warrior class is so annoying.
  7. The International

    Last year's final was epic!
  8. Hearthstone

    My fav deck so far is highlander mage, damnit its so fun. Plus a lot removal for those pesky zoo and murloc decks. Burned all my dust for that deck hopefully the meta doesn't change to much. My line up decks right now, OTK Druid Murloc Paladin Zoo Warlock Highlander Hunter Highlander Mage
  9. Madden 20

    Thanks buddy.
  10. Colts did it before, I honestly think its not that of a long shot
  11. Madden 20

    Is there a way to upload the 2020 draft class to madden 20?
  12. Manchester United Thread - Fred's a Red

    Can't get a better start than this. Hopefully Rashford and Martial can continue playing like this.
  13. What's your greatest starting 5 for your fav team?

    Celtics would have a sick line up. PG - Kyrie/ Bob Cousy SG - Pierce SF - Bird PF - KG C - Bill Russell / Kevin McHale
  14. Hearthstone

    Having some success at rank 5 with highlander Hunter
  15. Hearthstone

    This and coupled with some f'd up draws i had last night. Had a prismatic lens in opening hand, turn 3 draw a tip the scales, still had one in deck. Turn 4 used prismatic drew a prismatic. Turn 5 got a tip the scales. Both tip the scales at 8mana. Fml lol