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  1. MMA Thread

    But one guy threw the dolly...the other turned a blind eye...didnt actually do it...allegedly
  2. MMA Thread

    You are true advocate for women...lol
  3. MMA Thread

    Just embrace your hipocrisy
  4. MMA Thread

    It's funny how ppl forgive their heros....dude bashes urban meyer who isn't even an abuser.. Cuz he roots for Wisconsin...but gets on his knees for conor..who scared the ish outta a bunch of women..including rose namajunas who hasn't forgiven him
  5. Dorsey a genius????

    Don't waste your time Buno. We have gone round and round about this... Just nod and say Sashi is the best ever....even tho we know he was a failure.
  6. MMA Thread

    I'm guessing in rounds 4 and 5 Conor would be a little less dangerous.
  7. The Measurement

    They should celebrate. I don't see many more wins for them this year. Kinda like the way its been for us...for awhile
  8. MMA Thread

    Lovato says hello...think that is definitely an interesting matchup.
  9. MMA Thread

    There are a lot of fanboys out there that excuse bad behavior (Conor/Bones) because they want to see their dudes in the ring. Funny how that happens, especially when they are critical of other situations when they are not fans. I can't stand either one of these cats, and don't care one way or the other if they fight or not. The sport isn't somehow "better" just because they are fighting. There will ALWAYS be good fights to see. Conor's schtick has ppl rooting, or hating on him, and either way he wins. I think he says some pretty hilarious ish, but he seems like a tool. I absolutely hope Khabib ragdolls him, and think that is a distinct possibility. I also know that Conor is a legit striker, with great timing, and can end a fight with one punch. My guess is either could happen, but I would think that Khabib has just enough chin to get the fight where he wants.
  10. MMA Thread

    Anyone think Rory will win tomorrow? If Mousasi is "on" then he will smoke him. It seems like every now and then Mousasi just throws up a stinker. I don't think that will happen tomorrow tbh.
  11. Dorsey a genius????

  12. Dorsey a genius????

    We can't talk about Dorsey being a genius. It hurts letgo feelings when his mancrush Sashi isn't getting all the love. I say f that nerd!!! Ya...I said it!!!
  13. GDT - Prime Time - Browns to ground the Jets

    Wait...that was her? r
  14. MMA Thread

    I'm not wording it to sound as if Conor is trash, and only has ko ability. His skill set just doesn't match up well in this fight. His ko power is all that I think that can save him in this particular fight. I like Khabib, and am rooting against Conor, but that doesn't mean I haven't witnessed both of them being great.
  15. MMA Thread

    You act like conor has this supreme takedown defense. Mendes took him down at will before he gassed. Khabib is even more elite than chad imo in the wrestling department. Do you see Khabib gassing? Not a chance. Yes...i believe conor has 1 punch ko power...and that is his only chance. I would guess that conor's takedown defense has improved..and his speed and timing are elite...but Khabib can take a punch...lets not forget that barboza is a legit striker...and he is not just a"grab you" guy as you put it...you are saying that Khabib should be favored...so what's ur issue...i am saying the same thing...i just give conor less of a chance than you...altho i won't be surprised in the least if conor catches him.