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  1. MMA Thread

    Great trilogy that can go either way imo. I think Ngannou has to have the next shot though!!!!!!
  2. MMA Thread

    Can Stipe just smack this dude already? He obviously didn't learn his lesson when he talked all that ish about Brazil, and then cried when he was confronted by Werdum. He's a st8 up b..ch!!!!! https://www.cleveland.com/sports/2019/09/stipe-miocic-plans-to-confront-ufc-fighter-over-comments-to-his-wife.html
  3. Week 2 GDT: Still the Browns vs. New York’s 2nd Team

    Not sure it was the hand or not, but....Baker did not have the usual zip imo. A lot of that was him tossing the ball off his back foot, and not getting follow through on his throws.
  4. MMA Thread

    I think that Poirier is more of an underdog (odds wise) than he should be. However, I do think that Khabib is going to win this fight. Dustin has some tools that could have him pull of the upset, but to me, it's almost like he has to fight the perfect fight. He has to catch him early, otherwise, this looks like Conor/Khabib all over again.
  5. MMA Thread

    Bad take....you musta been mad thug rose got slammed on her head and lost. Andrade is a beast. She definitely needs to work on her striking, but she damn near cleared out the division on wrestling and aggression alone.
  6. Training Camp 2019 - The Iconic Champion Awakens

    You can only drink so many 9% beers before you need to slow down and go with the watered down stuff. Bud Light isn't a horrible option if you are looking to continue to drink, without doing too much more damage to yourself.
  7. Training Camp 2019 - The Iconic Champion Awakens

    I mean we are not talking about Busch or Natty Light here ( although I am aware that they are made by the same brewery) I would prefer the 9% beers from Founders, Southern Tier, Wild Ohio Brewing etc.... but in a pinch...Bud Light would be what I would drink when I dumb it down.
  8. MMA Thread

    Stipe is a bad dude. So happy for my Cleveland brutha. It did not look good early, but he was able to eat the shots that put him out in the first fight. As many of you said, it was either the gas tank on E for DC, or the body shots by Stipe, or both that did in Cormier. A scary rematch awaits Stipe against Ngannou, and I'm not so sure he can get past that power a 2nd time, but we shall see.
  9. MMA Thread

    I sorta agree with you...nate has 1 path to victory imo. He will have to absorb a bunch of punishment and stun Pettis with a nice combo that turns into a finish.
  10. MMA Thread

    For me, it goes back to when he was competing on the Ultimate Fighter. I thought he came across as a d.ck. I am not mad that he has the title now, and would definitely be wanting him to beat Colby, but I still am not a huge fan.
  11. MMA Thread

    https://mmajunkie.usatoday.com/2019/08/colby-covingtons-verbal-attack-miesha-tate-radio-show-ban?utm_source=smg&utm_medium=wasabi&utm_content=home-hero I love the part where Colby talks about hooking the radio show up with ratings, and the host calls him out for sh..ty ratings in his fight with Lawler. Colby a huge tool. Lots of turds in the welterweight division. Usman Colby Woodley Askren Masvidal Most of these guys are really just hard to root for.
  12. Bob Wylie throws some shade

  13. MMA Thread

    3-4 is 3-4. You can call it short-sighted, but, if you wanna praise him in his defeats, you must also scrutinize his wins. He could easily have lost against Stephens (who is not elite and lost against Magomedshapirov subsequently) and was pushed against the up n coming Moicano ( who lost to the Korean Zombie subsequently) Are you saying given a 3rd shot, he could beat Max? I say no.
  14. MMA Thread

    Aldo is done imo. He may very well continue to fight, but it's hard envisioning him being able to compete at an elite level as he once did. He's 3-4 in his last 7 fights, and yes, those were mostly against elite fighters, but he is not getting any younger. I don't want to see that fight. Conor is another enigma right now. He made 100 million in his fight against Mayweather. He capitalized on his brand by getting in the whiskey business, which I am guessing is making him a ton of cash. I don't know where his motivation is coming from in regards to fighting. I think that at 145, Max punishes Conor.
  15. Sushi gets new job with the WIZARDS

    I'm not sure why we continue to rehash this garbage. If the bottom line is winning or losing, then sashi failed. If you want to say he didn't get to reap the fruits of his labor, then you assume that he would have had the stones like buddy boy to draft Baker. I'm pretty confident he would not have, given his history of drafting.