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  1. I think it was 2-1 Petr, and winning the 4th. It's a fight, so anything can happen. But it wasn't looking too good for Sterling.
  2. In the past, a fighter would have 1 knee down, and one hand down, and literally bait the other fighter into an illegal strike. The fighter in the better position would often attempt to lift the guys arms off the mat, in order to strike his opponent. Whether he was faking or not as a way out of the fight ( he clearly was gassing and headed in the wrong direction) the fact is he did nothing to get out of that vulnerable position, and imo baited Yan into making a stupid move. Yan took the bait.
  3. He had to get up at some point. Was just stupid of Yan to not have more awareness. He should have let him up, or attempted to get him all the way down. Trying to have a perfectly timed knee was obviously not the right move when you guess wrong.
  4. Once the downed fighter begins to get up, the guy on top can hit him. Not sure if Yan was trying to time that, as it appeared that Sterling was about to get up. Regardless...poor decision by Yan. He was winning, and would have won that fight if it continued. Sterling was gassed. His cardio better be on point for the rematch, unless he gets lucky and catches him.
  5. LOL and he left the belt in the ring, as if he didn't want to win that way. Sure dude!!!
  6. Askarov is gonna beat the winner of moreno v figuerido!!!
  7. I wish I knew how to get that going....pretty tech illiterate!
  8. I used to throw a little (very little) cash on fights. I feel like it was so easy to pick years ago. it has gotten much more difficult over the past few years imo. If I was really good at picking, I would want to have a website where people pay you for your picks. That's a no lose situation!!!!!
  9. Jan Blachowicz vs Israel Adesanya 1 Amanda Nunes vs Megan Anderson 7 Petr Yan vs Aljamain Sterling 3 Islam Makhachev vs Drew Dober 8 Thiago Santos vs Aleksandar Rakic 6 Dominick Cruz vs Casey Kenney 2 Joseph Benavidez vs Askar Askarov 5 Rogerio Bontorin vs Kai Kara-France 4
  10. Was coming in to say the same thing......they need to hang it up for their own good!
  11. Ummm..... anyways.... Was just glad to see that you and Nude patched things up!!!!!
  12. I wonder if fatty Gastelum could make WW (like he should) if he would give Usman a good scrap?
  13. Some of you mentioned this before, and here it is confirmed. Usman says he won't move up to middleweight, unless Izzy is not the champ. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/kamaru-usman-entertain-move-middleweight-183039030.html
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