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  1. Lucky's Mock Draft V3

    Thank you 🙏 Feel that Hicks gives us that more modern linebacker.
  2. Lucky's Mock Draft V3

    Safety is addressed through free agency with Boston. Plus with Tramon coming back I would have him stay at safety. Harris is a solid and consistent player. An exceptional tackler but not as good as a high safety. I am thinking a solid back up for strong safety.
  3. Lucky's Mock Draft V3

    I lean Morrison over Ryan after the injury.
  4. Lucky's Mock Draft V3

    Yeah I was surprised too. Honestly thought top 15 player that would fall due to the dline depth. Maybe that’s why he went back but he is extremely talented and someone I will watch next year.
  5. Lucky's Mock Draft V3

    I read a nice article talking about his pass rush game. Struggled early in his college career trying to win with speed and bend the edge, this would cause him to get taken out of the play or slip due to lack of flexibility. Since he has now learned to setup his blocker and to take advantage of the situation. Can still use the speed but understands that you need an array of moves to win consistently.
  6. Lucky's Mock Draft V3

    Thanks. I could see Matt loving Deebo with utilizing him for WR screens. I think he might drop as most of the receivers are being ranked in the same tier. He provides us an excellent slot receiver who is a savvy route runner while providing more speed and quickness.
  7. Lucky's Mock Draft V3

    Thank you. Spent a lot of time watching some YouTube clips on the players. Wanted to wait till declaring day as I was extremely high on Derrick Brown (DL) from Auburn for our 2nd rounder. I wanted to find a way to get us more quality players that provide us depth while still injecting high upside prospects.
  8. Lucky's Mock Draft V3

    The ILB signing was the most difficult one for me to decide however if Martinez went down we would be in big trouble. Hicks shouldn’t cost significant money and provides us a solid but not spectacular group.
  9. Lucky's Mock Draft V3

    I think the combine will push Ferrell down to our spot. Gary/Bosa/Oliver/Polite/Burns will blow up the combine were Ferrell will post solid but not great numbers.
  10. Lucky's Mock Draft V3

    Had issues with the formatting. Just updated- sorry
  11. Lucky's Mock Draft V3

    Packers have an expected cap space of 41 Million Roster Moves Not Retained Randall Cobb Clay Matthews Jake Ryan Retaines Geronimo Allison Mo Wilkerson- 1 year 3 million Breeland- 2 years 12 million (6 million per year) Free Agency Quinton Spain (G) - 3 years, 19.5 million (6.5 million per year) Tre Boston (S) - 3 years 18 million (6 million per year) Shaq Barrett (EDGE) - 4 years 28 million (7 million per year) Jordan Hicks (ILB) - 3 years 15 million (5 million per year) NFL DRAFT With the 12th pick in the 2019 NFL DRAFT the Green Bay Packers select.... Clelin Ferrell (EDGE) from Clemson Ferrell provides us a consistent EDGE rusher that can play both the run & pass. He might not be the speed rusher we want but he is an experienced player that knows how to use his hands and pass rush moves to setup the tackle. TRADE ALERT!!! The Packers trade the 31st pick in the NFL DRAFT with Oakland Raiders (Packers receive Oakland's 2nd Round & 4th Round pick) With the 35th pick in the 2019 NFL DRAFT the Green Bay Packers select.... Irv Smith JR (TE) from Alabama Smith provides us an athletic TE without the liability of run blocking. With the 44th pick in the 2019 NFL DRAFT the Green Bay Packers select.... David Edwards (RT) from Wisconsin Edwards will need time to develop but provides us insurance if Bulaga goes down. After 2019 season, Edwards will take-over the RT spot. TRADE ALERT!!! The Packers trade 75th & 99h pick in the NFL DRAFT with Dallas Cowboys (Packers receive Dallas 55th pick) With the 55th pick in the 2019 NFL DRAFT the Green Bay Packers select.... Debbo Samuel (WR) from South Carolina My favorite WR that will drop due to an injured season and other WR with better size & speed. Samuel reminds me of Cobb but younger and more top end speed. With the 107th pick in the 2019 NFL DRAFT the Green Bay Packers select.... Justice Hill (RB) from Oklahoma St Might seem overkill on offense but we are in need of injecting youth to this roster. Hill is the perfect 3rd down player that will be able to give Aaron Jones rest. Similar to Marlon Mack but feel that he is more shifty. With the 111th pick in the 2019 NFL DRAFT the Green Bay Packers select.... Will Harris (S) from Boston College
  12. Lucky Irish Mock draft V2

    How is this scenario even remotely close? Any team with a starting QB goes down and the team will struggle. Most teams have at least one or two talented WR. Looking at Pittsburgh/Rams/Vikings etc. Imagine the Saints losing Thomas, I think the team would struggle mightily.
  13. Lucky Irish Mock draft V2

    Let’s play this scenario- are you good with the WR talent if Adams gets hurt? This is a possibility with his concussion history and other injuries that he had in the past.
  14. Lucky Irish Mock draft V2

    Confused if this is against my point or for it. Lol 2015 was when Adams got hurt in the Redskins playoff game and we only had Janis plus Abby. That game was crazy against the Cardinals but we got extremely lucky on the Janis bombs. Other than that we our offense struggled.
  15. Moretti's Mock 12/20

    Like the draft but White will never be a WR2. Health is not the issue anymore it the fact that he was an extremely athletically gifted player but never understood the importance of running a route tree.