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  1. LeBron To New Orleans?

    I wish that's all I can say.
  2. Dropped 2 kgs for 2 weeks of working out. Damn metabolism is not as great as before, hope I can stick to it. Any advice for my program, Chest, Triceps, Back, biceps, Shoulders, Triceps, Biceps and Core Legs Cycle and repeat. Sunday is a day off so roughly 6 days a week depending on work scehdule.
  3. Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread - #LABron

    I hope we can score Davis, I haven't been following this but how is AD's take on playing with James?
  4. AD Package- Which are you taking?

    Agreed, that is a lot to give up for the Lakers.
  5. QB EJ Manuel retires

    Sadly the stats for this is bad for the players
  6. Miserable Hot Takes

    My biggest will have to be RGIII being better than Luck and possibly a HOF player.
  7. Have We Always Had Super Teams?

    Shawn Kemp and Gary Payton? If I have to rate, I think the 96-97 Knicks were a super team but under achieved. LJ, Ewing, Allan Houston and John Starks.
  8. Boston, What Went Wrong?

    I personally think its how the rest of the east became so much better.
  9. Remove preseason matches?

    I wonder what is everyone's take on this? Is it really necessary to play meaningless games and risk losing players to injury for nothing or it is necessary to warm up the bodies and test out plays and feel out the players on the roster if they fit the grand scheme? I personally want to shorten it, what is your take?
  10. The Official 2019 NBA Draft Lottery Thread!!!

    I think teams with worse odds have gotten the #1 before
  11. Watchmen Trailer HBO

    Color me excited! Love the movie, I hope the series can be just as good.
  12. NFL All-Decade Teams, Decade-by-Decade

    Damn read the whole thing, good history for us fairly new to football. Kudos OP!
  13. Kevin Durant's Legacy?

    Yes, agree with this. He figured out he can never win with Westbrook.
  14. Biggest talent wasted on a team.

    Yes in his prime he was always a straight up beast.