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  1. Years ago I saw an article saying he was disabled or at least partially disabled due to a suicide attempt. He would understand the need for counseling.
  2. For it to be interesting, we'd need some details. Besides, you probably deserved it anyway.
  3. I think that one of the changes for the current CBA is that all income is now considered so the players will take a hit for fan-less games. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2011/07/25/the-cba-in-a-nutshell/
  4. Let's not get this thread locked too....
  5. It's too late now, his contract is expiring. PFT says they want to keep him but are tight against the cap.
  6. Since only 10% of the players earn over that and it is only a simple majority of all players to pass, it could happen.
  7. That's it? You're going to leave us hanging? That's cruel, Slinky.
  8. Seriously?: Do you read what you type? I really hope non-Packer fans (note the "a") don't visit and see that thread title. Ugh.
  9. I can't find this transaction listed on the Packer's site so I'm not sure of the exact designation. However, my understanding is that someone waived with an injury designation would come back to the team and go on IR if nobody claims him. It's possible that Roberts might not be gone for good.
  10. I think the point is that perhaps the cap should be distributed more evenly between QBs and non-QBs. If the teams let the QB salary inflation continue, it will impact their ability to keep other good players that can help them win games. A QB, no matter how good he is, is not on the field all of the time. He can't throw the ball to himself either. I see the point and it's a good discussion point but each team will have to come up with their own solution to his problem.
  11. He's one of the few Lombardi era Packers I got to meet. He was definitely a generous man as he took the time to talk with a thoroughly overwhelmed boy (me) and gave me a time I will never forget. He will be missed. RIP Bart.
  12. Good then hopefully one of them will be healthy for each game.
  13. This is why the Packers don't announce UDFAs until they actually sign the contract.
  14. I thought Kingsley was a Gryffindor....
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