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  1. I do wonder what Nick is going to look like after the loooooooong layoff!
  2. Yoel is also a wrestler with limited skills on his feet! Again...he has those bursts of explosion that could easily take Paul out in a fight, but the more likely scenario is Paul outpointing him the way he did Woodley. I agree that Yoel wouldn't really be able to sell that fight....unless he walked up to Paul, sucker punched him, and walked away with Paul on the ground...lol
  3. Yoel is Woodley 2.0. He has those bursts that can get a fighter out of there, but he conserves his energy, and doesn't engage enough! I would agree that Yoel is done! Jake Paul next?
  4. mmmmmmm..not 100% sure he was going to beat Nemkov, although Johnson by KO would have been a possibility, but yea...he has the worst luck!!
  5. LB is one of the "thinnest" units on this team. It's unfortunate, but hopefully we can find a serviceable rotation from this group! Edwards JOK Takitaki Wilson Smith
  6. Ciryl Gane vs Derrick Lewis 6Jose Aldo vs Pedro Munhoz 4Michael Chiesa vs Vincente Luque 1Tecia Torres vs Angela Hill 2Song Yadong vs Casey Kenney 3 Bobby Green vs Rafael Fiziev 7Ed Herman vs Alonzo Minifield 8Karolina Kowalkiewicz vs Jessica Penne 5
  7. Just watched him in the gold medal match....(I have watched him in college too) All I can say is WOW!!!!!
  8. Pitbull vs Mckee is a legit good scrap. I actually think that AJ takes the belt tomorrow, but could see this playing out many different ways (with either guy winning) This is hilarious btw https://mmajunkie.usatoday.com/2021/07/snoop-dogg-picks-aj-mckee-patricio-pitbull-responds-bellator-263
  9. I believe I saw the Cavs wanted to get back in the top 10? I wonder who they would be targeting, and what they could give up to make that happen? I doubt that Sexton alone would be enough to make that happen, and I'm also not sure that it would be worth giving him up for a Franz Wagner type prospect? Just bringing up his name, because he is a guy that seems to be at the bottom of the top 10 in many mock drafts. If they found a way to get Kuminga, and needed to use Sexton? Sure
  10. I would guess that the peer pressure from the vaccinated players would matter MOST! Imagine being an unvaccinated player that tests positive, and is the cause of either an outbreak or (heaven forbid) a cancelled game? When people miss out on game checks, there will be some serious in-fighting.
  11. Just re-watched the TJ/Cory fight! I still think that it was Sandhagan's 3-2, but..... have to give Dillashaw a lot of credit for fighting through that cut...etc..... I still think he's a scumb.g for using PED's, but he couldn't have been on them for this fight!!!!! lol
  12. I'm hoping the peer pressure will help get the ball rolling with the unvaccinated players. BTW Cole Beasley...you are easily replaceable. It will be interesting to see if fringe players are retained or cut based on their vaccination status! https://www.yahoo.com/sports/emmanuel-sanders-stefon-diggs-ramp-up-peer-pressure-on-cole-beasley-to-get-vaccinated-013803281.html
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