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  1. I think front 7 help in general is where the focus should be. I don't mind us trying to grab D line help first, if that's how the draft shakes out, but I also think grabbing a stud linebacker would be helpful too. Our linebackers have been pretty much trash this year, and it's obvious. The focus should be in getting players that can help us stop the run. Unfortunately we have 2 fragile CB's, but when healthy, they seem good enough. A healthy Harrison, and Delpit will be helpful next year too. I would rather grab some better backup DB's in free agency next year, and dedicate the early draft picks on the DL, and LB.
  2. The bolded is debatable. We will not be good for years to come with this team. We could be in the lottery for the next 3 years, and probably still be terribad, with the current roster.
  3. https://mmajunkie.usatoday.com/2020/12/korean-zombie-wants-zabit-magomedsharipov-next-gives-timeline-for-ufc-return So Zombie wants Zabit???? I think Zabit takes that one, if it happens!!!!
  4. Would at least bring a little excitement to an otherwise garbage team
  5. Is Owasu-Kamorah from N.D. going to be able to play linebacker in the NFL? He seems a bit light for the position. I would see him more as an Isaiah Simmons type (not quite as fast). Maybe Safety/Big Nickle???? I see him going in the bottom of the first in most mocks. Worthy of the pick? Where would we play him?
  6. If it's not a thing already, can someone start a petition to get these clowns to sell? I doubt there are enough ppl that actually care....but damn....this is really unacceptable.
  7. ooohhhhhh Dolan's makin a killing....lololololoo https://fox8.com/sports/indians-sold-reliever-adam-cimber-to-marlins-for-100000/
  8. What round is Aiden Hutchinson for Michigan supposed to be drafted? (I know it's fairly early) Seems like a high motor, bigger DE. I think we need to target front 7 help first. Give me a DE, DT, and LB in the first 3 rounds. (not necessarily in that order) I know that Secondary help is needed, but I am counting on the LSU boys to be back (Delpit/Greedy) I also like Harrison. We certainly could use some depth, and hopefully can upgrade from Sendejo and Joseph. Would still target those positions later.
  9. I disagree a bit about the "moving" part. He looks pretty good at times, throwing against his body on the roll outs.
  10. It cannot be overstated that they had literally 0 preseason to work with.
  11. Man Baker just lacks consistency. He throws a beautiful ball in tight windows at times, and he will throw high to a wide open receiver. It really is just a matter of making the good throws on a regular basis. I can handle a few stinkers, if they don't result in turnovers. He really is suited for this play action offense.
  12. The rat tail and a 2..for Bell and mkinee https://www.cleveland.com/cavs/2020/11/cleveland-cavaliers-acquire-javale-mcgee-2026-second-round-pick-from-los-angeles-lakers-sources-say.html
  13. Hopefully he doesn't have a Vince young nfl career
  14. Man...i wonder if Oli gets the sub in this one? If not...Ferg should piece him up on their feet.
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